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The Legion of Substitute Podcasters

  1. Episode 548 – Legionnaires 3 Part 4 Aaaaagh Countdown!2019/04/15
    The Subs come to the end of the Legionnaires 3 series. They also talk more about Shazam, and face a Stump the Subs from listener David Spofforth!
  2. Episode 547 – Legionnaire’s 3 Part 3:And Then There Were Two2019/04/08
    The Subs take a look at issue 3 of Legionnaires 3, can’t stop talking about SHAZAM!, and look at the last couple of weeks of This Week In Legion history!
  3. Episode 546 – A Conversation with Mike Grell2019/04/01
    The Subs are joined by fan favourite Legion artist Mike Grell, but the conversation goes much further than that! Mike takes us through his career, and gives us insights into the comic business, and talks about his Maggie the Cat Kickstarter (found at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1501376045/mike-grells-maggie-the-cat ), John Sable, Green Arrow, and so much more!
  4. Episode 545 – Legionnaires 3 Part Two: From Hell to Eternity2019/03/25
    The guys talk about some announcements at C2E2, issues happening with some collections, and Mike Grell’s Kickstarter opening some Legion related stretch goals. Then they finally get to issue two of Legionnaires 3, and discuss the career of Ernie Colon. All this, plus This Week in Legion History!
  5. Episode 544 – The Superboy Chronicles: The Day That Lasted Forever2019/03/18
    Paul looks at New Adventures of Superboy 38, and its follow-up in Superman, issues 381 and 382 (with a brief look at Superman 380). What happens when Superman and Superboy switch brains? Find out here!
  6. Episode 543 – Legionnaires 3 Part 1: Future Shock2019/03/11
    The Subs finally wade their way into Legionnaires 3. There’s Captain Marvel talk (spoiler free), Doomsday Clock, Star Wars, some Mailbag feedback, including the Amalgamation of the Subs and the Great Lakes Avengers!
  7. Episode 542 – Booster Gold vs The Legion: Time Bridge 22019/03/04
    The Subs dig into part 2 of the Booster Gold story, as Booster joins forces with the Legion to save President Reagan and Vice President Bush. Along the way, Paul does some truly awful impressions.
  8. Episode 541 – Booster Gold vs The Legion Time Bridge Part One2019/02/25
    The Subs learn how Booster Gold came to get a Legion Flight Ring, and a Force Field Belt. Proto-90s costume designs, and the odd Oscar Live Blog (if a superhero movie wins an award, you will have heard it here first, if we had been casting live…) round out the proceedings, as well as This […]
  9. Episode 540 – The Superboy Chronicles: Menace of the Mind’s Eye2019/02/18
    Paul takes a look at New Adventures of Superboy issues 36 and 37, in which a meek and mild schoolteacher takes on the Boy of Steel, and wins!
  10. Episode 539 – Revenge of the Legion of Super Pets2019/02/11
    The Subs delve once again into the stories of the Legion of Super Pets and the Space Canine Patrol Agency! Stories from Superman 176 and Superboy 136. Bad animal puns ensue, as well as news of Mike Grell’s next project, a Sun Boy sighting and a round of Stump the Subs!
  11. Episode 538 – Pouring One Out for Pete2019/02/04
    We often celebrate fandom on this show, now let’s celebrate a fan. As we mentioned on last week’s show, we recently lost Legion fan Pete Vandeneng. This week, we represent episode 42 of the show, on which Pete was one of our guests. Long Live the Legion!
  12. Episode 537 – Legion Secret Origins: The Not So Secret Origin of Bouncing Boy2019/01/28
    Rounding out our coverage of the Legion’s Secret Origins, we bring you the Secret Origin of Bouncing Boy from Secret Origins issue 49. Then, we realize that it’s only a two page story, so it’s time to watch Jimmy Olsen battle the Legion of Super Villains in Jimmy Olsen 63 and 87.
