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Bad Philosophy

  1. Episode 167: United Statesians2016/08/05
    Is ALL culture appropriation? Shawn Brackett joins Kevin and Stephen to unpack this and other juicy questions... from Canada!
  2. Weekly Why 014: Deconversion 22016/07/09
    A year on from his deconversion from Christianity, we interview Jon Fortenbury to ask how he's getting along without God.
  3. Episode 166: Transparent Vomit2016/03/18
    Photographer Simon Ponder joins Kevin and Stephen to settle the Film v. Digital debate once and for ALL, and you'll never guess who wins...
  4. Episode 165: A Dozen Zombies2016/02/28
    Why give flowers on Valentine's Day when you could be getting naked and splattering blood on people in public? The Bad Philosophers discuss...
  5. Episode 163-164: Destroy the Past!2016/02/04
    Kevin hosts Stephen and new guest Ana Huertas, reflecting on their 2015 experiences, the pending apocalypse, and beards
  6. Weekly Why 016: Fuck Marshall McLuhan!2016/01/24
    Local poet Marc Powell joins Stephen for some high-frequency riffing on world systems, philosophy ...and each other
  7. Rule Set Update E2016/01/11
    After WAY too long, Stephen finally gets around to posting this incredibly important announcement episode.
  8. Episode 162: Plain Old Smut2015/08/09
    Fan Fiction, cultural appropriation, and deep geekery with guest expert Katherine
  9. Episode 161: Zero to WHAT?2015/04/26
    Special guest Dania Toth joins us to talk startups, success, and beer.
  10. Episode 160: Sum-Prime Philosophy2015/03/20
    Tackling Judith Butler, gender conceptions, and the complex contemporary web of thought around these subjects with Stephen and Kevin
  11. Rule Set Update D2015/02/19
    Kevin and Stephen reflect on episodes 157, 158, and 159, then refresh the rule framework of BF
  12. Episode 159: Same As It Ever Was2015/01/06
    Our annual New Years show! How did we do in 2014? And what do we expect for 2015? Listen to find out! Special guest Matt Legler.
  13. Episode 158: Bald Philosophy2014/12/13
    Geeking out on everything Star Wars, with special guest Robert Bapst of the Bald Solo Podcast
  14. Episode 157: Too Many Philosophers2014/12/08
    Kevin and Stephen riff on absurdism, Too Many Cooks, and the fuzzy lines between postmodernism and poststructuralism (if they exist at all)
  15. Rule Set Update C2014/11/03
    Kevin and Stephen reflect on episodes 154, 155, and 156, and refresh the rule framework of BF with a change, removal, and addition.
  16. Episode 156: Privelosophy2014/10/04
    Kevin and Stephen discuss privilege, prompted by a recent controversy over Stephen's ASL music videos.
  17. Episode 155: The Right to [REDACTED]2014/09/06
    Does the "Right to be Forgotten" entail censorship? What is public or private anymore? Can PHP save us? Kevin and Stephen dive into all this and more.
  18. Episode 154: Coffee of the Breakfast Variety2014/08/10
    Kevin and Stephen reminisce on nostalgia, avoid personal pronouns for 10 minutes, and contemplate Linklater's "Boyhood"
  19. Rule Set Update B2014/08/05
    Kevin and Stephen reflect on episodes 151 - 153, examine how (poorly) we adhered to Rule Set B, and refresh the rule framework of BF.
  20. Episode 153: Moral Prodcasting2014/06/29
    Where do moral values come from? Kevin and Stephen tackle this question personally and theoretically.
  21. Episode 152: Help Me, Internet2014/05/13
    Is the Star Wars franchise at risk of inbreeding under Disney's command? This Star Wars Day, Kevin and I share our latest musings on the beloved cultural force.
  22. Episode 151: You’re Welcome, Google2014/04/17
    Is consumer capitalism played-out? Why is Roberto Unger so angry? And could cats save us all? Kevin and I ponder these questions and more.
  23. Episode 150: Into The Future2014/03/23
    WOW! 150 episodes. To celebrate, Kevin and I have some mildly crazy ideas to share with you about the future of the show.
