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  1. If Roy Orbison Lived In Edmonton2012/02/27

    A commentary plus a song on what sort of song the late great Roy Orbison would have written had he lived in the City of Edmonton, Alberta, Cananda.
  2. The 13th Sign2011/02/22

    The 13th Sign-

    Based on the short story by Christopher Van Helsing...

    .... a January night in Los Angeles in 2011 and Private Eye Carson Albion walks the streets of LA on a night of chaos and havoc caused by a 13th sign- Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer- being added to the New Zodiac.
  3. Out of The Cold2011/02/09

    A cold winter's night in New York City tends to bring many people out of the cold and into Joe's Diner... including a vampire.
  4. Vampire Samurai Walking The Streets of the World2011/02/08

    The Vampire Samurai walks the streets of the great metropolises and cities of the world in search of those Undead that are evil and after meeting the Samurai, these evil Undead no longer prey upon the living.
  5. The Inscrutable Dr. Woo Manchu Part 1: The Voynich Manuscript2009/10/04
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  6. Hamlet Act I, Scene i2009/09/05

    Vampire Samurai: The Plays of William Shakespeare

    Tonight's episode: Hamlet Act 1, Scene i

    Dracul Van Helsing and The Eros Theatre Off The Air act out Act 1, scene i of William Shakespeare's Hamlet.
  7. The Abominable Snowman2009/09/02

    Vampire Samurai: Tales of the Supernatural and The Unusual

    Dracul Van Helsing reads aloud a short story he wrote earlier this year entitled The Abominable Snowman.
  8. Orson Welles Frozen Peas Commercial2009/01/12

    Vampire Samurai: Harry Woo International Man of Mystery

    Tonight's episode: Orson Welles Frozen Peas Commercial

    Harry Woo International Man of Mystery is asked to do a radio commercial for Tourism Siberia. Unsure how to do a radio ad, the inscrutable Mr. Woo listens to an old radio commercial that Orson Welles tried to do on behalf of frozen peas.
  9. Mikhail Gorbachev Banquet2009/01/11
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  10. Harry Woo and His Spanish Eyes2009/01/10
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  11. Mikhail Gorbachev Meets Algernon Hissed2009/01/09
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  12. Part 4 This Gun's For Hire2009/01/08
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  13. Part 3 This Gun's For Hire2009/01/07
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  14. Part 2 This Gun's For Hire2009/01/05

    Vampire Samurai: The Carson Albion Chronicles

    Tonight's episode: Part 2 This Gun's For Hire

    In tonight's episode, Carson Albion Private Eye continues to investigate the karaoke bar murder of Murgatroyd McGee.
    He wiretaps a women's tupperware party hosted by multi-million dollar recording contract rising singer/songstress Serene Langdon.
  15. This Gun's For Hire2009/01/03
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  16. Nosferatu From The Hermit Kingdom2008/12/13
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  17. Nathan De Burgh Polar Bear Private Eye2008/12/12
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  18. Morning Radio With Gilderoy Lockhart2008/12/09

    Tonight's episode: Morning Radio With Gilderoy Lockhart

    Carson Albion Private Eye continues to read from the Vampire Hunter journals of
    Dracul Van Helsing from the late autumn of 2004.

    Vampire hunter Dracul Van Helsing recounts a dream he had where he met Gilderoy Lockhart the inept Defence Against The Dark Arts teacher at Hogwart's from the Harry Potter books.
  19. Marxists Plan Coup D'etat In Canada2008/12/01
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  20. Of Werewolves and Bow Ties2008/11/28
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  21. Return To The Wonder Years2008/11/27
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  22. Not Quite Saturday Night Fever2008/11/26
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  23. Then There Was Napoleon2008/11/25
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  24. The Phantom of the Theatre2008/11/24
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  25. When Lions Are Born2008/11/22
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  26. The Barber of Seville... Not...2008/11/21
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  27. Beef Steak, Bacardi and Beauty2008/11/20

    Vampire Samurai: Tales of The Supernatural and The Unusual

    Tonight's episode: Beef Steak, Bacardi and Beauty

    In tonight's episode, Carson Albion Private Eye reads aloud from the November 25th, 2004 Journal entry from the Vampire Hunter Journals of Dracul Van Helsing Vampire Hunter.
  28. From Russia With Vampiric Love2008/11/18
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  29. Vampires and Border Security2008/11/17
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  30. Fall-Out On Wall Street2008/11/17

    Carson Albion Private Eye reads aloud the fictional stock market horror story Fall-Out On Wall Street written back on Thursday October 2nd 2008 by the great vampire hunter Dracul Van Helsing. The fictional stock market horror story is set against the backdrop of the world global financial meltdown that occurred this past autumn.
  31. Who Killed Mr. Mush? - Carson Albion Private Eye Investigates2008/11/17

    What became of the man they called Mr. Mush?

    Mr. Mush was last seen riding a horse.

    But now he's disappeared.

    Was he kidnapped?

    Was he killed?

    Carson Albion Private Eye investigates.
thevampiresamurai's Podcast

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