  13. Episode 536 – Legion Secret Origins: Phantom Girl2019/01/21
    The Subs look at the last of the Secret Origins stories, in issue 42, and it’s a great one with Phantom Girl. Tom and Mary Bierbaum script, with Dave Cockrum on art and we learn a lot of new elements of Tinya’s story, many things that would continue into other continuities!
  14. Episode 535 – Legion Secret Origins – Statues Statues Statues!2019/01/14
    It’s Paul’s Birthday, so he gets to take a break, but that’s okay, because we’ve been doing Secret Origins issues, and the Dead Legionnaires issue has been off the feed for quite some time. So here it is, episode 165 from wayback in December 2011! The Subs dive into the past for a bit. Well, […]
  15. Episode 534 – Legion Secret Origins: The Dreams of Youth!2019/01/07
    The Subs begin the year by inviting James Purcell back to discuss the Secret Origin of the Legion. Additionally, there’s a Stump the Subs, actual Legion News, and This Week in Legion History!
  16. Episode 533 – Legion Secret Origins: Shadow of the Past2018/12/31
    The Subs take a look at the origin of Shadow Lass in Secret Origins #8. Murray sends us a year end Stump the Subs, as well as This Week in Legion History! Happy New Year!
  17. Episode 532 – Yippee-Ki-Yay Mother…2018/12/24
    It’s Christmas All Over Again, as the late great Tom Petty once sang. For the Subs, that means it’s time for Die Hard, the greatest of the Christmas movies! The guys are joined by Paul’s wife, Jan for a commentary on the movie. Take your shoes and socks off, make some toe fists in the […]
  18. Episode 531 – The Secret Origin of the Legion of Substitute Heroes2018/12/17
    The Subs take a look at Secret Origins 37, featuring the origin of the Substitute Heroes. They also discuss the recent Arrowverse Crossover, as well as the Fall Finale of The Flash. (Spoilers start when we mention them, and end at minute 42)
  19. Episode 530 – The Superboy Chronicles: Beware the Yellow Peri!2018/12/10
    Paul takes a look at New Adventures of Superboy 34 and 35, the first story of the Yellow Peri. Where else did she appear? What’s her connection to Red Dead Redemption 2? Listen in and find out!
  20. Episode 529 – Tales of the Space Canine Patrol Agents2018/12/03
    Krypto joins the Space Canine Patrol Agents. They’re a “current” day dog-version of the Legion. That’s right. In the same month that Marvel introduced the Black Panther, here’s what DC was up to! Wakanda Forever? No, Doggone Ya Forever!
  21. Episode 528 – Into the Wayback Machine: No Reservists Required2018/11/26
    In this episode, we flash back to the time, 9 years ago, when Darren, Scott and Paul read tales of the Legion Reservists!
  22. Episode 527 – Murder in Glass2018/11/19
    You’ve heard them deal with the largest of formats, when they dealt with the Damned Tabloid, now hear the Subs tackle the smallest format the Legion appeared. Here’s the framing sequence from Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest number 24.
  23. Episode 526 – Doing Your Homework for You at the School for Super Villains2018/11/12
    In anticipation of next week’s look at the Legion DC Digest, we represent episode 192 from way back in June 2012, in which the Subs looked at Adventure Comics 371 and 372. The School for Super Villains: If it’s your alma mater, you’re probably wearing purple and green! Enjoy this walk down memory lane, to […]
  24. Episode 525 – DC Comics Presents In Final Battle2018/11/05
    The Subs give a bit of history to Mongul, and present a battle that includes the Sun Eater, and the Legion. What more could you want?
  25. Episode 524 – Look Homeward Argonian2018/10/29
    The Subs take a look at a story in which Supergirl temporarily teams up with the Legion after a chance meeting with citizens of Argo City. Then, in the spirit of Hallowe’en, they take a look at fan costume ideas from Adventure Comics 403. All this, plus a dip into the Subs Mailbag, and This […]
  26. Episode 523 – The Time Bomb with the 1000 Year Fuse2018/10/22
    The Subs dig into Brave and the Bold 179, in which the Legion teams up with some guy named Batman.
