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Pure Life Ministries - Dry Ridge, KY

  1. Episode #17272018/01/01
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  2. Episode #17262017/12/18
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  3. Episode #17252017/12/04
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  4. Episode #17242017/11/20
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  5. Episode #17232017/11/06
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  6. Episode #17222017/10/23
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  7. Episode #17212017/10/09
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  8. Episode #17202017/09/25
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  9. Episode #17192017/09/11

    This Week: Life is full of choices. Some are big, others seem very small. We are often tempted to believe that we have the right to choose what we want and what is best for us. In this episode Pastor Ed Buch takes a look at a group of people who thought the very same way, and challenges us to ask ourselves the question, “who gets to decide what is right for our lives?"
  10. Episode #17182017/08/28
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  11. Episode #17172017/08/14
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  12. Episode #17162017/07/31

    This week: Many different pictures of God have been painted for us by different people and sometimes by our own personal experiences. But who is this God, really? Today you’ll hear from Pastor Steve Gallagher as he looks at one of the central characteristics of God’s nature which is always talked, but which can be easily misunderstood—His love.
  13. Episode #17152017/07/17

    This week: It is natural to want an easy way out of sexual sin. Unfortunately the road to freedom always cost something. In today's show we will talk about a vital step in the journey that cannot be avoided. Plus the world keeps offering us endless justifications about why pornography is ok, including "At least I am not committing adultery", but is that really a valid argument?
Purity for Life
Purity for Life is the bi-weekly podcast from Pure Life Ministries. Our show will take you where real life meets real Christianity as we tackle the tough issues for those struggling with sexual sin. Thanks for listening!

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