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Health Care - The Good, The Bad, and The...

  1. 07/23/12 Guest Host David Smith 2012/07/24
    Topics were at the center of the show like: Aurora shooting and guns, Who really invented the internet, Military Gay Pride Parade, the Villages, and much more!
  2. 07/16/12 Guest Host David Smith 2012/07/22
    It's more about today and the path of destruction our government is leading us down beginning with ObamaCare.
  3. 07/09/12 Guest Host David Smith 2012/07/11
    It continues the devastation of the SCOTUS decision and the BIG taxes we're all going to face starting in 2013 if OCare is NOT repealed!
  4. 07/02/12 Guest Host David Smith 2012/07/11
    The devastation of the SCOTUS decision.
  5. 06/11/12 Guest Host David Smith 2012/07/11
    David and David discuss the affects of ObamaCare and the decision coming from SCOTUS.
  6. 05/21/12 Guest Host David Smith 2012/05/22
    David and David do a job discussing health care with a touch of religion and Obama's continued alienation of groups including the Catholics.
  7. 05/14/12 Guest Host David Smith 2012/05/16
    David talks about the current economic mess we're in and how it is effecting us now and our health care in the future, among other things!
  8. 05/07/12 Guest Host David Smith 2012/05/09
    David Smith is sitting in the hosting chair for Bill Bennett and does a fine job discussing the latest worms crawling out from obamacare and this administration.
  9. 04/23/12 Guest Ron Bachman 2012/04/25
    Bill welcomes Ron back to discuss the current and future consequences of ObamaCare, the Supreme Court decision and "IF" we were to have another 4 years.
  10. 04/16/12 Guest Host Ron Bachman 2012/04/18
    Ron does a great job filling in for Bill Bennett with a wonderful discussion of planning in one's life. And, how to avoid depression by knowing where one is going.
  11. 04/02/12 Guest Ron Bachman 2012/04/03
    The Supreme Court, Bill discusses with Ron Bachman what's going on in the Supreme Court with the "mandate" portion of ObamaCare and will the whole thing be found unconstitutional.
  12. 03/26/12 Guest Gerry Purcell 2012/03/28
    Bill and Gerry discuss the plight of health care and the decision the Supreme Court may or may not come up with.
  13. 03/12/12 Guest Ron Bachman 2012/03/13
    Wow, Ron was wound up tighter than a tick and going after our government, the dastardly abuse of our Constitution by this questionable administration and can you believe it even more. Want truthful information about what's going on in health care and politics, this show is it!
  14. 02/27/12 Guest Dave Smith 2012/02/29
    Bill and Dave go at ObamaCare, politics and current health related events that affect all of us. Good information that we all need to know!
Health Care - The Good, The Bad, and The...
This is a very in-depth look at Medicare, Medicare Part D, Pharmaceuticals, and everyone taking advantage of you, me, and our loved ones when we need health care. Bill has dedicated his life to the business and is truly an expert. As many of you know, documentation has become SO complicated that we can't figure the mess out. What has happened to health care is criminal and Bill will expose it.

Bill has been involved in the medical risk management arena since 1964. He founded one of the very early Benefit Administration firms and was the largest administrator of Flexible Benefits (Cafeteria Plans) in the nation at the time his firm was purchased in 1988 by Colonial Life/Unum. He is a Principal in a Georgia-Based Medical Solutions firm that delivers an integrated medical plan administration and clinical process to the worksite. The focus is on the urgency to find new ways to address escalating costs of medical care for employers and their employees. Establishing a baseline from which to manage, early detection/early intervention, pharmacy compliance and education and claim predictability are the critical success factors. Bill has appeared on numerous radio and television networks addressing the critical issues of increasing health care expenses, worker expectations and the impact on employers with alternative methods of addressing them. These include national Public Radio, Fox News, CNN, Cox Broadcasting, CBS News and WGN Chicago. He was chosen as a delegate to Mainland China to discuss employer-based benefits with the Chinese Ministry of Labor and the Peoples Insurance Company. Bill is past president and chairman of The Self-Insurance Institute of America as well as being Foundation Board Chairman with the Employers Council on Flexible Compensation. He is an active member of the National Association of Health Underwriters, International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, Society of Professional Benefit Administrators and a member of the Washington Press Club. He is a Certified Financial Planner, Certified Flexible Compensation Instructor and a Certified Senior Advisor. He currently serves as a board member and on the Executive Committee with DataRx, a pharmacy data management firm in Atlanta, GA. Smyrna, Georgia is his home, where he is raising a teenage son with his wife, Yvonne. He is active in community affairs including Chairman of the Atlanta Area Council of The Boy Scout's Aquatics Base, board member of the Boy Scouts of America and board member of the Georgia Sheriff's Youth Homes.

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