  24. Episode 149: Downstream Monochrome2014/01/27
    Kevin, Brian, and Stephen burrow deep inside Shane Carruth's mind-bending film Upstream Color
  25. Episode 148: Perfect Tommy Pickleseed2014/01/19
    Dr. Mark Webb and Sebastian Bentkowski join Stephen to discuss their varying paths into Buddhism, comparing theory / practice and all the MU! in between.
  26. Episode 147: Diving Into Little Black Mirrors2014/01/05
    Matt Legler joins Stephen and Kevin to look back at our prediction Wins and Fails for 2013, then look ahead at what's in store for 2014
  27. Episode 146: Ternalism Part 2: Academic’d2013/12/18
    Shawn takes a break from running marathons to join Stephen and Kevin as they wrap up an in-depth discussion of paternalism in American Higher Education.
  28. Episode 145: Ternalism (Part 1)2013/11/14
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  29. Episode 144: Ahhhhhhhhhh!2013/10/13
    Kevin and Stephen scream their way through the spectacular new film Gravity, and miraculously return to earth to discuss it.
  30. Episode 143: Are We Recording?2013/10/03
    Kevin and Stephen fight a Story War and discuss Honest Trailers, PoMo theatre, the Monomyth, and much more on this week's free-flowing F-isode.
  31. Episode 142: One-Two-Three-Fourlosophy2013/09/07
    Peter Buffett recently accused charities of philanthropic paternalism. What does this mean and why does it matter?
  32. Episode 141: Sloppy Sci-Fi2013/08/24
    Gaming journalists Britton Peele and Tim Poon join us to discuss Gone Home, gaming industry philosophy, and expanding spheres.
  33. Episode 140: Let’s Make Mayonnaise2013/08/08
    Artisanal mayonnaise, punks and hippies, and one very persistent puppy. Kevin and Stephen have fun discussing it all.
  34. Episode 138: No Longer a Thing2013/06/13
    We could be wrong, but we think you'll love this episode on fallibilism, featuring Kevin, Stephen, and our least favorite philosopher Dr. Mark Webb.
  35. Episode 137: Keep Your Pants On, Monkey Brain2013/05/07
    What do trees, brains, and pants have in common? Kevin, Stephen, John Elliott, and Matt Epperson explore our complex world through the works of Manuel Lima.
  36. Episode 136: Please Don’t Send Us Cocaine2013/04/22
    Bitcoins are back! Or are they? Simon Ponder joins Kevin and Stephen to find out whether they're worth Beliebing in.
  37. Episode 135: Think Pushers2013/04/08
    Old friend Greg Briley joins Kevin and Stephen to discuss ancient Soviet gamification and the core concepts of Marxism. Also, puppies full of candy.
  38. Episode 134: Hats Off2013/03/24
    First off, let’s acknowledge a tragedy. We lost Episode 133, folks. It joins the likes of Episodes 7, 21, 42, 49, 87, and 127 in the oblivion of BF content that has never seen the light of day due to unfortunate technical glitches. If you’re curious, we had our good friend Nicholas Bergfeld on to […]
  39. Episode 132: Of Television2013/02/09
    It’s a nice day to start again, folks. The end of January marked the beginning of the first Coursera MOOC purely focused on the venerable phield of philosophy. In this first application of the first week of material (what I meant but forgot to call “Coursera Diaries Part I”), Kevin and I test out Dave Ward’s […]
  40. Weekly Why 012: Radiolab is Scared of Poststructuralism2013/01/22
    Kevin challenges RadioLab's aversion to exploring the issue of truth itself in a rare installment of the Weekly Why.
  41. Episode 131: Cheating Our Way to Mars2013/01/16
    Matt, Kevin, and Stephen don their student hats once again to talk Dan Ariely, education, and soft colonialism... on the way to Mars!
  42. Episode 130: High Framerate Train Wreck2013/01/07
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  43. Episode 129: Poddly-Woddly2012/12/31
    Is Doctor Who a religion? Kevin and Stephen respond to Idea Channel and ruminate on Facebook, memory and identity
  44. Episode 128: Shoefoot2012/11/26
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  45. Episode 126: Mosquitos Suck!2012/10/08
    Kevin and Stephen expected something very different out of Looper, but liked what they got... kind of. Hooray time travel stories!
  46. Episode 125: The Princess’s Curfew2012/09/15
    Newcomer Adam Easterling joins Britton, Kevin, and Stephen on a leap of faith into the philosophy of Braid and many other video games.
