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Pilgrims from Paradise

  1. John 6:63 and the Eucharist - Part 22010/09/17
    Matthew concludes his discussion by reminding us of Christ's own words that He is "the Living Bread of Everlasting Life."

  2. John 6:63 and the Eucharist2010/09/10
    Does St. John—as Protestants teach—disprove the belief that the bread and wine in the Eucharist is actually the Body and Blood of Christ? Matthew answers with an emphatic, "No."

  3. The Bible And Predestination - Part 32010/09/04
    In the final chapter of his series, Matthew conclusively shows St. Paul's meaning behind his use of the term "predestined."

  4. The Bible And Predestination - Part 22010/08/16
    How can St. Paul's use of the term "all men" be interpreted as "some men"? When it's used to erroneously support the Calvinist doctrine of predestination. This week, Matthew shows how.

  5. The Bible And Predestination - Part 12010/08/09
    Matthew returns again to the Calvinist doctrine of predestination and examines its merits in light of St. Paul's letters to the Ephesians and to Timothy.

  6. Old Testament Sacrifices - Part 22010/07/26
    Matthew concludes his series by examining the nature of man's conscience.

  7. Old Testament Sacrifices - Part 12010/07/12
    Matthew answers the question, "What was God's purpose with the Old Testament sacrificial system?"

  8. Oneness and the Spirit - Part 42010/06/15
    In this podcast, Matthew examines two other pillars of Church unity—the breaking of bread and prayers.

  9. Oneness And The Spirit - Part 32010/05/29
    Matthew continues his series, this time examining the unity of the early Christians and their entry into the Divine Nature of the Trinity.

  10. Oneness And The Spirit - Part 22010/05/09
    Matthew examines what the Holy Spirit brings to those who are open and willing.

  11. Oneness And The Spirit - Part 12010/04/29
    The coming of the Holy Spirit into the world, says Matthew, was the dynamic event which makes true oneness with God and with other people possible.

  12. Pillars Of The Fast - Part 22010/04/01
    Matthew concludes his short series, examining the final two pillars-- prayer and alms-giving-- with special emphasis on the former.

  13. Pillars Of The Fast - Part 12010/03/25
    In this short series, Matthew examines the three "pillars" of Great Lent and uncovers the essence of love and unity that are inherent in each. He begins with Fasting.

  14. Bearing a Cross2010/03/11
    At the mid-point of Great Lent, the Church inspires our efforts with Christ's Holy Cross. Matthew uses this opportunity to reflect on our own crosses.

  15. Oneness And The Incarnation - Part 32010/03/04
    Matthew explains that, just as every human being fell under the curse of death through Adam, every human has been given immortality in Christ.

  16. Oneness And The Incarnation - Part 22010/02/25
    Matthew continues his series by showing how the Fall altered the nature of man's existence. We don't die because we sin. We sin because we die.

  17. Oneness And The Incarnation - Part 12010/02/19
    Matthew begins a new series showing how the Incarnation restores loving oneness between humankind and its Creator.

  18. Oneness And The Fall - Part 42010/01/03
    Matthew examines the deception of Satan in Eden.

  19. Oneness And The Fall - Part 32009/12/27
    Matthew takes note of the nature of the fall and what was truly lost.

  20. Oneness And The Fall - Part 22009/12/07
    Continuing his series, Matthew shows how the Western interpretation of Genesis is colored by their concept of God Himself.

  21. Oneness And The Fall - Part 12009/12/02
    Matthew contrasts the Western and Orthodox views on the disobedience of Adam and Eve in Eden. He begins by revisiting the fall itself.

  22. Oneness And Creation - Part 22009/10/28
    Matthew illustrates how the communal nature of God is why Christians can say that God is love.

  23. Oneness And Creation - Part 12009/10/20
    Matthew continues his examination of oneness, this time showing how we become one with God, participants in the communal life of the Holy Trinity.

  24. Oneness and the Trinity - Part 32009/09/04
    Matthew continues his series by contrasting the Western and Eastern views of the Trinity.

  25. Oneness And The Trinity - Part 22009/08/28
    The great mystery of the Trinity lies in the sameness of each part of the triune Godhead. Matthew examines how this is so.

  26. Oneness And The Trinity - Part 12009/08/21
    Matthew shows how the communal life of the Father, Son and Spirit defines who we are and how we must live.

  27. Oneness - Part 22009/07/24
    Matthew shows how it is the desire of God that our lives be joined together in the same way that the Father and the Son are united.

