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The National Archives Podcast Series

  1. The personal story of Holocaust survivor John Dobai2019/02/19

    John Dobai was born in Budapest, Hungary, in 1934. To mark Holocaust Memorial Day, John delivered a talk at The National Archives on 25 January 2019 about his personal story and the plight of Hungarian Jews.

  2. Big Ideas Series: Entity disambiguation in digital cultural heritage2018/07/23
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  3. Big Ideas Series: The role of archives in addressing refugee crises2018/07/23
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  4. The Annual Digital Lecture: Semantic Capital: what it is and how to protect it2018/07/10
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  5. Big Ideas Series: Archives and Linked Data 2018/07/04

    Is linked data an appropriate technology for implementing an archive’s catalogue? Dr Jean-Luc Cochard from the Swiss Federal Archives presents the results of two studies conducted to explore the potential of linked data in supporting archival information systems.

    The Big Ideas talks series is supported by the Friends of The National Archives.

  6. West Africa and the First World War2018/06/18
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  7. Big Ideas Series: Datafication, Distribution and the Future of Archival Science in the Age of Homo Deus2018/05/17
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  8. UFO files at The National Archives2018/05/01
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  9. Suffrage 100: Did militancy help or hinder the fight for the franchise? 2018/04/27
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  10. Big Ideas Series: Artistic Practice and the Archive2018/03/21
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  11. Digital Archives of the Future2018/03/12

    To mark forty years since The National Archives moved to Kew, our digital director John Sheridan discusses the challenges that archives will face in the future. John is currently leading efforts to transfer our digital offer to become an archive that is digital by instinct and design.

  12. Reformation on the Record: Suzannah Lipscomb on Henry VIII and the break with Rome 2018/01/26
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  13. Reformation on the Record: Richard Rex's keynote address2018/01/26
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  14. Big Ideas Series: In Their Own Write: Welfare, Discipline and Pauper Agency in the Nineteenth Century2018/01/12
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  15. Big Ideas Series: Surfacing the Page2017/12/18
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  16. Sylvia Pankhurst: suffragette, socialist and ‘scourge of the empire’2017/12/11
    From militant suffragette at the beginning of the 20th century to campaigner against colonialism in Africa after the Second World War, Sylvia Pankhurst dedicated her life to fighting oppression and injustice. Katherine Connelly will examine Pankhurst's role at the forefront…

  17. Black Power and the state2017/12/04
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  18. Security Service file release November 20172017/11/28

    Professor Christopher Andrew, formerly official historian of MI5 and author of 'The Defence of the Realm: The Authorized History of MI5', introduces key files from the release of Security Service files to The National Archives in November 2017.

  19. Big Ideas Series: Setting the Record Straight for the Rights of the Child2017/11/21
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  20. 'Step Child': a play about the surveillance of First World War Indian dissenters2017/11/01
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  21. 'Smile': a play about Indian soldiers at the Brighton Pavilion Hospital during the First World War2017/11/01
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  22. 'The Radicalisation of Vir Singh': a play about the challenges of serving as an Indian soldier in the First World War2017/11/01
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  23. 'Cama': a play about a female Indian revolutionary at the time of the First World War2017/11/01
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  24. 'Corner of a Foreign Field': a play about the burial of Indian Muslim troops at the time of the First World War2017/11/01
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  25. Unfolding the court case that banned a 1920s lesbian novel2017/09/11
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  26. The Sexual Offences Act 1967. Part 2: Wolfenden's silent women2017/08/29
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  27. The Sexual Offences Act 1967. Part 1: The lives of men from 1953 to the 1967 Act2017/08/29
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  28. Tudor trials: Confessions from the Star Chamber2017/08/15
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  29. Jane Austen: from beginning to end2017/08/09
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  30. A tormented Tudor queen's treasonous 'love letter'2017/08/01
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  31. Sexuality under scrutiny in 1930s Soho2017/07/18
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  32. Oscar Wilde's trial and imprisonment - a short play2017/07/14
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  33. Bombs, bulls and civilian bravery2017/07/04

    In this podcast The National Archives' Principal Military Specialist reveals some of his favourite stories about civilian gallantry from the First and Second World Wars, from the bravery of the youngest recipient of the George medal to a bizarre tale involving a bomb and some table tennis bats.

  34. 'A Bit of a Scratch', a radio drama about the battle against Venereal Disease during the First World War2017/06/16
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  35. Medieval treason and magic2017/06/15
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  36. 'Dadland': the father who was also an undercover guerrilla agent2017/05/18
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  37. Black British politics and the anti-apartheid struggle2017/04/25
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  38. From the Somme to Arras2017/04/18

    Andrew Lock discusses the progress made by the British Expeditionary Forces between the battles of the Somme (1916) and Arras (1917). Although lessons were learned during the Somme campaign, Arras clearly exposed command and preparation deficiencies, leading to setbacks and the highest casualty rate of any British offensive in the war.

