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Republic Forces Radio Network--A Star Wars Clone Wars Podcast

  1. Season 3 Episode 6: The Academy2010/10/20
    Republic Forces Radio Network is back to review Episode 6, The Academy. Join Jerry, Jen, Berent, and Nathan P. Butler as they follow Ahsoka on her "teaching" mission to Mandalore. Also, the gang answers the question, "Is Clone Wars YOUR Star Wars?"
  2. Season 3 Episode 7: Assassin2010/10/26
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  3. Season 3 Special Report #12010/10/31
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  4. Season 3 Episode 8: Evil Plans2010/11/11
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  5. Season 3 Episode 9: Hunt for Ziro2010/11/17
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  6. Season 3 Episode 10: Heroes on Both Sides2010/11/25
    Happy Thanksgiving RFRN fans! This week we discuss "Heroes on Both Sides"! Join Dan, Jen, Jerry, and Nathan P. Butler as they review this week's show. Can Padme put an end to the war by negotiating her friend in the Separatist Senate? WAIT?!? THE WHAT?!? Also, Arnie reviews the Clone Wars magazine from Titan Publishing and we take a couple of your voice mails!
  7. DROIDS Episode 13: The Frozen Citadel2010/11/30
    In this 25th anniversary year of Droids, we took you to "a race to the finish", then to "a lost prince", and "across the Roon Sea". Now, Republic Forces Radio Network visits the final episode of the on-going series, "The Frozen Citadel". Join Jerry, Dan, Jen, Arnie, and Nathan P. Butler as they say farewell to this "great heap" of a show. Or is that "great heep"?
  8. SPECIAL REPORT: Spoiler Free Reviews of Savage Opress Screening!2010/12/07
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  9. Season 3 Episode 11: Pursuit of Peace2010/12/09
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  10. RFRN Holiday Special: A Faithful Wookie2010/12/26
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  11. Season 3 Episode 12: Nightsisters2011/01/14
    Clone Wars is back after its holiday-hiatus! Now, the much anticipated Nightsisters trilogy is hitting Cartoon Network after the very successful one-night events across the country. Join Dan, Jen, Jerry, and Nathan P. as they see if the visit to Dathomir was worth all the effort. Also, we learn that the best security system that a Sith Lord can have is a lightsaber on his nightstand!
  12. Season 3 Episode 13: Monster2011/01/20
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  13. Season 3 Episode 14: Witches of the Mist2011/01/27
    Republic Commandos! Savage Opress! Darth Maul!! OH MY!!

    Asajj Ventrass's trap is sprung, Savage Opress is loose in the galaxy and Dan, Jen, Jerry, and Nathan are here to talk about it! The Nightsisters trilogy draws to a close and we get LOTS of voicemails!
  14. Season 3 Episode 15: Overlords2011/02/02
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  15. Season 3 Episode 16: Alter of Mortis2011/02/10
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  16. Season 3 Episode 17: Ghosts of Mortis2011/02/17
    In his attempts to draw the Chosen One to the dark side, The Son shows Anakin what he will do and become in his future. Causing the Father to take some rather drastic action.
  17. Season 3 Episode 18: The Citadel2011/02/27
    This week we wake up from the dream (or was it?!) for a great action packed episode! Dan, Jen, Berent, and Nathan discuss this weeks episode, Master Piel and Captain Tarkin in Part 1 of this weeks discussion!
  18. Season 3 Episode 18 Part 22011/03/03
    We listen to your voicemails about The Citadel and Ghosts of Mortis. Also Berent and his son, Pharaoh, review the new MMO The Clone Wars Adventures.
  19. Season 3 Episode 19: Counter Attack2011/03/10
    Dan, Jen, Berent, and Nathan discuss part 2 of the Citadel trilogy. Our heroes are trying to escape the Citadel however with each passing moment there are fewer and fewer people left to save...
  20. Season 3 Episode 20: Citadel Rescue2011/03/16
    Dan, Jen, Nathan, and Jerry discuss the conclusion to the Citadel trilogy. Who makes it and who is left wrapped in a cloth and floating on a river of molten sulfur? And we listen to your voicemails as we edge ever closer to the season finale!
