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Bloodthirsty Vegetarians

  1. BV Podcast #02182013/04/19
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    Welcome to show number 218 . If this show were five dentists, at least four of them would approve of it.

    Greetings! Where in gods name have we been??! Rich mixed a Rock Opera Paul has been job hunting, and eating pie Tune 1: Egg by Jenny Katz The Boston Marathon bombings See you next time!

    Some of these sounds were used in the making of this podcast.

  2. BV Podcast #02172013/03/08
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    Welcome to show number 217 . Not our best work, but we had to prove we were alive!

    Rich did some recording at the Analog Realm Is competition good or bad? I wish someone would decide Paul has all sorts of big news See you soon!

    Some of these sounds were used in the making of this podcast.

  3. BV Podcast #02162013/02/22
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  4. BV Podcast #02152013/02/15
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  5. BV Podcast #02142013/02/08
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  6. BV Podcast #02132013/01/25
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  7. BV Podcast #02122013/01/11
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  8. BV Podcast #02112013/01/04
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  9. BV Podcast #02102012/12/28
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    Welcome to show number 210 , our final show of 2012.

    What are we thankful for? Tune 1: Anchorage by Marian Call Our 2012 highlights. What are yours? Tune 2: Kitchen Song by Valorie Miller Our resolutions. What are yours? Happy New Year!!

    Some of these sounds were using in the making of this podcast.

  10. BV Podcast #02092012/12/21
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  11. BV Podcast #02082012/12/14
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  12. BV Podcast #02072012/12/07
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  13. BV Podcast #02062012/11/30
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  14. BV Podcast #02052012/11/23
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  15. BV Podcast #02042012/11/09
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  16. BV Podcast #02032012/11/02
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  17. BV Podcast #02022012/10/26
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  18. BV Podcast #02012012/10/19
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  19. BV Podcast #02002012/10/12
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  20. BV Podcast #01992012/10/05
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  21. BV Podcast #01982012/09/28
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  22. BV Podcast #01972012/09/21
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  23. BV Podcast #01962012/09/14
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  24. BV Podcast #01952012/09/07
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  25. BV Podcast #01942012/08/31
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  26. BV Podcast #01932012/08/24
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  27. BV Podcast #01922012/08/17
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  28. BV Podcast #01912012/08/10
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  29. BV Podcast #01902012/08/03
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  30. BV Podcast #01892012/07/27
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  31. BV Podcast #01882012/07/20
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  32. BV Podcast #01872012/07/13
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  33. BV Podcast #01862012/06/29
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    Welcome to show #186!

    Greetings! More Gardening and Mixing Robomney Care upheld by SCOTUS Tune 1: Bodies of American Women by Valorie Miller We're on the way to Mars again with the Curiosity Rover Tune 2: Ringmaster by The Luftwaffe Until next time

    Some of these sounds were used in the making of this podcast.

  34. BV Podcast #01852012/06/22
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  35. BV Podcast #01842012/06/08
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    Hello! Take me to your 184th leader, and get me a pizza!

    We apologize for missing a show and stuff Mets first no-hitter! The Wisconsin recall vote Tune 1: Gone Missing by Matt Schwartzer Obama, US policy, and drone strikes See you next time!

    Some of these sounds were used in the making of this podcast.

  36. BV Podcast #01832012/05/25
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    Welcome to episode 183, LIVE from the bridge of the Starship Enterprise, Starfleet registry NCC-1701 !

    Willkommen Mario Batali vs. Fox News How about a Six Million Dollar Man reboot? Tune 1: Stones by Jonathan Coleman Our Top-5 favorite guitarists Tune 2: Freefall by The Luftwaffe CUL8R

    Some of these sounds were used in the making of this podcast .

  37. BV Podcast #01822012/05/18
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  38. BV Podcast #01812012/05/04
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    Welcome to the 'All Scott All The Time' show. We mention his name at least 181 times in this episode.

    Greetings as we review the minutes of the last meeting What are our musical influences? Tune 1: Epitaph by The Luftwaffe What are our musical processes? Tune 2: On Time For Love by The Luftwaffe What recent bands have impressed us? Ciao!

  39. BV Podcast #01802012/04/27
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  40. BV Podcast #01792012/04/20
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    We have now done 179 of these silly things. What is wrong with us?!