  39. Bureau-cats: A short history of Whitehall's official felines 2017/03/29
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  40. Tracy Borman on 'The Private Lives of the Tudors'2017/03/06
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  41. Talks from the National LGBT History Festival: E-J Scott on collecting for the Museum of Transology2017/02/20
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  42. Talks from the National LGBT History Festival: Emma Vickers on trans veterans of the British Armed Forces2017/02/20
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  43. Talks from the National LGBT History Festival: Hilary McCollum on 'Sapphic Suffragettes'2017/02/20
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  44. Archive Notes: Prosthetics and the First World War2017/01/19
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  45. The life and death of King John2016/11/29
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  46. Defeating the Zeppelins2016/11/24
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  47. The Battle of Agincourt2016/11/16

    In 1415, King Henry V led an army to victory on the field of Agincourt. In this talk, which commemorated the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt, Professor Anne Curry discusses the events leading up to the conquest, and the myths surrounding it that have developed over the centuries.

  48. Jonathan Dimbleby on 'The Battle of the Atlantic: How the Allies Won the War'2016/10/19
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  49. Traces through Time: a new tool for finding linked records across our collections2016/10/11
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  50. Never Forget: The Holocaust and Nazi Persecution2016/10/07

    In this talk - held as part of Holocaust Memorial Day - record specialists Ela Kaczmarska and Lauren Willmott shed light on the atrocities committed during this dark period of history and the millions of victims who were persecuted by the Nazis' fascist ideology.

  51. Security Service file release September 20162016/09/28

    Professor Christopher Andrew, formerly official historian of MI5 and author of 'The Defence of the Realm: The Authorized History of MI5', introduces key files from the release of Security Service files to The National Archives in September 2016.

  52. Blindness in Victorian Britain2016/09/21
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  53. A tourist's guide to Shakespeare's London2016/09/13
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  54. Magna Carta: Law, Liberty and Legacy2016/09/06
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  55. Prisoners of war in the Far East2016/08/31
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  56. England's Immigrants between 1330 and 15502016/08/23
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  57. Simply a Jacobite woman? The life experience of Lady Nairne2016/08/17
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  58. Worn out by war: Disabled soldiers and their pensions2016/08/10
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  59. First Lady: The Life and Wars of Clementine Churchill2016/08/03
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  60. Writer of the month: Mike Pitts on 'Digging for Richard III: How Archaeology Found the King'2016/07/27
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  61. Big Data and the gendering of Parliamentary language2016/07/22
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  62. England '66: The best of times?2016/07/13

    It was a year when England won the World Cup and led the world in all aspects of popular culture, including pop music, fashion, and film. But it was also a time of sterling crises, wage and price freezes, and industrial strife. Contemporary specialist Mark Dunton looks at a nation caught between optimism and decline.

  63. 100 years of the WI: The acceptable face of feminism2016/07/07
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  64. Writer of the Month: Richard Barnett on Crucial Interventions2016/06/30
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  65. Amiable Warriors: A History of the Campaign for Homosexual Equality2016/06/14
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  66. Big Ideas: The Future of the Past2016/06/08
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  67. Stalin's Englishman: The Lives of Guy Burgess2016/06/02
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  68. Shell-Shocked Britain: Understanding the lasting trauma of the First World War2016/05/25
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  69. Heidi Thomas: Researching Call the Midwife2016/05/18

    Screenwriter Heidi Thomas shares the process of transforming Jennifer Worth's memoirs into the BBC period drama 'Call the Midwife', a TV series about midwives working in the East End of London in the late 1950s

  70. Materiality matters: new approaches to medieval wax seal studies2016/03/07
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  71. Magna Carta - what's so 'great' about the charter?2015/12/30
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  72. Using the 1939 Register: Recording the UK population before the war2015/12/22
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  73. For king and another country: Indian soldiers on the Western Front2015/12/15
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  74. Writer of the month: A history of war in 100 battles2015/12/08
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  75. Big Ideas: Freedom of Memory: A new human right?2015/10/30
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  76. Security Service file release October 2015: Discussion2015/10/23
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  77. Security Service file release October 2015: Introduction2015/10/23

    Professor Christopher Andrew, formerly official historian of MI5 and author of 'The Defence of the Realm: The Authorized History of MI5', introduces key files from the release of Security Service files to The National Archives in October 2015.

  78. Barbara Hepworth, her life and work2015/10/22
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  79. First World War rugby and the first World Cup2015/10/16
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  80. 'Over the top: a foul a blurry foul' - the first football charge of the First World War2015/10/02
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  81. 1939 National Registration Night2015/09/29
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  82. Kew lives - reconstructing the past2015/09/25
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  83. Writer of the month: Peter Doggett - Electric shock: From the gramophone to the iPhone2015/09/17
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  84. Big Ideas: On pilgrimage in England2015/09/11
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  85. Big Ideas: Innovation in the Air Force2015/09/04
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  86. Security Service file release August 20152015/08/21

    Professor Christopher Andrew, formerly official historian of MI5 and author of 'The Defence of the Realm: The Authorized History of MI5', introduces key files from the release of Security Service files to The National Archives in August 2015.

  87. Waterloo men: the records of Wellington's Waterloo army2015/08/14

    By taking two men who fought at Waterloo and exploring how different records bring their careers to life, Carole Divall demonstrates the hidden stories that can be found within army records.

    Carole Divall is a former teacher and now researches, writes and lectures on the Revolutionary Wars.

