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Glory to God

  1. Saving My Neighbor2018/12/22
    Just how connected are we? Fr. Stephen Freeman looks at the classical understanding of human connectedness and what it means for our salvation.

  2. Hell, Justice and the Heart of Prayer2018/12/12
    Fr. Stephen Freeman looks at the story of Abraham and the judgment of Sodom and Gomorrah as a means of understanding our prayers for the world.

  3. The Sacrifice of Worship2018/10/30
    Fr. Stephen Freeman looks at the meaning of Worship, as understood in the Scriptures and the Tradition, connecting it with the sacrifices offered in the Old Testament, and Christ's sacrifice on the Cross in the New.

  4. The Community We All Need2018/10/04
    Community is rooted in a mutual need, and so depends on our weakness. Fr. Stephen Freeman tells us that this is God's intention for the Church.

  5. The Loneliness of Shame2018/07/14
    The heart of loneliness is broken communion. Fr. Stephen Freeman looks at the roots of this rupture and its experience as shame.

  6. Goodness and a Word in Due Season2018/07/03
    The truth of words is much deeper than the "facts" they may represent. A true word is found in the heart of God, and in our hearts when we dwell in God.

  7. Shame in the Public Arena2018/07/01
    From ancient Rome to the present, public shaming has been a means of controlled violence. What is the Christian place in all of this?

  8. The Sins of Our Fathers - The Epigenetics of Shame2018/06/09
    Much of the "baggage" we carry in our lives is something into which we were born. Understanding this and God's place in healing it is the subject of this talk by Fr. Stephen Freeman.

  9. The Soul is a Mirror2018/06/07
    Reflecting on his many podcasts and articles on shame, Fr. Stephen Freeman looks at its place in the soul.

  10. The Healthy Shame at the Heart’s Core2018/05/10
    We tend to think of shame only in negative terms. However, there is such a thing as "healthy shame." It plays an essential role in awe and wonder and in the giving of thanks. Fr. Stephen Freeman offers some thoughts on this important aspect of our inner life.

  11. You Were Created for Pascha2018/04/14
    Fr. Stephen Freeman looks at the unique Gift that God gives us in Christ's Pascha: the revelation of our true self.

  12. Comfort to a Child - Speaking Peace to Shame2018/04/01
    Fr. Stephen Freeman offers some insight on dealing with the dark thoughts that often fill our minds.

  13. Look Who’s Talking2018/03/10
    The negative voice we hear in our head. Who is it that is talking? What does it mean? Where does it come from? Fr. Stephen Freeman offers some reflection on this noise.

  14. Benedict in the Suburbs2018/03/06
    Fr. Stephen Freeman reflects on Rod Dreher's book, The Benedict Option. He suggests that the virtues that shape our lives are largely formed in their context. How do we shape the parish for acquiring Christian virtues?

  15. The Image of Unfallen Suffering2018/02/12
    Fr. Stephen Freeman speaks about the the goodness of creation and the place that suffering holds within it - including a form of suffering that is not evil.

  16. Getting to the Point2018/02/07
    Fr. Stephen Freeman muses on the nature of English in our worship life, especially some of its problems. He points towards something beyond the words.

  17. To Serve God2018/02/03
    Fr. Stephen Freeman tells us that the culture we live in teaches us to want "good service," to expect things to suit our desires. To serve God, however, requires something very different. Acceptance and thanksgiving are key components of the spiritual life.

  18. That Thing You Do - Right Worship2018/01/27
    Father Stephen Freeman argues that the near-unchanging shape of the Liturgy is part of the "givenness" of our lives. Like many other things in the Orthodox faith, it imparts a stability. Learning to embrace this is important.

  19. You Are Not Alone, And Neither Is God2018/01/20
    Fr. Stephen Freeman describes the "conciliar" nature of God's actions and our response to Him in our lives. God delights in sharing His work with us.

  20. An Atonement of Shame2017/08/04
    Fr. Stephen continues his thoughts on the topic of shame—looking at its place in Christ's death on the Cross.

  21. The Danger and Shame of Forgiveness2017/06/23
    Fr. Stephen looks at the difficulties of forgiveness and what it is, exactly, that is being asked of us in Christ's commandments.

  22. The Wound of Shame2017/06/09
    Fr. Stephen continues this series of the experience of shame and looks particularly at how it can be driven by "global" statements.

