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The Black Vault Radio Network: CrossroadsParanormal

  1. Crossroads Paranormal - Episode #176 - 12/13/09 - Andre Frattino2009/12/13
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  2. Crossroads Paranormal - Episode #175 - 12/04/09 - Open Lines2009/12/04

    Our guest didn’t show up tonight so we talked about what we had going on paranormally. we took questions from the chat room and callers. Started out kind of slow because we were dead tired from a long weekend of filming but got better as it went along.

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  3. Crossroads Paranormal - Episode #174 - 11/22/09 - N.E.S.S.S.2009/11/22
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  4. Crossroads Paranormal - Episode #173 - 11/15/09 - Dr. Rita Louise2009/11/15
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  5. Crossroads Paranormal - Episode #172 - 11/08/09 - Bee Herz2009/11/08

    Fantastic show. We had a great time talking with Psychic Medium Bee Herz. Bee was probably one of the most upbeat and bubbly guest we have had on in a long time. We talk with her about all aspects of Psychic abilities and the role she plays as a Psychic Medium.

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  6. Crossroads Paranormal - Episode #171 - 10/25/09 - Ericka Boussarane2009/10/25

    Tonight we talked with International Psychic Medium Ericka Boussarane. We talked about her work with cold cases and how she got started. We talked about her three radio shows as well. She also did some awsome readings which pretty much blew everyone away with the responses. Great show.

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  7. Crossroads Paranormal - Episode #152 - 06/21/09 - Cheri Esperon and Jeni Couto2009/06/21

    Cheri Esperon and Jeni Couto – We had a great time talking with these two ladies. They were very knowledgeable of the paranormal. We talked about everything from investigations, types of equipment used in the field and types of hauntings.

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  8. Crossroads Paranormal - Episode #151 - 06/14/09 - Jeff Hilling2009/06/14

    Big Foot, Yes, NO, Maybe. Big Foot Historian Jeff Hilling discusses this as well at the 1967 Paterson Film.

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  9. Crossroads Paranormal - Episode #150- 06/07/09 - Brian Klein2009/06/07

    We talked with Brian Klein in depth about his upcoming Ohio ParaCon Event to be held in August. We also talked about investigating, Moundsville, Prospect Place and Point Pleasant, among other places.

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  10. Crossroads Paranormal - Episode #149 - 05/31/09 - Sparrow and Courtney Kane2009/05/31

    They are back again. The Dynamic Duo Team of Rochelle Sparrow and Courtney Kane. So if you have missed them before you don’t want to miss them again. These two are amazing and everyone that got readings were more than pleased with the results.

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  11. Crossroads Paranormal - Episode #142 - 04/06/09 - Jace Epple2009/04/06

    We talked with Jace Epple, author of Macabre Box. Jace, a former musician, turned author, talked with us about his beliefs on Ghosts, Demons and life after death. Jace, who is preparing for his first paranormal investigation says he has always had an interest in the paranormal which is what led him to this genre for writing.

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  12. Crossroads Paranormal - Episode #141 - 03/29/09 - JC Johnson2009/03/29

    JC Johnson of Crypto Four Corners was our guest. JC talked with us about his experiences with Big Foot and his theories on UFO’s and Skinwalkers. This was a very informative show.

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  13. Crossroads Paranormal - Episode #140 - 03/22/09 - Elizabeth Eagan-Cox2009/03/22
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  14. Crossroads Paranormal - Episode #139 - 03/16/09 - Rochelle Sparrow & Cortney Kane2009/03/16

    After some time change confusion we were able to get the Dynamic Duo of Rochelle Sparrow and Cortney Kane back on the show for some readings. Prior to that Kris and Mike talked about the many events they are hosting or going to and talked with Joni Bennett, the new co-host of High Paranormal Radio.

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  15. Crossroads Paranormal - Episode #138 - 03/08/09 - Jim Willis2009/03/08

    Tonights guest was Jim Willis, founder of Ghosts of Ohio and Co-Author of Weird Ohio and Weird Indiana. We talk with Jim about his group and the many programs they offer. We also listened to many of the stories that came out of the Ohio and Indiana books. Jim is an execellent speaker and story teller.

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  16. Crossroads Paranormal - Episode #137 - 03/01/09 - Jason Sullivan2009/03/01

    Jason Sullivan of Midwest Haunts and the Paranormal 411 was our guest tonight. We talked with Jason about his many theories dealing with the Paranormal. Jason spends many hours of his time talking with groups and educating them on the scientific aspects of the paranormal.

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  17. Crossroads Paranormal - Episode #136 - 02/22/09 - John Greenewald, Jr.2009/02/22

    We talked with John Greenewald Jr from The Black Vault and Black Vault Radio. We talked in depth with John about UFO’s and touched on the topic of Ghosts and Hauntings as well as Big Foot. John is well rounded in all aspects of the Paranormal but with a special passion for UFO’s.