  28. Oneness - Part 12009/07/17
    Matthew explains how self-centered individualism leads to a personal moral code, which is dangerously close to amorality.

  29. Evangelism and the Chalice2009/07/02
    Matthew shows how Christ's invitation in Scriptures to His disciples is surpassed by His invitation to us today to partake of His Body and Blood.

  30. Concerning Moths2009/06/04
    Matthew relates how the key to a struggle he fought years ago lied in the moths which were drawn to the Light of Christ.

  31. Theosis In A Busy World2009/05/21
    Matthew answers a letter from a listener who feels overwhelmed in his quest for the proper spiritual path.

  32. In Praise Of The Myrrhbearers2009/05/09
    Matthew explains how the myrrhbearing women stood by Jesus, not from any agenda, but from their love of Him.

  33. The Difference A Week Makes2009/04/13
    Matthew shows that it's a short journey from "Hosanna" to "Crucify Him!" For the ancient Jews. And for us.

  34. Detachment2009/04/02
    Matthew examines the necessity of loving Christ above all.

  35. The Lenten Journey To Love2009/03/23
    Matthew explains how Great Lent brings us together in Christian oneness.

  36. Romans Nine - Part 52009/03/11
    Matthew concludes his series by looking at Pharaoh's hardened heart.

  37. Romans Nine - Part 42009/03/04
    Matthew goes on to examine Romans eleven to further illumine St. Paul's writings two chapters earlier.

  38. Romans Nine - Part 32009/02/25
    Matthew examines the hardening of Pharoah's heart as "proof" of pre-destination.

  39. Romans Nine - Part 22009/02/17
    Matthew continues his examination of St. Paul's epistle, looking this time at God's relationship with Jacob and Esau.

  40. Romans Nine - Part 12009/02/10
    Does St. Paul's letter to the Romans "prove" pre-destination?

  41. Loving Creation - Part 32009/02/03
    Matthew concludes his series by examining our relationship with the environment - one that is both sacramental and eucharistic.

  42. Loving Creation - Part 22009/01/27
    Having been born in the image of God, we strive to achieve His likeness - becoming one with Him. And our relationship with His creation is a part of that spiritual development.

  43. Loving Creation - Part 12009/01/16
    Matthew begins a series exploring the spiritual aspect of environmentalism by asking, "Why does God create?"

  44. Christmas Remembered - Part 22008/12/23
    Matthew concludes his annual tale set in Christmas of 1964

  45. Christmas Remembered - Part 12008/12/16
    In this now-traditional annual story, Matthew takes us back to the week before Christmas, 1964 and recounts the tale of a young boy and his mother's love.

  46. Christmas Letter ‘082008/12/10
    As the blessed Natvity of our Lord approaches, Matthew catches us up on events in his own life, reflects on the past year and gives thanks for all his gifts.

  47. Sola Scriptura And Philosophical Christianity - Part 252008/11/20
    Matthew concludes his series by noting how the rationalism and idealism of western culture prevents seekers from recognizing the true Church.

  48. Sola Scriptura And Philosophical Christianity - Part 242008/11/13
    Matthew gives us the third obstacle between western believers and the experience of pre-Augustinian Christianity—misconceptions about the nature of the Church.

  49. Sola Scriptura And Philosophical Christianity - Part 232008/11/04
    Matthew explains how experiencing God requires two elements - asceticism and the mysteries, or sacraments.

  50. Sola Scriptura And Philosophical Christianity - Part 222008/10/23
    Matthew examines the Western Charismatic movement.

  51. Sola Scriptura And Philosophical Christianity - Part 212008/10/16
    Matthew outlines the problems inherent in a relationship with God based on rational contemplation or imagination.

  52. Sola Scriptura And Philosophical Christianity - Part 202008/10/09
    Matthew reveals how the second obstacle to overcome in Western philosophy is in finding intimacy with God.

  53. Sola Scriptura And Philosophical Christianity - Part 192008/10/02
    Matthew answers those sects that subscribe to an "annihilation doctrine".

  54. Sola Scriptura And Philosophical Christianity - Part 182008/09/25
    Matthew explains that the Eastern Christian view of punishment lies not in God's actions towards sinners, but in the sinners' reaction to God's love.

  55. Sola Scriptura and Philosophical Christianity - Part 172008/09/18
    Matthew reveals that God shows redemptive love, not vindictive vengeance, to those he punishes—especially to children.

  56. Sola Scriptura And Philosophical Christianity - Part 162008/09/11
    Matthew examines the wrathful deeds of the loving God.

