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  1. PoultryCast 0304, How Can I Win With Science When The Debate Is Based On Emotion?2012/06/11
    PoultryCast 0304 Show Notes:

    From the recent Animal Ag Alliance Stakeholder's Summit, author and science advocate Shawn Otto outlines the challenges in talking science to an uninformed public. He also includes 'how to's' on arguing successfully for science.
    Link to 2012 Animal Ag Alliance Summit videos

  2. PoultryCast 0303, Specialty Egg Marketing Responds To Consumer Interests2012/05/24
    PoultryCast 0303 Show Notes:

    From the DSM Nutritional Products Technical Symposium at the Multi-State Poultry Feeding and Nutrition Conference, Ms. Brandy Gamoning, Marketing Coordinator with Hidden Villa Ranch shares consumer perspective on specialty egg segments and where the market is headed.

  3. PoultryCast 0302, The Welfare And Production Impact Of Various Housing Systems2012/05/24
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  4. PoultryCast 0301, National Grocers Association Weighs In On Retailer-Producer Relationship2012/05/14
    PoultryCast 0301 Show Notes:

    In the case of consumer concerns and food safety issues, "We can't wait a day or two. We've got to respond in minutes!" National Grocers Association VP of Public Affairs offers this insight in today's social media world as he shares with the recent Stakeholders Summit of the Animal Agriculture Alliance meeting in Alexandria, VA.

  5. PoultryCast 0300, Tracking The Elusive Farm Bill Negotiations2012/05/14
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  6. PoultryCast 0299 - How Will The Antimicrobial Regulation Revisions Affect Poultry?2012/04/27
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  7. PoultryCast 0298, I'm From The EPA... And I'm Here To Help... Not2012/04/12
    PoultryCast 0298 Show Notes:

    Attorney and Illinois farmer Gary Baise once played a role in the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency . He tells the annual meeting of the National Institute for Animal Agriculture that the agency is now establishing regulations that will end modern agriculture.

  8. PoultryCast 0297, Why Is Washington Gridlocked And How Will The Farm Bill Be Affected?2012/03/29
    PoultryCast 0297 Show Notes:

    House Ag Committee Chair Congressman Frank Lucas recently spent some time walking
    through the current climate in Washington, D.C. and gave his thoughts
    on the next Farm Bill, where it stands and what might happen. Please
    pass this one to others in your organization.

  9. PoultryCast 0296, Are Feed Prices Finally Settling Down?2012/03/16
    PoultryCast 0296 Show Notes:

    The moment we've been waiting for may finally be approaching. Less pressure from ethanol demand, Catch up inventories with trend-line yields. Bottom line - prices moderating albeit at higher levels than we'd like. Purdue's Dr. Chris Hurt shares what's happening and why we should see a bit less volatility in the days to come.

  10. PoultryCast 0295, Feeding Granulated Sulfur To Control Mites?2012/03/15
    PoultryCast 0295 Show Notes:

    Auburn University's Dr. Wallace Berry shared research at the International Poultry Scientific Forum which shows potential to control mites through feeding granulated sulfur. However, in an even more promising outcome, the level of ammonia was also impacted.

  11. PoultryCast 0294, Meat Demand - Feed Supplies - Drought Potential - The New Normal?2012/02/15
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  12. PoultryCast 0293, Do DDGs In Ration Raise Potential For Necrotic Enteritis?2012/02/13
    PoultryCast 0293 Show Notes:

    Dr. Ken Macklin , Auburn University, provides an overview of his International Poultry Scientific Forum on the effect of DDGs on necrotic enteritis . Dr. Macklin seems to believe there is a relationship between the two.

  13. PoultryCast 0292, Putting Your Poultry House On Wheels - Transport Air Quality2012/01/31
    PoultryCast 0292 Show Notes:

    From the International Poultry Scientific Forum in Atlanta, we talked with Dr. Malcomb Mitchell of the Scottish Ag College about transportation configurations which ensure animal comfort and harvest quality. Tunnel ventilating your transport.

  14. PoultryCast 0291, End of Year - Leadership Training To Start The New Year Right2011/12/30
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  15. PoultryCast 0290, Communicating Food Safety Difficult When No One Listens2011/12/15
    PoultryCast 0290 Show Notes:

    Communicating with consumers is challenging on most topics. Same with food safety according to Tony Flood of the International Food Information Council. He says creativity is key.

  16. PoultryCast 0289, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability - Key Considerations At Smithfield2011/12/15
    PoultryCast 0289 Show Notes:

    Smithfield Foods , as a major player in the protein production industry, sees better consumer connections and corporate citizenship as keys to profitability.

  17. PoultryCast 0288, Insuring Against Inclimate Weather At The Climate Corporation2011/12/15
    PoultryCast 0288 Show Notes:

    The Climate Corporation provides insurance against weather. Based on conditions in and around the growing season, this risk management tool provides coverage against the biggest unknown in our industry.

  18. PoultryCast 0287, Room At The Top - Farmland Going Higher?2011/11/30
    PoultryCast 0287 Show Notes:

    A recent conversation with Terry Feldheim of the Farm Credit Service of America highlights the support underpinning land prices at these levels.

  19. PoultryCast 0286, Do Consumers Care About Improved Technology?2011/11/22
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  20. PoultryCast 0285, Feedgrains Outlook Sees Less Volatility And More Availability2011/11/22
    PoultryCast 0285 Show Notes:

    Market Analyst Joe Kerns with the International Agribusiness Group had some soothing words for producers dealing with volatile feed costs. He speaks with AgToday's Eric Atkinson.


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