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  1. Carleton Radio Interview Pt. 22012/01/29
    Part 2: Carleton Sheets is interviewed on Steve Crowley’s American Scene radio show about the current real estate market.
  2. Carleton Interview - KCUE AM in Minneapolis2012/01/29
    Listen to Carleton's recent interview with Jack Colwell on KCUE AM out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Carleton will talk about the current real estate market and dispel the misconceptions that turn novice real estate investors away from making serious money. Carleton puts the myths to rest and lets you in on his valuable real estate investment secrets.
  3. Carleton Interview - Cable Radio Network-Nationally Syndicated2012/01/29
    Carleton discusses the history of his real estate career and how he has been successful for 36 years with host Jack Roberts. Carleton will shed light on the creative financing techniques from his No Down Payment course. Listen as Carleton writes off the myths and misconceptions surrounding the real estate bubble and the current real estate market.
  4. Carleton Interview - WMC79 AM Memphis2012/01/29
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  5. The Real Estate Bubble - January 20062012/01/29
    Is the real estate bubble about to burst? Carleton explains the ups and downs of the current real estate market. Find out about the real estate bubble, what you need to do to protect yourself and how to continue to be successful in the real estate market.
  6. Carleton Interview - WIOD Miami / Ft. Lauderdale2012/01/29
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  7. Carleton Sheets Teleconference (3/6/08)2012/01/29
    Looking for opportunity in today’s market? Listen in as Carleton Sheets and two of his Real ProfitsTM Coaches talk about the Real Estate Trends of 2008, and how to capitalize on them.
  8. Closing Costs - September 20062012/01/29
    Do you think Closing Costs are too high? Listen in as Carleton discusses closing costs and how you can negotiate to lower those costs.
  9. Carleton Interview - WKBV Richmond, Indiana2012/01/29
    Listen to Carleton as he talks about the misconceptions people have with the current real estate market due to negative media coverage. Carleton will give sound advice about becoming a successful real estate investor in today's buyers market. Carleton will advise listeners where an investor should look to buy real estate and what a new investor needs to do to start an investment business.
  10. Researching the Area - July 20062012/01/29
    Unfamiliar with a certain neighborhood? This month, Carleton Sheets will show you how to obtain valuable information on any area including demographics, median household income, schools, and much more.
  11. Carleton Interview - Metro News Network in St. Louis2012/01/29
    Listen as Carleton speaks with host Jill Endraske about the current housing market. Carleton will discuss why the perfect time to buy real estate is now and how to get into the real estate investment business. Learn how to become a successful real estate investor with Carleton's No Down Payment techniques.
Carleton Sheets Community
Carleton Sheets' lasting take on the real estate market!

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