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  18. Crossroads Paranormal - Episode #135 - 02/15/09 - Mike Stanaland2009/02/15

    Tonight we talked with Officer Mike Stanaland about interviewing. Mike is a member of the Northern Kentucky Paranormal Society and also a police officer. We talked about how interviewing is a crucial part of an investigation and Mike explained the differences and similarities between interviewing suspects and interviewing clients.

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  19. Crossroads Paranormal - Episode #134 - 02/08/09 - Andre Frattino2009/02/08

    Andre Frattino, what a blast we had talking with this young man. Andre had plenty of stories from his Ghost Tour Guide gig in Savannah and being a Cartoonist. If you want to listen to an entertaining show this is the one.

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  20. Crossroads Paranormal - Episode #133 - 02/01/092009/02/01
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  21. Crossroads Paranormal - Episode #132 - 01/25/092009/01/25

    Tonight we dubbed these two awesome ladies the Dynamic Duo. Rochelle and Cortney who have started Sparrow/Kane Ventures, two energetic psychic’s with different methods. Rochelle a Psychic Channeler and Cortney a Psychic Artist amazed our audience with there live readings. This was one of the best shows we have had. Next week part 2.

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  22. Crossroads Paranormal - Episode #131 - 01/18/092009/01/18

    We had a great conversation with two of the members of Kokomo Paranormal Research. We talk with them about experiences they had similar to ours at locations around Indiana. We talked about there views and their methods of investigating the paranormal. Also many of the Urban Legends around Indiana.

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  23. Crossroads Paranormal - Episode #130 - 01/11/092009/01/11
    Author and Clairvoyant Advisor Melissa Alvarez joined the crew of Crossroads Paranormal Radio. We talked about her books and how she conducts her readings. Melissa also writes for the Paranormal Examiner. Melissa explains the different types of readings. Melissa also answered questions from the chat room on past lives.
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  24. Crossroads Paranormal - Episode #129 - 01/04/092009/01/04

    Director and Demonoligist of Legend Trackers of Ohio, Rick Cassidy was our guest tonight. Rick is a retired minister of 30 years. We talked in depth with him about demonology. We discussed the differences in a demons and just a plain mean ghosts. Other topics were cleansings and exorcisms.

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  25. Crossroads Paranormal - 12/21/08 - Harold Berryman2008/12/21

    Our guest tonight was Harold Berryman of Haunt Analyst Georgia Ghost Hunters. We talked with Harold about his group, investigations, the state of the Paranormal Community and many other paranormal topics. Harold was a returning guest that we found quite funny but serious at the same time.

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  26. Crossroads Paranormal - 12/15/08 - Christel Brooks2008/12/15

    Again tonight we had a no show from our scheduled guest. Not to worry, Ms Christel Brooks of Northern Kentucky Paranormal Society jumped in and helped us out. Christel is one of the founders of this new group. We discussed there methods of investigating and many other paranormal topics.

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  27. Crossroads Paranormal - 12/01/08 - CC The Huntress2008/12/01
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  28. Crossroads Paranormal - 11/16/08 - Katherine Ramsland, PhD.2008/11/16
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  29. Crossroads Paranormal - 11/09/08 - Shannon Faulkes2008/11/09
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  30. Crossroads Paranormal - 11/04/08 - Scott Michaels from findadeath.com2008/11/04
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  31. Crossroads Paranormal - 11/03/08 - Loveland Castle2008/11/03
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  32. Crossroads Paranormal - 10/26/08 - Paul Browning and Dudley2008/10/26
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  33. Crossroads Paranormal - 10/20/08 - Chris Balzano2008/10/20
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  34. Crossroads Paranormal - 10/12/08 - Rose Pressey2008/10/12

    Rose Pressey returns to the Crossroads. Rose, the former owner of Unexplained Magazine is now an author and paranormal investigator. We talked with Rose about her books and the recent release of “Me and My Ghoul Friends”. We also talked with Rose about investigating the paranormal, her techniques and beliefs.

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  35. Crossroads Paranormal - 10/05/08 - Indy Ghost Hunters2008/10/05

    We talked with Bob Newkirk and Annette Perez of The Indy Ghost Hunters about their upcoming event on October 11th. We also talked about how there group got started and the thing they have going on, as well as an event we will both be participating in on Nov 1st at the Loveland Castle.

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  36. Crossroads Paranormal - 09/21/08 - Martha, Karen and Vicki of The Big Circle/AA-EVP2008/09/21

    Tonight we talked EVPs with members Martha, Karen and Vicki of The Big Circle AA EVP. We played many EVPs and the ladies explained many things about EVPs and how they use them in theyre everyday life.

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  37. Crossroads Paranormal - Episode 09-15-08 - Keith Age2008/09/15

    The Crossroads Paranormal Radio crew talked with Keith Age. Keith is the founder of the Louisville Ghost Hunters. We talk with Keith about his upcoming Mid South Paranormal Convention, his role with Spooked, Children of the Grave and the upcoming Possessed. Keith as always was a great guest who is never at a loss for words.