  88. Dunkirk: from disaster to deliverance2015/08/07
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  89. Writer of the month: Jenny Uglow2015/07/17

    Jenny Uglow talks about her book, In These Times: Living in Britain through Napoleon's Wars, 1793-1815.

    This podcast was recorded live as part of the Writer of the month series, which broadens awareness of historical records and their uses for writers.

  90. Big Ideas: The women's war in the Middle East - women's First World War service in Egypt, Gallipoli, Mesopotamia and Palestine2015/07/10
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  91. 'The Germans are here!' London's first Zeppelin raid2015/07/06
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  92. Writer of the month: Adam Nicolson - Wordsworth's and Coleridge's year together in Somerset, 1797-17982015/06/22
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  93. Arts and Inspiration Day at The National Archives 2014: Design history and material culture2015/06/05

    Julie Halls discusses design history and material culture as a potential area for research.

    Arts and Inspiration Day is a free event for students thinking of future PhD study which introduces the research potential of The National Archives' collection. This event was held on 17 November 2014.

  94. Arts and Inspiration Day at The National Archives 2014: Propaganda2015/06/05
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  95. Arts and Inspiration Day at The National Archives 2014: Maps and plans2015/06/05

    Rose Mitchell reveals the maps and plans held at The National Archives.

    Arts and Inspiration Day is a free event for students thinking of future PhD study which introduces the research potential of The National Archives' collection. This event was held on 17 November 2014.

  96. Arts and Inspiration Day at The National Archives 2014: Music and lyrics2015/06/05

    Jo Pugh reveals the music, lyrics and poetry lurking in diverse records, from Thomas Byrd's pupil, John Bull to songs from Second World War prisoner of war camps.

    Arts and Inspiration Day is a free event for students thinking of future PhD study which introduces the research potential of The National Archives' collection. This event was held on 17 November 2014.

  97. Portillo's State Secrets2015/05/29

    Researcher Tommy Norton introduces some of the 30 documents featured in the BBC 2 ten-part television series, Portillo's State Secrets. He also talks about the background to the series.

    Originally a journalist on local newspapers and magazines, Tommy spent four years in The National Archives' press office. He is now an independent reesearcher.

  98. Writer of the month: Helen Castor on Joan of Arc2015/05/22

    Helen Castor in conversation, discussing her new book, Joan of Arc: A history. Find out more about Helen Castor on her website.

    This podcast was recorded live as part of the Writer of the month series, which broadens awareness of historical records and their uses for writers. We apologise for any intermittent reduction in sound quality.

  99. Tracing railway ancestors2015/03/27
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  100. Big Ideas: Rapid response collecting2015/03/13
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  101. Vanishing for the Vote: diverse suffragettes boycott the 1911 census2015/03/06
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  102. Big Ideas: 'An heroic, slow-motion cataloguing of life': ethics and digitisation2015/02/27
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  103. Writer of the month: My history - Antonia Fraser2015/02/20
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  104. The huns have got my gramophone: advertisements from the Great War2015/02/13
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  105. Lines on the map: records of international boundaries2015/01/30
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  106. Writer of the month: The Spanish ambassador's suitcase2015/01/23
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  107. Big Ideas: The shape of time2015/01/09
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  108. Newly released files from 1985 and 19862014/12/30

    Contemporary records specialists Mark Dunton and Simon Demissie discuss the latest batch of government records to be released to The National Archives. The years were 1985 and 1986.

    Introduced by Rebecca Simpson.

