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  1. MGG 726: Skip the Dongle, Learn about Cruft!2018/09/10

    It’s time to fully embrace the USB-C interface, folks, at least according to listener Zack. Todd helps us understand Cruft, Phil needs to know about storing IDs when traveling, Felix is curious about storing archives, and that’s just the half of it. You’ll have to listen to hear Dave Hamilton and John F. Braun talk all about this and more!

  2. MGG 725: Back to School CSF, APFS on Externals, Cable Modems, and Beware iPhone Lint!2018/09/03

    Going back to school often means needing to take things from the digital world and connect them to the analog. Need sound? Need printouts? John F. Braun and Dave Hamilton have some Cool Stuff Found for you! Then it’s on to troubleshooting external disks (including APFS), cable modem advice and what to do with an extra Mac mini. All this and more, just press play!

  3. MGG 724: Fonts and Photos and SpeedTests and Clouds2018/08/27

    There is never a dull moment when the MGG Family gets together, and this week with questions about misbehaving fonts, unsorted Photos, and inconsistent speed tests, well, there’s a lot happening. And that’s just the first round! Listen as John F. Braun and Dave Hamilton sort through all this and more. Press play … and enjoy!

  4. MGG 723: CPU Throttling on Older Macs2018/08/20

    It’s not just newer Macs that suffer from CPU throttling, it happens on older Macs, too, and a firmware update is not the easy fix. Keychains, Photo Sorting, Battery management tips, and doing the Public Wi-Fi Dance are just some of the other topics covered.

  5. MGG 722: Cure The Beachball – Mac Geek Gab Podcast 7222018/08/13

    The spinning beachball sucks. It sucks time away, and it sucks the life out of your computing experience. So let’s talk about at least one way to solve it. And let’s learn at least four other things along the way. Sound good? Great. Press play and you’re on the train.

  6. MGG 721: Haunted Drives, Beachballs, and Chatty Cathy2018/08/06

    Is running a full SSD OK? What’s accessing my hard drive? How do I get custom sounds into Mail? These are just a few of the questions that John F. Braun and Dave Hamilton, your two favorite geeks, answer this week. Press play and enjoy!

  7. MGG 720: APFS, Shutdown, Messages, and Notifications2018/07/30

    Every time your two favorite geeks get together, something interesting happens: everyone learns at least five (5!) new things. This week’s topics include two very specific features of APFS (a pro and a con), noise-canceling headphones for travel, a solution to drives not appearing on your Desktop, some Cool Stuff Found, and much, much more. Press play or download and enjoy!

  8. MGG 719: Scanning, OCR, Travel Phone Cases, and the Best Portable Computer2018/07/24
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  9. MGG 718: Deep Dives: Photos, NAS, & Backups2018/07/16

    Sometimes it’s time for a deep dive. Today it’s time for three! Listen as your two favorite geeks dive into Photos, NAS (Synology… and more!), and Backups.

  10. MGG 717: AirPods, Phishing, Smart Home, and Resets2018/07/09

    Tips and questions answered about iCloud Family Storage, Permissions, Converting video types, AirPods, FileMaker, and much more. Download, press play, and enjoy!

  11. MGG 716: Supercapacitors, VPNs, PRAM, and iCloud2018/07/02

    Sometimes it doesn’t sound geeky but it is, other times it sounds geeky but it isn’t. With supercapacitors, VPNs, and PRAM on the list which path do you think your two favorite geeks are going to take you down today? You’ll just have to listen and learn!

  12. MGG 715: Just In Case...Sensitivity2018/06/25

    APFS is still quite young, and both the market for it and our experience with it are evolving at a rapid pace. There’s plenty more to learn about it, and your two favorite geeks dig in a little today. But that’s not all! Some questions from the forums, some questions from the email, and more round out the show. Press play and enjoy!

  13. MGG 714: Mac App Switcher, iOS Reminders, iPad Calculator, and Feedbag?2018/06/18
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  14. MGG 713: Thirteen Lucky Years of MGG2018/06/13

    Join John F. Braun and Dave Hamilton as they celebrate their 13th Mac Geek Gab anniversary by answering your questions, sharing Cool Stuff Found, solving problems and… you know… doing what they do for you! Press play, download, and celebrate! And also learn!

  15. MGG 712: WWDC 2018, Travel Tips, and Cool Stuff Found2018/06/05

    Dave’s in San Jose covering WWDC, and he and John talk through all of today’s announcements and what they mean to you! Then it’s on to sharing some Cool Stuff Found, including a few travel-related items that Dave found on his journeys this week. Lastly, some of your questions are answered. All of this and more when you press play and enjoy.