  27. Episode 522 – The Reflecto Saga Part 6: If Answers There Be…2018/10/15
    It took us ten years to get here, but finally, it’s the end of the Reflecto Saga saga saga in Legion of Super Heroes 282! The Subs look into it all!
  28. Episode 521 – The Superboy Chronicles: Save Superboy or Die!2018/10/07
    The Superboy Revenge Squad shows up to do what they do best. Save Superboy? Wait a second… Don’t worry. It all gets cleared up in this episode!
  29. Episode 520 – The Reflecto Saga Part 5: Madness is the Molecule Master2018/10/01
    The Subs are joined by Murray Fox as they dig into the last Ditko drawn Legion book, in which an old foe, who just can’t seem to get a handle on his name, shows up in the 20th century to battle the time lost Legionnaires.
  30. Episode 519 – The Reflecto Saga Part 4: Call Back Yesterday!2018/09/24
    The Subs are joined once again by Murray Fox as the Saga (Saga, Saga) continues. So we know who Reflecto is, but does he? The Legionnaires, fresh off their win over Grimbor must head back to the 20th century to figure it all out!
  31. Episode 518 – The Reflecto Saga Part 3: Castle Grimbor Must Fall!2018/09/16
    The Saga Saga Sage continues continues continues, as the true identity of Reflecto is revealed. Grimbor’s evil plan is minutes from destroying the Earth, and the Legion is trying to catch their breath and defeat him. The Subs are joined by Murray Fox as they try to decode it all.
  32. Episode 517 – The Reflecto Saga Part 2: Tragedy at the Top of the World2018/09/10
    The Subs dig into the second chapter of the Reflecto Saga (saga saga) in Legion of Super Heroes 278. Joined by Murray Fox and Jim Purcell, they follow the Legion into space to fight Grimbor’s chains, and then down to Earth in the Arctic to do battle with Grimbor. Despite what Paul says at the […]
  33. Episode 516 – The Superboy Chronicles: The Main Event Smallville USA2018/09/03
    In which Paul, left to his own devices, shows that he can indeed read a superhero comic, but when it comes to handling This Week in Legion History learns, that he can’t remember what books Doug Moench worked on, or that Steve Dillon never actually drew an issue of The Wanderers (Dave Hoover pencilled them […]
  34. Episode 515 – The Reflecto Saga Saga Saga Part 1: Saga Saga Saga, Baby!2018/08/27
    The Subs are joined by Murray Fox, the Saga (saga saga)’s other big fan, to discuss the first appearance of Reflecto in Legion 277. Also, a tribute to the late Stevie D, and a Stump the Subs!
  35. Episode 514 – Lord Romdur’s Castle2018/08/20
    The Subs dig into Legion of Super Heroes 276, Lord Romdur’s Castle. Paul pulls founder’s rank to have Michael take us through the issue, and the gang tries to ignore the misuse of Projectra, along with many other gaffes.The Subs dig into Legion of Super Heroes 276, Lord Romdur’s Castle. Paul pulls founder’s rank to […]
  36. Episode 513 – Of Pride Passion and Piracy2018/08/13
    The Subs celebrate Klordny with a look at Ultra Boy… sorry, Seeker and his time as a Space Pirate in Legion of Super Heroes 275. To Freedom, Friendship and Frunt!
  37. Episode 512 – The Superboy Chronicles: The Secret of the Crystal Curse2018/08/06
    Paul digs into New Adventures of Superboy issue 30. Superboy deals with both magic and science, as a mysterious fire creature terrorizes Smallville.
  38. Episode 511 – The Exaggerated Death of Ultra Boy2018/07/30
    The Subs learn what happened to Ultra Boy after his battle with Pulsar Stargrave. Avast, ye mateys! There be pirates!
