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  1. Boardgames To Go 191 - Spiel des Jahres Top 402019/06/09
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  2. Boardgames To Go 190 - Grail Games (with David Harding)2019/04/14
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  3. Boardgames To Go 189 - Welcome to Season 152019/03/11
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  4. Boardgames To Go 188 - Essen 2018 (with Chris Marling)2018/12/16
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  5. Boardgames To Go 187 - Post-BGGcon 2018 (with Ryan Wheeler and Greg Pettit)2018/12/12
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  6. Boardgames To Go 186 - Kniziathon (with Doug Adams)2018/11/27
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  7. Boardgames To Go 185 - Essen Anticipation 20182018/10/22
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  8. Boardgames To Go 184 - Conventions for Boardgame Players & Designers2018/10/18
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  9. Boardgames To Go 183 - Spiel des Jahres 20182018/07/23
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  10. Boardgames To Go 182 - Downsizing a Collection2018/06/26
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  11. Boardgames To Go 181 - Brewery Roundtable BGGcon 20172018/03/10
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  12. Boardgames To Go 180 - Post-BGGcon 2017 (with Greg Pettit)2018/02/07
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  13. Boardgames To Go 179 - Essen Anticipation 20172017/10/23
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  14. Boardgames To Go 178 - One Year After the One Year Purge (with Greg Pettit)2017/09/30
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  15. Boardgames To Go 177 - Spiel des Jahres 20172017/08/14
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  16. Boardgames To Go 176 - Nos Amis à Paris (with Melissa, Olivier, and Candy)2017/05/30
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  17. BGTG 175 - Curious about Wargames? (with Dave O'Connor)2017/03/17
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  18. Boardgames To Go 174 - Vive la France!2017/02/21
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  19. Boardgames To Go 173 - Post-Essen 2016 (with Chris Marling & David Thompson)2017/01/25
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  20. Boardgames To Go 172 - Post-BGGcon 2016 Part 2 (with Brian Murray & David Gullett)2016/12/19
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  21. Boardgames To Go 171 - Post BGGcon 2016 Part 1 (with Greg Pettit)2016/12/01
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  22. Boardgames To Go 170 - BGGcon 20162016/11/23
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  23. Boardgames To Go 169 - Post-Essen 30162016/11/07
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  24. Boardgames To Go 168 - Essen 20162016/10/16
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  25. Boardgames To Go 167 - Pre-Essen 20162016/10/10
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  26. Boardgames To Go 166 - Catching Up Before Essen2016/10/04
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  27. Boardgames To Go 165 - The Times They Area A-Changin'2016/08/24
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  28. Boardgames To Go 164 - Managing the Hoard (with Greg Wilzbach)2016/07/24
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  29. Boardgames To Go 163 - Long Games (with Eric Brosius)2016/06/23
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  30. Boardgames To Go 162 - Return of the Podcast2016/05/27
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  31. BGTG_161f_2015-11-222015/11/23
    Last daily podcast of BGGcon, this one a live recording with Greg in the main hall as it was closing down.
  32. BGTG_161e_2015-11-212015/11/22
    This daily podcast from BGGcon has my buddy Brian on to talk with me about wargames! Triumph and Tragedy, Wings of War, and Down in Flames
  33. BGTG_161d_2015-11-202015/11/20
    Outdoor, impromptu recording of a bunch of BGGcon friends at a local beer garden. Talks about games played & looking forward to.
  34. BGTG_161c_2015-11-192015/11/20
  35. BGTG_161test2015/11/20
    Test recording to make sure I got the intro/outro music.
  36. BGTG_161b_2015-11-182015/11/19
  37. BGTG_161a_2015-11-172015/11/17
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  38. BGTG 160 - Reflections on my Podcast (with Greg Pettit)2015/06/10
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  39. BGTG 159 - 100 Great Games, Epilogue (with Stephen Glenn and Mark Jackson)2015/05/04

    As you may recall, Stephen, Mark, and I already finished our countdown of 100 Great Games in an earlier episode. However, for a long while we'd planned to do one more episode together--this one--where we talk about our own picks, surprises, disappointments, trends, and so on. I foolishly thought this would be posted before Christmas! Will I never learn?! :-)