  23. Justice, Forgiveness, and Bearing a Little Shame2017/05/31
    With this podcast, Fr. Stephen begins a series in which he looks at the reality of shame and its place in our emotional and spiritual lives. He introduces us to the teaching of the Elder Sophrony that we must learn to "bear a little shame."

  24. Old Friends2017/05/24
    The spiritual life values being old and gives lessons to the young.

  25. The Marriage of Love and Hate2016/11/25
    Fr. Stephen reflects on the complexity of the human heart through the work of Dostoevsky.

  26. We Will Not Make the World a Better Place2016/11/08
    Fr. Stephen looks at one of the most treasured notions of the modern world.

  27. The Erotic Language of Prayer2016/11/05
    Fr. Stephen offers a meditation on the theme of desire and ecstasy in the writings of the Fathers, and its importance for the gospel.

  28. Legal Problems2016/05/20
    Fr. Stephen examines the use of legal imagery and the problems it causes when we try to apply it to our relationship with God. Instead, he looks at the language of "being" used in the Fathers.

  29. The Song of a Good Creation2016/01/12
    Fr. Stephen offers thoughts on the providence of God—His will working good for us all despite what we may see or think.

  30. A Particular Scandal2015/12/10
    Fr. Stephen explains how God is the Ultimate Particular, not "God in General," and what this means for our lives.

  31. Making Known the Mystery2015/12/04
    In this podcast, Fr. Stephen contrasts the “literal” reading of Scripture with the practice of the Orthodox Church, in which we seek to discern the “mystery hidden from all the ages.”

  32. Male and Female - Part Three2015/11/30
    Fr. Stephen completes his short series on the true meaning of male and female in Orthodox teaching.

  33. Male and Female - Part Two2015/08/21
    In part two of this three part talk on male and female, Fr. Stephen looks at the "hidden" character of this aspect of our lives.

  34. Male and Female Created He Them – Part One2015/07/31
    This podcast is part one of three where Fr. Stephen explores the topic of Orthodoxy and our sexual/gendered existence.

  35. Whose Psyche Is It?2015/06/20
    Is the me in my head, the voice that rattles on, the same thing as my soul? What is my identity in Christ?

  36. Grace and the Psychology of God2015/06/05
    Does God have feelings? Can we influence how he feels? Fr. Stephen looks carefully at the theology of grace and the idea of the psychology of God.

  37. No Opinions Needed2015/05/05
    Fr. Stephen looks at the role of the passions in the formation of the modern soul. There is a better way to live.

  38. Finding the God Within2015/05/02
    St. Paul describes the mystery of the faith as: Christ within us, the hope of glory. Fr. Stephen looks at the meaning of God in us and the life of grace.

  39. Evolution, Creation, and the Hidden Cause2014/12/06
    Fr. Stephen reflects on the hidden nature of God's work.

  40. With Envy and Justice for All2014/11/29
    Fr. Stephen looks at the nature of envy and its deep connections with ideas of justice.

  41. The Modern Vocation2014/07/13
    The frightful pressure felt by the young as they struggle to find their vocation is deeply enmeshed in the Modern Project. Fr. Stephen looks at those expectations as well as the true vocation of Christians.

  42. A Modern Conversion2014/05/23
    Continuing his series on the "Modern Project," Fr. Stephen looks at the role "choice" plays in the modern world and contrasts that with older disciplines in the Christian life.

  43. The Modern Project2014/03/12
    With this podcast, Fr. Stephen begins a small series of reflections on the character of the modern world and the particular difficulties it presents to the Orthodox faith.

  44. The Final Destruction of Demons2014/01/08
    Fr. Stephen uses the language of Baptism to describe the "mystical reality" of the Christian life.

  45. The Fire of Christmas2013/12/23
    Christ is the fire of God that comes among us. May He burn brightly in our hearts!

  46. Beyond a Purpose-Driven Life2013/11/10
    How do we lose God in the midst of our plans? How can we keep Him?

  47. My Daddy’s Demon2013/11/07
    Fr. Stephen looks at the connectedness of our lives: of our sin and of our salvation.

  48. Get Out of Your Mind2013/10/09
    Are "mental" and "spiritual" the same thing? Fr. Stephen looks at how modern misunderstandings of the spiritual life can distort our Orthodox practices.