  39. Episode 510 – The Man Who Framed Brainiac 52018/07/23
    The Subs are joined by Jim Purcell of the Savage FinCast to dig into Legion of Super Heroes 273, where we find President Allon getting off to a rough start with her son’s super hero team. Also, finally solved: The murder of An Ryd from issue 239! All this, and discussion of SDCC news. There […]
  40. Episode 509 – The Superboy Chronicles: The Man Who Took the Small out of Smallville!2018/07/16
    He’s back! The man that could sell hype lessons to Stan Lee, Huey B Mckay shows up again ready to build the greatest Superboy theme park ever built! From New Adventures of Superboy 29, May 1982.
  41. Episode 508 – It’s All Paul’s Fault: The Origin of Blok2018/07/09
    As we arrived at the Blok origin issue, we learned of the passing of Steve Ditko, artist on this issue (Legion of Super Heroes 272). We discuss Legion News, The Death of Steve Ditko, and which artists we’d put on our Mount Rushmore of Comic Book Artists, wherein Paul learns the difference between Carl Barks […]
  42. Episode 507 – The Superboy Chronicles: The Secret Time Forgot to Tell2018/07/02
    In this episode of The Superboy Chronicles, Paul takes a look at New Adventures of Superboy 27 and 28. Superboy meets a couple of outlaw Kryptonians who have a big secret about Superboy. Also, Dial H for Hero starts its run in the pages of Superboy.
  43. Episode 506 – Secrets of the Legion Part 3: Revelation! This One Changes Everything!2018/06/25
    The Subs get into the last issue of Secrets of the Legion! Who is the child of RJ Brande? It’s all in here. Thoughts on the miniseries, Legion News (well indicated spoilers for Supergirl) and This Week in Legion History are also included!
  44. Episode 505 – Secrets of the Legion Part 2: Who’s Your Daddy?2018/06/18
    The Subs take a look at issue 2 of Secrets of the Legion. Also, DC Comics restructuring news and discussion, as well as some feedback, and Stump the Subs questions.
  45. Episode 504 – Secrets of the Legion Part 1: The Past Seen Darkly2018/06/11
    The Subs look at the origin of the Legion, from Superboy 147 as well as the version recounted in Secrets of the Legion issue #1. There are Lightning Beasts of Korbal in these parts, folks. Have your drinks prepared.
  46. Episode 503 – Crisis in Triplicate2018/06/04
    The Subs are once again joined by James Purcell of the Savage Fincast! In this episode, it’s a look at JLA 148, part 2 of the JLA/JSA/Legion crossover from 1977. Also, a look at this week in Legion history.
  47. Episode 502 – Crisis in the 30th Century2018/05/28
    The Subs are joined by Jim Purcell of the Savage Fincast to explore the first part of the JLA/JSA/Legion crossover!
  48. Episode 501 – The Superboy Chronicles: Clark Kent The Grooviest Guy in Smallville2018/05/21
    Paul takes a look at what happens when Professor Potter makes Clark Kent the Grooviest Guy in Smallville! Also, Superboy travels back in time to do some homework, and learns something he never thought he’d forget!
  49. Episode 500 – Who’d Have Thought We’d Make it to 500 Episodes?2018/05/14
    It’s our 500th Episode! In this episode, Darren, Paul, Travis and Michael get the mic turned toward them. Harley Jebens, from Klordny interviews the gang about the podcast, the Legion and so much more!
  50. Episode 499 – What Is The Dark Man?2018/05/07
    The Subs talk about a whole lot before they get to the last issue of the Dark Man story arc. Gizmodo had a recent article on the 5 Years Later Legion, and some of the finer points of that run are discussed and debated. Also, Paul’s review of the Action Comics 80 Years of Superman […]
  51. Episode 498 – Taking a Trip in the Time Bubble2018/04/30
    Take a trip in the time bubble as we go back to hear parts of episodes 1, 100, 200, 300 and 400. Listen to how much things have changed over the years, and how much they’ve stayed the same!
