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"Reflections of the Word"

  1. EPISODE357 - "Seeing New Ways"2015/06/14
  2. EPISODE356 - "How is Your Fruit "2015/05/03
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  3. EPISODE355 - "The Blessing Comes Before The Rain"2015/04/26
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  4. EPISODE352 - "Perseverance"2015/03/22
  5. EPISODE354 - " "What Is Lent?"2015/02/25
  6. EPISODE353 - "Get In The Fight"2015/02/22
  7. EPISODE351 - "First Things First"2015/02/01
  8. EPISODE349 - "Sermons and Reflections of the Word"2015/01/25
  9. EPISODE348 - "Jesus Stands with Us"2015/01/11
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  10. EPISODE346 - "Divine Awakenings""2015/01/04
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  11. EPISODE347 - "Sermons and Reflections of the Word"2014/12/28
"Sermons and Reflections of the Word"
Experience exciting, relevant and thought-provoking sermons preached from perspective of the Christian Calendar. Listen for a word of hope and encouragement that will inspire you to seek God and take action on your spiritual journey. Praising - Thinking - Praying - Living Applying are actions that add up to Reflecting. What does the word of God mean to me? How do I pray and live into my faith? Many of these questions are asked over and over in the hearts of people on a daily basis. Reflections of the Word are thought provoking readings of praise, prayers, scripture and expressions about who God is and actions that we can take to live into our faith right now. Take a moment to reflect.

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