  57. Sola Scriptura And Philosophical Christianity - Part 152008/09/04
    Matthew points out how the difference between the God of the Old and New Testaments is actually our own spiritual maturing.

  58. Sola Scriptura And Philosophical Christianity - Part 142008/08/29
    In this segment, Matthew notes the true nature of God's "wrath."

  59. Sola Scriptura And Philosophical Christianity2008/08/18
    Matthew is forced to reject Western punishment theories because of one simple fact: God, by nature, does not change.

  60. Sola Scriptura And Philosophical Christianity - Part 122008/08/11
    Matthew looks at the history of God's actions towards us to see if "legal" theories hold water.

  61. Sola Scriptura And Philosophical Christianity - Part 112008/08/04
    In this segment, Matthew outlines the "ransom theory" of salvation subscribed to by the early Church.

  62. Sola Scriptura And Philosophical Christianity - Part 102008/07/28
    This week, Matthew outlines three ways that the remnants of Augustine's philosophy infect even those who are trying to return to an intimate experience with God.

  63. Sola Scriptura And Philosophical Christianity - Part 92008/07/21
    Matthew continues his discussion of Augustine and his views on predestination.

  64. Sola Scriptura And Philosophical Christianity - Part 82008/07/14
    Matthew shows how a misunderstanding of the story of the Garden of Eden leads to a misunderstanding of our relationship with God.

  65. Sola Scriptura And Philosophical Christianity - Part 72008/07/07
    Looking more closely at the Augustinian view of God, Matthew examines the concept of "original sin".

  66. Sola Scriptura And Philosophical Christianity - Part 62008/06/30
    Matthew Gallatin continues his examination of the differences between the Eastern and Western Churches, specifically their perspective on the nature of God.

  67. Sola Scriptura And Philosophical Christianity - Part 52008/06/23
    In this segment, Matthew differentiates between the Eastern view of God as opposed to Augustine and the West.

  68. Sola Scriptura And Philosophical Christianity - Part 42008/06/13
    In this segment, Matthew contrasts the mystical experience of the Eastern Church with the rational philosophy of the West.

  69. Sola Scriptura And Philosophical Christianity - Part 32008/06/05
    Matthew notes how Eastern Orthodox Christians possess both the light (scriptures) and the path (ascetic, sacramental experiences).

  70. Sola Scriptura And Philosophical Christianity - Part 22008/05/29
    Matthew continues his examination of sola scriptura and contrasts it with the Apostles decision regarding the circumcision of gentiles.

  71. Sola Scriptura And Philosophical Christianity - Part 12008/05/22
    Matthew examines the Orthodox Church's beliefs concerning the Scriptures and its teachings regarding Holy Tradition.

  72. The Wise Thief2008/05/08
    Matthew contemplates the crowd at Christ's crucifixion and how only one understood what was truly happening.

  73. Christian Pluralism - Part 42008/04/19
    In the final part of this series, Matthew shows how unity is not only possible, but already exists.

  74. Christian Pluralism - Part 32008/04/12
    In part three of four, Matthew shows the contradictions between various interpretations of Christ, thereby tearing down the notion of pluralism.

  75. Christian Pluralism - Part 22008/04/05
    In part two of this four-part lecture, Matthew examines the "We all worhip the same Jesus" theory and shows why it is a fallacy.

  76. Christian Pluralism - Part 12008/03/29
    In part one of this four-part series, Matthew outlines the problem that exists with pluralism in Christianity.

  77. Listen to the Icons2008/03/22
    The saints of the Church, whose icons we venerate, lived the life of God, meeting him face to face. They teach us how to have this life.

  78. Knee-deep in the Pigsty (The Prodigal Son)2008/03/15
    Matthew offers his reflections on our proneness toward sin, and God's relentless pursuit of us.


  79. The Parable of the Last Judgment2008/03/08
    Matthew encourages us to contemplate the sobering Parable of the Last Judgment, because what will happen to us at that moment is being decided right now.

  80. Discovering The Will Of God - Part 42008/03/01
    And here is the 4th and concluding part of this talk from Eagle River in Alaska.

  81. Discovering The Will Of God - Part 32008/02/20
    This is part 3 of Matthew's lecture at Eagle River in Alaska.

  82. Discovering The Will Of God - Part 22008/02/13
    This is part 2 of Matthew's 4 part lecture delivered at Eagle River in Alaska.

  83. Discovering The Will Of God - Part 12008/02/06
    Matthew just returned from Alaska where he spoke at Eagle River Institute on the topic of Discovering the Will of God. His next few episodes will feature that lecture.