  109. A game for Christmas: Football on the Western Front, December 1914?2014/12/23
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  110. Writer of the month: Tracy Borman on Thomas Cromwell2014/12/19
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  111. Big Ideas: The Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Cultural Value Project2014/12/12
  112. Writer of the month: Stories from behind the Berlin Wall2014/12/05
  113. Paddy Ashdown: The Cruel Victory2014/11/28
  114. The Chevalier d'Eon: Transgender Diplomat at the Court of George III, 1763-17772014/11/21
  115. Putting it all together: using archives to discover your community's involvement in the First World War2014/11/18
  116. The civil service in the First World War2014/11/14
  117. Inventions that didn't change the world: a history of Victorian curiosities2014/11/07
  118. 1974: forty years on2014/10/31
  119. Security Service file release October 20142014/10/24
  120. Writer of the month: Philippa Gregory2014/10/24
  121. Maps: their untold stories2014/10/17
  122. Big Ideas: Understanding patterns of behaviour for users of public records2014/10/10
  123. From British bobby to Hong Kong copper2014/10/03
  124. The naval policy of the Free Church of Scotland2014/09/19
  125. 'A World of Their Design': The men who shaped Tudor diplomacy2014/09/15
  126. 'Things as are all Forms, & Ceremonys': Ritual and authority in the reign of Queen Anne2014/09/04
  127. Webinar: Why did people fear the Victorian workhouse?2014/09/03
  128. Webinar: Tracing British battalions or regiments during the First World War2014/09/01
  129. Webinar: An introduction to emigration sources for family historians2014/09/01
  130. Webinar: An introduction to medieval and early modern sources for family historians2014/08/29
  131. Webinar: Army musters - more than just accounts2014/08/29
  132. Did she kill him? Addiction, adultery and arsenic in Victorian Britain2014/08/22
  133. War and Peace conference: Closing remarks: the First World War and intelligence2014/08/15
  134. Big Ideas: Big Data for Law2014/08/15
  135. Writer of the month: A very British murder2014/08/08
  136. Lines in the sand2014/08/01
  137. Peacetime diplomacy and the New European Order2014/08/01
  138. Wartime diplomacy: The role of the Empire2014/08/01
  139. The road to war: At home and abroad: propaganda and intelligence2014/08/01
  140. Wartime diplomacy: Getting global: American involvement2014/08/01
  141. The road to war: The prelude to war2014/08/01
  142. Annual lecture of the Pipe Roll Society (2014): Formal record and courtroom reality in 13th and 14th century England2014/07/25
  143. Keeping it in the family2014/07/18
  144. Big Ideas: Sharing knowledge and expertise with business2014/07/11
  145. Special Operations Executive (SOE) service - some alternative sources2014/07/04
  146. Inconvenient people and how to find them: Tales from the Victorian lunacy panics2014/06/27
  147. Finding my father in Mesopotamia2014/06/19
  148. The untold story of the RAF's black Second World War fliers over Europe2014/06/10
  149. Big Idea: A competition to encourage videogame design students to go 'Off the Map'2014/06/06
  150. Reluctant regicides? The trial of Charles I revisited2014/05/30
  151. Webinar: Cloud storage and digital preservation2014/05/27
  152. UKAD forum 2014: The connected age, the European stage - Social History Portal2014/05/19
  153. UKAD forum 2014: Knowing your rights - More than just data standards: what are the rights challenges for digitisation and online access to archive collections?2014/05/19
  154. UKAD forum 2014: Standards in archival collection management systems2014/05/19
  155. UKAD forum 2014: The connected age, the European stage - Europeana2014/05/19
  156. UKAD forum 2014: The connected age, the European stage - Archives Portal Europe2014/05/19
  157. UKAD forum 2014: Raising the standard - Finding Archives: standards and data exchange in action2014/05/19
  158. UKAD forum 2014: Raising the standard - AIM25 and authorities and indexes2014/05/19
  159. UKAD forum 2014: Raising the standard - The Archives Hub: Putting the data centre-stage2014/05/19
  160. UKAD forum 2014: Going where the people are2014/05/19
  161. Georgian Londoners - the making of a modern city2014/05/16
  162. Big Ideas: Sense and sensitivity2014/05/12
  163. Big Ideas: How to turn a tin can into a TARDIS2014/05/06
  164. Operation Unthinkable: Churchill's plan for World War Three2014/04/28
  165. Writer of the month: Human woes - researching violence and pain in the archives2014/04/25
  166. The Post Office Tower: symbol of a new Britain?2014/04/22
  167. Early civil registration2014/04/07
  168. '...we may lie and die in a land of plenty...': The Victorian poor in their own words2014/04/01
  169. Spies like us: The secret life of Ernest Oldham2014/03/14
  170. Big Ideas: The Great Archive Debate: a view from York2014/03/07
  171. The Keeper's Gallery Talk 2014: The UK's entry to the European Economic Community2014/03/07
  172. He is so silly he would rather have a half pence than a shilling: Discovering the history of learning disability2014/03/07
  173. Security Service file release February 20142014/02/28
  174. From deviance to diversity?2014/02/17
  175. Digitising MH 47 the Middlesex military service appeal tribunal2014/02/11
  176. Black in the British Frame2014/02/10
  177. Big ideas: From catwalk to cultural collections2014/02/06
  178. News from FamilySearch2014/01/27
  179. Big Ideas: Mind the Gap2014/01/24