    Intro Ted Nugent , and what happened to this personal responsibility thing the right always talks about? Tune 1: Undergrowth by Matt Schwartzer DRM is bad for your customers, and HBOs recent problem Tune 2: Star Town by Valorie Miller Hollywood sucks. Give us some original ideas! Cya!

  41. BV Podcast #01782012/04/13
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  42. BV Podcast #01772012/04/06
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  43. BV Podcast #01762012/03/30
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    Welcome back to our 176th podcast, live from the Republican National Convention... or not.

    Welcome! More Curling talk Pebbling the ice How are Curling stones made? The Trayvon Martin killing Tune 1: Night Fishing by Simon Fox Voter registration laws Tune 2: A Conversation by Billy and the Psychotics Leave us some feedback!

  44. BV Podcast #01752012/03/23
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  45. BV Podcast #01742012/03/12
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  46. BV Podcast #01732011/05/23
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  47. BV Podcast #01722011/05/16
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  48. BV Podcast #01712009/06/15
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  49. BV Podcast #01702009/06/08
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    We are gathered here today for the one hundred seventieth time for:

    More pedophilia? Or not.
    Tune 1: Blessing of the Kindling by Katy Wehr
    Indian Gift Giving
    Tune 2: Good Stuff by Sunna Gunnlaugs

  50. BV Podcast #01692009/06/01
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    Dude, this is show 169 !

    Get your pedophile beard today
    Vin: 2007 Santa Julia Organica Cabernet Sauvignon
    Tune 1: Freedom's Song by Gale Mead
    On Film: Star Trek
    Tune 2: Same Old Same Old by Big Green
    adios mustachios

  51. BV Podcast #01682009/05/18
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    This is WVIB 168 , all talk, all the time:

    Birds and the bees...and twin bathtubs on the beach Tune 1: The Way I Feel by the Cantonement Jazz Band Humour.  I was ONLY KIDDING! Tune 2: Beethoven's Sonata No.1 in F Minor Op. 2 No.1-4 Prestissimo performed by Daniel Veesey ciao!

  52. BV Podcast #01672009/05/11
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    The following show is effective at 167 parts per million:

    News recap Vin: 2007 Cycles Gladiator Cabernet Sauvignon Tune 1: Only Nine by Seeking Through Silence
    Films! Gomorra Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired The Class Who Killed the Electric Car? Tune 2: September by Digger

  53. BV Podcast #01662009/05/04
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  54. BV Podcast #01652009/04/27
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    This week, on a very special episode 165 of Bloodthirsty Vegetarians, Arnold learns that it is no longer safe to accept Bacon from strangers, and...

    The lovely and talented Fran Wagner
    Vin: 2007 Rosemount Shiraz
    Tune 1: Ballad of a Gink by The Moonlighters
    RAZZLEDAZZLE Costume Construction Company Tune 2: The Tiling Song by Curios

  55. BV Podcast #01642009/04/20
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  56. BV Podcast #01632009/04/13
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  57. BV Podcast #01622009/04/06
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  58. BV Podcast #01612009/03/30
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    Stay tuned to 161 on your iPod dial and hear:

    News and views
    Vin: 2006 Red Knot Shiraz utilizing the Zork stopper
    Tune 1: Go Lightly by Amanda Monaco 4
    Top 5 Technological Discoveries, Inventions or Advances
    Tune 2: Puzzles by The Unknown Adios!

  59. BV Podcast #01602009/03/23
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    Score? BV: 160 , world: 0

    Misc. incoherent ramblings Tune 1: Gasoline by Justin Gordon Decline and Fall of Human Rights Obama Poster controversy (cont.) Kindle 2 Authors' Guild Rant , and Amazon backs down (sad)
    NZ Copyright Law madness
    MarloweDK gets banned from YouTube
    Lessig Blog Tune 2: No Force by Red Planet On Film: Milk

  60. BV Podcast #01592009/03/16
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    One Adam Twelve, we have a 159 in progress...