  16. MGG 711: The “Man Looking Over Your Shoulder” Attack2018/05/28
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  17. MGG 710: The Active Evolution of APFS2018/05/21

    You know how it goes: your computer’s working fine one day, the next it’s not. That’s what John and Dave are here for… to help! They start today’s episode with some handy tips that aren’t documented anywhere, then they move on to answering your questions and solving your problems, including the path of progress upon which APFS travels. Subscribe, press play, and enjoy!

  18. MGG 709: The Charm of the Chime2018/05/14

    You have questions, Dave and John have answers. Today’s topics include malfunctioning AirPods, setting Apple Pay addresses, restoring a Recovery Partition, email and iMessage encryption, and much, much more. Download, press play, enjoy, and learn!

  19. MGG 708: Dear Overlords of MacLand2018/05/07

    It’s always something, and thankfully John and Dave are always here to help. This week we share some advice about geotagging your photos when shooting with a non-geo-smart DSLR camera. Then some talk about how to format Flash drives, and lots, lots more. It’s always a blast and you always learn at least 5 new things each and every time you get together with John and Dave.

  20. MGG 707: Is It Time to Replace Your AirPort Router?2018/04/30
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  21. MGG 706: Cracked iPhone Screens, What's in iCloud Keychain, Which Mesh for Me, and More2018/04/23

    Running Apple devices is quite a bit of fun most of the time. Occasionally, though, you have problems… and that’s where Dave and John come in to help. Today’s topics include syncing Wi-Fi passwords, managing Mail’s calendar events, and dealing with a cracked iPhone screen. Press play and enjoy!

  22. MGG 705: Tweaking Your iPhone, Keeping Your Mac Awake, Automation Radios, and More – Mac Geek Gab 7052018/04/16

    The iPhone isn’t really built for you to tweak and troubleshoot, though sometimes that’s exactly what you need to do. Never fear, your two favorite geeks come to your rescue. John and Dave also talk through how to keep your Mac happy and awake, radios for controlling automation, and much, much more!

  23. MGG 704: Answers to Your Questions: Photo Tagging, Mac App Store, Thunderbolt, and a Bluetooth Rant – Mac Geek Gab 7042018/04/09

    Answering your questions, it’s what John and Dave do! Listen this week to learn about advanced photo tagging, managing your emails, fixing the Mac App Store, using Thunderbolt, accessing minimized windows, Gmail, and much, much more.

  24. MGG 703: Migrating Your Data, Home Automation, and macOS 10.13.42018/04/02

    Apple released macOS 10.13.4 this week and, well, it changes some things. No worries, your two favorite geeks talk through it all. Then it’s on to managing duplicate contacts and properly migrating your data. There are other questions, too, as well as a few other Quick Tips and some Cool Stuff(s) Found. Press play and enjoy!

  25. MGG 702: As Far As You Know He’s Not a Real Doctor2018/03/26
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  26. MGG 701: Navigating The Apple Support Mire2018/03/19
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  27. MGG 700: Cool Stuff Found, Apple Support App, No Laptop Power and More!2018/03/12

    Cool Stuff(s) Found abound, and you’re in for a treat. Something for everyone, apps, hardware, macOS, iOS, you name it! Then it’s on to some questions about iTunes warning. And have you used the Apple Support app? There’s a great story about that, too.

  28. MGG 699: Why Must Qi's Light Shine So Brightly?2018/03/06
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  29. MGG 698: It's Easy to Blame Bluetooth and APFS2018/02/26

    Having issues with your Apple Watch, your iMac hinge, or your external drive? We summarily blame Bluetooth. And APFS. And we have a solution for that hinge that has nothing to do with radio frequencies. So there. Just press play and enjoy. We promise you’ll learn at least five new things.

  30. MGG 697: Geek Challenges, Voice Assistants, and Cool Stuff Found2018/02/20
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  31. MGG 696: Network Speeds, HomePod, Vectors, and Dead Drives2018/02/13

    It’s always something, isn’t it? The more computers – and devices – we have, the more issues there are. This week, that’s no different, as there are several network-related questions your two favorite geeks tackle “on-air” for you to hear. HomePod arrived, and first experiences with that are discussed. Finally, some Cool Stuff Found to help round out the episode.

