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Tell Me Your Story

  1. Episode Ten: Brandy2009/01/05

    Not only does every person have a story, but so does every pet. Brandy sniffed her way over to me in Union Square Park.

  2. Cleo2008/12/29

  3. Amy2008/12/22

  4. Anthony’s Tattoo2008/12/08

  5. From the Archives: Charlie2008/12/01

  6. Megan2008/11/24

  7. Adam2008/11/17

  8. Louis2008/11/10

    I’m always surprised at how personal some of these stories get. But I always want to know more. Unfortunately, Louis was running late and couldn’t answer any questions. Although I’m not sure he would have, anyway.

    Louis is a 16-year-old father. Here is his story.

  9. Ananda2008/11/03

  10. Andre2008/10/26

    When Andre sat down with me in Bryant park, it was hard not to notice two things about this man: His tooth on the upper-left of his mouth, drooping through his lip even when his mouth was closed; and the Star of David necklace he wore outside his black turtleneck sweater.

    He sat down and told me about both.

  11. Welcome!2008/10/23

  12. Charlie2008/10/22

Tell Me Your Story
Tell Me Your Story: The story of the man you've never spoken to

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