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CAGcast (Gaming)

  1. CAGcast #365: Heterodachi Life2014/05/09
    The gang plays Know Your E3 Exhibitors, talks Elder Scrolls Online, Amplitude Kickstarter, HearthStone, Sunset Overdrive, Nintendo and more!

  2. CAGcast #364: Retina Edition2014/05/02
    The Amazing Spider-Man 2 game and movie are discussed, as are Wombat's birthday and the latest gaming news.

  3. CAGcast #363: I’d Rather Be Playing HearthStone2014/04/23
    HearthStone is out on iPad! Other games and news is discussed.

  4. CAGcast #362: Everyone is Ashamed and Fired2014/04/11
    These idiots can't stop talking about Infamous: Second Son, Broforce, FTL: Advanced Edition, Tomodachi Life and more!

  5. CAGcast #361: MMNO2014/04/04
    The crew finishes Infamous: Second Son, talks Amazon Fire TV, Towerfall, and much more!

  6. CAGcast #360: A Major Console In Our Lives2014/03/28
    The crew talks Infamous: Second Son, Oculus Rift and FaceBook, and so much more.

  7. CAGcast #359: Prepare for Wingfall2014/03/21
    The crew has more thoughts on Titanfall, Sony VR Project Morpheus, Walmart used games, and much more!

  8. CAGcast #358: Drumming2014/03/12
    The gang prepares for Titanfall, Titanfalls, and doesn't Titanfall at all.

  9. CAGcast #357: Helpful Godzilla2014/03/05
    The gang talks South Park, Donkey Kong Country, and so much more!

  10. CAGcast #356: Insert Three Amigos Quote Here2014/02/28
    The gang talks Thief, Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare, Donkey Kong Country, Titanfall bundle, and more!

  11. CAGcast #355: Two and a Half Weeks2014/02/21
    The gang returns and talks Titanfall beta, Strider, Xbox One vs. PS4 power, Kinect, and other Irrational nonsense.

  12. CAGcast #354: Monkey Xbox Ninja Andy Serkis2014/02/06
    The crew talks Titanfall, Apple TV rumors, Nintendo troubles, Flappy Bird, and so much more!

  13. CAGcast #353: Wombadad: Pussiest, Natch!2014/01/31
    The crew talks Microsoft rumors, Nintendo troubles, Octodad, HearthStone, Jazzpunk and so much more!

  14. CAGcast #352: Nothing Like Tony Hawk2014/01/24
    The gang talks Machinima and Microsoft, Nintendo Fusion, the King saga, multiplatform games on XB1 and PS4 and much more!

  15. CAGcast #351: Mushroom Tower Defense2014/01/17
    Shipwreck builds a Blockbuster in his basement, Wombat explains Net Neutrality, and Cheapy plays some games (Nidhogg, Rust).

  16. CAGcast #350: Sports Injury Virginity2014/01/08
    The crew gives thumbs down to Steam Machines, PlayStation Now, and Microsoft's Xbox One decisions, but thumbs up to unnecessary electronics, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, RYSE, PlayStation Plus and more!

  17. CAGcast #349: Our Favorites of 20132013/12/19
    The CAGcast crew counts down their favorite games of 2013.

  18. CAGcast #348: Peggle Fever Fever2013/12/12
    Yes, Peggle 2 is discussed, along with VGX, YouTube, Xbox One issues, Forza 5 final impressions, and so much more!

  19. CAGcast #347: How to Avoid Back Pain and Disgust People2013/12/05
    The guys talk more Xbox One, including, RYSE, Forza 5, and Powerstar Golf impressions. Also, upcoming superhero movies, Amazon drones and so much more!

  20. CAGcast #346: Forza No Moreza2013/11/28
    The gang talks Xbox One initial impressions, Forza 5 Macro-transactions, RYSE, Assassins Creed IV, Need for Speed Rivals, and so much more!

  21. CAGcast #345: Xbox One of Us Doesn’t Have A PS42013/11/21
    The gang discuss their first week with the PS4 and launch titles, the Xbox One, and so much more!