  32. MGG 695: Evil Address Records of Death ... and Files!2018/02/04

    There’s always a theme, and this week it’s Files. Sure, your two favorite geeks talk about a LOT more than that, but Files are always there. The Files app in iOS, looking at your files on macOS in new ways, finding files that can be deleted, and time files when you’re having fun . What? Just listen and enjoy. It’s easier that way.

  33. MGG 694: A Cerebral Sunday Morning: HomePod, macOS Server, Novice NAS, and Questions Answered2018/01/28
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  34. MGG 693: This Neato Four Way Adapto-Thing2018/01/23
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  35. MGG 692: Managing Messages, Voice Assistants, APFS, and Quasi-Mesh2018/01/16

    Messages are a huge part of our online life, and they don’t always work the way we expect or prefer. John and Dave start by answering some of those questions. Then it’s on to where you should – and shouldn’t – be using APFS. After that, the questions jump around a bit, including one about mesh vs. quasi-mesh. All this and more on Mac Geek Gab 692 today!

  36. MGG 691: Standards Are Great Because There Are So Many of Them2018/01/07
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  37. MGG 690: Diagnosing Photo Syncing, Managing Restrictions, and Solving macOS and iOS Problems2018/01/02

    Have any problems with iCloud Photo Library? Want to remove DRM from your movies? Are your apps failing to launch? Have other restrictions that your Mac or iPhone are imposing on your life? This is what Mac Geek Gab is all about: solving your problems and sharing tips. Press play, download MGG 690, and enjoy!

  38. MGG 689: Boxing Day with Your Two Favorite Geeks2017/12/26
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  39. MGG 688: Depending Upon Which Way You Scroll2017/12/19
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  40. MGG 687: Future Accidental Probing Failed2017/12/12
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  41. MGG 686: Don't Commit a Photo Crime2017/12/04
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  42. MGG 685: Playing Your Movies, Migrating Your Data, Managing Permissions2017/11/28
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  43. MGG 684: Five Minutes is an Eternity to a Computer2017/11/21

    Turkey day is coming up in the USA, and your geeks are ready. But mostly they’re just ready to answer your Mac and iPhone questions and solve your problems… and that’s what they’re here to do today. Download, press play, and gobble-gobble it all up!

  44. MGG 683: How Many Times Can You Fold a Podcast?2017/11/14

    Have questions about your Mac or iPhone? Just want to learn more? Join John F. Braun and Dave Hamilton, your two favorite geeks, as they entertain and inform you this week.

  45. MGG 682: Fighting The Machine & Saying the S-Word2017/11/07
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  46. MGG 681: What Have Brown Outs Done For You? Get a UPS2017/10/31

    When the power flickers, are your electronics protected? That’s the first order of business. Then it’s on to some Cool Stuff Found before digging in to prepping for iPhone X, including what to do about AppleCare … and AppleCare+. VPNs, Battery life, and Certificates round out the episode for you. Press play, enjoy, and learn at least four new things!

  47. MGG 680: We Fiddled with Ditto2017/10/23

    Are photos still bloating up your iPhone? Having trouble upgrading to High Sierra or Downgrading to Sierra? Need to Sync two folders on your Mac? These are just some of the questions your two favorite geeks answer this week!

  48. MGG 679: Quick Tips, Cool Stuff Found, High Sierra, and KRACK2017/10/16

    Quick Tips, Cool Stuff Found, High Sierra, and KRACK are the topics today, but that means you’re in for a real treat. The goal is for everyone to learn at least four (4!) new things, but today you’re guaranteed to learn a whole lot more. Download, press play, and enjoy!

  49. MGG 678: Calendar Sharing, iOS 11 Tips, and AirPods2017/10/09

    Pilot Pete rejoins after the first time in a LONG time, and your geeks dive right in to Cool Stuff Found. After that, it’s time to talk about iOS 11 tips, calendar sharing, AirPods, and High Sierra’s login items issues. Download, press play, and enjoy!

  50. MGG 677: High Sierra, Photos, iOS 11, and Sleeping your iPhone2017/10/02

    It’s high time for some High Sierra chat, and chat is what your two favorite geeks bring! Installation help, app help, and some interesting tidbits round out that portion of the show. Then it’s on to some tips and glorious Cool Stuff Found submitted by you, our faithful listeners. Download, press play, and enjoy!