  180. Public Cooperation with the Household Expenditure Enquiry, 1953-19542014/01/20
  181. Hidden treasures? Uncovering maps among the files of government2014/01/13
  182. New files from 19842014/01/03
  183. The day parliament burned down2013/12/20
  184. NDACA - the National Disability Arts Collection and Archive2013/12/16
  185. Britain's air forces in the First World War2013/12/13
  186. Scandals in the family2013/12/09
  187. They gave the crowd plenty fun2013/12/06
  188. Writer of the month: witches, sorcery, scandal and seduction in Jacobean England2013/12/02
  189. An introduction to the eighth tranche of colonial administration records released at The National Archives2013/11/29
  190. Searching the unsearchable2013/11/25
  191. The Treaty of Utrecht2013/11/22
  192. Coronations2013/11/19
  193. Death and taxes: understanding the death duty registers2013/11/15
  194. William Hardin Burnley and Caribbean slavery2013/11/12
  195. Big data and dead criminals2013/10/14
  196. Living in a railway town2013/10/11
  197. An Intimate History of Your Home2013/09/29
  198. An introduction to the seventh tranche of colonial administration records released at The National Archives2013/09/27
  199. The life and work of MacDonald Gill: mapmaker, letterer and graphic artist2013/09/24
  200. Suddenly, All Roads Led to Munich, 1936 - why I wrote Winter Games2013/09/20
  201. Yapton: a Sussex parish seen through the census and parish records2013/09/13
  202. Tracing your merchant seamen ancestors through crew lists and agreements2013/09/06
  203. There and back again: going away doesn't mean staying away2013/09/03
  204. The truth about The Great Train Robbery of 19632013/08/20
  205. Thomas Armstrong: the smuggler king of Cullercoats2013/08/16
  206. At the Instigation of the Devil: suicide and its records2013/08/12
  207. Locating London's wartime past: www.bombsight.org2013/08/09
  208. Writing a history of one's own times2013/08/06
  209. Cars and democracy: British trusteeship of Volkswagen 1945 to 19492013/08/02
  210. New files from 19832013/07/29
  211. An introduction to the sixth tranche of colonial administration records released at The National Archives2013/07/29
  212. The Church and the propaganda of political reform in 13th century England2013/07/25
  213. No (inter)sex please, we're Olympians2013/07/19
  214. The secret listeners2013/07/12
  215. Three generations of master mariners2013/07/05
  216. Join up and see the world! British military recruitment after national service2013/06/28
  217. In conversation with Dominic Sandbrook2013/06/24
  218. Design online: extending access to the BT Design Register2013/06/17
  219. The subversion of Cheddi Jagan: the Cold War in British Guiana, 1953-642013/06/10
  220. Brick walls and lost ancestors2013/06/03
  221. An A-Z of Interesting Things about Elizabethan England2013/05/28
  222. William Wallace's rising and execution, and Edward I's conquest of Scotland2013/05/24
  223. Australia in War and Peace, 1914-192013/05/10
  224. The Journey's End Battalion: The 9th East Surrey and R C Sherriff in the Great War2013/05/03
  225. The Children of Henry VIII2013/04/29
  226. Hillsborough: the tangled web2013/04/26
  227. Hearth Tax: an introduction2013/04/12
  228. A system of spies and informers: intelligence gathering in the period 1780-18302013/04/19
  229. The post-Restoration army: 1660-17142013/04/05
  230. Authority, Legitimacy and Orthodoxy: the Accession of Henry V in 14132013/03/28
  231. Stalingrad and Berlin: researching the reality of war2013/03/25
  232. An Embarrassing Question: Opium, Britain and China 1856-18602013/03/22
  233. The policy agenda of the British Government, 1945-20082013/03/15
  234. Challenges facing The National Archives - Part 32013/03/11
  235. The Final Whistle: the Great War in 15 players - a London rugby club at war 1914-19182013/03/08
  236. How to publish with The National Archives 2013/03/07
  237. How to research a famous person in The National Archives2013/03/07
  238. How to mine The National Archives for writing fiction2013/03/07
  239. What happened before today's mutual Credit Unions? An introduction to Friends of Labour Loan Societies 1850s-1930s2013/03/01
  240. Reckless, Rash and Repentant: Convicts Petitions for Mercy 1819-18582013/02/22
  241. Hunting for Spies in The National Archives2013/02/15
  242. The Will Forgeries: a forgotten sensation2013/02/08
  243. Tracing battalions or regiments of the British Army during the Great War2013/02/01
  244. Rawdon Brown and the Brown Archive in The National Archives2013/01/25
  245. Where there's a will...: probate records for family history at The National Archives and beyond2013/01/18
  246. A Brilliant Little Operation: The full story of how the Cockleshell Heroes mounted the greatest raid of WW22013/01/11
  247. Geography, art and the sinking of the Mary Rose2013/01/04
  248. Bess of Hardwick2012/12/21
  249. The scandalous case of John Vassall: sexuality, spying and the Civil Service2012/12/17
  250. Tracing Huguenot ancestors2012/12/14
  251. The strange journey of Edward Swarthye, an African in Elizabethan England: from the Spanish Caribbean to rural Gloucestershire2012/12/07
  252. Morbidity and mortality on convict voyages to 19th century Australia2012/11/30
  253. Adlestrop: railways, poetry and the myths of 19142012/11/23
  254. Marjorie's War: four families and the Great War2012/11/16
  255. Archives Sector: the Leadership Challenge2012/11/09
  256. Tracing marriages; legal requirements and actual practice, 1700-18362012/11/02
  257. Keeping it in the family: professional dynasties in 19th century England2012/10/26
