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  1. PM Bulletin March 152019/03/15

    Multiple deaths in shootings at two mosques in the New Zealand city of Christchurch; The Law Council calls for the srapping of proposed laws barring Australian foreign fighters from returning home for two years.

  2. It's still legal to sell unsafe products in Australia, warn consumer advocates2019/03/14

    Tests show a large number of household items can have their button batteries removed far too easily, posing a number of potentially lethal hazards to young children.
  3. Midday Bulletin March 152019/03/15

    Christopher Pyne criticises Australian students who have skipped school to protest over climate change inaction; Britain's prime minister Theresa May will ask the EU to extend the Brexit deadline;

  4. Ex-soldier charged over Bloody Sunday killing2019/03/15

    Almost half a century since civilians were shot and killed in Northern Ireland by British soldiers, one veteran will now be charged.
  5. Students stage second strike for climate change2019/03/14

    Students across Australia are uniting to strike against what they see as the government's lack of action to address climate change.
  6. Weekend sport preview2019/03/14

    The return of the National Rugby League and the start of the Formula One season are highlights of the weekend ahead in sport.
  7. Crawling, singing through straws: Miller-Heidke ramps up Eurovision preps2019/03/14

    Kate Miller-Heidke has already won over the Australian public and a jury of industry experts and now she's throwing all her energy into preparing for the big event in Tel Aviv.
  8. Aid agencies call for help for the children of Syria's 8-year war2019/03/14

    Eight years from the start of the war in Syria, children continue to suffer the conflict's effects.
  9. PM Bulletin March 142019/03/14

    Mustafa Dirani found guilty of conspiring to kill Sydney Police accountant Curtis Cheng; Bill Shorten hits back at Scott Morrison on the issue of wages;

  10. Does EU opportunity lurk within UK's Brexit chaos?2019/03/14

    The latest vote in the British Parliament over Brexit has not made the future any clearer.
  11. US, Canada ground 737 Max aircraft2019/03/14

    President Trump says the planes will stay on the ground until 'Boeing comes up with a solution.'
  12. No-Deal Brexit rejected by MPs2019/03/14

    British Parliament votes down 'no deal' Brexit, but EU still has to decide on whether to allow axtension
  13. Young women feel unsafe walking alone at night2019/03/13

    Survey reveals young women tend to be more stressed, worry more about school and studying and have greater body image issues than young men.
  14. China says training camps housing Uighurs are 'not permanent'2019/03/13

    It's the first time China has allowed foreign journalists to ask questions about the controversial camps - the Chinese government says they are simply vocational training centres which will close when needed.
  15. Cardinal Pell jailed for 6 years for child sexual abuse2019/03/13

    The 77-year-old showed no emotion as the sentence was handed down, but there was plenty outside the court from campaigners for survivors of child sexual abuse.
  16. Boeing 737 Max 8s grounded in many countries2019/03/13

    Australia, the European Union and the UK are among those to ground the new aircraft after an Ethiopian Airlines plane crashed.
  17. Funding pulled from wave power project2019/03/13

    The future of Australia's first commercial wave farm is in doubt after the West Australian government ended its agreement with Carnegie Clean Energy.
  18. Parliament rejects Brexit deal for second time2019/03/13

    Three years after Britain voted to leave the European Union, MPs have failed to agree on how to do it
  19. What's your survival plan if lost in the Australian bush?2019/03/12

    Expert advice on making sure you stay safe while making the most of the great outdoors.
  20. Rabbitohs using their own stories to inspire and guide new generations2019/03/12

    NRL's Rabbitohs club's charity received some funding from the Federal Government to help its mentoring programme.
  21. Australia St: part 12019/03/12

    With a federal election due soon, SBS News has spoken to voters in one of Australia’s most multicultural - and most marginal - seats: Banks. What do they think about the current state of Australian politics?
  22. Denmark's unique care alternative: a dementia village2019/03/12

    There are 26,000 Australians with what's called 'younger onset dementia' and limited care options in Australia, often forcing young patients to live in aged care facilities.
  23. Growing concerns over misleading and deceptive election campaign ads2019/03/12

    With the NSW election just weeks away and the federal election due soon after, there are concerns about growing numbers of misleading and unauthorised political advertisements.
  24. Government funds to boost low rates of Indigenous Australian kidney recipients2019/03/12