  49. No Wedding Vows2013/10/05
    Fr. Stephen notes that in an Orthodox wedding, there are no wedding vows. This stands in stark contrast to the central place vows hold in Western tradition. He suggests that the West has come to think of marriage as a "contract" between two people while the Orthodox Church thinks of it as a "union." The difference is important.

  50. How the Church Reads the Church2013/06/04
    People, regardless of their background, sometimes fall into arguments about the Scripture. Fr. Stephen looks at why the Orthodox need to avoid such arguments and explains how the Orthodox should rightly read the Word of God.

  51. History, Post-Modernism, and Orthodoxy2013/04/25
    Fr. Stephen speaks at length about the place of Orthodoxy within the modern world. Orthodox history is unknown to most Americans but has something to say to them and to help them in the healing of their own culture.

  52. Do You Hate Your Father?2013/04/09
    Fr. Stephen looks at several of Christ's difficult sayings and what they mean. Why is it permissible to call a priest "Father"?

  53. Everything is in Motion2013/03/09
    Fr. Stephen offers a meditation on the Father's understanding that everything is in motion. What does this mean for the direction of our lives?

  54. Justice Enough?2013/03/03
    The desire for justice is infinite - because such a desire is one of the passions. Fr. Stephen looks at the problems created by wrong thinking on the topic of justice.

  55. Life in a Sacramental World2013/02/25
    Fr. Stephen looks at our role as "priests of creation" in a world understood as sacrament.

  56. The Sacrament of the Heart2013/01/28
    "The whole world is a sacrament," according to Patriarch Bartholomew. Fr. Stephen explores what this means as he examines the Eucharist in the Scriptures.

  57. Rational Sheep and the Word of God2012/12/14
    When the Church's hymns describe us as "rational sheep," what does it mean? Fr. Stephen offers this meditation on language and humanity. Language is part of our deepest nature - and it is a reflection of God.

  58. Speaking to the Heart2012/12/11
    Fr. Stephen completes his series on the true and false self, with thoughts on how we can go about "speaking to the heart."

  59. Evangelism and the Ego2012/12/06
    In his recent series on the true and false self, Fr. Stephen looks at evangelism of the heart.

  60. Yet Not I2012/11/20
    Fr. Stephen continues to look at issues between the false self and our true life in Christ.

  61. The Death of the Moral Man2012/10/22
    Fr. Stephen continues with the topic of the battle between the true self and the false self, looking this week at what it means to be "moral."

  62. The True Self and the Story of Me2012/10/10
    The true self is "hid with Christ in God," St. Paul tells us. What then is the "self" that we live with every day? Fr. Stephen looks at how we create our own identity and how we should seek our true self in Christ.

  63. A Secular Death2012/09/26
    Our modern world is increasingly finding ways to avoid the uncomfortable reality of death. Orthodoxy faces death directly and sees within it the triumph of Christ and His affirmation of His good creation.

  64. The Invisible Christian2012/09/01
    One of the temptations of our secular age is the public drive to make religious faith a "private" matter. Fr. Stephen looks at this tension within our culture and the importance of the Christian public response.

  65. The Disappointment of Religion2012/07/01
    Our feelings and desires are trained by our culture to seek satisfaction. In our spiritual life, we often need to learn how to be disappointed. Fr. Stephen looks at the "disappointment of religion."

  66. To Know What You Cannot Know2012/06/01
    The goal of the Christian life is true knowledge of God (Jn. 17:3). Fr. Stephen speaks about the mysterious character of this knowledge.

  67. The Secret Life2012/05/21
    What is the soul? Fr. Stephen speaks about the "secret life" and the mystery of our selves.

  68. The Christian Crisis2012/04/25
    Fr. Stephen speaks about the crisis of a "Churchless" Christianity

  69. Smashing Icons2012/03/03
    On the first Sunday of Great Lent, Orthodox Christians celebrate the return of icons to the Churches. Fr. Stephen looks at the spirit of icon smashing that occasionally infects Christians and various political movements and contrasts it with the spirit of authentic Christianity.

  70. The Sacrament of Mercy2012/02/23
    God engages our world in concrete, practical ways. These "sacraments" are a means of sharing in the Divine Life. Fr. Stephen speaks about the "sacrament" of mercy.

  71. The Song of God2012/01/21
    St. Gregory of Nyssa speaks of man both as singer and song. Fr. Stephen explores how we are the "song of God."