  21. Season 3 Episode 21: Padawan Lost and Episode 22: Wookiee Hunt2011/04/06
    It's finally here!!! Dan, Nathan, Berent, and Jerry discuss Season 3's two part finale and we take your voicemails!
  22. Season 3 Wrap Up2011/04/14
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  23. Clone Wars Micro Series Episode 1: Intro and Chapter 12011/05/18
    Dan, Jen, Berent, Jerry and Nathan talk about our impressions of the Clone Wars Micro Series and dive right into Chapter one! Join us as we talk about where it began!
  24. Clone Wars Micro Series Episode 2: Chapters 2, 3, and 42011/06/01
    At long last (and despite the efforts of Mother Nature) Episode 2 of our summer retrospective of the Clone Wars Micro Series is here! Dan, Jen, Berent, Jerry, and Nathan discuss the events of chapters 2, 3, and 4 where we meet (in their animated form) Arc Troopers and Kit Fisto!
  25. Clone Wars Micro Series Episode 3: Chapters 5, 6, and 72011/06/09
    Continuing with our summer programming this week we discuss Durge and his Lancer droids in action and Asajj's time as a galactic gladiator!
    Join Dan, Jen, Nathan, Jerry, and Berent as we talk about these exciting chapters!
  26. Clone Wars Micro Series Episode 4: Chapters 8, 9, & 102011/06/15
    This week Dan, Jen, Jerry, Berent, and Nathan talk about the next three chapters in the Clone Wars Micro Series. from the defeat of Durge (that's going to leave a stain) to the defeat of the Muunilist space forces. and all the fun, and gooey points between!
  27. Clone Wars Micro Series Episode 5: Chapters 11, 12, and 132011/06/23
    This week the gang discuss the next 3 chapters of the Clone Wars Micro Series. discussing the continuation of Anakin and Assaj's Starfighter battle and Mace Windu takes on the CIS on Dantooine... they're on Dantooine....

    All this and a discussion of the new EXTENDED preview of The Clone Wars Season 4
  28. Clone Wars Micro Series Episode 6: Chapters 14, 15 and 162011/07/06
    This week the RFRN gang chat about episodes 14, 15 and 16 of the Micro Series. Covering the events on Ilum from the assault on the Jedi Temple to the rescue mission by Yoda and Padme!

    What really is the deal with Snowbunny Padme?!
  29. Clone Wars Micro Series Episode 7: Chapters 17, 18, and 192011/07/16
    This week Dan, Jen, Berent, Jerry and Nathan discuss the next 3 chapters of the Clone Wars micro series and the amazing Duel between Anakin and Asajj! Tune in to hear their thoughts and opinions of this climactic battle!
  30. RFRN Special Report: San Diego Comic Con 20112011/07/27
    Well Comic Con has come and gone and our own Master Collecte'em All, Berent was there to take in the sites and sit through the panels and then sit down with Dan to tell us all about it!
  31. Clone Wars Micro Series Episode 8: Chapter 202011/08/11
    This Week we talk about Chapter 20 of the Clone Wars Micro Series, Nathan tells us about the Digest Sized Clone Wars Adventures, and we announce our winner of the Weta art book from SDCC!
  32. Clone Wars Micro Series Episode 9: Chapter 212011/08/23
    The RFRN bunch sits down (some of us from the comfort of our own homes and one of us from a Barnes and Noble's) to discuss Chapter 21 of the Clone Wars Micro Series with it's awesome ARC rescue mission, C3PO's Strip Tease, and Anakin's Knighting!
  33. Clone Wars Micro Series Episode 10: Chapter 222011/08/31
    This week the RFRN gang talks about chapter 22 of the Clone Wars Micro series and we inch ever closer to the start of Season 4!
  34. Clone Wars Micro Series Episode 11: Chapter 232011/09/13
    WAR! It's finally here! The CIS attack on the Republic capitol world! Yoda and Mace spring into action and the RFRN gang is here to talk about it! Meanwhile Obiwan and Anakin are... having a campfire?