    At the moment, Indigenous Australians receive kidney and organ transplants at 25% of the rate of non-Indigenous people.
  25. 'No-one can follow me now': new citizen Hakeem Al-Araibi finally feels safe2019/03/12

    The 25 year-old footballer has taken the affirmation at a ceremony in Melbourne a month after returning to Australia, following a public campaign to secure his release from Thai prison.
  26. PM Bulletin March 122019/03/12

    Two hikers previously reported missing in Victoria's found safe; Refugee footballer Hakeem Al-Araibi becomes an Australian citizen;

  27. Nurses say better use of their skills will mitigate predicted nursing shortfall2019/03/12

    Australia's health care system is being diminished because the skills and talents of its members aren't being used to their fullest, say primary health care nurses.
  28. Midday Bulletin March 122019/03/12

    British PM Theresa May secures legally binding changes to Brexit deal; Tensions deepen within the Federal Coalition over demands for coal-fired power stations ...

  29. Britain and EU reach backstop agreement2019/03/12

    The British government says it has secured "legally binding changes" from the EU to overcome a key stumbling block on the Brexit deal.
  30. Algerian President abandons bid for re-election2019/03/12

    President Abdelaziz Bouteflika bows to weeks of mass protests against his 20-year rule by people demanding a new era of politics.
  31. Agricultural roles added to skilled visa list2019/03/11

    Australian farmers have welcomed Federal Government changes to visa rules designed to address labour shortages in the sector, but say they don't go far enough.
  32. Women continue to be subject to violence2019/03/10

    While strides forward are made in women's equality, violence against women is still a major problem
  33. Early voting features early as NSW poll nears2019/03/11

    Early voting has opened for the New South Wales election, and there are predictions 1.5 million voters will cast their vote ahead of the March 23 poll.
  34. Foreign journalists expelled from Turkey2019/03/11

    Expulsion of German journalists condemned by German government, tensions with Turkey increase
  35. PM Bulletin March 112019/03/11

    Authorities say no information about Australians being on board the crashed Ethiopian Airlines jet; In sport, thousands of square meters of turf to be replaced at the Sydney Cricket Ground;

  36. PM Bulletin March 112019/03/11

    Authorities say no information about Australians being on board the crashed Ethiopian Airlines jet; An Independent MP says the Coalition government is out of touch with the voters; In cricket, Australia delivers a remarkable performance to level the one day series with India;

  37. New Boeing plane design under scrutiny after fatal crash2019/03/11

    A Boeing 737 MAX-8 which crashed in Ethiopia was the same model as one that crashed off Indonesia last year
  38. Australian democracy activist detained in Vietnam2019/03/10

    The family of an Australian man detained in Vietnam is calling on the federal government to step up its pressure on the Vietnamese government
  39. Crunch time comes for Brexit2019/03/10

    The British parliament votes this week for a second time on whether to approve Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement from the EU
  40. Weekend sport wrap2019/03/10

    It's been another busy weekend of sport, with cricket, basketball, rugby and football all played.
  41. What is extradition and how does it work in Australia?2019/03/09

    A number of high-profile extradition cases involving Australia or Australians have been making international headlines for extradition-related matters.
  42. PM bulletin 9 March2019/03/09

    Prime Minister Scott Morrison responds to criticism of his remarks on female empowerment; the baby son of British IS bride Shamima Begum has died; and the Wanderers rule out signing on Melbourne Victory star James Troisi. 
  43. ADF focuses on building up ranks of indigenous officers2019/03/08

    Defence Force aims at tripling the number of new recruits, as they take the recruitment campaigns into indigenous communities.
  44. Should gender quotas be introduced in politics?2019/03/08

    The pressure is mounting on the Coalition government to increase the number of women in its ranks after a series of resignations from high-profile women.
  45. Campaign launched to end family violence2019/03/08

    ‘Be Part of the Change' has already seen 65 leaders from diverse communities become advocates for change in preventing family violence in their own communities.
  46. Not enough done for disabled refugees2019/03/08

    Refugees with disabilities say they’re facing long waits for vital equipment and services upon settling in Australia.
  47. Three new visa categories announced2019/03/08