  52. Episode 497 – Who is the Dark Man?2018/04/23
    Darren, Michael and Paul take a look at part two of the Dark Man story, in issue 270 of Legion of Super Heroes. There’s a look at letter hacks, including recipients of the TM Maple Award, as well as This Week in Legion History.
  53. Episode 496 – Who Shall Name the Dark Man?2018/04/16
    The Subs enter the Dark Man Trilogy with Legion of Super Heroes 269. It’s Election Day in the 30th Century, and one of the candidates has ties to the Legion. Most of the Legion will be too busy though, because the Fatal Five is landing on Earth like a ton of bricks!
  54. Episode 495 – Life After Life After Life2018/04/09
    The Subs face the Legion’s most fearful foe: Dr Mayavale!
  55. Episode 494 – Fortress Lad Meets The Wayback Machine2018/04/02
    The Subs flash back to the time that Darren, Matt, Scott and Paul were joined by Murray Fox to talk about Fortress Lad. They look at the published origin of the Legion HQ, as well as the story that never made it to print!
  56. Episode 493 – To Bottle a Genie2018/03/26
    The Subs take a look at Legion of Super Heroes 267. First, some discussion of announcements made at WonderCon, then a discussion of favourite eras of Superman, and then into the issue. The Legion faces a genie, and we learn the secret of the Flight Rings.
  57. Episode 492 – What’s the Thing in the Jar?2018/03/19
    Darren, Travis and Paul visit Bouncing Boy and Duo Damsel in Legion of Super Heroes number 266, to find out What’s in the Jar.
  58. Episode 491 – The Brigadoon Syndrome2018/03/12
    Darren, Michael and Paul bid a farewell to Tyroc in the Brigadoon Syndrome, from Legion of Super Heroes 265. Also, This Week in Legion History, and an explanation of what the heck a Brigadoon is!
  59. Episode 490 – Dagon’s Cavern of Doom!2018/03/05
    Darren, Michael and Paul dig into the conclusion of the Dagon story!
  60. Episode 489 – Day of Judgment2018/02/26
    We celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Legion with the arrival of the Legion’s new penciller, Jimmy Janes. The Legion’s parents come to visit, and it all goes downhill from there.
  61. Episode 488 – The Superboy Chronicles: The Man Who Kidnapped Nature2018/02/19
    Paul manages to get the episode recorded from a remote location, without internet and not only lives to tell the tale, but gets the episode posted for Monday! In this episode, Paul takes a look at New Adventures of Superboy 25, in which Superboy meets what looks like a reverse Dr Fate (with Spider-Man eyes, […]
  62. Episode 487 – The Planet That Captured the Legion2018/02/12
    The Subs welcome Jim Sherman back to the Legion, in Legion of Super Heroes V2 number 262, as the Legionnaires face the Planet that Captured the Legion.
  63. Episode 486 – The Superboy Chronicles: Blind Boy’s Bluff2018/02/05
    Paul celebrates the Philadelphia Eagles’ Super Bowl victory by taking a look at New Adventures of Superboy 24. Superboy falls victim to Red Kryptonite, and all the wrong people seem to be figuring it out! Also, Superbaby fights aliens, and Paul takes a look at This Week in Legion History, courtesy of Michael Grabois of […]
  64. Episode 485 – The Space Circus of Death2018/01/29
    Darren, Travis, Michael and Paul take a look at part 2 of the Circus of Death story, and then talk about all sorts of Legion related goodness.
  65. Episode 484 – Come to the Circus and Die!2018/01/22
    The Subs take a look at Legion of Super Heroes 260, wading through tons of exposition to get to the centre ring of the story. All this, plus Legion News, This Week in Legion History, and a Stump the Subs!
  66. Episode 483 – The Psycho War Ends… *choke*2018/01/15
    This is it! The big one! Superboy leaves the Legion never to return again… well, for a couple of years, at least. Join the subs while they take a look at Legion of Super Heroes 259.