    Tune in to listen to Jen, Berent, Dan, Jerry and Nathan talk about chapter 23 of the Clone Wars micro series! How it holds up today and what has happened to it's continuity!
  35. Clone Wars Micro Series Episode 12: Chapter 242011/09/14
    The assault on Coruscant is in full Swing! Meanwhile Anakin is taking a little journey into the heart of "Mother" Nelvan and himself! And we're here to talk it over in our continuing discussion of the Clone Wars Micro Series!

    Join Jen, Berent, Dan, Jerry and Nathan as they discuss the attack of Grevious and Anakin's little look inside himself!
  36. Clone Wars Micro Series Episode 13: Chapter 252011/09/15
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  37. Season 4 Episode 1: Water War and Episode 2: Gungan Attack2011/09/21
    And we're back!

    After an exciting summer we're right back into The Clone Wars with Season 4's double episode premier! Join Jen, Arnie, Berent, and Dan as they discuss the exciting events that bring wat to Mon Calamari and what could make things so desperate that GUNGANS are the answer!

    All this and more on this weeks RFRN!
  38. Season 4 Episode 3: Prisoners2011/09/28
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  39. Season 4 Episode 4: Shadow Warrior2011/10/06
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  40. Season 4 Episode 5: Mercy Mission2011/10/12
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  41. Season 4 Episode 6: Nomad Droids2011/10/20
    Our favorite metal duo is at it again! And this week's episode has us just as torn as a summer of Droids did! Tune in to hear Dan, Jerry, Nathan and Jen's stunt double Berent talk about what they thought of Nomad Droids and give their thoughts on the "Save the Date" announcement for the return of Darth Maul!
  42. Season 4 Episode 7: Darkness on Umbara2011/11/03
    This week we get to see some Clone Wars in the Clone Wars! Is the drought over? Are we getting what we've been hoping for this season at long last? Tune in to hear Jen, Berent, Dan and Nathan discuss this episode and your voicemails!
  43. Season 4 Episode 8: The General2011/11/09
    Jen, Dan, Berent and Nathan are back for part 2 of the Umbara saga! Krell is continuing to make enemies and corpses of the 501st and we join our favorite clones to find their patience (and loyalties?) wearing thin! Tune in this week to hear our thoughts on this exciting episode and we listen to your voicemails too!
  44. Season 4 Episode 9: Plan of Dissent2011/11/17
    Jen, Berent, Dan and Nathan are back to discuss part three of the Umbaran saga! Krell is loosing his grip almost as fast as he's losing clones and we find our group of troopers divided in their loyalties to each other and to a Jedi General who seems to disregard them completely! Also this week we listen to your voicemails!
  45. Season 4 Episode 10: Carnage of Krell2011/11/23
    Jen, Dan, Berent, and Nathan are back with you to talk about the finale to the Umbara Saga. Join us for our discussion of this exciting episode to what many are calling the best story line of the Clone Wars!
  46. Season 4 Episode 11: Kidnapped2011/12/01
    Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka must confront slavery on the planet Kiros. And Jerry, Johnathan, Nathan, and Jen are here to break it down, and compare it to the source material--the comic Slaves of the Republic
  47. Season 4 Episode 12: Slaves of the Republic2011/12/07
    Jen, Johnathan, Nathan, and Jerry are back for the final new Clone Wars episode in 2011--Slaves of the Republic, the second part of the story arc that bears the same name. Anakin and Ahsoka go undercover to get close to the Zygerrian queen. Listen to hear the Republic Forces Radio Network review!
  48. Season 4 Episode 13: Escape from Kadavo2012/01/11
    Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Ahsoka are captured by the Zygerrian Queen, and things go from bad to worse when Count Dooku arrives personally. Adapted from the comic book Clone Wars story, listen to Jerry, Johnathan, Jen, and Nathan's review of this episode. And in Continuity Corner Nathan details the vast differences between this episode and its comic origin.
