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Pure Life Ministries - Dry Ridge, KY

  1. #326 - A Leader's Guide to the Sexual Addict2018/12/03
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  2. #325 - Thanksgiving Stories of Life-Changing Mercy2018/11/19

    In this special Thanksgiving episode, guests share stories that focus on the amazing blessings of God. Scott and Erin Wilson tell the moving story of how God brought them through two devastating trials, and Steve and Kathy Gallagher remember some highlights from the 30-year history of Pure Life Ministries. Plus, Nate Danser explains how gratitude can help someone defeat sexual sin.
  3. BONUS (from #325 - Thanksgiving Stories of Life-Changing Mercy)2018/11/19

    Residential Program graduate Scott Wilson and his wife Erin share more about thankfulness and some initial efforts they made to deal with sexual sin in their marriage, and PLM Director of Ministry Outreach Nate Danser explores the deeper motivation for gratitude.
  4. #324 - Helping Pastors Fight Sexual Sin in the Church2018/11/05
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  5. #323 - Three Forgotten Battles in the War for Purity2018/10/22
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  6. #322 - How Do You Get Right With God?2018/10/08
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  7. #321 - “My Own Life”: A Deadly Christian Myth2018/09/24
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  8. BONUS (from #321 - “My Own Life”: A Deadly Christian Myth)2018/09/24

    Nate Danser, Pure Life's Director of Ministry Outreach, shares his own play-by-play strategy for deeper, more meaningful Bible study.
  9. #320 - Help for Struggling Women and Hurting Wives2018/09/10
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  10. BONUS (from #320 - Help for Struggling Women and Hurting Wives)2018/09/10

    Pure Life's co-founder Kathy Gallagher answers an additional concern that wives often have: "What if my husband needs help, but he's not willing to consider the Residential Program?"
  11. #319 - Pleasure, Jesus, and the War for Your Heart2018/08/27
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  12. #318 - Are We Accepting Addiction in the Church?2018/08/13

    The statistics are clear: more and more Christians are becoming addicted to sex. But what's not clear is whether addiction might have other negative effects on the rest of the church. Could a rise in sexual sin among members be changing the church's overall attitude toward addiction? And when so many seem to be in bondage, how can the church respond to offer hope?
  13. BONUS (from #318 - Are We Accepting Addiction in the Church?)2018/08/12

    Evangelist Glenn Meldrum shares how God can change the trend of addiction in the church, and counselor Jordan Yoshimine speaks personally about temptation and walking with God.
  14. #317 - Am I Just "Struggling" or Addicted?2018/07/30

    Those dealing with sexual sin sometimes have difficulty understanding what's happening to them. In a world filled with sexual temptations, it can be hard to judge whether what someone is experiencing qualifies as a serious problem or not. Ken Larkin explores what addiction actually looks like, and Ryan Schiavo illustrates the progression from his personal story.
  15. BONUS (From #317 - Am I Just "Struggling" or Addicted?)2018/07/30

    Counselor Ken Larkin tackles more questions about the nature of addiction and the way to escape it.
  16. #316 - Coming Out...of Homosexuality2018/07/16
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  17. #315 - Why Understanding Addiction Won't Change You2018/07/02

    When people in addiction are ready to find help, there's lots of places they can turn. Many try psychology, which offers an almost endless amount of information about addiction. But when counselor Jim Lewis was addicted, he found it took something completely different to change him. Also in this episode: common myths about sexual sin and how giving is key to finding freedom.
Purity for Life
Purity for Life is the bi-weekly podcast from Pure Life Ministries. Our show will take you where real life meets real Christianity as we tackle the tough issues for those struggling with sexual sin. Thanks for listening!

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