  47. Episode 124: Finches on a Guitar2012/07/30
    New guest Bryson Rushing joins Kevin, Stephen, and John Elliott to debate the nature of science, the Higgs Boson, and avian progressive rock bands.
  48. Episode 123: Gray2012/06/28
    Stephen and Kevin tackle a fan's Formspring suggestion, the frickin' Moderny film "The Sunset Limited," starring two stereotypes having a conversation about suicide. Hooray!
  49. Episode 122: Disruption!2012/06/11
    The future is a funny thing. We’ve talked on the show before about the many theories that abound about how we’ll evolve as a species and a society. Especially since the introduction of Google Glasses the future (or a future) feels closer than ever. This episode Kevin and I discuss the many ways that a continuous, […]
  50. Episode 121: Contrabass French Horn2012/05/14
    Newcomer and musician John Elliott joins Kevin and Stephen to dive into postmodern music, tubas, and Skrillex.
  51. Episode 120: Intellectual Simulation2012/05/06
    Kevin and Stephen attempt to construct a solid introduction to post-structuralism and deconstruction... in STEREO.
  52. Episode 119: Giant Monster Whiteboard2012/04/23
    Kevin and Stephen deconstruct the hot horror genre gem Cabin in the Woods after their trip to the theater.
  53. Episode 118: Fire Sale2012/04/06
    The Bad Philosophers make a Cohen Brothers-esque story through the distinctive game "Fiasco." Blood, betrayal, burgers... we've got it all!
  54. Episode 117: Mintyvan2012/03/27
    Stephen, Kevin, Kiki, and new guest Matt Epperson examine whether chaos-inducing "jokers" are a fundamental reason why society works. Science thinks so. Do you?
  55. Episode 116: Santorific2012/03/07
    New guests Brian Morgan and Ryan Usher join the Bad Philosophers to talk Santorum, politics, and QUILTBAGs.
  56. Episode 115: Scorns and Flattery2012/02/29
    Canadian dramedy Slings and Arrows has made quite an impression on Stephen. In this episode he breaks it down with the help of theatre guru Kevin Saunders.
  57. Episode 114: Wikissori2012/02/23
    The Bad Philosophers tackle education once again. Can Ken Robinson, Montessori schools, and John Dortmunder save the day?
  58. Episode 113: Max Headroom2012/02/09
    Have you ever noticed how fast food that you buy never looks like the pictures? Oh, or gotten super frustrated when you plug in a USB port backwards? Have you ever just wished that everyone followed a simple set of rules for living? Now… have you ever thought about writing hyper-rational, detailed rants on these issues […]
  59. Episode 112: Titles Don’t Really Matter2012/01/17
    Synecdoche: New York punches Stephen and Kevin in the brain, sending them into passionate elucidations on this strange and wonderful world
  60. Episode 111: Gingercide2012/01/02
    The Bad Philosophers share their (non-apocalyptic) predictions for 2012 and beyond over some delicious beer.
  61. Episode 110: Good Enough2011/12/30
    One of BF's largest panels ever dives into the moral choices in contemporary video games like The Old Republic and Skyrim.
  62. Episode 109: A Heifer Wheezin2011/12/06
    Community has gone on hiatus! This episode Stephen gushes on its brilliance and Kevin schools him about the TV industry.
  63. Episode 108: The Ultimate Egotist2011/11/17
    Kevin, Stephen, and Jacie discuss Stephen's new YouTube direction and the video community in general.
  64. Episode 107: Killer Hipstinct2011/11/08
    Stephen returns to Texas Tech to analyze hipsters and counter-culture with Shawn, Matt, and Bryan.
  65. Episode 106: Accident Alley2011/11/02
    Kevin and Stephen critique the nature of work from first principles and rip capitalism a new one.
  66. Episode 105: Down With the WORMHELPs!2011/10/25
    Protesting is one of those most righteous and time-honored of human activities. Something about the simple act of getting angry, going somewhere, and shouting pithy phrases repeatedly with a group of people all holding signs appeals to our deep inner psyche. Is it the adrenaline rush of potentially getting busted by the authorities? Is it […]
  67. Episode 104: Thinking Different2011/10/09
    The human race lost one of its finest this past Wednesday, as Steve Jobs passed away at the age of 56. All of us here at BF had opinions to share on the man in the black turtleneck, so Kevin, Jed, Simon, Kiki and I gathered together for our first live-streamed episode in quite some time. […]
  68. Episode 103: yhposolihP sdrawkcaB2011/10/06
    Backwards thinking is the name of the game this week as Kevin, Kiki and Stephen dive into the religious symbology of Hollywood.