    Immigration Minister David Coleman says the new visas will help fill in the gaps that migrants have long been campaigning to be filled.
  48. Saudi Arabia rebuked at UN Human Rights Council2019/03/07

    Three dozen states, including Australia, have criticised Saudi Arabia at the United Nations, urging the Gulf nation to release a group of female human rights activists.
  49. Weekend sport preview2019/03/07

    International cricket, rugby and football headline another busy weekend of sport ahead for sports fans.
  50. Plans for new coal-powered plant stir unrest2019/03/07

    Greens say a 'veritable army' is ready to stop proposed Hunter Valley coal power plant from being built.
  51. Five years since the disappearance of MH3702019/03/07

    Friends and family of those lost when Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 are still coming to terms with the disappearance.
  52. Australia's hottest summer2019/03/07

    The Climate Council is calling for a national policy to help drive down greenhouse gas pollution to help combat rising temperatures.
  53. Jail time proposed for bosses who underpay workers2019/03/07

    The Migrant Workers' Taskforce has handed 22 reform recommendations to the federal government, all of which have been accepted.
  54. UN raises concerns over Christmas Island detention centre2019/03/07

    New UNHCR chief Michelle Bachelet tells Australia to implement more humane policies in offshore detention centres.
  55. Criticism from residents and former detainees as PM visits Christmas Island2019/03/06

    There’s been an unhappy response to Scott Morrison’s visit to the Christmas Island Detention Centre, the first sitting Australian Prime Minister to do so.
  56. Missing dentist's body found in suitcase2019/03/06

    Police in Sydney are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of dentist Preethi Reddy.
  57. Levels of water saved disputed in Murray Darling Basin2019/03/06

    Report claims water levels saved are just one tenth of the government's estimates
  58. Celebrating the women who are 'left behind'2019/03/06

    Northern Territory conference champions women who are often 'left out' of International Women's Day
  59. HIV-positive man cleared of AIDS virus2019/03/06

    Scientists believe a second case of the AIDS virus being cleared may one day lead to a cure - but not yet.
  60. Record funding announced to combat domestic violence2019/03/05

    Twelve million doillars set aside for anti-violence services aimed at Australia's culturally and linguistically diverse communities.
  61. Skripal nerve poison attack remembered one year on2019/03/05

    It’s a year since former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were poisoned using a Novichok nerve agent, in the quiet English city of Salisbury.
  62. Afghan interpreter appeals visa refusal decision in court2019/03/05

    Interpreter says he and his family’s lives are under threat due to his service with Australian forces in Afghanistan.
  63. The 'magical' reason Chinese tourists are flocking to Sydney uni2019/03/05

    Tourists are told in online advertising that Sydney University was the location for the filming of the Harry Potter movies - it wasn't.
  64. Landmark study hopes to end 'the anti-vax myth'2019/03/05

    A survey of hundreds of thousands of children has ruled out any link between the mumps, measles, and rubella ((MMR)) vaccine and autism.
  65. Major shift to job automation could be big news in unexpected quarters2019/03/05

    Nearly half the activities in Australian workplaces will start to become automated by the year 2030. according to new research.
  66. Children at risk: Australia's fast foods saltier than in other countries2019/03/05

    Many are renewing calls for government action to limit the amount of salt, and other harmful nutrients, in food.
  67. Toll expected to rise in deadliest US tornadoes in five years2019/03/04

    At least 23 people have died and dozens are injured after tornadoes struck the southeastern United States.
  68. Australia and Indonesia sign landmark free trade deal2019/03/04

    The Indonesian and Australian trade ministers signed the agreement in Jakarta which must be ratified by parliament before going ahead
  69. Economic slowdown expected to dominate meeting of China's political elite2019/03/04

    The international community is watching closely to see how President Xi will address the downturn, and how it might impact trade around the world
  70. Report shows men are failing to heed heavy drinking warnings2019/03/04

    The survey reveals men often struggle to socialise without alcohol and feel powerless to change drinking culture
  71. First hijab-wearing model to feature at Melbourne Fashion Festival2019/03/04

    Hanan Ibrahim has just started her professional modelling career, but is already working for major designers as she challenges the cultural stereotypes of a Muslim woman.
  72. Labor plans to force banks to fund family violence relief2019/03/04