  72. Waking Up2012/01/14
    Drawing on a passage from the writings of the Elder Sophrony, Fr. Stephen looks at the spiritual importance of "waking up." St. Paul reminds us, "Arise, O Sleeper, awake from the dead..."

  73. Forty Days Before Christmas - Why We Fast2011/11/16
    Fr. Stephen looks at the very heart of fasting—not the foods, not the 'how to's'—but why we fast.

  74. “The Great Cloud of Witnesses”2011/10/29
    Fr. Stephen looks at the meaning of the "Great Cloud of Witnesses" whom St. Paul describes as surrounding us as we go about the struggle of the Christian life.

  75. In the Shadow of Death2011/10/06
    Fr. Stephen, having experienced a time of grief in the loss of his father, writes about the faith of Pascha and what it is to which we should look as we await our reunion with those we love.

  76. The Unnecessary God2011/08/11
    Fr. Stephen looks at what it means to live in a relationship of love and freedom, and the problems it creates for our ideas of what is and is not necessary.

  77. The Unknown God2011/08/05
    Fr. Stephen focuses on what we mean when we say, "I know God," and what we do not mean. We must know God - it is our salvation - but what does it mean?

  78. Choice, Existence, and God2011/07/11
    Fr. Stephen considers what it means to be a "convert" to the Orthodox faith within the context of modern American culture.

  79. Getting Past Religion2011/06/17
    Fr. Stephen suggests that the heart of our faith and our relationship with God can be found more quickly in such things as music and beauty. We often seek to substitute language about religious doctrine in the place of these more primary expressions of our Christian life.

  80. The Things We All Share2011/05/17
    Fr. Stephen speaks about the concept of anadoche - the spiritual communion and responsibility we have in one another's lives.

  81. The Hard Reality of the Kingdom of God2011/05/15
    Fr. Stephen looks at the teaching of Christ on love for enemies and sets it in its proper spiritual context.

  82. The Exchange that Awaits Us2011/05/01
    Fr. Stephen speaks about the difference between feast days as mere events of the calendar and the reality of the Kingdom of God that awaits us in the Feasts.

  83. The Temptations of Church2011/03/26
    Fr. Stephen examines what it means that the Church is the nexus of the crucified Christ's love.

  84. The Scandal of Salvation2011/02/26
    Fr. Stephen looks at particular points within the gospel teaching that are sometimes "scandalous," that is a "rock of stumbling" for believers. He examines how important these points are and how essential for our salvation.

  85. Living In-Between2011/01/19
    Many efforts are made to convince modern Christians that they live "in between" Christ's first coming and His second - and that this "in between" period is somehow different and requires new understandings of the gospel. Fr. Stephen refutes this false understanding and describes where it is we now live.

  86. You Never Pray Alone2010/12/18
    Human beings have their true existence only in communion with God. Our prayer is also a communion - both with God and the whole Church.

  87. Why Would Anyone Want to Forgive an Enemy?2010/12/04
    The forgiveness of enemies is a commandment of Christ and yet something we find almost impossible to do? Why has Christ asked such a thing of us?

  88. Now That We Have Come to the End of the World2010/11/29
    Fr. Stephen looks at the implications for the "end of the world" found in Christ's preaching and incarnation, and what they mean for us.

  89. Mere Existence and the Age to Come2010/11/06
    What is it that we hope for? Fr. Stephen suggests that there is a true life that can only be had in Christ - which is far more than mere existence.

  90. Existence and Truth2010/11/02
    Fr. Stephen examines the association between existence and truth as set forth in the work of a number of modern Orthodox writers, as well as the Fathers.

  91. Knowing What We Do Not Know2010/10/09
    To know God is the essence of the Christian life according to Scripture - though how we know God is sometimes difficult to describe. Fr. Stephen looks at the moment of hesitation with the words "nevertheless" and "and yet" and the room they provide for such knowledge to be acquired.

  92. The Tree Heals the Tree2010/10/02
    The use of allegory within the Scriptures and the hymns of the Church provides this meditation on how, in Christ, nothing is wasted.

  93. Treasure in a Box2010/09/25
    Fr. Stephen uses the image of a treasure in a box to describe the problems of a purely "historical" approach to the Christian faith.

  94. Time and History2010/08/28
    Returning to a topic that is often mentioned on Glory to God, Fr. Stephen suggests that Christianity is not just a "historical" religion, but something far more.