  258. Remembering Samuel Coleridge Taylor; African British musician and pan-Africanist2012/10/19
  259. Philip Henslowe, Edward Alleyn and the invention of London theatre in the age of Shakespeare2012/10/12
  260. British Malaya2012/09/28
  261. Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn: clothing, courtship and consequences2012/09/20
  262. Coroners' Inquests2012/08/17
  263. The life of Philip d'Auvergne RN; officer, prisoner and prince2012/08/10
  264. 'An impenetrable tangle or an under-used mine of information?' The Court of Common Pleas and its records, c.1200-18752012/08/03
  265. Colonial lives, careers and policies: researching printed papers of the British colonial governments2012/07/27
  266. England and Scotland at War, 1296-1513: sources at The National Archives2012/07/23
  267. Magna Carta: What more is there to say?2012/07/13
  268. The Silken Paper Trail: openness and the national collective memory2012/07/09
  269. Edwardian rollerskating2012/07/03
  270. Sedition, transportation and treason2012/06/27
  271. Lost in London2012/06/22
  272. Tracing merchant seamen, 1857-19182012/06/14
  273. The Golden Stool: cataloguing Colonial Office records from 19002012/05/25
  274. Medieval queens in The National Archives2012/05/11
  275. Selling history: the role of the past at Fortnum and Mason2012/05/04
  276. Digging for diamonds: hidden histories at The National Archives2012/04/27
  277. An introduction to the first tranche of colonial administration records released at The National Archives2012/04/19
  278. United Kingdom Archives Discovery forum 2012 keynote talk2012/04/13
  279. When sport meets the law2012/04/05
  280. Business Archives: new initiatives and developments2012/03/30
  281. 'There is no aspect of government activity on which the State Papers may not throw light': the papers of the secretaries of state 1509-17822012/03/23
  282. Digitised newspapers as sources for family history2012/03/19
  283. Finding your family in Canada2012/03/09
  284. Our ancestors and the fear of the Victorian workhouse2012/03/06
  285. Tithe tales: what the Tithe Survey records tell us about early Victorian place and society2012/03/02
  286. The British Red Cross and its archives2012/02/27
  287. Prison hulks2012/02/24
  288. Necessity, the mother of invention: Britain's response to the demands of total war 1939-19452012/02/20
  289. MI5 file release February 20122012/02/17
  290. The last slave market: Dr John Kirk and the struggle to end the African slave trade2012/02/15
  291. Nineteenth century merchant seafarers and their records2012/01/31
  292. Researching Mr Briggs' Hat: an account of Britain's first railway murder2012/01/27
  293. No vote no census2012/01/24
  294. How a chisel, a mule, a shipping container and a cloud contribute to family history2012/01/20
  295. Henry III Fine Rolls2012/01/13
  296. Anxiety, dread and disease: British ports 1834-18702012/01/09
  297. Sovereign squire rebel2012/01/06
  298. New files from 19812011/12/30
  299. Preparing the 1911 census for digitisation2011/12/22
  300. When a woman is not a woman: how the Ministry of Pensions constructed gender in the 1950s2011/12/16
  301. Untold histories: black Britons during the period of the British slave trade, c. 1660-18072011/12/12
  302. Making geographical sense of the census2011/11/29
  303. 'A low artful wicked man': poverty riots and bread, the response of government to the crises of the 1790s2011/11/25
  304. Exploding the mysteries of the Bomb Census2011/11/04
  305. 20th century Treasury records2011/10/31
  306. English burial and cemetery records online and on film2011/10/24
  307. No place for ladies: the untold story of women in the Crimean War2011/10/21
  308. The 1911 Census: a vision of England2011/10/14
  309. Textile designs 1842-1964: exploring the Board of Trade Representations and Registers2011/10/07
  310. The Hong Kong colonial cemetery2011/10/05
  311. Out of the way of mischief2011/09/28
  312. Science and sustainability2011/09/16
  313. The Berlin Wall 1961: the construction 50 years on2011/09/09
  314. Railways and the mobilisation for war in 19142011/08/30
  315. MI5 file release August 20112011/08/26
  316. Time travel: a journey through the timetables of the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway 1860-1901 2011/08/19
  317. Galaxy Zoo and old weather: exploring the potential of citizen science2011/08/12
  318. Morale, morality and the Liverpool Blitz2011/08/05
  319. The Land Tax 1692- 19632011/08/01
  320. Nineteenth century soldiers: getting the most from online resources2011/07/15
  321. The battle of Towton - a 550-year retrospective2011/07/15
  322. Overseas births, marriages and deaths2011/07/08
  323. 1611-2011: The 400th anniversary of the King James Bible2011/07/01
  324. The last thing we need is a sequel: Postwar cinema at The National Archives2011/06/24
  325. Suing and being sued - finding people in legal disputes2011/06/17
  326. The Metropolitan Police: an introduction to records of service 1829-19582011/06/10
  327. Behind the scenes: two centuries of census-taking2011/06/03
  328. Modelling for decision-making: simulating the building environment2011/05/27
  329. 'Revolting to humanity': histories of mental health2011/05/20
  330. Inheritance in Scotland - testaments and retours2011/05/13
  331. The Second World War and Roche's expansion to the West: a Swiss pharmaceutical company in the United Kingdom2011/05/09
  332. From crime to punishment: criminal records of our ancestors from the 18th and 19th centuries2011/04/21
