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Bluegrass Radio Show

  1. BPS Radio Show #572 2015/11/08
    We've got some Blue Highway and some Allegheny Blue and then some Braxton County Bluegrass. Plus we've got the Nashville Bluegrass Band and they are playing "Blue Cadillac" and "Backtrackin". And if that ain't enough we've got No Tools Loaned, Stoney Creek and Lost-N-Lonesome so come on in and enjoy!
  2. BPS Radio Show #571 2015/11/01
    Last week was gospel bluegrass folks, but this week is hard-drivin good stuff. We've got The Steeldrivers, Lester and Earl, Reno and Smiley and Snuffy Jenkins just to name a few. If you like old time bluegrass music you've come to the right place so come on in and enjoy!
  3. BPS Radio Show #570 2015/10/25
    This week folks it's a whole hour of old-time bluegrass gospel music. We've got Bill Monroe, Black Mountain Bluegrass, Wade Mainer, The Lilly Brothers and Soldiers of the Cross just to name a few of the great groups singing for you. If you like bluegrass gospel music this show is the one for you so come on in and enjoy.
  4. BPS Radio Show #569 2015/10/18
    We've got the good stuff this week folks. Old And In The Gray, Jimmy Martin, The Page County Ramblers, Wes Miller, Vern Williams, Larry Perkins ...etc.etc. Yep you otter come on in and enjoy!
  5. BPS Radio Show #568 2015/10/11
    We've got the old timey stuff this week folks. Songs by Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys with Lester and Earl from back in 1945, and a couple of numbers from the Mick Jagger of the 1940s Uncle Dave Macon plus J.E. Mainer and his band. We've also got old stuff from The Virginia Mountain Boys and The Lilly Brothers so if you like old time bluegrass music come on in and enjoy!
  6. BPS Radio Show #567 2015/10/04
    We've got Reno and Smiley and the McPeake Brothers this week folks. And we've picked out songs by The Page County Ramblers, Lester and Earl, The Steeldrivers and Del McCory. It's a great show so come on in and enjoy!
  7. BPS Radio Show #566 2015/09/27
    Come on in folks! This week me and the kitties have picked out a lot of songs by Don Stover. He does the whole cardio vascular exercise part. Then we've got the Dry Branch Fire Squad and Frank Solivan. And we've picked out some great songs from the Wes Miller Band. You'll love it!
  8. BPS Radio Show #565 2015/09/20
    Do you like old time bluegrass music? If you do, you've come to the right place. Me and my to kitty cats love it and we fill our radio show with the good stuff every week. If you are looking for a podcast that gives you an hour of the good stuff every week then come on in and enjoy!
  9. BPS Radio Show #564 2015/09/13
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  10. BPS Radio Show #563 2015/09/06
    The doctor is in and his two nurses are ready to go. We've got just the prescription to get you through the day. LOL! Frank Solovin and The Dirty Kitchen, The Boutillier Brothers, The Steeldrivers, The Charles River Valley Boys - yep, we've got all them and more just a'waitin' for you to come on in and enjoy!
  11. BPS Radio Show #562 2015/08/30
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Bluegrass Radio Show
The Bluegrass Preservation Society, Inc Radio Show. One hour of homegrown Appalachian Bluegrass Music, hosted by Ewell Ferguson and his Bluegrass Kitty Cats Cleopatra and Harley.

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