  69. Episode 102: A.I. Troopers2011/09/30
    For the last century or so, we have had a healthy little obsession with replicating the human ability to reason using machines. We here at BF are happy to announce that these efforts have finally brought us the holy grail of artificial intelligence: robot radio DJs! That’s right, now you can enjoy all your favorite […]
  70. Episode 101: Senile Felines 1012011/09/14
    This episode Kiki turns 30 and we're there to celebrate with friends Katey and Bess, talking "sea plankton," hurricane preparation, and hardcore anglophilia.
  71. Episode 100: Three. Hundred!2011/09/07
    The original BF cast returns to celebrate 100 episodes and three years of Bad Philosophy, talking free speech and a whole lot of nostalgia.
  72. Episode 099: Snarktacular2011/09/03
    Kevin, Kiki, and Stephen go totally random, rabbit-trailing off wacky phrases in the final double-digit BF.
  73. Episode 098: Eticat2011/08/30
    Is etiquette due for a scientific overhaul? Kevin, Eric, and Stephen downed some cookies, beer, and pizza this episode to find out. You're welcome.
  74. Episode 097: Ewww!2011/08/22
    Take a moment to picture something that truly, deeply disgusts you; that photo in the lobby of your doctor’s office, rubbing felt the wrong direction, your own face in the mirror every morning… y’know, that sorta stuff. As it turns out, people get disgusted by relatively similar things, at least according to a couple of […]
  75. Episode 096: Bestial Anarchy2011/08/16
    Ever get the urge to just go out with a few friends and completely wreck your entire neighborhood, steal some crap, and set it all on fire when you’re done? No? Congratulations! You may not be among the 11,000 feral, uneducated, illiterate, uncultured under-citizens of the U.K. who took part in the country’s worst riots […]
  76. Episode 095: Con Artists2011/08/12
    Conventions! In the geek world the idea of them is synonymous with sleepless nights, smelly hallways, and unforgettable times with friends and strangers. Recently a few of us got to experience such an adventure, Kevin Saunders at San Diego Comic Con and me, Britton Peele (of the Dallas Morning News), and Tim Poon (of Platform […]
  77. Episode 094: Justice on Trial2011/07/25
    To quote a tired but relevant saying, we like to believe that “our courts are the great levelers.” They exist to ensure that criminals be punished, that the innocent are heard, that justice be done for one and all. But every once in a while someone goes through our courts and gets away with murder. […]
  78. Episode 093: Ironically Undignified2011/06/22
    Picture this. You’re at a swingin’ house party, it’s 1 AM, and you are royally plastered. A witty, well-styled person ambles up and you two have a fantastic conversation. As the person walks away, you realize you have no clue as to the person’s gender or name. In a drunken haze that miraculously still leaves […]
  79. Episode 092: LulzSec Flamebait2011/06/14
    Since the dawn of computer networks, there have been those who push past the permissions, the boundaries, and the firewalls to penetrate deep within the forbidden corners of cyberspace. Recently, a group of these hackers calling themselves LulzSec has taken it upon themselves to bring some highly public meme-infused humor back into this practice. They’ve […]
  80. Episode 091: The Book of Wire2011/06/02
    Theatre Alert! Trey Parker and Matt Stone (of South Park infamy) recently launched a Broadway musical that’s getting the exact opposite flavor of attention their work usually garners. Praise is sweeping across the play from all directions. However, we love our dirt here at BF, so in this episode we explored the ‘dark’ side of […]
  81. Episode 090: Squeezetravaganza2011/05/17
    So in case you hadn’t heard, a few weeks ago we shot some guy in the eye and dumped him in the ocean, then cheered exuberantly about it for a few days. With this hefty moral conundrum we began our first ever all-Formsqueeze episode, answering a slew of YOUR questions from our Formspring account.We covered […]
  82. Episode 089: You Asked For It2011/04/24
    At any given moment thousands of people around the world are praying (and since it’s Easter today you can probably tack a few more zeroes onto that estimate). Whether it’s praying for the destruction of sinful local businesses or just a little tsunami from God to show the world He’s still awake at the control […]