    Work...and a little closure Vin: 2002 Catena Alta Malbec Mendoza
    Tune 1: The War Goes On by Gale Mead Being Connected (or how Rich learned to stop worrying and learned to love the Twitter) Twitter Facebook Myspace? Never!
    Tune 2: Armageddon's Shadow by Gale Mead

  61. BV Podcast #01582009/03/09
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    Our latest show is enhanced with 158 ingredients and:

    Vin: 2006 Chateau St. Jean Cabernet Sauvignon Tune 1: Berserker by No Original Members (formerly Black Sun)
    Peeves Continued - arguing minutiae
    Tune 2: A Child Shall Lead the Way by Brother Joscephus and The Love Revival Revolution Orchestra On Film: Rachael Getting Married

  62. BV Podcast #01572009/03/02
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    Heinz we're not, but 157 shows we got:

    Obama image problems Cartoonists gone amok Copyright madness
    Tune 1: The Things You See (When You Haven't Got Your Gun) by Allan Holdsworth An Unreasonable Man Tune 2: Burlington by Simon Fox laytr

  63. BV Podcast #01562009/02/23
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    Ray Bach joins us again on our 156 th anniversary of:

    Nuthin' but tangents Tune 1: You Bring Me Down by Blood Red Shoes Vin: 2006 Penfolds Koonunga Hill Shiraz Pet Peeves Tune 2: Top of the World by Feet of Clay On Film: Momma's Man

  64. BV Podcast #01552009/02/16
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    We're proud to present our 155 th attempt at greatness by discussing:

    Welcome aboard Ray Bach Tune 1: Sidewinder by Bankrupt Vin: 2006 Rutini Trumpeter Malbec Mendoza
    FRBSportswear.com Tune 2: Irish Scottish Folk Song by Marc Gunn On Film: Metallica:Some Kind of Monster

  65. BV Podcast #01542009/02/09
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    If we've told you once, we've told you 154 times:

    Hola! Tune 1: Wapus by Antoine Dufour The Batmen Batman Begins The Dark Knight Tune 2: Do It Every Time by Big Green L8r

  66. BV Podcast #01532009/02/02
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    For the 153 rd time, we're back in the saddle again, with:

    Miscellaneous nonsense Vin: 2006 3 Blind Moose Cabernet Sauvignon
    Tune 1: High Horse by Big Green Buy American? Tune 2: Never Run by David Cloyd Ciao

  67. BV Podcast #01522009/01/19
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    On this inaugural eve, we bring you the 152 nd installment of our folly:

    This show is brought to you by Scotch tape and luck
    HD and BluRay Tune: Love Potion, Expired by Ljova and the Kontraband Vin: 2006 Cousino Macul Antiguas Reservas Cabernet Sauvignon Five Questions (or thereabouts) On Film: The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

  68. BV Podcast #01512009/01/12
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    There are over 151 items to discuss this week, including:

    The New Year continues Tune 1: Here I Am by Echolyn On Film: WALL-E Tune 2: She Said by Feet of Clay On Film: 7th Street

  69. BV Podcast #01502009/01/05
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    Our first show of 2009 is 150 % new and improved:

    Happy New Year!  Lets try to avoid the religious discrimination of last year. Vin: 2005 Sebastiani Cabernet Sauvignon
    Tune 1: The Chair by Luftwaffe Our New Year wishes, hopes, dreams, fears... Tune 2: Record Store Renegade by Bankrupt On Film: Happy-Go-Lucky

  70. BV Podcast #01492008/12/29
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  71. BV Podcast #01482008/12/22
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  72. BV Podcast #01472008/12/08
    Listen Up!

    Attention all units, we have a 147 in progress on West Alameda.  Subjects are armed.  Proceed with caution.

    Christmas is coming and Griz from the Grizzly's Growls Podcast shares his list with us Tune 1: Blues for Ayman by the Greg Howard Band Bail out?  WTF??? Tune 2: Kafka Love Song by Richard Potter On Film: Man On Wire

  73. BV Podcast #01462008/12/01
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    On our (roughly) 146 th show, we celebrate:

    Vindication Pizza: NY Pizza & Deli, Gluten Free Pie Vin: 2005 Beringer Cabernet Sauvignon
    Tune 1: Unemployed by Tuff Luvs General BS and recap of our recent adventures
    Tune 2: I Wanna Wrestle You by The Sumo Sisters On Film: I Served the King of England