  40. BGTG 158 - Boardgame Road Trip 2 (with Dave Arnott)2015/04/20
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  41. BGTG 157 - Games Played in 2014 (with Martin Griffiths)2015/02/25
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  42. BGTG 156 - Games of BGG.con 2014 (with Greg Pettit)2015/01/30
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  43. BGTG 155 - BGG.con 2014 Planning For NEXT Year2014/12/23
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  44. BGTG 154f - BGG.con 2014 (Sunday)2014/11/23
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  45. BGTG 154e - BGG.con 2014 (Saturday)2014/11/23
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  46. BGTG 154d - BGG.con 2014 (Friday)2014/11/22
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  47. BGTG 154c - BGG.con 2014 (Thursday)2014/11/21
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  48. BGTG 154b - BGG.con 2014 (Wednesday)2014/11/20
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  49. BGTG 154a - BGG.con 2014 (Tuesday)2014/11/18
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  50. BGTG 153 - 100 Great Games, the Top Ten (with Stephen Glenn & Mark Jackson)2014/11/13
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  51. BGTG 152 - Essen (and BGGcon) Anticipation 20142014/10/14
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  52. BGTG 151 - Mark Hates Games (with Brian Murray & David Gullett)2014/09/19
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  53. BGTG 150 - 100 Great Games, part 7 (with Stephen Glenn & Mark Jackson)2014/09/03
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  54. BGTG 149 - Modern Microgames (with Jeff Myers)2014/08/27
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  55. BGTG 148 - 100 Great Games, part 6 (with Stephen Glenn & Mark Jackson)2014/08/15
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  56. BGTG 147 - A Look Back at 2013 (with David Gullett)2014/07/08
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  57. BGTG 146 - SR & Feedback (AbluXXen, Walking Dead Card Games, Where's Bob's Hat)2014/05/02
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  58. BGTG 145 - 100 Great Games, part 5 (with Stephen Glenn and Mark Jackson)2014/01/31
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  59. BGTG 144 - Gaming with Regular People (with David Gullett)2014/01/13
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  60. BGTG 143 - Post BGG.con 2013, part 2 (with Greg Pettit)2013/12/12
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  61. BGTG 142 - Post BGG.con 2013, part 1 (with Greg Pettit)2013/12/10
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  62. BGTG 141 - 100 Great Games, part 4 (with Stephen Glenn & Mark Jackson)2013/10/28
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  63. BGTG 140 - SR & Feedback (Clubs, Qwixx, Via Appia, more)2013/10/14

    Session Report and Feedback episode with games I've played recently, as well as my experiences attending out-of-town Meetups.
  64. BGTG 139 - Essen Anticipation 2013 (with Dave Gullett)2013/09/27

    Last year I failed to do my annual "Essen Anticipation" podcast. It was just too much. This year, however, I got an earlier jump on it...and I enlisted the help of a friend.
  65. BGTG 138 - Experience Games (with Greg Pettit)2013/07/15

    Do you know the term, Experience Game ? I thought everyone did, but in prepping for this episode I found that it's used a lot less often than I thought. Not only that, but I learned it's a term that was used more often in the early days of hobby boardgames, by which I mean the 1990s. Well, let's bring it up to 2013. (Actually, it IS still used sometimes.)

  66. BGTG 137 - SR & Feedback (Vinci II, TransAmerica with Vexation, Eclipse on iOS)2013/05/31
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  67. BGTG 136 - 100 Great Games, part 3 (with Stephen Glenn and Mark Jackson)2013/05/24

    Stephen Glenn and Mark Jackson join me for part 3 of our 100 game countdown series.

  68. BGTG 135 - Boardgaming Road Trip (with Dave Arnott)2013/03/13
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  69. BGTG 134 - A Look Back at 20122013/02/24
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  70. BGTG 133 - 100 Great Games, part 2 (with Stephen Glenn and Mark Jackson)2013/02/07

    The guys join me for part 2 of our 100 game countdown series.
  71. BGTG 132 - GameNight! (with Scott Alden & Lincoln Damerst)2013/01/03
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  72. BGTG 131 - 100 Great Games, part 1 (with Stephen Glenn & Mark Jackson)2012/12/20
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  73. BGTG 130 - Post BGG.con 2012 (with Greg Pettit)2012/12/12
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  74. BGTG 129 - Boardgame Blogging (with Jeff Myers)2012/11/28
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  75. BGTG 128 - The Value of a Boardgame (with Greg Pettit)2012/11/19
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  76. BGTG 127 - Essen Anticipation 2012 (sort of...)2012/10/16
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  77. BGTG 126 - A Few Geeky Games2012/08/09

    After the last episode where I complained about geeky games, I felt a little compelled to describe a few of those games I DO happen to enjoy. It's a bonus that I got to work in a reference to Curiosity, the Mars rover that just landed.

