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  1. ALBUM REVIEW - Sundogs 'Legends In Their Own Minds'2019/04/26

    Thank you for listening to our audio review of Sundogs second album 'Legends In Their Own Mind.' We have no doubt you will enjoy it as much as we did. Be sure to check out their site and Facebook links below.


  2. FEATURED REVIEW - American High 'U.N. Article 14'2019/04/09

    Thank you for checking out our audio review o American High's 'U.N. Article 14.' Be sure to check out their socials below.


  3. FEATURED SINGLE REVIEW - Best Intentions 'At The Ocean'2019/04/07

    You are listening to our audio review of Best Intentions' new single 'At The Ocean.' We hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Be sure to check out the music video for the single below, as well as the band's social sites.



  4. FEATURED EP REVIEW - Versal2019/04/07

    Thank you for listening to our audio review of Versal's debut EP. Be sure to check out the social links below.


  5. AUDIO REVIEW - Ivan Beecraft2019/04/07

    Thank you for listening to our audio review of Ivan Beecroft's 'Liars, Freaks and Fools.' Be sure to check out his social links below.




  6. Post Death Soundtrack - Audio Review Of 'It Will Come Out Of Nowhere'2019/03/11
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  7. Album Review - Acidic Base Brings Us 'Purple Skies'2019/02/06

    Acidic Base is a very talented 12-year-old electronic artist who is making his name in the music scene of EDM and progressive house music. Our audio review of his debut album is the subject of this episode. Be sure to check out his official site to learn more about this artist on the rise.


  8. Lillimure - Single Review of 'WDYTM'2019/02/06

    Lillimure is an accomplished singer-songwriter with a captivating voice, and we are happy to share our audio review of her latest single 'WDYTM' with our listeners.

  9. Bobbie Morrone - Audio Review Of 'Lonely Street'2019/02/01

    Bobbie Morrone is a singer-songwriter with an amazing ability to tell a story. We were immediate fans after listening to his latest record 'Lonely Street,' and this episode contains our full audio review.

  10. Peter Senior - Audio Review of 'On The Edge'2019/02/01

    We had the pleasure of checking out Peter Senior's new record 'On The Edge' recently, and this episode contains our audio review. Be sure to check out more about Peter Senior here:

  11. Album Review - Todd Warner Moore Releases 'Spark'2018/12/20

    We're happy to share our audio review of Todd Warner Moore's new album, 'Spark.' Be sure to check out the links below to listen for yourselves, and to keep up with this great artist.



  12. Single Review - Paul Maged Releases 'The Resistance'2018/12/20

    We hope you enjoy our audio review of Paul Maged's new single, 'The Resistance.' Be sure to check out the video for the single here:


  13. Single Review - Astral Cloud Ashes Releases 'Get Out To New York'2018/12/20

    We really enjoyed this new single by Astral Cloud Ashes, 'Get Out To New York.' We hope you enjoy our audio review, and be sure to check out the links below to hear the song for yourself and keep up with the artist.


  14. DannyDosha - 'Kelsey 2' Review2018/12/06

    DannyDosha releases his second track of a three part installment titled 'Kelsey 2,' and we have the review of the single here for you.

  15. Solaya Love - 'Illustrious' Review2018/12/06

    Canadian songstress Solaya Love recently released her album 'Illustrious' with producer/DJ collaborator John Atonic. We have our audio review for you right here!

  16. The Goldwyn Experiment - 'Avenue B' Review2018/11/21

    We hope you enjoy our audio review of The Goldwyn Experiment's 'Avenue B.' Be sure to check out the links below to follow on social media and see where you can find this great record.


  17. Geoff Gibbons - 'Fall Girl' Review2018/11/01

    Above is our audio review of Geoff Gibbons new single 'Fall Girl.'

    You can listen to the single here: https://open.spotify.com/album/7m5upldFvPO1MgN86tfHF2?si=v0FgYEaOQmizb_tCLtZkSw



  18. Heather Gruber - 'Dancing On The Edge' Review2018/11/01

    Above is our audio review of Heather Gruber's new single 'Dancing On The Edge,' off of her upcoming album 'Dance Into The Desert.'

