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  1. Weekend sport preview2019/04/18

    With the NRL and AFL competitions gathering steam and the Israel Folau saga continuing in rugby union, it's a busy time in the world of sport.
  2. Phase two begins in India's long election process2019/04/18

    Millions of voters across India are casting their ballots as phase two of the country's elections begins.
  3. Election 2019: Day 8 campaign wrap2019/04/18

    Labor is facing criticism from both the Coalition and the Greens over its climate change policies.
  4. Election 2019: Greens promise better English language support for migrants2019/04/18

    The Greens have announced a $50 million plan to increase the ability of migrants and new arrivals to Australia to access English language support.
  5. Soaring music trend triggers rise in Korean language classes2019/04/18

    The fascination of a diverse group of Australians with all things South Korean, particularly the country’s music, has led to an increased uptake in Korean language classes.
  6. Sudan's deposed president Bashir believed imprisoned2019/04/18

    Months of protests resulted in the removal of the long-time president in a military coup last week but Sudanese people remain on the streets, demanding a civilian government.
  7. Solidarity shown to Notre Dame2019/04/18

    Cathedrals around France and around the world have been ringing their bells in solidarity with Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris
  8. Election 2019: Profile of the Liberal Party2019/04/18

    There's no other figure that looms larger over the Liberal Party of Australia than Sir Robert Menzies who helped create the party.
  9. Election 2019: Profile of the Australian Labor Party2019/04/17

    One of the first labour parties created in the world, Labor grew out of the trade union movement before Federation.
  10. India's star candidates hitch their political fortunes to their celebrity2019/04/17

    The melodrama of elections is often likened to theatre – but in India, that is taking on a more literal meaning.
  11. Aussie students lead fight against credit card fraud2019/04/17

    A group of Melbourne students has left for the United States to take part in a global science competition promoting technology and innovation.
  12. Australia's new parent visa 'absolutely unfair' say migrant communities2019/04/17

    Applications are open for the long-awaited new temporary parent visa but many migrants say they feel excluded by the unrealistic conditions of the new visa class.
  13. The 'cuddle chemical' that may help treat problem drinking2019/04/17

    Mostly known for its role in inducing labour or making people affectionate, a new study of alcohol-dependent rats shows oxytocin may have a role in controlling drinking.
  14. Notre Dame Cathedral to be restored2019/04/17

    France's President has vowed to restore the cathedral as investigations begin into the fire that shook the nation.
  15. Punk culture celebrated, forty years on2019/04/17

    One of the world's most prestigious art museums is paying tribute to a movement that it once viewed as a threat - punk.
  16. Australia St: part 42019/04/16

    Climate policy looks to be a key voting issue for hundreds of thousands, if not millions of voters, at this year's federal election.
  17. Young Australians concerned about climate change2019/04/16

    Survey reveals young people are deeply disappointed by inaction on climate change and have a high level of distrust in politicians.
  18. Measles cases triple around the world2019/04/16

    Provisional data from World Health Organisation indicates all regions of the world are seeing outbreaks of measles.
  19. Young boys have been calling the Kids Helpline far less often than young girls2019/04/16

    The Kids Helpline says boys and young males have been contacting the service in declining numbers and at a much lower rate than their female counterparts.
  20. Election 2019: Who is Michael McCormack?2019/04/16

    Michael McCormack took over as leader of the Nationals following the sex scandal that saw former leader Barnaby Joyce step down, but some say he has found it difficult to step out of his predecessor’s shadow.
  21. Election 2019: Who is Richard Di Natale?2019/04/16

    Richard Di Natale has continued the Greens’ fight on environmental and social justice issues since taking over as leader, but the 2019 federal election comes after a period which has seen the Greens' overall popularity plateau.
  22. Election 2019: Day 6 campaign wrap2019/04/16

    Scott Morrison continues to accuse Bill Shorten of lying, while the Labor leader promises to spend big on pathology test bulk-billing which the PM points out is unnecessary.
  23. Nurturing workers and crops: how one farmer is growing her workforce2019/04/16

    A vegetable farmer west of Melbourne is growing her farm's future, supplying English language lessons to migrant labourers.
  24. Indonesia votes: the challenger, Prabowo Subianto2019/04/16

    Indonesians go to decide their next President and vying for the job is a former military general, and son-in-law of iconic Indonesian strongman Suharto.
  25. Indonesia votes: the incumbent, Joko Widodo2019/04/16