  49. Season 4 Episode 14: A Friend In Need2012/01/18
    Lux Bonteri is out to avenge his mother, and he has enlisted the help of Pre Vizla and Deathwatch to do it! In trying to save her friend, Ahsoka finds herself embroiled in a complex plot of double-crosses that may end with her own death. A rare standalone episode of The Clone Wars, listen to Arnie, Dan, Nathan, and Berent's thoughts on this episode!
  50. Season 4 Episode 15: Deception2012/01/25
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  51. Season 4 Episode 16: Friends and Enemies2012/02/01
    Obi-Wan is still undercover with Cad Bane, and under Hutt attack in Friends and Enemies! Here to review and recap that episode are Republic Forces Radio Network's Jen, Johnathan, Berent, and Dan!
  52. Season 4 Episode 17: The Box2012/02/09
    Dan, Jen, Berent and Jonathan get together to talk about The Box and just what it holds for the disquised Obi-Wan.
  53. Season 4 Episode 18: Crisis on Naboo2012/02/15
    Dan, Jen, Berent, and Johnathan sit down and talk about the conclusion to this story arc. Obi-Wans trick has worked and he has the inside scoop on the plan to kidnap Palpatine... or does he?
  54. Season 4 Episode 19: Massacre2012/02/29
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  55. Season 4 Episode 20: Bounty2012/03/07
    Kicked off Dathomir Asajj Ventress is a sith witch trying to make her way in the universe. A chance encounter in a Tattooine cantina gets her involved with Dengar, Bossk, and Boba Fett in a bounty hunt full of twists, turns, and action. On this week's podcast Arnie, Jerry, Nathan, and Dan review Bounty and look forward to the next episode's return of Darth Maul!
  56. Season 4 Episode 21: Brothers2012/03/14
    It was teased a year and a half ago--Darth Maul lives! Despite being bisected and falling down a reactor core on Naboo, Darth Maul is still alive. Tasked by Mother Talzin, Savage Opress has searched the galaxy for his lost brother. Listen now to hear your Republic Forces Radio Network hosts discuss an episode that has proven controversial and confusing for Star Wars fans.
  57. Season 4 Episode 22: Revenge2012/03/21
    Darth Maul is back and while he may have new legs his emotional wounds are harder to heal. He wants Revenge against Obi-Wan Kenobi, and will go to the ends of the galaxy to get it. Obi-Wan has faced Maul before, but can the Jedi defeat both Maul and his brother Savage Opress? It's the climactic end to Clone Wars Season 4, so join Arnie, Nathan, Jerry, and Dan to have you Revenge!
  58. Season 4 Episode 22 Part 2 and Voicemails2012/04/05
    What did Berent, Jen, and Johnathan think of the Season 4 Finale? And what did our listeners think? Tune it to find out!
  59. RFRN Special Report SDCC 20122012/08/07
    Our own Master Collectumall sat down with Dan to give us this special report about some of the things we can expect this season in The Clone Wars!!
  60. Celebration VI Clone Wars Coverage2012/09/03
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  61. Season 5 Episode 1: Revival2012/10/04
    Season 5 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars began last Saturday after a much-discussed premiere both in San Francisco and at Star Wars Celebration VI. Now Republic Forces Radio Network is back as well, so join Johnathan, Berent, Nathan, and Dan as they discuss The Clone Wars - Revival!
  62. Season 5 Episode 2: A War on Two Fronts2012/10/10
    Obi-Wan, Ahsoka, and Anakin head to Onderon to train rebels how to fight off the Separatists in the first part of our new Clone Wars Arc. Now join Johnathan, Jerry, Nathan, and Berent as they discuss this episode, and the new Ahsoka love triangle!
  63. Season 5 Episode 3: Front Runners2012/10/18
    The Onderonian rebels continue to fight Separatist forces on the streets of the capital city in the second part of this four episode arc. Listen in as Jerry, Berent, Nathan, and Johnathan discuss the deeper issues that stem from the events in this episode!
  64. Season 5 Episode 4: The Soft War2012/10/24
    The first large arc of Season 5 continues with The Soft War, where Aholka, Obi-Wan, and Anakin continue to help the freedom fighters on Onderon as the Separatist droid forces try to keep hold of the city of Iziz. It's an action-packed episode that leads to the final conclusion next week. Now join Johnathan, Jerry, Berent, and Nathan as they recap and review the episode, and play your voicemails!