  78. BGTG 125 - Boardgame Themes for Grown Ups (with Greg Pettit)2012/08/03

    Greg Pettit returns to the topic of narrative themes in boardgames, except that it's mostly Mark that needs to unload his true feelings about geeky versus historical themes.

  79. BGTG 124 - A Sense of History (or European Vacation Part 2)2012/06/14
    Notice: I'm in the process of moving this blog over to Boardgamegeek. I'm still running the show, and the podcast will still be available through your normal subscription (iTunes, or whatever)--I'm just using a different host on the internet. This move is only happening because I think it will be more convenient for my listeners, and it may also generate more comments. Please follow me over to
  80. BGTG 123 - Outdoor Boardgaming (with Dave Gullett)2012/05/28
    Notice: I'm in the process of moving this blog over to Boardgamegeek. I'm still running the show, and the podcast will still be available through your normal subscription (iTunes, or whatever)--I'm just using a different host on the internet. This move is only happening because I think it will be more convenient for my listeners, and it may also generate more comments. Please follow me over to
  81. BGTG moving to BGG...but where?2012/05/16
    Although the podcast will continue to be available through iTunes or wherever else you get it, I'm planning to move this blog over to a new location, on Boardgamegeek. I welcome your feedback about that in this post over on BGG.

  82. BGTG 122 - SR & Feedback (Würfel Bohnanza & Lords of Waterdeep)2012/04/28
    Filling in the gaps between episodes with guests, I like to post episodes that let me simply talk about some games I've played lately, offer scattered opinions & thoughts about them, and then share some of the podcast's feedback. My listeners often have great suggestions and comments that expand upon topics discussed in previous episodes.

    In this "Session Report & Feedback" show, I discuss
  83. BGTG 121 - Secondhand Games (with Greg Pettit)2012/04/26
    I'm still trying to keep podcasts coming out more frequently, and now I've got friends who are actively pushing me along. That can only help! In this case, it's Greg Pettit, who I thought of immediately when I decided to do a podcast about secondhand games. Whether you're acquiring Out-Of-Print classics or being economical about the Cult of the New-To-Me, sometimes buying used games is the way
  84. BGTG 120 - Favorites of 2011 (A Few Acres of Snow, Pergamon)2012/03/13
    What?! Two episodes in the same month?! When was the last time I did that? Unfortunately, it's been a while. But as I say during the early part of this podcast, I've got a little more free time now, and I hope I can use it to publish podcasts a bit more frequently than it's been. This could change at any time, but for now I've got my fingers crossed.

    In this episode I do a few things. Most
  85. BGTG 119 - Euro Train Games (with Dave Arnott)2012/03/08
    Train games mean something special, at least to train gamers. Usually they involve the 18XX system and hours of deep gameplay. Oddly, though, sometimes it means a very light game such as Express. Within hobby gaming, the term predates the German style of boardgames typified by Settlers and the like. Are there games that include some of what "makes" a train game, but also includes the design/
  86. BGTG 118 - Post BGG.con 2011 (with Greg Pettit)2011/12/05
    This is a very long episode, but no one ever complains about length so I decided to keep it intact rather than splitting it into two shorter shows.Just as he did last year, my buddy Greg Pettit went to Bgg.con in 2011 and joined me on the podcast afterward to discuss the new games he played there. Like a lot of people, he focused on new releases, including a bunch that are new from this year's
  87. BGTG 117 - Long Games (with Ryan Wheeler)2011/11/12
    First of all, welcome to anyone who discovered (or re-discovered?) my show after hearing my guest appearance on boardgame podcast, Ludology. I joined Ryan Sturm over Skype (when Geoff Engelstein was snowed in) to discuss the difference between 2-player and multiplayer games. There's also been some good follow-up discussion on Ludology's guild over at Boardgamegeek.But back here, on my own show,
  88. BGTG 116 - Essen Anticipation 20112011/10/19
    I'm not even late! Not quite, anyway. The annual small (& large) game publisher extravaganza in Essen, Germany is set to start with the press day about 24 hours after I post this, and the doors open to the public the day after that. Four days of record-setting boardgame product launches and direct sales will follow, along with some sense of which games are the best ones.For those of us who don't
  89. BGTG 115 - Spiel des Jahres, Then & Now2011/07/16
    The recent announcement of the Spiel des Jahres winner, Qwirkle, gave me the good idea to play that game again...as well as the excuse to talk about a handful of other SdJ winners I've played "recently." Ok, not really that recent, but there was a game party last year when I specifically wanted to concentrate on games from 1999 or earlier. Quite by accident, I found myself concentrating on some
  90. BGTG 114 - Party Games for Shy Boardgamers (with David Gullett)2011/07/05
    You may think it's odd or ridiculous that a guy who hosts a boardgame podcast feels uncomfortable in some social party games due to the putting-yourself-out-there part of them. But that's exactly how I feel, and my suspicion is that other boardgamers may feel the same. Meanwhile, there are clearly a bunch of other people--including boardgamers--who really enjoy the fun, laughs, and camaraderie
  91. BGTG 113 - European Vacation2011/04/05
    Part of what's kept me away from the microphone lately has been some overseas travel. First was our family T. O. A. L. (Trip of a Lifetime) to Germany & Italy. Then, surprisingly, a return visit to Europe shortly thereafter by just me because of a new assignment at work. Though neither of those trips were about games, I couldn't help getting in SOME shopping and playing while I was over there.
  92. BGTG 112 - Five-Player Games (with Dave O'Connor)2011/02/01
    Here's a podcast that I recorded with my buddy DaveO last summer. You probably know that I prefer lighter games. Well, DaveO likes the heavier stuff (as well as some quicker games). We got to talking about that, and the conversation drifted to our differences in opinion about the number of players in a game. I felt that five was a troublesome number, while he could quickly think of several
  93. BGTG 111 - Post BGGcon (with Greg Pettit) [second try]2010/11/29
    I'm posting this show again to get the correct version in the RSS/iTunes feed. (An earlier posting of this show erroneously copied an earlier episode.) Sorry for the trouble.