  95. Giving and Receiving2010/08/21
    Human beings were created to offer all of creation up to God in an act of thanksgiving. Fr. Stephen explores this life of praise.

  96. The Double Mystery of the Cross2010/08/14
    Reflecting on a sermon of St. Gregory Palamas, Fr. Stephen looks at the significance of the Cross as reflected in the writings of the fathers.

  97. You Are Not a TV Show2010/07/24
    Our digitalized world has created what we now call "virtual reality." The reality that we are called to know is not a construct of our own imagination, but the truth of ourselves as found in Christ.

  98. The Mystery of Goodness2010/07/19
    What does it mean to be good? Fr. Stephen speaks about the mystery of goodness and how it is only known in Christ.

  99. To Tell the Truth2010/07/03
    Fr. Stephen looks at telling the truth as a matter that goes to the heart of our true existence.

  100. The Crisis of Religion2010/06/26
    Fr. Stephen reflects on a few quotes from Fr. Alexander Schmemann's For the Life of the World - and the crisis of secularism in which we live.

  101. The Price of the Liturgy2010/06/19
    A meditation on the words of Elder Sophrony, "Our lives are an endless martyrdom," gives rise to thoughts on the true character of the liturgy.

  102. A Secular Communion2010/06/15
    Fr. Stephen looks at the pressures created by our secular culture, particularly how they affect our communion with God.

  103. Hidden Saints2010/05/30
    Fr. Stephen looks at the "hidden saints" and the hiddenness of our life with God.

  104. Within a Mandorla2010/05/22
    Fr. Stephen looks at one of the unique features found in several icons to explore how the Scripture treats these same events. Icons and Scripture carry us much deeper than mere literalism.

  105. Our Selves, Our Souls and Bodies2010/05/15
    Fr. Stephen looks at the importance of understanding our relationship with God as involving all of who and what we are and not reducing our relationship to a set of ideas.

  106. Praying for the World2010/05/11
    Numerous elders of the Orthodox Church speak about the common responsibility for sin that we share through our humility and love for one another. Fr. Stephen examines how this can be so.

  107. Making Choices2010/04/29
    Our culture champions our ability to choose. Fr. Stephen suggests that choices are not quite as central in our lives as we imagine.

  108. The Mystery of Pascha2010/04/10
    Fr. Stephen looks at the timeless and eternal aspects of the feast of Pascha and how it effects our daily lives.

  109. The Weakness of Man2010/03/28
    Fr. Stephen offers thoughts on how it is we are saved in our weakness rather than our strength.

  110. Publicans and Harlots and the Last Banquet2010/03/13
    Fr. Stephen looks at the image of Christ with the unrighteous gathered around Him and recalls a famous passage in Dostoevsky.