  65. Season 5 Episode 5: Tipping Points2012/10/31
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  66. Season 5 Episode 6: The Gathering2012/11/07
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  67. Season 5 Episode 7: A Test of Strength2012/11/15
    The young jedi have their lightsaber crystals, but now it's time to build their lightsabers. Are they ready for such power? And can they fend off an attack by a band of pirates lead by Hondo to get the pricess lightsaber crystals? Listen to Arnie, Johnathan, Jen, and Berent as they, and their younglings, discuss A Test of Strength!
  68. Season 5 Episode 8: Bound for Rescue2012/11/22
    Ahsoka is captured by Hondo and the Young Jedi are stranded on a derelict ship. With Obi-Wan and Cody under attack, can these six younglings be trusted when they devise a foolhardy plan? It's a mash-up of Clone Wars and Young Jedi,and Arnie, Johnathan, Berent, and Jen are here to discuss it all in this week's Republic Forces Radio Network!
  69. Season 5 Episode 9: A Necessary Bond2012/11/29
    On the run from Grievous, Ahsoka and the Young Jedi must turn a former enemy into an ally in order to escape. It's the last episode of the Young Jedi arc, and Johnathan, Jen, Arnie, and Berent are here to review it, as well as calls from Padawan podcast listeners!
  70. Season 5 Episode 10: Secret Weapons2012/12/06
    This episode is the start of a new arc dealing with the use of droids to infiltrate a Separatist warship and steal a vital piece of technology. Join Jen, Jerry, Johnathan, and Nathan as the discuss Secret Weapons
  71. Season 5, Episode 11: Sunny Day in The Void2012/12/19
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  72. Season 5, Episode 12: Missing in Action2013/01/08
    D-Squad encounters a Clone Trooper with amnesia in Pons Ora, figure collectors encounter Walrus Man, and video game fans encounter a Republic Commando all in the first episode of Clone Wars for 2013! Join Johnathan, Jen, Jerry, and Nathan to hear their review of this episode.
  73. Season 5, Episode 13: Point of no Return2013/01/15
    Our resourceful crew finish up the D-Squad arc with their discussion of Point of no Return. Will Jen forgive them for leaving Gregor behind? Can WAC and Gasgon ever just get along? Are they ever going to decrypt that message from Grievous? Tune in and find out!
  74. Season 5, Episode 14: Eminence2013/01/22
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  75. Season 5, Episode 15: Shades of Reason2013/01/29
    Mandalore is in the balance! Maul hatches a plan to depose Satine and put Pre Visla in charge as the face of the shadow alliance as he expands to other neutral worlds. But Visla has different plans and tries to take Maul and Savage out of the equation. Nathan, Johnathan, Jerry and Berent fight to take control of Republic Forces Radio Network as the team discuss this intense episode!
  76. Season 5, Episode 16: The Lawless2013/02/07
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  77. Season 5, Episode 17: Sabotage2013/02/14
    As clone wars moves into the last arc of season six, Johnathan, Jen, Dan, and Nate discuss the episode Sabotage. The Republic Forces Radio Network crew discuss the addition of a Police Procedural to the clone wars series, changing perceptions of Ahsoka, and the moments that made Nate go "Whaaaa?"
  78. Season 5, Episode 18: The Jedi Who Knew Too Much2013/02/21
    Season 5 rapidly comes to a close with the second episode of the final arc of the season. Ahsoka is framed for murder and must escape Republic custody to clear her name! Who is setting her up? How will she unravel the conspiracy? Will Yoda ever get some new material? Listen to the latest episode of Republic Forces Radio Network to find out!
  79. Season 5, Episode 19: To Catch a Jedi2013/03/02
    Tune in to hear Johnathan, Jen, Nathan and Dan continue their discussion of this exciting story as we get ever closer to wrapping up Season 5!!
