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Bluegrass Radio Show

  1. BPS Radio Show #506 2014/08/03
    Welocme to show #506, come on in and enjoy!
  2. BPS Radio Show #505 2014/07/27
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  3. BPS Radio Show #504 2014/07/20
    We've got a new band for you this week folks. The Kevin Prater Band out of Belcher, Kentucky sent us a couple of CDs and their good stuff! One is gospel and there's some great songs on it, and the other is traditional bluegrass and they are great also! So listen in this week and enjoy some Kevin Prather band and of course lots of the regular guys. Come on in and enjoy!
  4. BPS Radio Show #503 2014/07/13
    This week folks we've got a bi-coastal treat for you bluegrass fans. We've got Mac Martin and the Dixie Travelers from Pennsylvania and we've got Vern Williams and his band from California. Me and the kitties have picked out some of their best stuff and mixed it all together for your enjoyment so come on in and enjoy!
  5. BPS Radio Show #502 2014/07/06
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  6. BPS Radio Show #501 2014/06/29
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  7. BPS Radio Show #500 2014/06/22
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  8. BPS Radio Show #499 2014/06/15
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  9. BPS Radio Show #498 2014/06/08
    We are counting down to our 500th show folks! But for this week we've got some good stuff. We've got Mac Martin and the Dixie Travelers and Cumberland Gap and Lester and Earl and Mama Corn and lots more great groups. They're singing "California Uptight Band" and "Keep On The Sunny Side" and playing "Mustang" and doing a real good job of it too! So come on and enjoy!
  10. BPS Radio Show #497 2014/06/01
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  11. BPS Radio Show #496 2014/05/25
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Bluegrass Radio Show
The Bluegrass Preservation Society, Inc Radio Show. One hour of homegrown Appalachian Bluegrass Music, hosted by Ewell Ferguson and his Bluegrass Kitty Cats Cleopatra and Harley.

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