    You can listen to the single here: https://open.spotify.com/album/5PIubYg8tY4MJzPwObYTcK?si=srWdj4Y5T1SzcfA6-JVqsg



  19. Jude Scofield - 'Don't Let Me Die Alone' Review2018/11/01

    We hope you enjoy our audio review of Jude Scofield's new single 'Don't Let Me Die Alone.'

    Check out the video for this single here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXpkQDXU880



  20. Lord Sonny The Unifier - 'Right In Your I' Review2018/11/01

    This episode includes an audio review of Lord Sonny The Unifier's new single 'Right In Your I.'

    Check out the video for the single here: https://youtu.be/1NKRC8cpSmY



  21. Lucinda Belle - 'I'll Be Loving You' Review2018/11/01

    This episode includes a review of Lucinda Belle's new single 'I'll Be Loving You.'




  22. Mah-Ze-Tar - 'Liquid Lotus' Review2018/11/01

    This episode includes a review of Mah-Ze-Tar's new single 'Liquid Lotus'



  23. Matt Warren - 'Music Is My Life' Review2018/11/01

    This episode includes a full review of Matt Warren's 'Music Is My Life.'



  24. Eric Anders and Mark O'Bitz - 'Matterbloomlight' Review2018/11/01

    This episode includes a review of the single 'Matterbloomlight' by Eric Anders and Mark O'Bitz



  25. Midwest Soul XChange - 'Weakened At The Asylum' Review2018/11/01

    Check out our full review of the album in this episode.



  26. Patrick Grant - 'Fields Amaze and Other Strange Music' Review2018/11/01

    Our audio review of this album is included in this episode.


  27. Venice May - 'Illusion Is Inevitable' Review2018/10/24
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  28. Nehedar - 'Escaping Zion' Review2018/10/24

    If you enjoy artists that keep you guessing when it comes to genre and style, then you will absolutely love Nehedar's 'Escaping Zion.' There are a lot of elements on this record that will take the listener down many roads. To hear more about our thoughts on 'Escaping Zion,' check out our review in this episode.

  29. Monique Angele - 'Alive' Review2018/10/24
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  30. Pete Mancini - 'Pine Box Derby' Single Review2018/10/24

    Folk/Americana Artist Pete Mancini recently released a new single titled 'Pine Box Derby.' There is something completely pure and heartfelt about this song, we were truly touched by it. To hear more about it, check out our review in this episode.

  31. Laura Paragano - 'Strange Curses' Review2018/10/24

    San Francisco artist Laura Paragano put her heart and soul into her album 'Strange Curses.' Every song on the record embodies a feeling she has had at one point in her life. Check out our full review of 'Strange Curses' in this episode.

  32. Weather McNabb - 'Cubicle Zombie Review2018/10/24

    We shared with our listeners recently a great track from artist Weather McNabb. We really loved her new album 'Cubicle Zombie,' and you can hear our full review here.

  33. Lee Sun - 'Singing You This Song' Review2018/10/24

    Singer-songwriter Lee Sun captivated us with her new album 'Singing You This Song.' Her songs are packed with great messages and catchy lyrics. We hope you enjoy our full review here.

  34. FEATURED TRACK - Weather McNabb - 'War Paint'2018/10/17
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  35. FEATURED TRACK - Lee Sun - 'Everything Dies'2018/10/16
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  36. Jared Weiss - 'Isolated Thunderstorms' Review2018/10/12
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  37. CAMU - Empire State Of Sound Review2018/10/12

    CAMU has brought true rock back to the masses with 'Empire State Of Sound.' We hope you enjoy our audio review of this single, and be sure to catch up with CAMU on social media.




  38. Heather Gruber - 'Dance Into The Desert' Review2018/10/12
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  39. Elza - 'Nothing's Wrong' Review2018/10/12

    Elza is one of the more talented and intriguing artists we've come across in a long time. We hope you enjoy our review of 'Nothing's Wrong.' Check Elza out on social media below.





  40. Elizabeth Sage - 'Just Go!' Review2018/10/12

    We are pleased to introduce you to Elizabeth Sage. This is our audio review of her EP 'Just Go.' Be sure to follow her on social media.