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  38. Crossroads Paranormal - Episode 09-08-08 - Guitarist Eddie Benitez2008/09/08
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  39. Crossroads Paranormal - Live from Loveland Castle2008/09/02
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  40. Crossroads Paranormal - Barb Powell Psychic Medium2008/08/30

    Barb Powell was fantasic as usual. We had quite a few callers call in for a live reading which I believe all were satisfied with the results. We also talked with Barb about some of her adventures. Great Show that you will want to check out.

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  41. Crossroads Paranormal - Rev Tim Shaw2008/08/30

    Rev Tim Shaw was a joy to have on the show. There were many topics that were discussed from Demonology to clients needs and interviews to religion in the paranormal. We found Rev. Tim to be quite knowledgable in most all facets of the paranormal. This is one you will want to listen to.

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  42. Crossroads Paranormal - Adam White of New Age Paranormal2008/08/30

    We talked with Adam White of New Age Paranomal based out of Decatur, Illinois. Adam was a returning guest to the CPR Show. We talk about his group, his theories along with many other paranormal topics.

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  43. Crossroads Paranormal - Michael and Erica, Island Ghost Investigations2008/08/30

    We had a great time talking with Michael and Erica of Island Ghost Investigations. This is an upcoming group with plenty of experience and plenty of knowledge. We played some of the best EVPs that we have heard in a long time.

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  44. Crossroads Paranormal - Shannon Sylvia2008/08/30
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  45. Crossroads Paranormal - CC Carole "The Huntress"2008/08/30

    CC Carole is a paranormal huntress. She uses everything she has in her arsenal (spirituality to science ) to track and hunt spirits and heal them. She brings you a new educational perspective on the world of the paranormal in a way you have never seen before.

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  46. Crossroads Paranormal - Rick Hayes of LifesGift2008/08/30

    Author, Inspirational Speaker and Paranormal and Life Consultant Rick Hayes may be known for his unique abilities, but his motivating and inspirational persona in the media and speaking circuit is highly recognized as a unique and fascinating experience.

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  47. Crossroads Paranormal - Haunt Writer Marla Brooks2008/08/30

    As we did the first time Marla Brooks was on, we had a great time talking with her. Wide variety of paranormal topics were discussed as well as her upcoming new book, her internet radio show, Stirring the Cauldren and many more. Great time was had, be sure to listen.

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  48. Crossroads Paranormal - Spirit Advocate Bonnie Vent2008/08/30

    Bonnie Vent is the owner of the San Diego Paranormal Research Project. Her research of paranormal activity in the San Diego area is widely known. She received an Excellence Award for her research from her colleagues at Sacramento Paranormal Investigators.

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  49. Crossroads Paranormal - Dave Juliano of Shadowlands2008/08/30

    We talked with Dave Juliano. Dave is the Director of South Jersey Ghost Research and Shadowlands. He is also the owner of The Ghost Hunter Store, an author of 3 books and many other things. So I am sure you can tell what the topics of the show were. Dave was an awsome guest with plenty of Paranormal knowledge.

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  50. Crossroads Paranormal - Prism Lisa and the Michigan Expo2008/08/30

    We talked with Prism Lisa about her upcoming Conference, The Michigan Expo, coming in June. We also talked about her group Prism, her book, and many other Paranormal topics. Lisa was a great guest and I think you will enjoy the show.

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  51. Crossroads Paranormal - Phenomecon with Keith Age2008/08/30

    Join us this week as we replay the live show we had with guest Keith Age. This show was done in from of a live audience at the Crump Theater during the Indiana Phenomecon. So join Kris, Mike and Sheila this Sunday for a re cap and then the pre recorded show.

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  52. Crossroads Paranormal - Bob Hunnicutt of The Georgia Ghost Society2008/08/30
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  53. Crossroads Paranormal - Archbishop James Long2008/08/30

    Exorcist Bishop James Long, studied for the Roman Catholic Priesthood for 6.5 years. During those years, Bishop Long studied Demonology and was mentored by a Catholic Exorcist. On our show he presented knowledge on Demonology, Exorcisms and Paranormal Investigations.

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  54. Crossroads Paranormal - Dave and Tommy of KAPS2008/08/30

    Kris and Mike talk with Dave and Tommy of KAPS Paranormal and KAPS Paranormal Radio. The topic is PARANORMAL. We talk about various topics and of course what they think of ORBS.

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  55. Crossroads Paranormal - "A Haunting," House of the Dead2008/08/30
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  56. Crossroads Paranormal - A Haunting in Georgia2008/08/30

    I am sure many of you have seen A Haunting in Georgia on the Discovery Channel or maybe you know it as the story about the little girl and Mr. Gordy. Tonight we talked with Joyce Cathey (author of The Veil, The Heidi Wyrick Story) Heidi Wyrick (subject of the book) and Lisa Wyrick (Heidis mother).

    File Download (64:54 min / 15 MB)

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