  67. Episode 482 – Psycho Warrior? Qu’est que C’est?2018/01/08
    Darren and Paul get into the final issue of Superboy and the Legion of Super Heroes. What will drive Superboy away from the Legion? How will Brande deal with his bankruptcy, and how soon will we see the Legion on Supergirl (there are some minor spoilers for Supergirl. We announce them, and tell you how […]
  68. Episode 481 – The Superboy Chronicles: The Heroic Failures of Superboy2018/01/01
    Happy New Year! Paul kicks off the year with 2 back to back issues of The New Adventures of Superboy, issues 22 and 23. Superboy exiles himself from Smallville after he makes too many mistakes. Where will he go?!? Also, the origin of the signal lamp, and an adventure of the Dog Detective of Smallville! […]
  69. Episode 480 – Double Christmas Part 2: Holiday Legion Tales2017/12/25
    The Subs take a look at two Legion holiday tales. The first is from the 1980 DC Comics Super-Star Holiday Special, and the second from Teen Titans Go (2013 series) 49. We wish our listeners a safe and happy holiday season!
  70. Episode 479 – Double Christmas Part 1 – Gremlins2017/12/18
    As the holiday decorations go up at Subs HQ, Darren, Travis and Paul give their commentary on the 80s holiday classic movie Gremlins! More Holiday fun will land next week as well! In the meantime, pop the movie on and join us as we experience it again!
  71. Episode 478 – The Superboy Chronicles: The Day Superboy Sold Out2017/12/11
    Paul takes a look at New Adventures of Superboy 21. Superboy meets his match with Super Salesman Huey B Mckay. Huey can sell anything to anyone, including a new super power!
  72. Episode 477 – Who Stole the Legion?2017/12/04
    Paul, Travis and Michael talk about Superboy and the Legion 257. Topics include: Legion speculation in the Crisis on Earth X crossover event on the CW, Gerry Conway’s run on the Legion, Steve Ditko’s fill-in stories and the paradox of fun-size candy bars.
  73. Episode 476 – This is Your Life, and Death, Brainiac 52017/11/27
    The Legionnaires resort to desperate measures to restore Brainiac 5’s sanity, and it’s making the Subs crazy!
  74. Episode 475- The Super Spectacles Swipe2017/11/20
    The Subs go back in time to Smallville, and then back even further to Krypton on a fateful day, in order to save the world. It’s fill-in madness, along with the latest in Legion news and some character talk.
  75. Episode 474 – A Madman Shall Lead Them2017/11/13
    The Subs talk about part 2 of the League of Super Assassins story, but before that, they get into a discussion (thanks to James Purcell on the Facebook page) about Alan Moore and Curt Swan’s Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow. Was it a response to the darkening of comics, or was it a […]
  76. Episode 473 – Night of the Super-Assassins2017/11/06
    It’s new villain time, and Darren, Travis and Paul are going to tell you all about the first appearance of the League of Super-Assassins. Meanwhile, Paul attempts to restore a balance to the show, by bringing in contributions from other Canadians!
  77. Episode 472 – Legion Pumpkin Time!2017/10/30
    The Subs talk Hallowe’en traditions and plans, and their favourite horror movies, then they get into Superboy and the Legion 252. Who’s the craziest Legionnaire in this issue?
  78. Episode 471 – The Man Who Destroyed the Universe2017/10/23
    The Subs finish up the Steve Apollo story. Matter Eater Lad saves the day, so what more could anyone want? In case you need more, we salute the 500th episode of 11 o’Clock Comics, and talk a bit about what they’ve each been reading
  79. Episode 470 – An Apollo by Any Other Name2017/10/16
    The Subs finally learn the truth behind the murder of An Ryd, from way back in issue 239. It’s Legion Traitor time!
  80. Episode 469 – The Canadian Thanksgiving Flashback Fiasco2017/10/09
    It’s Canadian Thanksgiving, and so Paul takes you back to a time that three Canadians made their way south of the border, and the shenanigans that occurred. Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian listeners, and Happy Monday to everyone else!