    Polls indicate Indonesian President Joko Widodo is on track for a victory when 193 million Indonesians cast their votes.
  26. Australian children living with IS should be brought home, says Alpha Cheng2019/04/16

    The son of Curtis Cheng, murdered by a radicalised teen, urges government to show compassion to IS children.
  27. Fire devastates Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris2019/04/16

    Notre Dame Cathedral in central Paris has been engulfed by flames with its main spire collapsing and large parts of the twelfth-century building gutted.
  28. Muslim congresswoman receives death threats2019/04/15

    Ilhan Omar has accused President Trump of stoking right-wing extremism with criticism of her stance on 9-11.
  29. Election 2019: Who is Bill Shorten?2019/04/15

    Bill Shorten has managed to last as Labor leader longer than most in recent history - and opinion polling suggests he might be on the cusp of landing an even bigger job.
  30. Election 2019: Who is Scott Morrison?2019/04/15

    Scott Morrison appears to have unified the Liberal Party once again, but some are not so sure he'll be able to guide the Coalition to victory at the federal election.
  31. Red Cross vows to continue search for missing NZ nurse and colleagues in Syria2019/04/15

    New Zealand has deployed a special forces unit to Syria, to search for a Red Cross nurse kidnapped by IS.
  32. Election 2019: Hung parliaments and democracy sausages: how your vote works2019/04/15

    Australians are heading back to the polls to decide who's going to run the country. But how does it all work?
  33. Election 2019: Day 5 campaign wrap2019/04/15

    The major party leaders have been campaigning in Victoria, with the Coalition promising road upgrades to ease congestion and Labor promising funds to reduce waiting lists for elective surgery.
  34. Survey shows Australians don't think kids need the flu vaccine2019/04/15

    Despite a high number of flu cases already this year, new research shows most Australians aren’t planning to get a flu shot and only 10 per cent think kids need it.
  35. Election 2019: Voting for the Senate2019/04/15

    With half of the members of the Senate up for re-election this time, Australians will elect 40 senators: half of the 72 state senators plus the four senators representing the two territories.
  36. Election 2019: Voting for the House of Representatives2019/04/15

    In this year's federal election, Australians will elect 151 MPs to the Lower House. To have a majority plus provide a Speaker, 77 seats are needed.
  37. Assange extradition plans are 'an assault against journalism'2019/04/15

    Lawyer says the reason Julian Assange sought asylum was that there was no guarantee that Sweden would not allow his extradition to the US
  38. Parents call for return of Boko Haram kidnap victims2019/04/15

    Parents of the more than one hundred schoolgirls who were abducted in north-eastern Nigeria by Boko Haram fighters are pleading for their release.
  39. Weekend Sport Wrap2019/04/15

    Two veteran champions - Tiger Woods, and racehorse Winx - feature in this weekend's sporting action.
  40. Comedian set to win Ukraine election2019/04/14

    A 41-year-old comedian with no political experience looks set to become Ukraine's new President in the country's first election since the 2014 revolution.
  41. New generations work to keep Indigenous languages alive2019/04/13

    Driven by a desire to maintain their culture, rising numbers of students are choosing to study Indigenous languages in their final years of high school.
  42. AM Bulletin April 142019/04/13

    Prime Minister Scott Morrison hits the campaign trail in Queensland; British MPs say Julian Assange extradition should prioritise Swedish case; and in the A-League. a frenetic Sydney Derby ends in a draw.
  43. New migrants - and others - welcome inducements to go regional2019/04/12

    Migrants living in regional NSW say there's already a lot to gain from venturing outside the nation’s capitals - but any extra government support would be a bonus.
  44. AM Bulletin 13 April2019/04/12

    US Democrat Hilary Clinton calls for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to face up to his actions; both major parties prepare to announce health funding pledges; and in the A-League, Brisbane Roar triumph with a shock 2-1 win against Wellington Phoenix.
  45. Election 2019: Day 2 campaign wrap2019/04/12

    After unofficially campaigning for weeks, the parties have started in earnest following the issuing of writs for a May 18 election.
  46. Students' legal action over underpayment 'tip of the iceberg' say advocates2019/04/12

    Unions say it's an example of widespread exploitation in the hospitality industry, with almost a third of migrants paid less than twelve dollars an hour.
  47. Is the Assange case a matter of press freedom?2019/04/12

    Lawyers for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange are warning that the US charges against him could limit press freedom, saying journalists should be deeply troubled by what they call unprecedented charges.
  48. PM Bulletin April 122019/04/12

    Wikileaks founder Julian Assange arrested in London and facing extradition to the US; An Israeli spacecraft crashes onto the moon;