  22. CAGcast #344: Outroar!2013/11/14
    The crew discuss the PS4 launch, Black Friday, Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and much more!

  23. CAGcast #343: A Fan of Yours2013/11/08
    Wombat is a man of the people, CheapyD is right again, and Shipwreck brings us the latest PS4 developments from Target.

  24. CAGcast #342: is Not PS4 Compatible2013/10/31
    The gang discusses the latest facts and rumors surrounding the Xbox One and PS4 launches. Also, we talk about games that are out now!

  25. CAGcast #341: What Went Wrong?2013/10/17
    Cheapy and Wombat talk The Wolf Among Us, LEGO Marvel, Watch Dogs delays, and explain why the Xbox brand is doing just fine.

  26. CAGcast #340: Pray for Mojo2013/10/10
    Cheapy still doesn't think much of the recent Steam announcements, Wombat has pre-order anxiety, and Shipwreck plays Beyond: Two Souls.

  27. CAGcast #339: Shipwreck is Unimpressed2013/10/03
    Shipwreck is unimpressed with the Steam Controller, Grand Theft Auto V Online, Scriblenauts Unmasked, and so much more. Pinball, however, never gets old.

  28. CAGcast #338: Hot Air Machines2013/09/26
    The gang discusses Steam OS and Machine news, GTA V, Shadow Warrior, Kinect 2 fears, and two kinds of SHIELDs!

  29. CAGcast #337: A Very Special Tokyo Game Show Special2013/09/20
    Super Programmer John joins Wombat and Cheapy for a Tokyo Game Show 2013 discussion with PS4 and Xbox One impressions, including: TitanFall, Deep Down, Forza 5, RYSE and much more!

  30. CAGcast #336: Fine Feathered Friends2013/09/12
    NHL 14, Puppeteer, Splinter Cell Blacklist, Diablo III, Vita TV, and oh so much more!

  31. CAGcast #335: Grape Jokes2013/09/05
    Splinter Cell Blacklist, Disney Infinity, Game Dev Story, Gone Home, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, and oh so much more!

  32. CAGcast #334: Even Batman Cries2013/08/16
    Tons of hot topics to discuss, including: Saints Row IV, Papers Please, NVIDIA Shield, GameStop reprints, DuckTales, and so much more!

  33. CAGcast #333: So Long and Thanks for all the Fish, Phil2013/08/01
    The gang brushes up on the latest sexist terminology with Saints Row IV, enjoys Skulls of the Shogun and The Swapper, and wonders if time is running out for a meaningful Wii U price drop.

  34. CAGcast #332: Delete This Show2013/07/26
    The CAGcast crew talks Indie Games and Microsoft, EVE Online, Apple Store secrets and RAM. Gotta have RAM.

  35. CAGcast #331: Pacific RAM2013/07/18
    The gang discusses depressing documentaries such as Sharknado, Metro: Last Light Faction DLC, Steam sale purchases and so much more.

  36. CAGcast #330: Ultimate Harmony2013/07/11
    Shipwreck reports from the cutting edge of remote controls, Wombat finds his calling, and Cheapy plays a Sonic game.

  37. CAGcast #329: This Is Your Next Podcast2013/07/03
    The gang talks Saints Row IV, Magrunner: Dark Pulse, Don Mattrick's exit, Edge magazine and oh so much more.

  38. CAGcast #328: Headset Not Included2013/06/28
    Wombat takes on the great headset debate and wonders if Kinect works. Shipwreck will probably buy an Ouya and a Shield. Cheapy has an stressful Yoga session.

  39. CAGcast #327: The E3 2013 Authentication Free Digital Deluxe Edition2013/06/20
    The gang talks about the new Xbox One DRM policy shift, E3 swag etiquette, Marvel Heroes and much more. Stay tuned after the show for all 5 mini-podcasts, recorded on location at E3 2013.