  111. Redeeming the Time2010/03/06
  112. Just a Shell2010/02/27
  113. The Instinct of Repentance2010/02/20
  114. Looking for Self in all the Wrong Places2010/02/13
  115. The Existence of God2010/01/30
  116. The Opacity of Sin2010/01/16
  117. To Remember God2010/01/09
  118. Having Then Gifts Differing2010/01/02
  119. Christmas Throughout the Ages2009/12/19
  120. What the Heart Reveals2009/12/15
  121. The Treasures of the Heart2009/12/05
  122. The Good Confession2009/11/28
  123. To Believe the Truth2009/11/21
  124. I Don’t Know About That2009/11/07
  125. The Argument2009/10/31
  126. Poor in Spirit2009/10/24
  127. Knowledge of God2009/10/17
  128. The Theology of the Image2009/10/10
  129. The Icon as Truth2009/10/05
  130. Icons and Words2009/09/26
  131. Is the World Literal or Iconic?2009/09/19
  132. Doctrine and Opinion2009/09/12
  133. Prayer - A Personal Thing2009/09/07
  134. The Face of God2009/08/22
  135. The Last Battle2009/08/15
  136. Speaking with Authority2009/08/08
  137. In the Grasp of Wonder2009/07/31
  138. The Chief of Sinners2009/07/18
  139. Prayer as Communion2009/07/11
  140. You are Not a Bible Character2009/07/04
  141. The Sacrifice of Emptiness2009/06/27
  142. The Desire for Justice and the Mercy of God2009/06/20
  143. Liturgical Knowing2009/06/13
  144. Heaven on Their Minds2009/06/06
  145. Engaging Creation2009/05/30
  146. Beauty and the Salvation of the World2009/05/23
  147. Personal Issues2009/05/16
  148. The Bells2009/05/09
  149. Unbelief and the Two-Storey Universe2009/05/02
  150. Singleness of Heart2009/04/25
  151. Take, Eat2009/04/18
  152. For the Sake of Envy2009/04/14
  153. Careful Devotion to Christ2009/04/04
  154. Personhood and Love2009/03/28
  155. Why Does God Sing?2009/03/21
  156. Forgiveness - The Hardest Love of All2009/03/15
  157. Know God or No God2009/03/07
  158. Why We Fast2009/03/01
  159. Scripture and the Church2009/02/23
  160. The Unholy Land2009/02/15
  161. Orthodoxy and Science Fiction2009/02/07
  162. The Wrath of God2009/01/31
  163. Salvation in a Cloud of Witnesses2009/01/17
  164. The Longest Liturgy2009/01/10
  165. Bowing in Bethlehem2009/01/04
  166. The Smallness of God2008/12/20
  167. The Soul as Mystery2008/12/13
  168. Sitting in a Cave2008/12/07
  169. The Role of Icons2008/11/29
  170. The Agent of Change2008/11/22
  171. Cynicism and the Goodness of God2008/11/15
  172. The Normal Course of Things2008/11/10
  173. The Voice of Creation2008/11/01
  174. Cultures of Remembrance2008/10/25
  175. Remembrance2008/10/18
  176. Me, You, and the Other Guy2008/10/11
  177. How Simple Should Christianity Be?2008/09/20
  178. Truth and Existence: the Consequences2008/09/13
  179. Truth and Existence2008/09/06
  180. Humility - The Only Path Forward for Orthodoxy2008/08/23
  181. Healing the Heart2008/08/16
  182. The Paradox of Prayer and the Revelation of Beauty2008/08/09
  183. In the Last Days2008/08/02
  184. The Passion to Consume2008/07/27
  185. The Habit of Prayer2008/07/19
  186. The Consequences of a Full Faith2008/07/12
  187. The Secret Place of the Most High God2008/07/04
  188. The Truth of Ourselves2008/06/21
  189. Nothing But the Whole Truth2008/06/12
  190. Is Relationship with God What We Want?2008/05/31
  191. Grace and the Inverted Pyramid2008/05/24
  192. The Silent Sentinels Among Us2008/05/17
  193. How to Read the Church2008/05/10
  194. The Orthodox Interpretation of Scripture2008/05/03
  195. The Ecclesiology of the Cross2008/04/26
  196. Is Hell Real?2008/04/19
  197. Will there be Faith on the Earth?2008/04/12
  198. Learning to Sin2008/04/07
  199. The Sacrament of the Present Moment2008/03/29
  200. My Right Brain2008/03/22
  201. Salvation by Grace and Just Showing Up2008/03/15
  202. Giving Thanks in All Things2008/03/08
  203. At the Edge of Tradition2008/03/01
  204. Eight Things I Should Know2008/02/23
  205. All the Fullness of God2008/02/16
  206. Christianity in a One-Storey Universe - Part 6: Where Do We Begin?2008/02/09
  207. Orthodoxy and Culture2008/02/03
  208. Right and Wrong in the One-Storey Universe2008/01/26
  209. What Faith Shall I Defend?2008/01/19
  210. A Faith Worth Believing2008/01/12
  211. Things Are Not Always As They Seem2008/01/05
  212. Getting Saved in the Church2007/12/29
  213. The Church in the One-Storey Universe2007/12/22
  214. Scarcity and Abundance in a One-Storey Universe2007/12/15
  215. Time in a One-Storey Universe2007/12/08
  216. The One-Storey Universe and Icons: Music from Another Room2007/12/01
  217. Struggling in a One-Storey Universe2007/11/24
  218. Christianity in a One-Storey Universe - Part 5; Windows to Heaven2007/11/17
  219. Christianity in a One-Storey Universe - Part 4; Christian Atheism2007/11/10
  220. Christianity in a One-Storey Universe - Part 3; God in the Ordinary2007/11/03
  221. Christianity in a One-Storey Universe - Part 22007/10/27
  222. Christianity in a One-Storey Universe - Part 12007/10/19
Glory to God
Thoughts and reflections on Orthodox theology and life - Thoughts and reflections on Orthodox theology and life from Fr. Stephen Freeman.

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