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Peterson Perspectives: Interviews on Current Issues

  1. Should the United States Sanction Venezuelan Oil?2018/02/12
    Monica de Bolle argues that sanctioning Venezuela’s oil company PDVSA will worsen the country's humanitarian crisis but will likely not change President Nicolas Maduro's behavior.
  2. Coalition Agreement Is Germany’s and Europe’s Best Bet2018/02/09
    Jeromin Zettelmeyer and Jacob Funk Kirkegaard are optimistic that a government coalition of Merkel's Christian Democrats and the Social Democrats would successfully work with French President Emmanuel Macron to implement necessary euro area reforms.
  3. Trade Talks Episode 22: The Other UK Trade Deals—Brexit and Rolling Over the EU's FTAs2018/02/08
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  4. Fixing China's Financial Credit System2018/02/05
    Hundreds of millions of Chinese citizens still use costly informal credit where they lack access to a formal financial system. Martin Chorzempa says that Chinese officials should work with private companies to improve the rules around sharing while protecting consumer data that will provide fair priced loans to Chinese people.
  5. Trade Talks Episode 21: North American Cars--Before and After NAFTA2018/02/02
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  6. Trump's 2018 Trade Policy: What to Expect2018/02/01
    Chad P. Bown cautions the Trump administration that its unconventional trade policies—such as imposing tariffs on steel and aluminum, and over intellectual property—could lead to conflict with some of the United States’ largest trading partners.
  7. Talking Down the Dollar2018/01/30
    Joseph E. Gagnon and Edwin M. Truman discuss the pros and cons of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s comments perceived as seeking depreciation of the dollar.
  8. Trade Talks Episode 20: Tariff Time! Washing Machines and Dirty Trade Policy2018/01/26
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  9. Trade Talks Episode 19: GSP—Low Tariffs for Development?2018/01/19
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  10. Investor-State Dispute Settlement: Unfair to Whom?2018/01/16
    Gary Clyde Hufbauer argues that the criticism of the procedure set up in trade agreements to settle disputes between multinational corporations and states in which they invest is largely unwarranted. There is room for improvements in its procedures and processes, however.
  11. Trade Talks Episode 18: Brexit – Sectoral Analyses or Impact Assessments?2018/01/09
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  12. Trade Talks Episode 17: WTO Ministerials—Now and Then 2017/12/21
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  13. Trade Talks Episode 16. Weird Trade Barriers—Or How Trade Talks Help a Cocktail Party2017/12/15
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  14. Trade Talks Episode 15: Is China a Non-Market Economy? Why the WTO Gets to Decide2017/12/08
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  15. Trade Talks Tough 14: Sanctions on North Korea2017/11/29
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Peterson Perspectives: Interviews on Current Issues
Audio recordings of Peterson Perspectives interviews with Peterson Institute for International Economics research staff, analyzing current economic and political events.

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