  83. Episode 088: Some People Talking About Bitcoin2011/03/31
    Do you like money? Sure! Have you ever asked yourself why money is valuable? Maybe. Perhaps you’ve even asked yourself how you could make money better. Well, a few years ago a guy named Satoshi Nakamoto did that and more. He invented Bitcoin, the peer-to-peer digital currency that’s taking the Interwebs by storm. Here to […]
  84. Episode 086: Reeks of Humanity2011/03/11
    In case you haven’t heard, Charlie Sheen has been #WINNING lately. Or so he claims, at least. For some people, “winning” is banging 7-gram rocks with porn stars in a hotel room. For others, it’s resurrecting an ancient brand with crazy new products through the power of pop music. For us on BF, it’s getting […]
  85. Episode 085: Three Long Pigs2011/03/04
    Imagine yourself stuck in a mine. It’s just you and two other people, and the food runs out. One of the others pulls you aside and suggests the unthinkable. You’re mortified… but that third survivor’s thighs look as tasty as a 50-piece Nugget Meal from McDonald’s. What do you do? The prospect of cannibalism continues […]
  86. Episode 084: Safe for Work2011/02/14
    Ever get the feeling that society is holding you back? Like a ball and chain are just wrapped around your ankles, and if you could only break free and be your own person, the world would miraculously become your sandbox? Well according to Ayn Rand, that ball and chain are nothing more than your own […]
  87. Episode 083: An Unexceptional Episode2011/02/05
    President Obama’s State of the Union address? Meh. Practicing all your life one of two classical instruments because your mother says so? Snore. Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes? F***ING AWESOME. Okay, so we couldn’t exactly hit the mediocrity hat trick. BUT on a week when Internets were down in Egypt and Chicago, sickness spread […]
  88. Episode 082: Saunders on Saunders2011/01/20
    Imagine if falling in love was as easy as taking a pill. Scary? Exciting? Kind of rad? Well, to make up for the distinct lack of anything resembling actual philosophy last week, we decided to delve straight into this and other hardcore questions, courtesy of George Saunders and his recent short story in The New […]
  89. Episode 081: Totally Cuffless2011/01/05
    2011 is here, everybody! That’s right, Twenty Eleven. Five syllables. The perfect length for pronouncing a year. Incidentally, it’s also the first of our many predictions for the upcoming year and observations regarding the last. This New Year’s Day we got a smashing smattering of smart and smarmy panelists together… plus Kiki! We had a […]
  90. Episode 080: Bullet-Ridden Candy2010/12/25
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  91. Episode 079: Twelve Inch Razor Blades2010/12/01
    Always one news cycle behind, we here at BF have decided to tackle the TSA groping/scanning debacle with our own flavor of punditry. This week Kevin, Simon, and Kiki joined me to figure out how the system is broken, how to make it better, and how droids might become involved in the process. Oh, and […]
  92. Episode 078: Big Bad TV Daddy2010/11/24
    As I hope many of you are already aware thanks to various sources around the Internet, FOX recently announced that the best sci-fi series currently on television, Fringe, will be moving to the “Friday Night Death Slot” when American Idol returns. Obviously, we here at BF are upset about this, so we assembled a panel […]
  93. Episode 077: The Untimely Death of Stephen2010/11/09
    Imagine having an army of workers ready to do your bidding, no matter how menial and trivial, as long as you pay them some semblance of a decent wage. That’s Amazon Mechanical Turk in a nutshell, with which people are doing strange and wonderful things. To discuss this and other randomness, we had the pleasure […]
  94. Episode 076: Dalai Lama For Realz2010/10/29
    As we approach Halloween and the cool weather starts to move in, the Bad Philosophers reconvene for yet another intellectual foray into this excitingly dynamic world. Recently Kevin had a chance to see His Holiness, the Dalai Lama in person. We discussed his newfound insights into the human condition, religion, and crowd control, as well as […]