  41. Leon Seti - Silver Linings Review2018/10/12

    We hope you enjoy our audio review of Leon Seti's new single 'Silver Linings.' Be sure to follow him on social media as well.




  42. Featured Interview - NICK HAWK2016/04/12
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  43. FEATURED INTERVIEW -- Dave Scott2015/08/30
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  44. FEATURED INTERVIEW - Brian Quinn (Candlebox/Le Projet)2015/07/21
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  45. FEATURED INTERVIEW - Kaitlyn Dias2015/06/18
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  46. FEATURED INTERVIEW - Lori Alan2015/06/18
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  47. M. NIGHT SHYAMALAN - Follow-up WAYWARD PINES Interview2015/06/12
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  48. FEATURED INTERVIEW - Terry McDermott from Lotus Crush2015/04/20
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  49. FEATURED INTERVIEW - Three Days Grace2015/04/03
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  50. FEATURED INTERVIEW - The Maine2015/03/02
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  51. FEATURED INTERVIEW - Juliet Simms2015/03/01
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  52. FEATURED INTERVIEW - Wes Cage2015/03/01
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  53. FEATURED INTERVIEW - Coat Check Girl2015/01/01
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  54. Featured Interview - AUDREY NAPOLEON2014/12/14
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  55. Featured Interview - BRAD CARTER2014/10/30
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  56. Featured Interview - BOYCE AVENUE2014/10/20
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  57. FEATURED INTERVIEW - Scientist2014/09/20
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  58. Interview with CRAZYTOWN2014/07/23
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  59. Interview with FLINTFACE2014/07/23
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  60. Interview with CLIFF CURTIS from FOX's hit show GANG RELATED2014/06/13
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  61. Conference Call Interview with - KEIFER SUTHERLAND of 24/Live Another Day2014/05/04
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  62. Interview with Danny Beissel of The American Vinyl All-Star Band2014/03/06
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  63. FEATURED INTERVIEW - FOZZY interview with Chris Jericho!2013/08/31
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  64. INTERVIEW - Adam Duritz from Counting Crows2013/07/10
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  65. EXCLUSIVE interview with Anoop Desai2013/04/06
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  66. KEVIN BACON - Fox conference call interview for 'The Following'2013/01/18
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  67. Interview with The Dirty Heads frontman Jared Watson2012/08/28

    It was a pleasure to speak with Jared Watson once again from The Dirty Heads. With the recent release of their sophomore album 'Cabin By The Sea' and a supporting tour in progress, there was plenty to talk about. The new album is one we highly recommend, so if you haven't yet be sure to look for it on iTunes or check out the band's online store.

  68. Out of the Archives - Interview with Puddle of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin2012/08/07

    Ready for a blast from the past? We had the pleasure of interviewing Wes Scantlin from Puddle of Mudd a few years back in person, and it was a blast. This was originally a video interview, but I thought I'd pull the audio off and put it up for our worldwide listeners to enjoy.
  69. Interview with STYX bassist, Ricky Phillips2012/03/14

    Styx is one of the busiest classic rock bands I know, and they are about to embark on yet another killer tour. The upcoming Midwest tour with REO Speedwagon and none other than Ted Nugent is just one of the things I talked about recently with Styx bassist, Ricky Phillips.
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  71. Conference call interview with ZOOEY DESCHANEL from FOX's new series- 'The New Girl'2011/09/16
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  72. Interview with actor DEVIN BROCHU from the film HESHER2011/09/11
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  73. Interview with Kelly Hansen of Foreigner2011/09/05

    With the legendary rock band Foreigner set to release a three-disc set this month, I had the chance to speak with lead vocalist Kelly Hansen about that, touring, and more. Check it out!
  74. Interview with Lawrence Gowan of STYX2011/09/05

    Styx has been around for a very long time, and they continue to play to huge crowds the world over. I had the pleasure of speaking with Lawrence Gowan recently about their current tour and everything coming up for the band.
  75. Machinehead Interview2011/08/17

    I spoke with Dave McClain from Machinehead recently about their stint on the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival.
  76. Godsmack Interview with Shannon Larkin2011/07/01