  49. Sudan's president ousted and arrested2019/04/12

    The reign of Omar al-Bashir as Sudan's seventh president is over, as he is taken into custody following an internal revolt.
  50. Julian Assange arrested by British police2019/04/12

    Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been arrested and is facing possible extradition to the United States
  51. First day of Indian election is complete2019/04/11

    About 900 million eligible voters are expected to cast their ballots to decide who will lead India's 1.3 billion people for the next five years.
  52. Midday Bulletin April 122019/04/12

    Wikileaks founder Julian Assange arrested in London and facing extradition to the US; Prime Minister Scott Morrison criticises Labor's tax policies;

  53. Weekend sport preview2019/04/11

    The US Masters golf tournament is on, Winx has her final race before retirement plus there's all the NRL, AFL and football action here and around the world to look forward to.
  54. EU agrees to delay Brexit2019/04/11

    Leaders of the European Union's remaining 27 member countries agreed to another Brexit extension that will delay the United Kingdom's departure until October 31.
  55. Election 2019: Battle for the bush looms in drought-affected NSW2019/04/11

    There's a battle brewing in the upcoming federal election, with a range of independents and minor parties throwing their Akubras in the ring and vying for votes historically aligned with the Nationals.
  56. Election 2019: Need to vote early? Here's how.2019/04/11

    As the campaign gets underway, an increasing number of people are choosing to vote early at federal elections.
  57. Numbers of homeless due to domestic violence growing each year2019/04/10

    Mission Australia report shows 42 per cent of all people who sought assistance from homelessness services in the last financial year were experiencing domestic violence.
  58. US calls for UN to recognise Guaidó as Venezuela's leader2019/04/11

    Supporters of Venezuela's Maduro government have strongly rejected the appeal, as nations debated the country's crisis at a UN Security Council meeting.
  59. PM Bulletin April 112019/04/11

    Prime Minister Scott Morrison calls the federal election on May 18; Australia actor Geoffrey Rush wins his defamation court case;

  60. Election 2019: The PM names the day2019/04/11

    The announcement, historically made on a Sunday, has forced the cancellation of two days’ worth of Senate estimates hearings; Labor promises a hard-fought campaign
  61. Scientists unveil first-ever image of black hole2019/04/11

    The black hole depicted is about six billion times the mass of our sun and is in a galaxy called M87 that is about 53 million light years from Earth.
  62. Midday Bulletin April 112019/04/11

    Prime Minister Scott Morrison calls the federal election on May 18; The ACCC investigating accusations of price fixing;

  63. Fifth term as Israeli PM for Benjamin Netanyahu2019/04/10

    Incumbent Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been declared by local media the winner of the country's general election -- but only just.
  64. Election 2019: How does Australia's preferential voting system work?2019/04/10

    The election date is set for May 18th - and voters are encouraged to number every other box on the green House of Representatives ballot paper as well as their first choice,
  65. Abortion centre safe access zones upheld in High Court2019/04/10

    The High Court has ruled safety buffer zones protecting people from harassment outside abortion clinics in Victoria and Tasmania are valid.
  66. Ethical fashion report rates sustainability, transparency2019/04/10

    The sixth annual Ethical Fashion Report has revealed which brands are working to reduce the risks of slavery, child labour and exploitation.
  67. Soaring temporary migrant numbers outstrip Morrison’s 'congestion busting' cut2019/04/10

    Population figures contained in the 2019 federal budget show the number of temporary migrants is rising much faster than previously forecast.
  68. UN warns migrants and refugees more vulnerable2019/04/10

    UN agencies say around 5,700 refugees are trapped in detention centres across Libya - including within active conflict areas.
  69. Senior emergency workers issue climate change warning2019/04/10

    Some of Australia's most experienced Fire and Emergency workers are warning that worsening extreme weather is threatening Australian lives.
  70. Starting school later is better for children and schools: report2019/04/09

    25 per cent of students in New South Wales are starting school later than they are first eligible, and are performing better than their younger peers.
  71. Electric vehicles become national talking point2019/04/09

    Politicians and experts take opposing views on the pros and cons of electric vehicles.
  72. Advocates call time on street sexual harassment of women2019/04/09

    A Plan International report on street harassment of women says such behaviour is pushing women out of public spaces.
  73. Federal government approves another stage in Adani's proposed Carmichael coal mine2019/04/09

    This development brings the project a step closer to becoming a reality but environmentalists and some politicians remain concerned about the mine.
  74. PM bulletin April 92019/04/09

    Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton defends meeting a Chinese billionaire who previously failed to get citizenship; Adani's controversial Carmichael coal mine a step closer to operation.

