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Troy Hamby's Podcast

  1. Hurt-Video2008/09/30

    This video accompanied Troy's message about hurt...produced by the Fusion creative team.
  2. My Story-Chris2008/09/30

    This is a video testimony of the Fusion worship leader.
  3. My Story-Alissa2008/09/30

    This is one of the video testimonies from the kids of Fusion.
  4. Uninversal Roadtrip2008/09/30

    Have you ever looked up in the starry sky and felt like you were 'falling up?' Well, there's a reason for that...GOD IS HUGE! Listen to this message where Troy talks about how worship comes easily when we begin to understand who God really is.
  5. The Smile of God2008/10/01

  6. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Worship2008/10/01

  7. More than Friends2008/10/01

    What happens when it goes from friends to MORE than friends? Troy talks about how we can approach dating from a Biblical perspective and still have fun.
  8. Forever Young2008/10/01
  9. Secrets of the Saints-Augustine2008/09/30

    How did those guys get on that stain glass anyway? We tend to mythologize the saints of history, but in actuality, they were flesh and blood human beings that screwed up just like we do. Troy talks about one of his favorite saints, Augustine, and how he turned his human weakness into a life lived for God.
  10. 5 Things Girls Need to Know About Guys2008/10/01

    Troy talks about 5 important things girls could learn about guys.
  11. 5 Things Guys Need to Know about Girls2008/10/01

    Paige talks about 5 things guys need to know about girls.
  12. More than Friends2008/09/30

    What happens when you go from being friends to 'more than friends'? How do we approach this Biblically? Troy talks about Christian dating and how to do it right.
  13. Friends parody2008/09/30
    This funny video was produced by the Fusion creative team for Troy's series on friendship.
  14. The Bachelor2008/09/30
    This funny video accompanied Troy's series on dating.
  15. Shane Claiborne promo2008/09/30
    This promo video was done for the Shane Claiborne service at Fusion.
  16. My Story-Chris E.2008/09/30
    This is a video testimony from one of the Fusion kids.
Troy Hamby's Podcast
Here are some messages and media from my time as pastor of Fusion Youth. Enjoy!

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