  40. CAGcast #326: STRING2013/05/30
    Join us for talk on Xbox One, used games, Metro: Last Light, GRID 2, Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, and much more nonsense!

  41. CAGcast #325: One is the Loneliest Number 2013/05/23
    The crew discuss the Xbox One reveal and the reaction from the gaming media and community. We also talk Metro Last Light, the Fast and the Furious, and so much more!

  42. CAGcast #324: Still Breathing2013/05/09
    The gang talks Iron Man 3, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, Penny Arcade Kickstarter, Pebble Watch and so much more!

  43. CAGcast #323: Clue Shack2013/05/02
    Cheapy visits the mountains and plays Star Command, Wombat enjoys Poker Night, and Shipwreck suffers through both Kmart and Star Trek.

  44. CAGcast #322: Press X to CAGcast2013/04/25
    The CAGcast guys talk Injustice: Gods Among Us, Dead Island Riptide, Don't Starve, Surgeon Simulator 2013, Star Trek and more! Stay tuned after the show for a Bioshock Infinite spoiler special.

  45. CAGcast #321: Private Podcast Experience2013/04/19
    The CAGcast crew engage in a lot of nerdy comic book talk, followed by nerdy video game talk. Also, naked men.

  46. CAGcast #320: Deal With It2013/04/11
    The CAGcast crew discuss GI Joe Con, Next Xbox, Tomb Raider, Guacamelee, and other things that only really hip people talk about.

  47. CAGcast #319: HAMSANDWICH2013/04/04
    Shipwreck reviews the new GI Joe movie, Wombat can't keep Luigi in his pants (kinda), and Cheapy goes to Legoland.

  48. CAGcast #318: Gary Coleman2013/03/28
    Shipwreck reviews the new GI Joe movie, Wombat can't keep Luigi in his pants (kinda), and Cheapy goes to Legoland.

  49. CAGcast #317: Bo Knows Bows2013/03/19
    This week's topics include: Tomb Raider, SimCity, internet advertising, Japanese ambulances and so much more!

  50. CAGcast #316: All Heart2013/03/04
    The gang talks Assassins Creed IV, Star Wars Pinball, next-gen, and so much more.

  51. CAGcast #315: PS4 and So Much More!2013/02/21
    Fresh off the Sony event, the CAGcast crew talks PS4, January NPDs, and so much more!

  52. CAGcast #314: Eyes Up, Balls Down2013/02/14
    Cheapy goes to Osaka, Wombat gets rejected, and Shipwreck plays Aliens: Colonial Marines.

  53. CAGcast #313: Dead Spaced Out2013/02/08
    The CAGcast crew talk HipHopGamer and ECA, Ouya, Wikipad, next-gen and used games, and so much more!

  54. CAGcast #312: It Just Comes Automatically2013/02/01
    Lots of big topics to discuss this week, including: the Sony announcement, DMC, Ni no Kuni, GTA V, the Medal of Honor franchise and so much more!

  55. CAGcast #311: Down Down2013/01/24
    The gang discusses the THQ auction, the latest Nintendo announcements, Ni no Kuni, EDF 2017 Vita, racism in Far Cry 3, and more!

  56. CAGcast #310: Tor-so Crazy2013/01/17
    Cheapy and Wombat talk Disney Infinity, Dead Island torsos, and oh so much more.

  57. CAGcast #309: Our Favorites of 20122013/01/10
    The gang counts down their favorite 5 games of 2012. Also, Cheapy bought crazy shoes.

  58. CAGcast #308: Make That Car Yours2012/12/24
    Shipwreck's Caddy comes home to watch TVii, Wombat visits a celebrity chef, and Cheapy wasn't really angry.

  59. CAGcast #307: The Real Geek Squad2012/12/14
    Cheapy loses his kerryoky money, Wombat's daughter says hello, and Shipwreck supplies a Wii U update.

  60. CAGcast #306: Joe Han2012/12/07
    Cheapy loves Far Cry 3, Shipwreck reminisces over Crossfire, and Wombat has a MacBook.

