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Trumpet Moments

  1. Trumpet Moment 342012/08/31
    Welcoming a new happy addition to the family.
  2. Trumpet Moment 332012/04/30
    Drifting into summer with some friends. With many special guests!
  3. Trumpet Moment 322012/03/31
    A trumpet cameos in a mid tempo guitar film. With special guest Pete Galub on electric guitar.
  4. Trumpet Moment 312011/10/31
    Chunky guitar meets poppy trumpet.
  5. Trumpet Moment 302011/09/30
    The trumpet lands in a warm embrace.
  6. Trumpet Moment 292011/08/26
    Trumpeting the news of a newfound love. With special guest appearances! Visit trumpetmoments.com for more info.
  7. Trumpet Moment 282011/07/18
    Trumpet covered heartbeat.
  8. Trumpet Moment 272011/05/31
    Mellow thumpy trumpet stuff.
  9. Trumpet Moment 262011/04/30
    After a cordial introduction with the piano, the brass section fills the conversation with chords. With special guest Gary Langol on trombone.
  10. Trumpet Moment 252011/03/31
    Simple and sweet nothings between the trumpet and acoustic guitar.
  11. Trumpet Moment 242011/02/28
    Simple and sweet nothings between the trumpet and acoustic guitar.
  12. Trumpet Moment 232011/01/30
    Tremolo guitar and the trumpet lend support to a friend. With special guest Johanna Steinberg on piano.
  13. Trumpet Moment 222010/12/29
    Slow ocean trumpet wash.
  14. Trumpet Moment 212010/11/30
    Slow ocean trumpet wash.
  15. Trumpet Moment 202010/10/31
    Building trumpet robots.
  16. Trumpet Moment 192010/09/30
    The trumpet and band tell of an agile accomplishment.
  17. Trumpet Moment 182010/08/20
    The trumpet shares a dear memory.
  18. Trumpet Moment 172010/07/21
    Morning time trumpet dots. Special guest appearance by Pete Galub on classical guitar.
  19. Trumpet Moment 162010/05/26
    Sweeping trumpet graffiti on a wall of guitar.
  20. Trumpet Moment 152009/10/19
    A triumphant stroll.
  21. Trumpet Moment 142009/08/30
    Rainy day trumpet.
  22. Trumpet Moment 132009/07/26
    Delayed improvisational trumpet with light touch of a bell.
  23. Trumpet Moment 122009/06/16
    A slow tremolo mellow march.
  24. Trumpet Moment 112009/05/30
    Wobbly trumpets back up a bit of piano improvisation.
  25. Trumpet Moment 102009/04/22
    This might accompany you while you stroll.
  26. Trumpet Moment 92009/03/25
    It's a small glimpse of the next Vitamin-D album featuring Greta Gertler on Piano and Adam Gold on drums.
  27. Trumpet Moment 82009/02/28
    The classical guitar and the trumpet have a heart to heart.
  28. Trumpet Moment 72009/01/25
    With special guest Konrad Meissner on vibraphonette, this classical piece is in memory of our friend, Drew Glackin.
  29. Trumpet Moment 62008/12/21
    This song is like getting ready. It's like getting set. It's like going to play in the snow.
  30. Trumpet Moment 52008/11/23
    It's got a beat. It's got a trumpet. You can dance to it.
  31. Trumpet Moment 42008/10/28
    A happy stroll.
  32. Trumpet Moment 32008/10/05
    This piece walks along with a spacious scenery of snare, cello, trumpet and viola.
  33. Trumpet Moment 22008/09/16
    Anchored by looping trumpet, this piece also features tremolo guitar and bells.
  34. Trumpet Moment 12008/08/31
    We open the Trumpet Moments podcast series with a trumpet and piano classical piece.
Trumpet Moments
Written more like a postcard than a letter, these brief music passages bring a small dose of mellow trumpet to your day. Take a moment... a Trumpet Moment.

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