  95. Episode 075: A Minor Detail2010/10/07
    This past weekend, the Facebook movie (aka. “The Social Network”) premiered in US theaters, racking up a cool $22 million at the box office. Even before the film launched, This Week in Google discussed the film’s “anti-geek” tone and Jeff Jarvis slammed it in his review. Copyright reform advocate Lawrence Lessig also critiqued the film […]
  96. Episode 074: Trabbit Rails2010/09/29
    Aaaaaand, we’re back! For those of y’all who were keeping track, our 2-year anniversary was last month. That means BF has been around for… well… yeah, you can do the math. ANYWHO. Kevin and Kiki joined me to discuss brain damage, Neal Stephenson’s writing experiment, and a little ol’ movie about Facebook. No news stories this […]
  97. Episode 073: The Royal We2010/09/15
    Yep, we’re back. It may be a week late, and these stories are probably completely irrelevant by now, but just pretend we’ve brought you a time machine and taken you back to last week for a look at the news! Yeah, it may be last week’s news, but… TIME MACHINE. Anyways, Kiki joined me for […]
  98. Episode 072: Rule of Some Number Around 702010/09/05
    In these tough economic times, it’s always nice to be able to take a break from all the chaos and watch the demented apparition of a shark tear through the souls of Peter Jackson’s brethren. Not sure what the hell we’re talking about? Well, here’s the dealio. Kevin and I reconvened for another romp into […]
  99. Episode 071: What’s in the News, Robin?2010/08/18
    For no particular reason we’ve decided to try something *BRAND NEW* on this week’s episode of Bad Philosophy. Kevin and I pulled a few articles and a comic out of the news, grabbed a couple of beers, and dove in to the stories for an hour. What came was something of a nice balance between […]
  100. Episode 070: The Internet Says No2010/08/15
    For the past couple of decades the indomitable Kevin Smith has proudly distinguished himself as a maker of funny, poignant, and outrageously vulgar cinema. We at BF are huge fans of Smith’s work and felt that it was high time to devote an episode of our show to discussing the facets of his genius. Appropriately […]
  101. Episode 069: Insert Sexual Innuendo Here2010/07/31
    Recently the wild and brilliant imagination of Christopher Nolan brought forth a true gem of a movie, Inception. It’s been making good money and getting rave reviews all around, and for good reason. It’s a heady and philosophical and hence right up our rabbit trail. This time Kevin Saunders and Kiki Canon joined me to […]
  102. Episode 068: Unfortunate Convenience2010/07/24
    After another long and completely unnecessary hiatus, we’re back for another rip-roaring episode! Last week Kevin joined me after returning from his whirlwind theatrical tour of the Czech Republic and greater Eastern Europe. This got us talking about language, culture, music and of course Homestar Runner. Have a listen! This Week’s Post-show Song Pimpage: 4 […]
  103. Episode 067: We Love You, Torgo!2010/07/10
    Howdy, folks! Yes, you may throw tomatoes at me now. I really thought that graduating and coming home for the summer would leave me with more time. Sadly, this has not been the case. BUT we are back now, with an episode that’s almost a month old but still delightfully entertaining. Kiki and her friend […]
  104. Episode 066: 6 Years and It’s Over2010/05/27
    Tragedy struck the podcast this past week. As Kevin Saunders departed for his trip to Prague, the plane encountered unusually heavy turbulance over a remote region of the South Pacific (why the pilot was flying over the Pacific to get to Eastern Europe is perhaps an even greater mystery). Kevin’s plane and all aboard crash […]
  105. Episode 065: Whoa…2010/05/25
    It should come as no surprise to y’all out there that a great percentage of the world indulges in the wily wonders of psychotropic drugs. Whether it’s that requisite pot of coffee in the morning or just… pot, lots of folks like to take a walk on the wild side of the mind every now […]
  106. Episode 064: Foremanslaw2010/05/20