  61. CAGcast #305: The Shipwreck Shopping Hotline2012/11/29
    Join the gang for a Black Friday wrap up, talk of the new Family Guy and Hitman games and oh so much more!

  62. CAGcast #304: Skum Baggins2012/11/16
    Shipwreck learns something about Metacritic, Wombat is tired of being the bad guy, and CheapyD is misunderstood, again.

  63. CAGcast #303: The Hurricane2012/11/09
    Wombat will tell you his story of the hurricane, while Shipwreck and Cheapy complain that they had too much electricity while playing Halo 4 and Assassin's Creed III. Also, Sony is cheap!

  64. CAGcast #302: That Gurgle2012/11/02
    Cheapy and Shipwreck talk Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Forza Horizon, Medal of Honor, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, Primal Carnage, and more!

  65. CAGcast #301: Don't Be a Dick2012/10/26
    The crew talks XCOM, Hotline Miami, gaming journalism controversies and much more!

  66. CAGcast #300: EME2012/10/11
    Happy 300th episode everybody! We take a look back at some favorite CAGcast moments, talk Dishonored, Borderlands 2, and much more!

  67. CAGcast #299: Dem Vault Symbolz2012/10/05
    Cheapy plays War of the Roses and FTL: Faster Than Light, Shipwreck worries about holiday games being forgotten, and Wombat uncovers a Real Steel mystery.

  68. CAGcast #298: Code Crackers2012/09/28
    Shipwreck is sick of Wii remotes, CheapyD is sick of NHL 13 issues, and Wombat is just sick.

  69. CAGcast #297: Shipwreck Dreams of Borderlands2012/09/21
    Cheapy attends Tokyo Game Show 2012, everyone loves Borderlands 2, nobody loves the Wii U, and Wombat dislikes moving his finger twice.

  70. CAGcast #296: Mark, The Ninja2012/09/12
    The crew returns and talks The Walking Dead, Mark of the Ninja, NBA Baller Beats, Darksiders II, Rock Band Blitz, Wii U predictions and so much more! Stay tuned after the show for the live CAGcast from PAX.

  71. CAGcast #295: Live From Gamescom, Maybe2012/08/16
    Darksiders II, Sleeping Dogs, Papo and Yo, Dust: An Elysian Tail are played and discussed. The gang also talks Penny Arcade Kickstarter, Playstation Cross Buy, back pain, and much more!

  72. CAGcast #294: Wombat, Expert Marksman: The Unorthodox Jew2012/08/09
    CheapyD is misunderstood (again), Shipwreck plays Darksiders II and Sound Shapes, and Wombat explains what makes him an unorthodox Jew.

  73. CAGcast #293: Wombat’s Summer Job2012/08/02
    CheapyD is out-of-touch with popular chicken restaurants, Shipwreck doesn't love Deadlight, and Wombat recalls his favorite summer job.

  74. CAGcast #292: An Incredible, Exceptional Podcast2012/07/26
    Are you ready for some Foosball? Cheapy talks Foosball 2012, Shipwreck attends Best Buy's Exclusive Shopping Event, and Wombat is excited for the 3DS XL.

  75. CAGcast #291: Patch This!2012/07/20
    The gang talks Tony Hawk HD, Xbox Live advertising, Fez patching, political correctness in games, pimpmobiles, and much more!

  76. CAGcast #290: Dyad, Ouya and More 4 Letter Words2012/07/13
    The crew talks Ouya and Penny-Arcade Kickstarters, Dyad, Spec-Ops: The Line, Steam Summer Sale, Silver-Age Batman, and more!

With hosts CheapyD in Tokyo, Wombat in New York, and Shipwreck in Ohio, the CAGcast features a humorous discussion of video games and the topics that surround them, such as: industry news, previews and reviews, game deals and shopping, gaming in Japan, and much more. Giving new meaning to "Talk is Cheap", the CAGcast is the official Podcast of the video game shopping community, CheapAssGamer.com

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