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  1. The Exceptional2007/02/17

    Overall winner in the live action section at Camera Zizanio 2006. Made by the Nedkov brothers in the Netherlands. This film is uniquely stylish and enigmatic. For more info on Nedkov Pictures see...
  2. Verloren Angst - Lost Fear2007/02/16

    Winner of a special mention award at the Camera Zizannio festival 2006.
    This haunting film was made entirely by 15 year old Thomas van der Gronde from the Netherlands.
  3. A Very Simple Documentary2006/12/13

    Shot in and around Pyrgos, Greece. Inspired by a question at a documentary masterclass held during the 9th Olympia Film Festival for Children and Young People.

    Music - Small Voices Sonny Neale
  4. Runaway - Perri Walsh, feat Zebrahead2006/09/11


    Great music video, researched, shot, directed, edited by and starrring Perri Walsh from Jedburgh.

    Thanks to Zebrahead for permission to use the song on this project.
  5. Rising Signs - Devils Eyes2006/09/05

    The final video from the June sessions.... more soon.

  6. Page 6 - In Your Eyes2006/08/30

    Page 6 performing In Your Eyes live at the Doghouose in June.

    A lemuria Production. Edited by ® at VisionCom.
  7. Rising Signs - Gray Man2006/08/28

    A lemuria Production at the Doghouse.

    Edited by Ronnie Johnston @ VisionCom
  8. The View - Posh Boys2006/08/26

    More of the view at the Doghouse....
  9. The View - Coming Down2006/08/26

    The View live at the Doghouse in Dundee.

    A Lemuria production edited by Jaimini Jethwa, VisionCom.
  10. Ignite Roadshow2006/08/25

    Pure Media UK bring the IGNITE Roadshow to the Scottish Borders.

    A VisionCom VOMO Production
  11. The Interview2006/05/20

    A search for meaning. A quest to belong.

    Written and directed by Jaimini Jethwa
BeTV by VisionCom is an online channel celebrating the creative talents of young people in Scotland and the North East Of England.

It's fun, it's serious. It's fun and serious. Hopefully it's more fun than it is serious. Seriously though. It's a lot of fun.

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