  51. MGG 676: The Truth is in The Cloud2017/09/24

    iOS 11’s Spotlight Search, Files App, Photo Search, and app management start the show. Then it’s on to discussing the best ways to troubleshoot all iCloud syncing issues. Have dual monitors or are just particular about your window locations? We’ve got that covered, too… and a lot more! And hey, there’s a DAC in that dongle! Press play and enjoy.

  52. MGG 675: I 1 The Sandbox2017/09/17

    Downloading YouTube Videos, App Stores Woes, Apple Pay Cash, Person-to-Person Payments, iPhone X, iOS 11 Screen Recording, Restoring from a different iPhone and a discussion of whether or not it’s safe to use Facebook to login to other sites are ALL discussed in this week’s show… and more! Press play and enjoy.

  53. MGG 674: Cool Stuff Found, DOCSIS 3.1, and The Backup Tango2017/09/10

    Your questions answered, as always, including several unresponsive Macs and how to fix them, Life after CrashPlan, Problematic iCloud syncing, and moving your media libraries. Cool Stuff Found kicks things off, though, with lots of great stuff that you’ll love. Plus, a healthy competition about internet speeds between your two favorite geeks is in there, too! Press play and enjoy!

  54. MGG 673: A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Dollars2017/09/03
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  55. MGG 672: Kelvin Was Left Out In the Cold2017/08/27

    No reason NOT to start the episode with Cool Stuff Found, so that’s just what your two favorite geeks do. Then it’s off to answering some questions about printer sharing, bluetooth headsets, USB-C connections, and, of course, CrashPlan! Download and enjoy!

  56. MGG 671: Cool Stuff Found, NAS Advice, and Geek Challenges2017/08/20
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  57. MGG 670: Backups, APFS, High Sierra, and You2017/08/13

    Cool Stuff Found starts the episode, then it’s on to a few things related to backups, including how High Sierra’s APFS will affect you. Listener tips and some other, unrelated questions are answered, and then there’s a nice, juicy segment on meshifying your home without buying mesh for all of you, too. Press play and enjoy!

  58. MGG 669: macOS High Sierra Thoughts and Geek Challenges2017/08/06

    Do you have an app that crashes on save? Do you fully understand how to control the macOS firewall? Your two favorite geeks will help you with this and a lot more. Press play for this info-and-action-packed episode!

  59. MGG 668: Backups vs. iCloud vs. Time Machine2017/07/30

    Ever wonder how to test an external battery? Ever want to enforce parental controls from afar? Ever wonder just how different Time Machine and iCloud are from normal backups? Well, your two favorite geeks discuss all this and a LOT more in today’s episode. Press play and enjoy!

  60. MGG 667: Password Mayhem, iOS Photos, & Preventing Sleep2017/07/23

    You ask, we answer! Tech support every week for over 12 years! First up this episode: Passwords, and lots of ’em. Then it’s on to managing Photos and app files on your iPhone. We revisit the topic of waking a sleeping laptop, and then discuss a few tips and tricks we’ll keep up our sleeves just for you. Download, press play, and enjoy!

  61. MGG 666: Three Geeks at Macstock 20172017/07/16

    For episode 666 your two favorite geeks are joined (raided!) by Guy Serle and the episode becomes a mix of Mac Geek Gab and the MyMac podcast. Recorded live at Macstock 2017, Guy, Dave, and John talk through all sorts of things, including some stellar quick tips just for you. Download, press play, and enjoy!

  62. MGG 665: Migrating Mail, Managing your Monitor, and More!2017/07/09
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  63. MGG 664: Puck Killed the Wi-Fi2017/07/02

    Keyboard shortcuts, system-wide tools, reversing panorama mode, and putting the finishing touches on your system updates are the things you’ll learn about in just the first few minutes of this episode. From there it goes even deeper, including a great segment about managing your email on macOS and iOS. You won’t want to miss this one. Press play… and enjoy!

  64. MGG 663: Oh … Snap!2017/06/25

    Proper use of a catchall address, external MacBook and MacBook Pro batteries, granular controls on the volume slider, GPS in Airplane mode, and making an old trackball with with Sierra are just the way this show begins . Listen in for much, much more… and feel free to send your questions in, too!

  65. MGG 662: Curios Aren’t Just for Breakfast Anymore2017/06/18
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  66. MGG 661: MailDrop Woes, Security, and the Preppers Approach to Backups2017/06/11

    Quick Tips to start (no hints!), and then it’s time for some new Mac advice, which is a fitting question to get on the heels of Apple’s WWDC 2017 announcements. Then it’s time to discuss backups, and how much you should worry (hint: a LOT… that’s the point of backing up!). Add in some Wi-Fi chaos and that’s the foundation of a good Mac Geek Gab episode.