  84. Alaska and St. Herman2008/01/26
    Matthew teaches us lessons from the life of St. Herman of Alaska, a life of simplicity, purity, and commitment.

  85. Pastors and Worship2008/01/17
    Matthew compares the role of an Evangelical Protestant pastor with that of an Orthodox priest.

  86. What It Means To Worship2008/01/06
    If our choice of churches is based on how they make us feel, are we really interested in worship?

  87. New Directions2007/12/22
    Matthew is taking a step of faith into a new ministry endeavor including a church plant. Listen in on his audio Christmas newsletter.

  88. Monasticism - Part 22007/12/01
    Matthew talks about what all Christians can learn from monastics, and encourages us to develop a relationship with a monastery.

  89. Monasticism2007/11/24
    So what is the monastic life all about? Legalism? Works based salvation? Matthew explores this topic in today's episode.

  90. Nativity Fast2007/11/16
    So why are Orthodox Christians fasting the weeks leading up to Christmas while other Christians are having parties and good food?

  91. Miracle2007/11/10
    Matthew departs from his script today to reflect on the miracle that brought him to Orthodoxy,

  92. No Salvation Outside the Church2007/11/02
    So what does it mean "There is no salvation outside of the Church?" Matthew explores that in this week's episode.

  93. Doctrine = Christ2007/10/27
    Does Christianity begin with a rational, doctrinally defined picture of God? Matthew explores the sacramental nature of the Church and how it relates to our experience of God.

  94. Anathema2007/10/20
    Matthew is back and feeling better. His thoughts today are concentrating on the flow of dogma through the history of the Church. He observes that doctrinal differences between Christians are more than just an annoyance.

  95. Living Faith2007/10/12
    Matthew is sick this week so we will take a break from his series on sacraments to present a short feature from our archives.

  96. The Sacraments - Part 32007/10/06
    Are the sacraments some duty to be fulfilled or are they part of our very lives as Orthodox Christians?

  97. The Sacraments - Part 22007/09/28
    Sacraments are not a bridge to anywhere - they are the destination.

  98. The Sacraments2007/09/22
    Sacraments are how God lives out His life in us moment by moment, day by day.

  99. Lust - part 22007/09/14
    This is part 2 of Matthew's discussion on this fleshly passion that plagues so many.

  100. Lust - part 12007/09/07
    In part one of a two part series, Matthew addresses the societal problem of lust and immorality in the light of the Orthodox Christian Faith.

  101. Confession2007/09/01
    Why do Orthodox feel they need to confess their sins to a priest. Don't we all have direct access to God through Christ?

  102. Imputed Righteousness-122007/08/23
    This is the final episode in the Imputed Righteousness series. If you would like a CD package (4 CD's) of all 13 episodes in this series it is available for $30 when you make your request by emailing us. We will give you the details on how to process your order.

  103. Imputed Righteousness-112007/08/16
    Abraham faces the greatest test of his faith imaginable.

  104. Imputed Righteousness 102007/08/09
    Faith is the beginning of the journey to salvation but obedience is the path. It is simply our love relationship with God.

  105. Imputed Righteousness 92007/08/04
    What God really wants from us is a living connection. A joining with our beings. Just believing that doesn't make it happen.

  106. Pause For A Few Questions2007/07/26
    Matthew takes a break from his series to address some questions from listeners.

  107. Imputed Righteousness 82007/07/19
    What is the nature of faith and how does it relate to the phrase "faith alone?"

  108. Imputed Righteousness 72007/07/12
    Matthew is helping us understand the nature of our "dance" with God. Abram, Sarai and Hagar are the focus of today's study.

  109. Imputed Righteousness - 62007/07/05
    Dancing with God has become a lost art in the west. Listen as Matthew helps us recover this wonderful and living movement with our Creator.

  110. Imputed Righteousness - 52007/06/28
    Are we really righteous as the result of a declaration? Matthew continues his look at Abraham's faith and how that relates to our lives as Christians today.

  111. Imputed Righteousness - 42007/06/22
  112. Imputed Righteousness - 32007/06/14
  113. Imputed Righteousness - 22007/06/07
  114. Imputed Righteousness - 12007/05/31
  115. Beggars And Saints - 22007/05/24
  116. Beggars And Saints - 12007/05/17
  117. Virtual Righteousness - Part 22007/05/10
  118. Virtual Righteousness - Part 12007/05/03
  119. Welcome to the Pilgrims From Paradise Podcast2007/04/27
Pilgrims from Paradise
Matthew Gallatin gives his perspective on living the Orthodox life while here on earth.

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