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The Handman Podcast

  1. 09 - Thumb Position2007/04/24
    The Handman Podcast, Episode #9
    3:55, 1.79Mb

    Observing the thumb position, especially for use by parents with their children.

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  2. 08 - Simian Line2007/04/24
    The Handman Podcast, Episode #8
    3:36, 1.65Mb

    This episode is about the "Palmar Crease", or "Simian Line" - A marking that appears on the palms of as many as 1 out of 30 people.

    Simian Line Forum - Image and Article

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  3. 07 - Palmistry and Fingernail Problems News2006/11/20
    Today's podcast is an interview with PRWeb, regarding new articles on HumanHand.com

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  4. 06 - Questions and More Questions2006/08/18
    The Handman Podcast - Episode #6
    12:33, 5.75Mb

    Prize: Copy of "Traits of Being, A to Z "
    Question: In hand analysis, what finger is usually associated with the mind and thoughts?
    Deadline: August 31, 2006

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  5. 05 - Baby Sign Language2006/06/04
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  6. 04 - Review: Traits of Being, A to Z2006/05/28
    The Handman Podcast - Episode #4
    9:49, 4.5Mb

    1. Review of Traits of Being: A to Z

    2. Questions:
    Simian Line

    3. Giveaway:
    Prize: Copy of "Traits of Being, A to Z"
    Question: What was the name of the first person to receive a hand transplant?
    Deadline: June 9, 2006

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  7. 03 - Interpreting Broken Fingernails2006/05/21
    The Handman Podcast - Episode #3
    8:41, 4.2Mb

    1. Broken Fingernails

    2. Questions
    Lines of Fate and Life crossing
    Should the left or right hand be read?

    3. Contest / Giveaway
    Prize: Starbucks card
    Question: How many bones are there in 1 hand, including the wrist?
    Deadline: June 9, 2006

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  8. 02 - Hand Movements and Gestures2006/05/14
    The Handman Podcast - Episode #2
    7:14, 3.3Mb

    1. Hand Movements
    General information
    Pointing the index finger
    White-knuckle tension
    Thumb folded inside the hand
    Excessive Fidgeting

    2. Questions
    Meaning of small hands

    3. Contest / Giveaway

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  9. 01 - Basic Palmistry2006/05/14
    The Handman Podcast - Episode #1
    12:05, 5.5Mb

    1. Basic Palmistry
    Line of Life
    Line of Head
    Line of Heart
    Line of Fate
    Line of Health
    Line of Marriage
    Lines of Children
    2. Questions
    Predicting the Future
    Swollen Knuckle
    Radial Loop on 10 Fingerprints
    Simian Line
    3. Contest / Giveaway

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The Handman Podcast
An audio broadcast all about the human hands. Palmistry, hand movements, ergonomics, handy reviews, and more.

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