    Labor is promising to fund 20,000 support packages which will provide money to meet basic expenses, for people leaving a violent relationship
  73. National bowel cancer campaign targeting those most at risk2019/03/04

    Elements of the campaign are being particularly targeted at those at risk in multicultural and Indigenous communities
  74. Milestone HIV treatment added to PBS2019/03/03

    Patients and medical specialists alike are saying it's hard to believe just how far HIV treatments have come in the last 30 years in Australia.
  75. Five years on, Malaysia 'open to proposals' on new search for MH3702019/03/03

    It comes as families and friends of passengers mark the fifth anniversary of the jet's mysterious disappearance.
  76. Weekend sport wrap2019/03/03

    It was another busy weekend of sport, with action in cricket, football, basketball and tennis.
  77. Italian mayor leads migrant fight against populist policy2019/03/02

    SBS News has travelled to one small village where a mayor is leading the fight against the populist policy, by taking a migrant into his own home
  78. Call for national uniformity of hospital processes to prevent medical error2019/03/01

    Advocates are calling for change to give parents and carers more say in the treatment of their loved ones in hospitals
  79. Australian journalist Mike Willesee dies2019/03/01

    One of Australia's most respected journalists, Mike Willesee, has died at the age of 76
  80. Female CEOs 80 years from equal representation2019/03/01

    New data has revealed, it will take another 80 years for female CEOs to achieve equal representation with their male counterparts
  81. Advocates welcome Labor domestic violence announcement2019/03/01

    Domestic violence advocates have welcomed a recent announcement by Labor that it will spend $158 million dollars for frontline domestic violence services if they win the next NSW election
  82. Murray-Darling River facing environmental disaster2019/03/01

    The South Australian Royal Commission into the Basin Authority found the the organisation had committed maladministration, negligence and unlawful actions
  83. Health professionals criticise Dutton comments2019/03/01

    Health professionals have slammed comments from Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton regarding the toll refugees will have on the public health system
  84. PM Bulletin March 12019/03/01

    The Prime Minister says asylum seeker transfers will push Australians down hospital waiting lists; North Korea contradicts US President Trump's reason for leaving a summit in Vietnam early;
  85. Saudi sisters to extend Hong Kong stay2019/03/01

    Two young Saudi sisters have been allowed to extend their stay in Hong Kong after they fled their family while on a vacation in Sri Lanka
  86. Survey shows smoke alarm crisis among non-English speaking Australians2019/03/01

    A local councillor on a mission to improve fire safety is not alone in his pursuit, with fire brigades across the country launching initiatives to teach non-English speakers - some of the most at-risk residents - about fire safety.
  87. Midday Bulletin March 12019/03/01

    Australia and Indonesia to sign off on a landmark free trade agreement; North Korea contradicts U-S President Trump's reason for leaving the summit with Kim Jong-un in Vietnam early...

  88. China-US trade deal in sight, but is it too late for China's tech sector?2019/02/28

    Thousands of workers in the once-booming start-up industry have been laid off as investment funds shrink and market conditions tighten and while analysts say a positive trade deal with the US would boost China’s jobs market, the damage has already been do
  89. Trump commended for walking away deal-less from Hanoi summit2019/02/28

    North Korea has contradicted United States President Donald Trump's stated reason for cutting short his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Vietnam.
  90. Police interview with Pell revealed2019/02/28

    For the first time the moment Cardinal George Pell was confronted with allegations leveled against him over the sexual abuse of two choir boys can be shown
  91. Weekend Sport Preview2019/02/28

    There's another action packed weekend of sport coming up, with international cricket at the forefront for Australian fans
  92. Companies could face fines for failing to stop sexual harassment2019/02/28

    The ACTU says more than eight out of ten women experience harassment, but only one in five reports it
  93. Talks continue between Trump and Kim2019/02/28

    United States President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un have continued talks on the second day of their second summit
  94. Canberra's refugee cleaners given a major boost2019/02/28

    A deal with Airbnb has given a Canberra cleaning company, made up of Karen refugees from Myanmar, a major boost
  95. PM Bulletin Feb 282019/02/28

    US President Donald Trump's meets with North Korea's leader; Victoria Police says they are no further abuse claims being investigated;

  96. Trump's former lawyer testifies2019/02/28

    United States president Donald Trump's former lawyer has testified in front of an important U-S Congressional Committee
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