  94. Show #111 is now fixed. Please try again.2010/11/29
    For the first hours after it was posted today, the latest podcast episode had a glitch that meant subscribers were getting a repeat of the previous episode #110. A couple astute listeners brought that to my attention, and I was able to quickly fix it. If you're one of those that got the wrong episode, try redownloading. (In iTunes, I got it to work be deleting the duplicate show, the un- and
  95. BGTG 110 - All About the Easy Play games (with David Arnott)2010/11/16
    At long last, another "All About" show, the format in which a guest and I talk through a particular game in great detail. This time we tried something a little different, discussing the entire series of fast-playing games in small, square boxes called Easy Play by German publisher Schmidt Spiele. Since we covered so many games in this episode, this is one of my longest shows ever, nearly two
  96. All of BGTG's archives are up!2010/11/06
    At long last I've managed to make all of Boardgames To Go's five and a half year podcast archive available on iTunes! They've always been available through this blog, but the process was cumbersome (at best). Now by getting all of the shows into the main podcast feed, podcast accumulators like iTunes (the 900-lb gorilla), iPodder, Podtrapper, Zune, etc. should all have the entire back catalog of
  97. BGTG 109 - Essen Anticipation 2010 Part 22010/10/17
    Whew! I hurried up and recorded Part 2 of my annual "Essen Anticipation" episode so I could get it posted before the Spieltage itself. Hopefully some of the people who wanted to listen to it before the show opens (even when traveling there?) will get it in time.

    This episode is more like my Essen shows from previous years. I talk a little about about general things, then launch into a long
  98. BGTG 108 - Essen Anticipation 2010 Part 1 (with Scott Alden & Lincoln Damerst)2010/10/15
    It's that time again. Time for excitement about the Spiel game expo (Internationale Spieltage) held in Essen, Germany every October. Even when my fall season gets busy with work, kids' school, and other activities, there's always this time when I start living vicariously through the pre-, post-, and (now) during-the-event reports. Over a decade ago we heard about the new titles debuting at
  99. Back to normal (and Facebook)2010/10/08
    Not only has the podcast not blown up yet (at least I think that's right), but this morning I managed to Undo something I fiddled with on the feed that I later regretted. Though it hasn't gotten me any closer to having all of the podcast archives in iTunes--that's still my major project--I'm hoping I've restored things back to their previously working condition. That's because a listener reminded
  100. In case the podcast blows up...2010/10/03
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  101. BGTG 107 - Handcrafted Games (with Lincoln Damerst and Greg Wilzbach)2010/09/05
    I grabbed two of my artistically talented friends (Greg did my podcast logo!) and put them on the microphone to talk about their hobby-within-a-hobby: handcrafted games. These guys have both taken a known, existing boardgame or two and hand made their own copies. It might have been to create something that's hard to get, or it might have been to make a personalized, deluxe version of a favorite
  102. I'm trying something new with this blog & podcast (behind the scenes)2010/09/05
    For a while now, listeners of the podcast have asked for an easier way to access all of BGTG's archives. They've actually always been available, but it takes some work. You have to click on one of the archive pages, then find a show and click on its MP3 link to play it through your browser, or right-click it to save it to your computer for later copying to your player or importing into iTunes.
  103. BGTG now (also) on BGG2010/08/19
    Got those acronyms? Now Boardgames To Go has its own existence on Boardgamegeek. This is in addition to this blog & website, which I intend to always be the podcast's true home. However, for some it may be convenient to keep up with the podcast from BGG, along with their other favorite boardgame podcasts. Like so many features that Aldie adds to that amazing site, its full potential isn't yet
  104. BGTG 106 - SR & Feedback (Super Slapshot, Age of Industry)2010/08/17
    At long last, another episode, and a long-winded one at that! These session report & feedback shows are supposed to be easier episodes for me to bang out--I need to remember that! Doing them more often will work through the response backlog and make them easier & shorter. We'll see how well I do at remembering that... :-)

