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chineseteacherli's Podcast

  1. Introdoction of chinese teacher li's class2010/01/20
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  2. listen and speak out chinese:polite phrases2009/10/19
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  3. express time in chinese2009/10/18

    learn to express time in chinese in this fast-paced world.

    download full version,click here:


    Created by teacher Li Yan: give face to face & Online Chinese courses
    Efficient, Flexible & Engaging. Skype:liyan12417 msn:spirit9748@hotmail.com
    Copyright reserved.
  4. mp3 for the trip2009/10/09

    20 short chinese sentences for practicing on the trip.
  5. chinese tones drill2009/10/06

    it is for the beginners to gain the correct sense of chinese tones.
    if ou have any question or interest,contact me:
  6. Episode 9 thank you2009/10/04

    some basical phrases for beginners,thank jiajia to help me with the recording.
    if have more interest,contact m

  7. Say your christmas day in Chinese(for beginners)2008/11/30
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  8. Practice Pinyin with teacher Liyan2008/11/27
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  9. audio class of Businese Chinese (Basical)2008/11/24

    Hi,I am Chinese teacher Liyan in beijing,here goes the audio class of Businesee Chinese(Basical).This course is designed for learners who have learnd basic Chinese in a variety of settings,for the learners they are interested in having a career or doing business among Chinese speaking communities.
    If you want to learn more,
    contact:skype & yahoo ID:liyan12417
  10. hi from Chinese teacher Li2008/11/22

    hi,everyone ,happy to meet you in the air.I am Chinese teacher Li,I give wide range of chinese courses online or face to face,it includes:spoken chinese,writing chinese,business chinese and HSK preperation courses.Internet make the world a small village,whenever ,and wherever you are,welcome to my chinese class.
    skype & yahoo ID :liyan12417
  11. Episode 42008/11/22
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chineseteacherli's Podcast
have a listen,make a decision:
my podcast: www.lillian12417.podomatic.com

hi ,how is your Chinese study,i am Lillian ,chinese teacher from beijing,i give face to face and online chinese classes via skype ,here is the brief introduction about my chinese class:
I have master's degree, major in Curriculum and teaching theory with the sub -specialty of language testing .7 years of teaching experience. I taught wide range of Chinese courses:

l Spoken Chinese of all levels,

l Chinese character writing and recognition for western learners,

l HSK preparations of all levels.

l Chinese reading comprehension

l I also taught students related in management consulting, banking, sports, financial, comic and animation, and building materials etc. I made customized textbooks for them. Such skill is very helpful for developing or modifying materials for students with special needs.

My teaching styles are efficient, flexible and interesting.

I also give online Chinese class via skype 。

if you have any questions,pls feel free to ask.

if you were interested,write me back,i will sent you more information.


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