  333. The Festival of Britain2011/04/13
  334. Escape and evasion in Occupied Europe2011/04/08
  335. MI5 file release April 20112011/04/04
  336. Heralds and heraldry at The National Archives2011/03/25
  337. Sources for agricultural labourers2011/03/11
  338. In the High Court of Justice2011/03/04
  339. UFO file release March 20112011/03/03
  340. Broadmoor Revealed: the Victorian Asylum2011/02/25
  341. Constance Emily Kent: nightdresses, breast flannels and child murder2011/02/11
  342. Fictional obscenities: lesbianism and censorship in the early 20th century2011/02/07
  343. Journeys of discovery: surgeons at sea - ADM 101 Research Symposium2011/01/28
  344. Damaged, disturbed and dismembered: disability and war in the 20th century 2011/01/24
  345. Titanic: the official story2011/01/19
  346. Challenges facing The National Archives2011/01/14
  347. New files from 19802010/12/30
  348. Naval medical officers' journals and the history of medicine2010/12/17
  349. Madame Rachel of Bond Street2010/12/10
  350. The Cabinet Papers 1915-19792010/12/03
  351. Hidden Women: uncovering the veil of silence during the partition of Punjab, India 19472010/11/29
  352. Royal Hospital Chelsea: Soldiers' service documents2010/11/15
  353. Forgotten tragedy: The loss of HMT Lancastria2010/11/05
  354. Credit crunch histories: records of bankrupts in The National Archives2010/10/22
  355. Freedom fighters: sources for black loyalists at The National Archives2010/10/15
  356. A history of the Public Records Office2010/10/08
  357. Charles Dickens, Warren's Blacking and the Chancery Court2010/10/01
  358. The Kitchen Front: domestic life in the Second World War2010/09/24
  359. The first Afghan war2010/09/17
  360. Sailors, storms and science: how Royal Navy logbooks help us understand climate change2010/09/10
  361. Catch-up history and the Cold War2010/09/03
  362. MI5 file release August 20102010/08/26
  363. Alcohol Consumption in Historical Perspective2010/08/20
  364. Reforming Central Government: The case of science and technology2010/08/18
  365. UFO file release August 20102010/08/05
  366. Tourists and booking clerks - information for family historians in the Thomas Cook Archives2010/07/30
  367. Treaties in The National Archives2010/07/23
  368. The pub and the people2010/07/16
  369. Disclosure, documentary release and candour in government2010/07/09
  370. The South African empire2010/07/07
  371. Identity and identity theft2010/07/02
  372. The National Archives goes to the movies2010/06/21
  373. Women, darts and the pub in the interwar period2010/06/04
  374. Lost London pubs2010/05/26
  375. Tracing marriages in 18th century England and Wales: a reassessment of law and practice2010/05/21
  376. Dependence, intolerance and expulsion: the story of the Jews in England, 1066 - 12902010/05/19
  377. Bara Brith on the pampas: the Welsh in Patagonia2010/03/26
  378. Counting the people2010/03/19
  379. I'm All Right Jack! Britain in 19592010/03/12
  380. Highlights of Security Service files released at The National Archives2010/03/08
  381. Kindertransport: Britain's rescue plan2010/02/26
  382. Fashion or ration: Hartnell, Amies and dressing for the Blitz2010/02/18
  383. Tracing ancestors in Nelson's Navy2010/02/08
  384. Medieval warfare: sources and approaches2010/01/29
  385. New Britons - Immigration to the United Kingdom2010/01/22
  386. Shop workers: tracing your retail ancestors2010/01/14
  387. New files from 19792009/12/30
  388. From cotton spinning to coffins: specifications for patents of invention2009/12/18
  389. Education in 19112009/12/04
  390. Transportation to Australia2009/11/30
  391. The Metropolitan Police: its creation and records of service2009/11/20
  392. Railway disasters: an introduction2009/11/13
  393. The gunpowder plot: key documents and hidden voices2009/11/06
  394. Roll up, roll up: the evolution of the circus 10-in-1 show2009/10/30
  395. Apprenticeship records for family historians2009/10/23
  396. An introduction to sources for Anglican clergymen2009/10/16
  397. How to win a duel2009/10/08
  398. The Truth is in Here: UFOs at The National Archives 2009/10/08
  399. Darwin's voyage: HMS Beagle 1831-62009/10/07
  400. Two Crowns, One King: Henry V and the Treaty of Troyes2009/10/07
  401. Civilian honours and awards2009/10/02
  402. Internment2009/09/21
  403. GIs and POWs: Kew in the Second World War2009/09/16
  404. The battle that frightened Churchill: the war in the Atlantic2009/09/10
  405. Forgeries in the archives2009/08/28
  406. The final balance: researching families and wealth in the 19th century using the death duty records2009/08/18
  407. Upstairs and downstairs in the royal household2009/08/07
  408. Dr Williams' Library: an early birth registry2009/07/31
  409. Summer of '692009/07/17
  410. Royal Naval medals: an introduction2009/07/10
  411. Genius on trial: key sources relating to Oscar Wilde at The National Archives2009/07/03
  412. Researching the British Empire and Commonwealth2009/06/26
  413. Burial clubs - the unfriendly societies2009/06/11
  414. Titanic Lives: The Crew of RMS Titanic2009/06/05
  415. Charles Darwin and the Beagle2009/05/29
  416. Prison: five hundred years behind bars2009/05/22
  417. The Great Escape: you've seen the film, now hear the truth2009/05/15
  418. Catching Victorian and Edwardian criminals on paper2009/05/08
  419. Every journey has two ends: using passenger lists2009/05/01
  420. From Mountbatten to Patten: the last proconsuls and the ending of the British Empire2009/04/24