    Oh my… *cough* …wow, I had no idea dust built up that quickly …on the Internet. ANYWHO. We’re back, yes indeed. And we brought along a classic F-isode just for y’all! Yeah it may be last week’s news, but apparently Iron Man 2 dropped in theaters. Oh, and apparently Stephen Hawking said something about aliens. […]
  107. Episode 063: A Big Shiny Piece of Paper2010/04/20
    Here at Texas Tech things were shaken up a bit recently with the resignation of Dr. Gary Bell, someone beloved to all of us in the Honors College. Dr. Bell basically built the Honors College over the past 17 years into a mainstay of the university. However, he came into conflict with the upper administration […]
  108. Episode 062: iKevin2.0.net@blogspot.com2010/04/17
    Every once in a while we here at BF like to have a gratuitously self-indulgent show that focuses purely on our own half-baked accomplishments and personal history. This time it was all about the K-man, mister Kevin Saunders himself. We had live Skype callers on the show once again, talked a little history, and answered […]
  109. Episode 061: Newspaper Zombies2010/04/03
    When was the last time you read a newspaper? Oh… you’re reading one now. Well um… I guess I’ll just let you finish then. No, it’s cool, take your time. … Done? Okay, awesome. So… wow, this is a bit awkward. Our topic this week is actually the “death” of newspapers, which probably sounds a […]
  110. Episode 060: Rooftop Skinny Dipping SXSW2010/03/19
    There is a place where, once a year, every geek worth his or her salt comes together in the magically weird city of Austin. For five days we mingle, bond, network, and bring our alcohol consumption up to par with our 3G bandwidth consumption. We call this beer- and bandwidth-infused tribal gathering SXSW Interactive, and […]
  111. Weekly Why 008: Kevin Reads the Paper2010/02/28
  112. Episode 059: Cheap Chocolate Eve2010/02/22
  113. Episode 058: Banana Pancakes2010/02/14
  114. Episode 057: Philocalypse How?2010/01/29
  115. Episode 056: I Miss D’n’D2010/01/23
  116. Episode 055: Twenty, Not Two Thousand2010/01/15
  117. Episode 054: Eywa Ex Machina2009/12/22
  118. Episode 053: Kevin Squared2009/12/16
  119. Episode 052: A Fictional Pair of Ducks2009/11/28
  120. Episode 051: Reading Rainbow2009/11/08
  121. Episode 050: Includes Teeth2009/11/05
  122. Episode 048: Full of WINtegrity2009/10/23
  123. Episode 047: A Big To Do About WOO2009/10/06
  124. Episode 045: Bach in Business2009/09/17
  125. Episode 044: BYOBF2009/09/13
  126. Episode 043: Endless Meltdown2009/09/09
  127. Episode 042b: Plato’s Movie Theater2009/08/28
  128. Episode 041: How the West Was Mu2009/08/17
  129. Episode 040: Meta-Mathic Smackdown2009/07/31
  130. Episode 039: What’s the Right Thing Again?2009/07/22
  131. Episode 038: Incremental Hope2009/07/15
  132. Episode 037: Back Seat Philosophy2009/06/30
  133. Episode 036: Eight Buffalos in a Row2009/06/27
  134. Episode 035: Intellectual Hedonism2009/06/14
  135. Episode 034: A Squishy Affricate2009/06/10
  136. Episode 033: Zombocalypse Now2009/06/04
  137. Weekly Why 006: Live on Stage2009/05/25
  138. Episode 032: We Love the Future2009/05/25
  139. Episode 031: Farewell to a Legend2009/05/06
  140. Episode 030: It’s a Ponzi Scheme2009/04/26
  141. Episode 029: A BF Orange2009/04/15
  142. Episode 028: But Is It Science?2009/04/07
  143. Episode 027: It’s Gonna Be a Shaving Thing2009/03/31
  144. Episode 026: Digg Phallusophy2009/03/19
  145. Episode 025: Squidalien2009/03/17
  146. Episode 023: The Birds and the Babies2009/02/19
  147. Weekly Why 004: Reflections on Dollhouse2009/02/17
  148. Episode 022: Baldwin Bonanza2009/02/12
  149. Episode 021b: Guerrilla Fascism2009/02/02
  150. Episode 018: How Long for Copywrong?2009/01/11
  151. Episode 017: The Last of the Noughties2009/01/02
  152. Episode 016: Ecomikindle2008/12/18
  153. Episode 014: The Jolly Llama2008/12/09
  154. Episode 013: Big in Scandinavia2008/12/04
  155. Episode 012: Close Enough for Brains in Vats2008/11/23
  156. Episode 011: Half-Hour of “Huh?”2008/11/18
  157. Episode 010: What a Bunch of Halloweenies2008/11/09
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Bad Philosophy
Your one-stop fix for random musings on the nature of reality, the essence of modern digital society, and more! Produced by philosophy geeks Stephen Torrence and Kevin Saunders in Austin, TX.

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