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Peterson Perspectives: Interviews on Current Issues

  1. Trade Talks Episode 42: Trump and Tariff Tweets: It’s More Complicated Than That2018/06/15
    Bown and Keynes explain the nonreciprocal pattern of tariffs—and nontariff barriers—across countries highlighted by President Trump’s tweets and statements about high levels of tariff protection received by Canadian dairy farmers, automakers in Europe and China, and more.
  2. Trade Talks Episode 41: Trump and China's "War of Saliva"2018/06/08
    Chad P. Bown (PIIE) and Soumaya Keynes (The Economist) update developments in the Trump administration’s on-again, off-again trade war, and trade negotiations with China. They also speak to a number of people in Beijing to better understand the Chinese views.
  3. Trade Talks Episode 40: Steel and Aluminum Tariffs: Trump versus Everyone2018/06/02
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  4. Trade Talk Episode 39: Car Crash—Trump Sees More National Security Threats 2018/05/25
    Soumaya Keynes of The Economist and PIIE Senior Fellow Chad P. Bown talk with Kristin Dziczek (Center for Automotive Research) about President Trump’s new investigation into whether imports of autos threaten American national security. They discuss the implications of potential new tariffs for the NAFTA negotiations, as well as trade relations with the European Union and China.
  5. Trade Talks Episode 38: ZTE, Trump, and China—What’s the Fuss?2018/05/18
    Soumaya Keynes and Chad P. Bown discuss with Yuan Yang of the Financial Times how the US Commerce Department decision to sanction Chinese telecommunications giant ZTE—and its potential reversal by President Trump—affects the firm’s supply chain and Chinese and American jobs. They also discuss its impact on US-China trade negotiations and Beijing’s “Made in China 2025” industrial policy.
  6. Trade Talks Episode 37: Cottoning on to Trade2018/05/08
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  7. Trade Talks Episode 36: The Railroads Episode: America, India, and Intranational Trade2018/05/01
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  8. Trade Talks Episode 35: The Labor of NAFTA2018/04/27
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  9. Trade Talks Episode 34: So You Want To Be a Trade Negotiator2018/04/20
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  10. Trade Talks Episode 33: Trade and Investment Talks: China Wants America's Technology2018/04/13
    Soumaya Keynes of The Economist and PIIE Senior Fellow Chad P. Bown explain the Chinese economic development strategy at the core of the Trump administration’s Section 301 dispute and latest tariff threats. They discuss Beijing’s "Made in China 2025" industrial policy, how technology gets transferred, and the tradeoffs American companies face when doing business in China.
  11. Trade Talks Episode 32: Trump and China Decide: $3 billion, $50 billion, or $100 billion? 2018/04/06
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  12. Trade Talks Episode 31: Trade Wars and the Smoot-Hawley Tariff: What Really Happened?2018/03/20
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  13. Trade Talks Episode 30: Trade Talks to Real People2018/03/15
    Soumaya Keynes of The Economist and PIIE Senior Fellow Chad P. Bown have a conversation with Ana Swanson from The New York Times about trade and journalism. They discuss encounters relating to steel, aluminum, softwood lumber and lobsters, as well as the surprises along the way, and how to strike a balance between data and anecdotes.
  14. Trade Talks Episode 29: After Trump’s Tariffs: Retaliation, Negotiation, and Litigation2018/03/09
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  15. Trade Talks Episode 28: What Are Trade Deals For? Dani Rodrik Does Trade Talks, Part 42018/03/02
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Peterson Perspectives: Interviews on Current Issues
Audio recordings of Peterson Perspectives interviews with Peterson Institute for International Economics research staff, analyzing current economic and political events.

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