  421. Naturalisation and alien registration2009/04/16
  422. Finding company records2009/04/09
  423. What can you learn from a DNA test?2009/04/02
  424. George Ives: queer lives and the family2009/03/30
  425. Locality, land and livelihood: sources for early local history2009/03/20
  426. Tracing your ancestors: a case study featuring the Darwin family2009/03/13
  427. Tracing Scottish ancestors2009/03/06
  428. Dissecting and cataloguing medical officers' journals in ADM 1012009/02/27
  429. Royal Air Force service records2009/02/20
  430. Kapow! Fifties Britain versus the comics menace2009/02/17
  431. Irish land records - British Sign Language video2009/02/06
  432. Irish land records2009/02/06
  433. Civil registration and beyond2009/01/30
  434. Civil registration and beyond - British Sign Language Video 2009/01/30
  435. The Manorial Documents Register - British Sign Language Video 2009/01/23
  436. The Manorial Documents Register2009/01/23
  437. Introducing the 1911 census - British Sign Language Video2009/01/15
  438. Child emigration to Canada2009/01/09
  439. Child emigration to Canada - BSL Sign Language Video 2009/01/09
  440. New files From 19782008/12/30
  441. New files From 1978 - BSL Sign Language Video 2008/12/30
  442. Filling the gaps2008/12/18
  443. Merchant Navy operational records2008/12/12
  444. Cabinet Papers, 1915-19772008/12/04
  445. The real Little Dorrit: Charles Dickens and the debtors' prison - British Sign Language video 2008/11/28
  446. The real Little Dorrit: Charles Dickens and the debtors' prison2008/11/28
  447. Radicalism and unrest2008/11/21
  448. God's Wonderful Railway - British Sign Language video 2008/11/14
  449. God's Wonderful Railway2008/11/14
  450. The parish: administration and records - British Sign Language video 2008/11/07
  451. The parish: administration and records2008/11/07
  452. Customs and Excise service records2008/10/30
  453. Unfinished business: Britain and the European Community2008/10/24
  454. Victorian women prisoners2008/10/09
  455. Railway staff records2008/10/02
  456. Introduction to Family History - British Sign Language video 2008/09/25
  457. Divorce records after 18582008/09/04
  458. Security Service document releases2008/08/31
  459. The 'Fleet Registers' or irregular marriage registers of 17th and 18th century London2008/08/28
  460. The National Register of Archives2008/08/20
  461. The Special Operations Executive, the French Resistance and the D-Day landings2008/08/14
  462. The annual Ancestors Lecture: our 17th century ancestors2008/07/24
  463. Tracing World War One ancestors2008/07/17
  464. Solving census problems2008/07/10
  465. Was Richard II mad?2008/07/03
  466. Emigration records2008/06/26
  467. Criminal ancestors: trial records at The National Archives2008/06/19
  468. Tracing pre-1914 army ancestors2008/06/12
  469. 1968: Year of revolutions2008/05/29
  470. UFO files from the UK Government2008/05/22
  471. Secrecy and government records2008/05/15
  472. Britain and the challenge of Fascism: saving Europe at a cost2008/04/08
  473. Britain and the challenge of Fascism: saving Europe at a cost (Part 2)2008/04/08
  474. Losing Orton in the archives2008/03/13
  475. Security Service document releases2008/02/29
  476. The Navy Board project2008/02/21
  477. Watch the birdie and say 'cheese'2008/02/14
  478. Research and collections at The National Archives2008/01/31
  479. Closing the last day: death, memory and landholding in the Inquisitions Post-Mortem, 1216 - 16602008/01/17
  480. 20th century Cabinet records: digitising a core collection of modern political records2008/01/04
  481. Sources for army officers' commissions2007/12/20
  482. The road to Jamestown - part 22007/12/13
  483. The road to Jamestown - part 12007/12/06
  484. The making of the Stalinist state 1928-1941 - part 22007/11/29
  485. The making of the Stalinist state 1928-1941 - part 12007/11/22
  486. Modern sources for immigration - part 22007/11/13
  487. Modern sources for immigration - part 12007/09/18
  488. Sex, lies and civil registration2007/08/28
  489. In the name of God, Amen: wills for family history2007/07/19
  490. From Magna Carta to the parliamentary state: the Fine Rolls of King Henry III 1216-12722007/07/13
  491. Sources for First World War army ancestry2007/06/21
  492. Tracing your Irish ancestors at The National Archives2007/06/14
  493. Medieval criminals and the law2007/06/07
  494. What at first was plunder: tracing records of excisemen2007/05/31
  495. King John and Magna Carta2007/05/23
  496. Henry VIII: dynasty and power in Tudor England2007/04/27
  497. 'In deadly hate?' Richard III and the War of the Roses2007/04/12
  498. The creation of the Iraqi state: 1914 to 19742007/04/04
  499. Jermynology: how genealogy can change history2007/03/15
  500. Tracing births and deaths at sea2006/12/14
  501. Star Chamber stories: using records of the early modern equity courts2006/12/12
  502. Going, going, almost gone: the vanishing face of the traditional English pub2006/12/07
  503. Colin Jackson: my journey into the past2006/11/28
  504. Creating a legacy from your family history2006/11/28
  505. Was the Cromwellian Protectorate a military dictatorship?2006/11/27
  506. The dichotomies of drink2006/09/28
  507. Sahib, the British soldier in India, 1750 - 19142006/07/17
  508. Inventions in 18th century Britain2006/04/28
  509. A bag of secrets2006/01/02
  510. The problem of the poor: faith, science and poverty in 19th century Britain2006/01/01
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