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Peterson Perspectives: Interviews on Current Issues

  1. Trade Talks Episode 2: Trump Threatens the South Korea–US Trade Deal2017/09/07
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  2. Trade Talks Episode 1 NAFTAnomics: The Economics of Three Big Fights2017/09/01
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  3. Trade Talks Special Episode: Trump's Unfair Trade Action against China2017/08/18
    Soumaya Keynes of The Economist and PIIE Senior Fellow Chad P. Bown discuss the issues involved in President Trump’s triggering a “Section 301” investigation of China’s unfair treatment of American intellectual property. This special episode covers two questions: What is forced technology transfer, and is it a problem? Is Trump's approach on China the right one?
  4. Trade Talks Episode 0: Introduction to the Weekly Podcast2017/08/11
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  5. Prime Minister May's Offer on EU Citizens' Rights 2017/06/26
    Jacob Funk Kirkegaard says Prime Minister Theresa May’s offer to grant EU citizens certain rights in the United Kingdom does not go far enough.
  6. China's Sovereign Credit Downgrade2017/05/26
    Nicholas R. Lardy explains that the downgrade of China’s sovereign credit rating will have minimal economic impact.
  7. Is Brazil Headed for Another Recession?2017/05/23
    Monica de Bolle discusses Brazil’s latest political scandal that has sparked investor panic and thrown markets into turmoil.
  8. The French Elections: Macron vs. Le Pen2017/04/25
    Jacob Funk Kirkegaard and Nicolas Véron discuss the first round of France’s presidential election and its ramifications for the European Union.
  9. Theresa May Calls Early Election in Britain2017/04/19
    Jacob Funk Kirkegaard weighs in on UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s decision to hold a snap election to secure her position as leader of Britain’s Brexit negotiations.
  10. How Will the Fed Reduce Its Balance Sheet?2017/04/10
    David J. Stockton discusses the implications and risks in the US Federal Reserve reducing its $4.5 trillion balance sheet.
  11. Will Scotland Secede from a Post-Brexit UK?2017/03/10
    Jacob Funk Kirkegaard discusses the implications of Scotland’s recent announcement that it will likely hold another referendum on its membership in the United Kingdom.
  12. Will Brexit Hurt the City of London?2017/03/06
    Simeon Djankov says early estimates indicate that Brexit will reduce London’s revenue by 12 to 18 percent and employment by 7 to 8 percent.
  13. A New Approach to Measuring the Trade Balance?2017/02/24
    Gary Clyde Hufbauer contends that a proposal under consideration in the Trump administration to change the way trade balances are measured would mislead the public by exaggerating the US trade deficit.
  14. A New Approach to Currency Manipulation?2017/02/24
    C. Fred Bergsten says President Trump's proposal to treat currency manipulation as an unfair export subsidy has some merit, but many political hurdles stand in the way of its implementation.
  15. Europe Will Need Stronger Bank Regulation Post-Brexit2017/02/16
    Nicolas Véron explains the dangers of a race to the regulatory bottom by London-based banks that transfer operations to Europe after Britain leaves the European Union.
Peterson Perspectives: Interviews on Current Issues
Audio recordings of Peterson Perspectives interviews with Peterson Institute for International Economics research staff, analyzing current economic and political events.

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