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Bluegrass Radio Show

  1. BPS Radio Show #599 2016/05/15
    Come on in folks. We've been doing this so long we don't have to tell you who we're playing this week, you know it'll be good!!!
  2. BPS Radio Show #598 2016/05/08
    Well folks, let's see if we can impress you enough to come on in and enjoy our show. We've got Bill Monroe, Vern Williams, Mac Martin, Jim and Jessie, Wes Miller, Reno and Smiley and Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs and the Foggy Mountain Boys. If you don't see something there you like we are sincerely sorry!
  3. BPS Radio Show #597 2016/05/01
    This week we’ve got some Chris Warner and some Don Stover. Then we mix in a little Frank Solivan and some Hillbilly Gypsies. Add some Steeldrivers and the Lilly Brothers and you need to come on in and enjoy!
  4. BPS Radio Show #596 2016/04/23
    We've got some old stuff this week folks. We're featuring Reno and Smiley, very early Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys, Lester and Earl and The New Lost City Ramblers (not to be confused with The Old Lost City Ramblers). The music is great and the songs just keep on coming so come on in and enjoy!
  5. BPS Radio Show #595 2016/04/17
    We've got a lot of songs by the Black Mountain Bluegrass Boys this week folks. They sent us several CDs of some live performances they had recorded and we picked songs out of them for the show. And, to top it off, we picked 4 of their instrumentals for cardio vascular exercise. So come on in and enjoy the Black Mountain Bluegrass Boys!
  6. BPS Radio Show #594 2016/04/10
    Got a lot of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band from their album "Will The Circle Be Unbroken" this week folks. All 4 songs in cardio vascular exercise is from the 2 cd set. And we've got The Steeldrivers and Steve Earl and Ron Block and the Moron Brothers plus The Lost Cannon Bluegrass Band. Come on in and enjoy!
  7. BPS Radio Show #593 2016/04/03
    Folks, we've got a special show for you this week. We found a 2 CD set of the early days of Ralph and Carter Stanley recorded by Mercury Records. The songs are from the period of 1953 to 1956. There is some great stuff here and we've dedicated the whole show this week to the music on those 2 CDs. You really autter come on in and enjoy!
  8. BPS Radio Show #592 2016/03/27
    Got some old stuff this week folks. We've got Lester and Earl and J.E. Mainer and his brother Wade. Then there's Jim and Jessie and Jimmy Martin and Jim Smoake. We round it out with The Frosty Mountain Boys and The Abrams Brothers. It's some good stuff so come on in and enjoy!
  9. BPS Radio Show #591 2016/03/20
    We've got some good stuff this week folks. We went back through our library and found some songs by a few of the groups who performed on stage for us. We haven't played these songs in quite a while and you are in for a treat so come on in and enjoy!
  10. BPS Radio Show #590 2016/03/13
    Got the good stuff this week folks. The Virginia Mountain Boys, Lester and Earl, Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys, Black Mountain Bluegrass Boys, etc. etc. etc. LOL.
    It just don't get no better than this when it comes to old time bluegrass so come on in and enjoy!
  11. BPS Radio Show #589 2016/03/06
    The Moron Brothers, The Douglas Brothers, River's Edge, Rocky Branch Bluegrass, Allegheny Blue all are here to entertain you this week folks, so come on in and enjoy!
Bluegrass Radio Show
The Bluegrass Preservation Society, Inc Radio Show. One hour of homegrown Appalachian Bluegrass Music, hosted by Ewell Ferguson and his Bluegrass Kitty Cats Cleopatra and Harley.

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