  67. MGG 660: iCloud Syncing is the Bane of my Existence2017/06/04
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  68. MGG 659: Secure Document Syncing, Splitting Audio & More2017/05/28

    Thunderbolt 3 Docks, Quick PrefPane Access, the best iOS PDF viewer, splitting audio files, and finding your lyrics. THAT’s what your two favorite geeks start with this week… and then they go from there! Press play and enjoy.

  69. MGG 658: Fixing Album Art, Cracked iPads, and UPnP Dangers2017/05/21
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  70. MGG 657: Guardians of the Geek Galaxy2017/05/14

    Ever wondered how to share iCloud contact groups amongst family and team members? Ever have to mix iOS, Android, and macOS? Ever wonder what AppTranslocation folders are? How about the best thing to put in your walls before you close them up? John F. Braun and Dave Hamilton have your answers to all of this and more.

  71. MGG 656: Follow The Dots...2017/05/07
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  72. MGG 655: Is your Wi-Fi Security Worth its Salt?2017/04/30

    Splitting the check, making your EarPods or AirPods fit better, and pen-based note-taking are just the Cool Stuff Found segment. Then your two favorite geeks talk you through fixing Wi-Fi connection issues on both your iPhone and your Mac, and also help you choose the right speed plan from your ISP. That’s not all, though, and you’ll hear much more when you press play (just do it!).

  73. MGG 654: Never Check Your NSA Email Over an Insecure Connection2017/04/23

    Quick Tips, Cool Stuff Found and LOTS of questions. Sleeping Mac? No problem. VIP Mail help? No problem. Building a home? No problem. Want to know about VPNs? Well, now… just kidding. No problem! Mac Geek Gab answers your questions and shares your tips so everyone can learn at least four new things each week!

  74. MGG 653: NAS, MDM, DGC and Other Fun Initials2017/04/17

    Sometimes you have to get geeky. No worries, Dave and John will talk you through understanding what NAS and MDM mean and why you might want to use them. Don’t worry, fellow geeks, there’s stuff in here for you, too. After all, that’s how Mac Geek Gab rolls! Listen, enjoy, learn, and prosper at the same time!

  75. MGG 652: Physical Security Matters, Too2017/04/09
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  76. MGG 651: Four New Things You’ll Learn Today2017/04/02

    Quick Tips about VPN, Sierra’s storage, Universal Clipboard, and Wi-Fi priority are just the start to the show. From there we talk about using Flash on your iPhone or iPad (it’s true!), portable VPN options, accessing a file server with iOS and much more. Download or just press play right here and enjoy. You’ll learn at least four new things, we guarantee it!

  77. MGG 650: Are You Secure with Your Security?2017/03/26

    Security is on the brain this week! Learn how to secure your iCloud account and also learn how to secure your entire home network from your ISP’s prying eyes! Dave and John also help you determine what devices and processes are using your network, and what the difference is between WPA2 Personal and Enterprise. All of this and more in this week’s Mac Geek Gab. Press play and enjoy!

  78. MGG 649: Web Pages as Apps, Equipment Insurance, and Photos!2017/03/19
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  79. MGG 648: More Mac Tips Than You Can Shake a Stick At2017/03/12

    Manage your 3rd-party external “Retina” display, use custom icons for each mounted volume, use private browsing to keep your various Google accounts from conflicting, and move your Dock to make better use of your screen real estate. Folks, that’s just the tips section of this week’s episode. Listen for much, much more!

  80. MGG 647: Hello, Sailor. Nothing Happens Here.2017/03/05

    Ever get the spinning beach ball at the top of your screen? John and Dave can help with that. After all, they come together each week to solve your Mac questions and problems. Other topics include selecting your sending address from Mail, controlling when iCloud Photos get sent to the cloud, deleting stubborn files, and more!