    In addition to a lot of great comments about past shows, I talk about
  105. Recent gaming (face-to-face, play-by-web, and iPhone)2010/06/28
    June was a crazy month at work (as I knew it would be), so I haven't managed to post shows even though I've still got a good one in the can . . . and I managed to record another one. I need to post some "normal" session report & feedback shows in between the featured episodes, though. I'll get to that.

    Despite all that, I still got in some great gaming in June, especially with one big
  106. BGTG 104 - Boardgame Themes (with Greg Pettit)2010/06/14
    Themes in boardgames are a favorite subject of mine. I'm sure I've said before how interested I am in the themes these games of ours have. Some themes instantly attract me to a game, while others are an immediate turn-off. When I'm playing a game, I particularly enjoy historic theming on the cards, or historic notes within the rulebook. You'd think that makes me a theme-gamer. I certainly
  107. New BGTG call-in number is 206-337-74012010/05/30
    Yeah, I lost my old call-in number, the same one the show has had for five years. I haven't completely given up hope, and I may ask for your help in getting it back, but for the moment any audio feedback should instead go to 206-337-7401. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  108. BGTG 105 - Games of the Decade (with Dave Arnott)2010/05/30
    Now that the first decade of the new century & millennium is past, Dave & I reflected on what that ten-year span meant for boardgames. Back in late 2007 he & I recorded a "decade+1" retrospective for episode #75, but that had a little different focus. For that earlier show, we tried to talk about our own introduction and growth in the hobby, like what games we first learned about & played, how
  109. Comment feed working again2010/05/14
    By the way, you can subscribe the comment feed in order to keep up with comments on all of this blog's posts without having to remember to check them.
  110. Should I start a BGG guild?2010/05/14
    The flurry of good comments & discussion following the recent podcast about boardgame theming was split between those posted right here on the website, and others on a Boardgamegeek thread. Though that's fine, it makes me wonder if it wouldn't be better to facilitate them more on one location than the other. And though I'd really prefer to have the comments archived here, with the podcast itself,
  111. Did it work?2010/04/30
  112. BGTG 103 - SR & Feedback (Pandemic On the Brink, Caylus Magna Carta, Patrician)2010/03/18
  113. BGTG 102 - Games Played in 2009 (with "Davebo" Gullett)2010/03/11
  114. Twitter, Facebook, and now Buzz?2010/02/11
  115. BGTG 101 SR & Feedback (Dog, Keltis Way of the Stone, Sorry Sliders)2010/02/11
  116. BGTG 100 SR & Feedback (Tobago, Numeri, Polar Derby)2010/01/05
  117. MJ's Games played in 20092010/01/02
  118. BGTG 99 - Ten Years of Essens2009/11/06
  119. BGTG 97 - All About Brass (with Stephanie Kelleher)2009/10/24
  120. BGTG 98 - Essen Anticipation 20092009/10/19
  121. Last & next month's games2009/10/10
  122. Go "vote" on the À La Carte card game award2009/09/14
  123. Gamewright euros (and testing Twitterfeed)2009/09/06
  124. BGTG 96 - Translations, Editions, and Revisions (with David Gullett)2009/08/31
  125. BGTG 95 - SR & Feedback (Container & Chicago Express)2009/07/02
  126. BGTG 94 - Are any of our games Classics? (with Greg Pettit)2009/05/04
  127. Follow BGTG on Twitter2009/04/20