  75. Election 2019: How to enrol to vote2019/04/09

    The Australian Electoral Commission estimates more than 600,000 eligible voters have not yet enrolled and is urging them to do so.
  76. Armed forces fight to seize control of Libya's capital2019/04/09

    The UN is calling for a truce to end the escalated conflict between the Libyan National Army and Libya's UN-backed government.
  77. Midday Bulletin April 92019/04/09

    Violence in Libya forces the closure of Tripoli's airport; Israelis vote in their country's parliamentary elections.

  78. More senior departures from Trump administration2019/04/09

    The United States Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen has abruptly resigned, joining a growing list of notable departures from the Trump administration.
  79. Earth's glaciers are melting faster than expected2019/04/08

    As global termperatures rise, glaciers are melting, adding to the overall rise in sea levels around the world.
  80. Introducing Ethiopia's 'heart and sole' shoes2019/04/08

    A designer in Ethiopia is hoping to challenge the international dominance of Western shoe designers, with her eco-friendly footwear.
  81. NAPLAN results show good news for some - with room for improvement2019/04/08

    Indigenous students have emerged as a success story in the latest NAPLAN test results, but experts say there's a long way to go before the literacy and numeracy gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous kids closes.
  82. Brain implant trials hope to bypass damaged nerves, overcome paralysis2019/04/08

    Five Australians will become the first to receive non-invasive brain implants in a trial of a device designed to allow people with paralysis and neurological diseases to communicate or control a computer.
  83. Chemical fire-affected residents want tougher waste storage regulations2019/04/08

    More than 175 firefighters brought the fire under control on Friday but residents say they're still feeling the effects of the blaze.
  84. PM Bulletin April 82019/04/08

    Prime Minister Scott Morrison criticises Labor's plan to boost the number of electric cars; The world remembers the Rwandan genocide, twenty-five years on;


  85. Israel prepares for election day2019/04/08

    With Israeli elections imminent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to annex settlements in the West Bank disputed with Palestine.
  86. PM Bulletin April 82019/04/08

    A good polling result for Prime Minister Scott Morrison, with the election date still not yet known; The world remembers the Rwandan genocide, twenty-five years on;


  87. Rwanda mourns genocide, 25 years on2019/04/08

    Rwanda has begun 100 days of mourning for the more than 800,000 people slaughtered in a genocide a quarter of a century ago.
  88. Pro-Brexit MPs say PM Theresa May should be held to account2019/04/07

    Britain's PM says she is engaging in cross-party talks to ensure that the UK leaves the European Union with a deal. but some MPs accuse her of betrayal.
  89. Weekend Sport Wrap2019/04/07

    A big weekend for the Matildas, European and A-League football; and action from the NRL and AFL
  90. PM Bulletin April 72019/04/07

    Scott Morrison delays his announcement of the next federal election date; Penalties for university cheats;

  91. LGBTQI+ discrimination and stigma in Malaysia2019/04/05

    Brunei's recent introduction of the death penalty for gay sex has shone a spotlight on LGBTIQ+ rights in the region.
  92. Facebook takes action ahead of federal election2019/04/05

    Facebook will ban foreign political advertising from outside Australia and introduce fact checking during the federal election
  93. Marathon inquest into Daniel Morcombe's death ends2019/04/05

    The Queensland coronial inquest into the murder of Daniel Morcombe has found no significant fault with the police investigation into the murder after a nine-year inquest.
  94. Reaction to Labor's Budget promises2019/04/05

    Not everyone is welcoming Bill Shorten's promises of billions of dollars for education and health, and bigger tax cuts for low income earners.
  95. Time to bring Khaled Sharrouf's children home2019/04/05

    Save the Children is urging authorities to speed up the paperwork processing for an Australian Islamic state fighter’s children to come home.
  96. Concern grows about lung disease epidemic2019/04/05

    Silicosisis likely to leave many people who work with silica dust with serious respiratory damage for the rest of their lives.
  97. Worsening indigenous homeless crisis2019/04/05

    With thousands living on the streets every night, Aboriginal Australians are vastly over-represented in the nation's homeless population.
  98. The push to make Australia's iconic beaches user-friendly for everyone2018/10/14

    While Australia is famous for its beaches, they can't all be fully enjoyed by everyone but there's a growing push around the country to improve beach access - before summer arrives.
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