  81. Episode 468 – So Brainy’s Crazy, Right?2017/10/02
    Darren and Paul take a look at Superboy and the Legion of Super Heroes issue 249, as well as some Legion news, and their thoughts on what they’ve read of Rebirth.
  82. Episode 467 – Beneath the Streets Lurks Death2017/09/25
    Darren, Travis and Paul dig into the sewers, as the Legion faces a new threat, and RJ Brande faces a struggle of his own! All this and some Legion speculation, as well as some talk about what they’re currently reading!
  83. Episode 466 – Savage Sanctuary2017/09/18
    In this, our 466th anniversary episode (yes, we get that anniversaries don’t work that way), Darren, Paul and Travis take a look at Superboy and the Legion issue 247, for the conclusion of the battle with the Fatal Five as well as a celebration and a Legion leader is elected!
  84. Episode 465 – In Tribute to Len Wein2017/09/11
    Darren and Paul are joined by Travis Ellisor and Michael Grabois as they pay tribute to Len Wein who passed the day we recorded this episode, which was coincidentally scheduled to contain Len’s first Legion story. We take a look at his life and career, as well as his first Legion stories. Len Wein, 1948-2017. […]
  85. Episode 464 – The Great Karate Kid Yada Yada of 2017 Part 22017/09/04
    While Darren is off at DragonCON, Paul is joined by Michael Grabois to cover the remainder of the Karate Kid series, including his crossover with Kamandi, and a team up with Batman!
  86. Episode 463 – The Great Karate Kid Yada Yada of 2017 Part 12017/08/28
    Darren and Paul are joined by Michael Grabois and Travis Ellisor to attempt a truly staggering marathon. They summarize and annotate the first 10 issues of Karate Kid’s solo series! The Action! The Exposition! It’s all here!
  87. Episode 462 – Earthwar Part 4: Mordru, Master of Earth! Jet Skis Baby!2017/08/21
    Darren and Paul are joined by Travis Ellisor as they look at the final chapter of Earthwar. Finally, the Legionnaires know who is behind the invasion of Earth, but are they ready to stop Mordru?
  88. Episode 461 – Earthwar Part 3: The Dark Circle That Crushed Earth2017/08/14
    The Subs take a look at the penultimate chapter of the Earthwar story. Then it’s back to 1966 where the Legion once again meets the dynamic duo!
  89. Episode 460 – The Superboy Chronicles: The Planet that Kidnapped Superboy2017/08/07
    In New Adventures of Superboy issue 20, the young Kal-El finds himself a captive on not just one but two alien worlds, with differing reasons as to why he can’t escape! Paul digs into this early 80s comic book goodness, and brings it all to you!
  90. Episode 459 – Earthwar Part 2: Earth’s Last Stand2017/07/31
    The Subs take a look at Superboy and the Legion of Super Heroes 243. The Earthwar plot thickens, and the Legionnaires aren’t alone in fighting it!
  91. Episode 458 – Earthwar Part 1: Startarget Earth2017/07/24
    Following last week’s prologue, Darren and Paul step into the Earthwar proper, as it all starts hitting the fan! Also, some Legionnaires go out for dinner and find out they’ve bitten off more than they can chew. Next up, it’s San Diego Comi… er Media Convention. What Legionnaire is joining the Fantastic Fo… er Incredib… […]
  92. Episode 457 – Prelude to Earthwar2017/07/17
    Darren and Paul look at Superboy and the Legion 241, where the Earthwar begins. As well, a brief recap of D23, and other pop culture happenings of the week.
  93. Episode 456 – Legion Unchained!2017/07/10
    Darren and Paul talk about Grimbor’s return to the pages of the Legion in Superboy and the Legion of Super Heroes 240. Also, Dawnstar learns a lesson about teamwork, and Darren and Paul learn about dopey trademark fights.