  80. Season 5, Episode 20: The Wrong Jedi2013/03/08
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  81. The Clone Wars -- The End2013/03/29
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  82. Season 5 Wrap-Up2013/04/17
    With season five of the Clone Wars coming to a close join Jen, Jerry, Johnathan, and Nathan as they discuss what some feel was the strongest season of the entire series. They review the highs, the lows, and the missed opportunities of the final season.
  83. Ewoks Season 1 Episodes 1 and 2: The Cries of the Trees and The Haunted Village2013/06/20
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  84. Ewoks Season 1 Episodes 3 and 4: Rampage of the Phlogs and To Save Deej2013/06/27
    Republic Forces Radio Network continues the summer series with episodes 3 and 4 of season one of the Ewoks animated series. Berent, Jerry, Johnathan, and Nathan learn that the forest moon of Endor is not a safe place to be with all the Phlogs and Dandelion warriors wandering around, and our hosts discuss that it might be better not to think about Return of the Jedi when watching.
  85. Ewoks Season 1 Episodes 5 and 6: The Traveling Jindas and The Tree of Light2013/07/04
    Republic Forces Radio Network continues with summer school this week as they review episodes 5 and 6 of the classic Ewoks animated series. Johnathan, Jerry, Berent, and Nathan discuss the Traveling Jindas and The Tree of Light and learn all about tree goats, the many uses of Ewok dander, questionable Endor parenting strategies, and why Latara may want to be wary of one of the RFRN crew.
  86. Ewoks Season 1 Episodes 7 and 8: The Curse of the Jindas and The Land of the Gupins2013/07/12
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  87. Ewoks Season 1 Episodes 9 and 10: Sunstar vs Shadowstone and Wicket's Wagon2013/07/18
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  88. Ewoks Season 1 Episodes 11, 12, and 13: The Three Lessons, Blue Harvest, and Asha2013/07/25
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  89. Ewoks Season 2: Episodes 1 and 2 - The Crystal Cloak and The Wish Plant2013/08/01
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  90. Ewoks Season 2: Episodes 3, 4, and 5: Home is Where The Shrieks Are, Princess Latara, and The Raich2013/08/08
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  91. Ewoks Season 2: Episodes 6, 7 and 8: The Totem Master, A Gift for Shodu, and Night of the Stranger2013/08/15
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  92. Ewoks Season 2: Episodes 9, 10, 11, and 12: Gone With the Mimphs, The First Apprentice, Hard Sell, and A Warrior and a Lurdo2013/08/22
    The Republic Forces Radio Network hosts continue slogging through season two of the classic Ewoks animated series and the experience seems to be taking it's toll. Jerry admits to hearing voices and Berent may need an intervention regarding his obsession with Latara. This week the group discusses Gone With the Mimphs, The First Apprentice, Hard Sell, and A Warrior and a Lurdo.
  93. Ewoks Season 2 Episodes 13, 14, and 15: The Season Scepter, Prow Beaten, and Baga's Rival2013/08/29
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  94. Ewoks Season 2 Episodes 16, 17, 18, and 19: Horville's Hut of Horrors, The Tragic Flute, Just My Luck, and Bringing Up Norky2013/09/03
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  95. Ewoks Season 2 Episodes 20, 21, and 22: Battle for the Sunstar, Party Ewok, and Malani the Warrior2013/09/12
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  96. The Clone Wars The Movie2013/11/20
    The Republic Forces Radio Network crew comes back together to revisit how it all began with a review of the Clone Wars movie from 2008. After five seasons how will Johnathan, Jen, Berent, and Nathan feel the film stands up? What's next in store for the group? Tune into out capstone episode and find out!
  97. Season 6, Episodes 1, 2, 3 and 4: The Unknown, Conspiracy, The Fugitive, and Orders2014/04/21
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  98. Season 6, Episodes 5, 6 and 7: An Old Friend, The Rise of Clovis, and Crisis at the Heart2014/05/15
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  99. Season 6 - Episodes 8 & 9: The Disappeared Part 1 and 22014/05/29
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  100. Season 6 - Episodes 10, 11, 12 & 13: The Lost One, Voices, Destiny, & Sacrifice2014/06/24
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