    With the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Tour about to begin, we were fortunate enough to be asked to interview Shannon Larkin of Godsmack. Check out our interview with a truly talented and interesting man.
  77. Megadeth Interview with Chris Broderick2011/07/01

    We recently touched base with Megadeth guitarist, Chris Broderick, to discuss the upcoming Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem tour and more.
  78. Steven Tyler Conference Call Interview2011/01/19

    We hope you enjoy this FOX Network conference call with none other than Steven Tyler himself. Aerosmith's leading man talks about his new gig on American Idol to no less than 100 of us media personnel. Bear with the beginning few seconds when the moderator is initiating the conference and you will catch a Steven Tyler in rare form. Enjoy.
  79. Interview with Ryan Eggold from The CW's '90210'2010/09/13

    Ryan Eggold plays teacher Ryan Matthews on The CW's '90210', and I had a great chat with him about the upcoming season.
  80. There For Tomorrow Interview with Maika Maile2010/07/27

    We sat down once again with Maika Maile, lead singer for There For Tomorrow. We love talking with Maika about his music, and what is coming up for TFT.
  81. Bo Bice podcast interview2010/05/16

    Rock On Request Magazine interviews Bo Bice. We have wanted to talk with the former American Idol runner up for a long time, and it was well worth the wait. Great interview, talented artist and by far the nicest person we've ever spoken with. Bo fans will love this one.
  82. Leonard Nimoy conference call interview2010/05/16
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  83. Annie Wiersching Conference Call interview2010/04/20
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  84. Peter Weller- FOX's 'Fringe' interview2010/04/15

    Critically acclaimed actor Peter Weller spoke with several media outlets regarding his upcoming role on FOX Networks' 'Fringe'. Mr. Weller is very passionate about this role, which comes through very clearly in this interview.
  85. Jessica Lowndes (aka Adrianna from 90210) Interview2010/04/09

    Rock On Request Magazine talks to 90210's Jessica Lowndes about her new storyline and her budding music career.
  86. Interview with Supernatural's Jim Beaver2010/04/08

    Rock On Request Magazine had the pleasure of chatting with Uncle Bobby himself recently after his brilliant performance in the 'Dead Men Don't' Wear Plaid' episode. We spoke with Jim about this great role on The CW's Supernatural as well as his critically acclaimed memoir,'Life's That Way.'
  87. Thomas Calabro - Melrose Place interview 2010/03/15

    We had the pleasure of speaking with Thomas Calabro (aka Dr. Michael Mancini) from Melrose Place last week about the show's return from hiatus. Great chat with a nice guy, and very talented actor.
  88. Bruce Kulick Interview2010/02/02

    Rock On Request Magazine editor Christina Avina interviews guitar legend Bruce Kulick.
  89. There For Tomorrow Interview2009/11/16

    Rock On Request Magazine interviews Maike Maile, lead vocalist for There For Tomorrow.
  90. Family Force 5 - Podcast Interview2009/10/30

    Rock On Request Magazine sits down with Chapstique from Family Force 5 for a pre-show interview recently.
  91. Lita Ford - Podcast interview2009/10/04

    Rock On Request Magazine interviews the Queen of metal, Lita Ford.
  92. Creed Interview with Mark Tremonti2009/10/03

    Rock On Request Magazine interviews Mark Tremonti from Creed.
  93. Sick Puppies Interview2009/08/11

    Rock On Request Magazine interviews Shim from Sick Puppies.
  94. Dee Snider/Twisted Sister interview2009/06/21

    Rock On Request Magazine had the pleasure and honor of speaking with Twisted Sister lead vocalist Dee Snider recently. Editor Christina Avina chats with Dee about the 25th Anniversary release of 'Stay Hungry' as well as the sequal to Dee's cult horror film 'Strangeland.'
  95. Shane Dawson Interview2009/01/20

    Christina Avina, editor for Rock On Request Magazine, interviews YouTube comedian/actor Shane Dawson.
  96. Framing Hanley Interview2008/11/13

    Rock On Request Magazine interviews Nixon, lead vocalist from Framing Hanley.
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