  94. Episode 455 – Murder Most Foul2017/07/03
    The Subs take a look at Superboy and the Legion of Super Heroes 239. Ultra Boy gets himself in a spot of trouble, and we discuss what might have been in the DC Spectacular that never was… We’ll talk more about Steve Apollo later on!
  95. Episode 454 – No Price Too High2017/06/26
    The Subs take a look at Superboy and the Legion of Super Heroes 237. As Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl leave the Legion, the party has a crasher. Loki wannabe Arma Getten takes RJ Brande hostage, and it’s up to the Legion to save him!
  96. Episode 453 – Holy What’s Up Doc, Batman!2017/06/19
    Darren and Paul dig into the two(!) Legion books that came out this week. First, the Legion meets Bugs Bunny, then they meet Batman and Robin, in 1966. You’ll be throwing the carrots down to do the Batusi with us!
  97. Episode 452 – It’s Trinity Time!2017/06/12
    Darren and Paul dig into the DC Super Star issues. Batman gets a story, as we note the passing of Adam West, Superboy, who hears a story of the Legion’s early days, and then, it’s all wrapped up with a discussion about Wonder Woman’s movie.
  98. Episode 451 – Tabloid Time Part 22017/06/05
    Darren and Paul are joined by Michael Grabois of the Legion Omnicom to dig deep into the history of the tabloid! All this, plus Legion News and a live Stump the Subs!
  99. Episode 450 – Tabloid Time: Part 12017/05/29
    In part one of Tabloid Time, we take a trip back to December of 2011, episode 168 (despite what Paul calls it at the beginning of the original episode) and hear the Subs talk about the Damned Tabloid. Next week, Darren and Paul will follow it up with their current thoughts on the book, placed […]
  100. Episode 449 – Getting Special with the Subs2017/05/22
    Darren and Paul discuss the life and legacy of artist Rich Buckler, and then take a trip to the lighter side to dig into the Legion of Substitute Heroes Special.
  101. Episode 448 – Super Hero Action, Outer Space Adventure, Young Romance, This One’s Got it All!2017/05/15
    Darren and Paul talk about Teen Titans, Doom Patrol, Wonder Woman, and yes, Superboy and the Legion of Super Heroes 236. The Legion fights an odd little alien, Mon-El takes a vacation, and Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl make a huge decision!
  102. Episode 447 – The Legion’s Super Secret2017/05/08
    Darren and Paul dig into Superboy and the Legion 335, in which everybody keeps a secret from Superboy. Also, a summertime Stump the Subs!
  103. Episode 446 – The Composite Legionnaire Presses the Buttons!2017/05/01
    The Subs start out by talking about the first two buttons of The Button, a follow-up to last year’s Rebirth issue. Then it’s back to the 2970s to see what Superboy and the Legion are to!
  104. Episode 445 – The Superboy Chronicles: Zero Hour for the Kents2017/04/24
    Jonathan and Martha Kent’s past comes back to haunt them when Clark and his dad go camping!
  105. Episode 444 – The Superboy Chronicles: Superboy Builds an Unbeatable Foe2017/04/17
    In this episode, Paul takes a look at New Adventures of Superboy 17 and 18. Superboy builds himself an unbeatable foe. What could possibly go wrong?
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    The Subs hit the last issue of Legion of Super Heroes vol 2 (313), before it changed title to Tales of the Legion of Super Heroes. The investigation continues as the Legion tries to find the blackmailer who’s going after the President of Earth!
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    The Subs bear witness to the destruction and rebuilding of Legion Headquarters, in Legion of Super Heroes 311 and of course, Brainy is front and center! Also, discussion of Legion cameos, the demise of characterization and the poll to determine the next era we cover!
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  453. Episode 15 – Superman and the Legion of Super Heroes Part 12009/01/19
  454. Episode 14 – When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Substitute Legionnaires2009/01/12
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Join the Subs, Darren, Travis, Michael and Paul, as they take you through the world of the Legion of Super Heroes.

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