  128. BGTG archives going ALL the way back...2009/04/19
  129. BGTG 93 - All About Big City (with Eric Burgess)2009/04/15
  130. BGTG 92 - Game Awards (with Dave Arnott)2009/03/30
  131. BGTG 91 - 2008 Year in Review (with Dave Arnott)2009/03/20
  132. Join me for PBW Brass?2009/03/17
  133. BGTG 90 - Veto-Proof Game Night (with Ryan Wheeler)2009/03/10
  134. Games for auction2009/03/01
  135. More play-by-web2009/02/22
  136. Did you leave me a voicemail?2009/02/19
  137. BGTG 89 - SR & Feedback (Viva Topo!, Slamwich, Tief auf Tier)2009/02/17
  138. Thanksgiving Weekend gaming2008/12/01
  139. BGTG 88 - Dominion, Arkham Horror, Marrakech, and En Garde2008/11/20
  140. A fresh call for online games2008/11/03
  141. Vicarious Essen2008/10/31
  142. Essen photos2008/10/24
  143. BGTG 87 - Essen Anticipation 20082008/10/23
  144. Pre-Essen show2008/10/20
  145. Anyone for Vinci?2008/09/16
  146. BGTG 86 - All About Harry's Grand Slam Baseball (with David Gullett)2008/09/12
  147. Another "All About..." show is coming2008/09/11
  148. BGTG 85 - SR & Feedback (with Rattlesnake, XiangQi, Citadels, Manila, and Tribune)2008/09/08
  149. A truly lost episode2008/09/04
  150. Something else about Byzantium (and another car-cast)2008/08/19
  151. BGTG 84 - Martin Wallace games (Brass, Tinner's Trail, Byzantium)2008/08/15
  152. BGTG 83 - Aug 10, 2008 - Re-Introduction with my "New" Top Ten2008/08/11
  153. BGTG auction and my new appreciation for Martin Wallace2008/07/29
  154. BGTG 82 - June 17, 2008 - SR & Feedback (Hamburgum & Streetcar)2008/07/16
  155. BGTG 81 - May 23, 2008 - Games of 20072008/05/23
  156. BGTG 80 - Apr 29, 2008 - SR & Feedback (Galaxy Trucker & Key Harvest)2008/05/03
  157. BGTG 79 - SR & Feedback (Play By Web games)2008/04/19
  158. BGTG 78 - Back in the saddle2008/03/31
  159. BGTG 77 - Recent Game Rambling2008/01/18
  160. BGTG 76 - Summertime Games2007/11/21
  161. BGTG 75 - Decade+1 Retrospective (with Dave Arnott)2007/11/09
  162. BGTG 74 - Post-Essen 2007 (with Mike Siggins)2007/11/03
  163. BGTG 73 - Oct 15, 2007 - Pre-Essen 20072007/10/15
  164. BGTG 72 - Oct 10, 2007 - Where are all the kids?2007/10/11
  165. BGTG 71 - Sept. 19, 2007 - SR & Feedback (Settlers Dice, Canal Mania, Dschungelschatz)2007/09/22
  166. Help me save an audio interview?2007/09/12
  167. BGTG 70 - Sep 9, 2007 - Light Wargames2007/09/10
  168. Help from a German fan of BGTG?2007/06/24
  169. Carribean, Hacienda, Reef Encounter, game parts2007/06/03
  170. Spiel des Jahres thoughts2007/05/29
  171. Recent games: T&T, Tempus, Vinci, play by web2007/05/28
  172. BGTG 69 - Mar 21, 2007 - Adlung Spiele Games2007/03/27
  173. My wife's favorite type of boardgame2007/02/19
  174. BGTG 68 - Feb 12, 2007 - Looking Back at 2006, Forward into 20072007/02/16
  175. Some Essen titles (Yspahan, On the Underground, Elephant in a Porcelain Shop, and Null & Nichtig)2007/02/15
  176. BGTG 67 - Jan 1, 2007 - Pretty, Wooden Abstracts2007/01/02
  177. BGTG 66 - Dec. 8, 2006 - Thanksgiving Leftovers (Qwirkle, Winner's Circle, Harry's Grand Slam Baseball, Hyle7, Make Five) & Feedback2007/01/01
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  285. My feet are on the ground, and I'm reaching for the stars!2006/11/12
  286. New domain name, email, even a BGG text ad!2006/11/12
  287. BGTG - May 2, 2005 (SR: Settlers, Dancing Dice, Basari, Ra, San Marco, Xe Queo!, Ingenious, Star Wars Ep. 2 Card Game, Kapitan Wackelpudding)2006/11/12
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