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  1. Elvis Costello- Pump it up. 2008/10/17

    17th October 2008
  2. The Doors- Hello, I love you. 2008/10/11

    11th October.
  3. The Clash- White Riot 2008/10/08

    08th October 2008.

  4. Fleetwood Mac- Songbird. 2008/09/29

    29th September.

    from the album Rumours.
    AMAZING album.
    Don`t be ashamed to like the Mac. :D

  5. David Bowie- Suffragette City2008/09/28

    28th September.

    Ohhh, wham bam thank you maam! :D
  6. Dazed And Confused - Led Zeppelin 2008/09/17

    17th September 2008

    Been dazed and confused
    for too long.
  7. The Smiths- There Is A Light That Never Goes Out.2008/09/16

    16th September.

    Take me out tonight.
    Where theres music and theres people
    and they are young and alive.

    yet again. so hard to pick a smiths song.
    Morrissey is a genius.
  8. Buddy Holly - Oh Boy2008/09/15

    15th September

    Stars appear and shadows fallin'
    you can hear my heart callin'
    and a little bit of lovin’ makes everything right
    I’m gonna see my baby tonight

    Was hard to pick one Buddy Song.
    I reccomend ALL of his work !
  9. X Offender - Blondie 2008/09/14

    14th September.

    I know you wouldn't go
    You'd watch my heart burst then you'd step in
    I had to know so I asked
    You just had to laugh

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  10. My Wandering Days Are Over- Belle And Sebastian 2008/09/13

    13th September 2008.

    You know my wandering days are over
    Does that mean that Im getting boring?
    You tell me
    Im tired of listening to myself now
    Im tired of fixing things for michael and the rest of them
songaday's Podcast
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