  81. MGG 646: How do I choose a UPS?2017/02/26
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  82. MGG 645: Don't Fear The Wi-Fi2017/02/19
    Info (Show/Hide)
  83. MGG 644: iOS Geek Gab, Managing RAM, Converting Numbers to Excel2017/02/12
    Info (Show/Hide)
  84. MGG 643: You Scratch Your Head, I’ll Scratch Mine2017/02/05
    Info (Show/Hide)
  85. MGG 642: Safari Passwords, Shopping Lists, and Synology RT2600ac Router2017/01/29
    Info (Show/Hide)
  86. MGG 641: Speeding Up a Sluggish Mac and Cool Stuff Found2017/01/22
    Info (Show/Hide)
  87. MGG 640: Managing Photos, Fixing Your Apple Watch & Resolving Network Issues2017/01/17

    Migrating Photos to a new Mac, managing and syncing your family’s photos, speeding up iOS Spotlight searches, fixing an unresponsive Digital Crown on your Apple Watch and resolving website loading delays are just some of the things you’ll learn from your two favorite geeks in this week’s show! Listen as Dave Hamilton and John F. Braun answer your questions and solve your problems.

  88. MGG 639: Moving Photos, Fixing Mail, Securing Your Network & More2017/01/09

    Back from CES, your two favorite geeks have some fun stuff to report about and all of your questions to answer. The latter include things like fixing Mail.app’s CPU-hogging, which hibernatemode to use for your MacBook, and much, much more. Press play and enjoy!

  89. MGG 638: Happy New Year from Your Geeks2017/01/01

    Need to use Mini DisplayPort monitor with your USB-C Mac? Need to make screen recordings? Need a Dropbox replacement? Your two favorite geeks have you covered with these questions and others. Cool Stuff Found segment includes a way to control your reboot sounds, your clipboard, and your unwanted robocalls. Plus, another AirPods alternative. Download and enjoy!

  90. MGG 637: Christmas Morning with Your Two Favorite Geeks2016/12/25

    Everyone got AirPods except you? No worries, Dave and John have you covered with some AirPods alternatives. Otherwise it’s listener questions dominate the show, as usual, with topics ranging from where to store your iTunes Media, network topology, replacements for Dropbox’s missing Public folder and much more. Download today and enjoy!

  91. MGG 636: The First Rule of The Darknet Is Don’t Talk About The Darknet2016/12/18
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  92. MGG 635: Filing Mail, Router Follow-up, and Geeky Gift Guides!2016/12/11

    Filing Mail, RAM suggestions, DOCSIS 3.1 and accessing your data from The Dark Side are just some of the topics of questions answered by John and Dave this week. Then it’s on to a follow-up from the router show with a sandwich of geeky holiday gift suggestions from your two favorite geeks!

  93. MGG 634: Mail Tips & Solving Generic Dock Icons2016/12/04

    Quick tips to start: copying mail (instead of moving it), editing your default Touch Bar, a new way to create pinned tabs in Safari, ejecting an external Blu-ray, and disabling notifications. After that it’s time to answer your questions about secure email, SSD upgrades, keychain errors, portable audio recording setups and much more. Press play and enjoy!

  94. MGG 633: Deep Dive – How to Choose a Router in 2016?2016/11/27

    This week we answer all your questions and queries about which router you should buy and how to go about deciding this for yourself. Standalone vs. mesh, eero vs. Orbi, 2×2 vs 4×4, we cover it all. After listening to this episode you’ll have both the information and even some deals to be able to make your choice and know you’ve got the right Wi-Fi for your home.

  95. MGG 632: The Truth and Its Relatives2016/11/20

    Your questions answered, including those about Sierra’s keyboard viewer, recommended OS and RAM configurations for older (and newer!) Macs, Stopping apps from launching on login, finding photos on your iPhone, Bluetooth interference and more. Then it’s Cool Stuff Found and some tips. How can you go wrong? By NOT downloading this episode.

  96. MGG 631: The Odd Couple Episode2016/11/13

    We asked, you shared your top Mac apps, we share them back! Some great additions in the list here, too. Some mutual favorites and some surprises. Listen to hear if yours made the list! Then it’s on to discussion about trackpad scrolling, iOS Mail swiping, ripping movies (with subtitles!) and more. Download, listen and… enjoy!

  97. MGG 630: Label Your Cables!2016/11/06
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  98. MGG 629: Not All USB-C Is Created Equal2016/10/30

    Considering migrating to a new Mac? How about thinking of a new Cable Modem? What about managing Wi-Fi speeds with lots of Apple devices which share their Wi-Fi networks via iCloud? Your fellow MGG listeners had those questions until they asked here and your two favorite geeks answered! Listen to John and Dave discuss all of this and more, including sharing some tips from you, too!

  99. MGG 628: Cool Stuff Found and DNS's Achilles Heel2016/10/23
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  100. MGG 627: It's a Kludge!2016/10/17
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