  74. BV Podcast #01452008/11/24
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    We continue last week's discussion with Lech Kowalski , including his fascinating project entitled Camera War, found at http://www.camerawar.tv .  Our discourse includes:

    EXTINKT Films
    Underground or grassroots media Vin: 2005 The Black Chook Shiraz
    Tune: Funky Tonk Guitar Trio by Antoine Dufour

  75. BV Podcast #01442008/11/17
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  76. BV Podcast #0143 (Sort Of)2008/10/22
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    Hi folks, this is just a quick little audio status update to let you know what's going on with Bloodthirsty Vegetarians. We look forward to seeing you soon.


  77. BV Podcast #01422008/07/28
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    We're back, and show 142 is our best in weeks:

    Where the HELL were we??? The Syracuse Arts and Crafts Festival
    Tune 1: Benner Has No Soul by Digger Musings about Stained Glass and Pottery , and our future as business moguls.
    Tune 2: Pet by Emma Wallace On Film: Young @ Heart Then She Found Me Vin: 2003 Toasted Head Shiraz

  78. BV Podcast #01412008/07/07
    Listen Up!

    We've gathered 141 times to tell you:

    Diesel fumes... Tune 1: Happy Tollbooth Guy by Desmond Drive Secret Secret , I've got a Secret Tune 2: Blur by Jaya the Cat On Film: The Visitor

  79. BV Podcast #01402008/06/30
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    We banged our heads together 140 times and this is what came out:

    Tunguska Tune 1: So Few Words by Megan Krantz Should men (people) drive into tornadoes? Vin: 2005 Cannonball Cabernet
    Tune 2: Ouray by Andy Mckee On Film: Chicago 10

  80. BV Podcast #01392008/06/23
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    For the 139 th time we gather our wits and talk:

    Kids and sports Delivering kids by the bushel Tune 1: Attack of the Weiner Dogs by Hard Logic
    Can a meme be manufactured? (hint: kind of) Steampunk Pie-cosohedron Roman gamer warez Tune 2: Caravan by Marylin Scott
    On Film: Under the Same Moon

  81. BV Podcast #01382008/06/16
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    This week on a very special BV, Mrs. Garrett and Jo discuss:

    3 years of yukking it up Tunneling to the booze Candy Rat Records
    Tune 1: Spiritual Groove by Antoine DuFour and Tommy Gauthier
    Big Government Tune 2: Fleet Step Choreography by Don Ross
    Vin: 2004 Brampton Shiraz On Film: Shine a Light

  82. BV Podcast #01372008/06/09
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  83. BV Podcast #01362008/06/02
    Listen Up!

    The following discourse is packed with 136 essential vitamins and minerals, as well as:

    Roller coasters and sunburn Baseball and the instant replay Tune 1: Lake's Entrance by Simon Fox The death of Lorenzo Odone
    Racism, Rhetoric, and Political Shenanigans Tune 2: Bernie's Doom by Evan Tate On Film: Married Life

  84. BV Podcast #01352008/05/19
    Listen Up!

    In attempt number 135 we dabble in:

    More rings , watches , and Dances with Hoores (sp?) Tune 1: Siberian Kathru Blues by Kwyjibo Meme: Blockbusters Tune 2: MTV by Deep Purple On Film: The Band's Visit

  85. BV Podcast #01342008/05/12
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    On our 134 th show we discuss:

    Tramp stamps , Montana , rings , and guitar cases Tune 1: The Third Derivative of James Brown by Hectic Watermelon Vin: 2005 Sebastiani Cabernet Sauvignon Review: Juno
    Tune 2: Behaving in the Moment by MODUS On Film: Taxi to the Dark Side

  86. BV Podcast #01332008/05/05
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    We explore our manliness in show 133 :

    Introductory nonsense and babbling Tune 1: It's Over by The Fire Apes A Pain In My Gas Tank, or Does This Car Make Me Look Small?
    Tune 2: Calvin by The Wrong Trousers On Film: 4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days

  87. BV Podcast #01322008/04/28
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    Show 132 tops the charts with:

    Misc. stuff and Giuseppe Franco Tune 1: Square One by Cheryl B. Englehardt Vin: 2005 Cycles Gladiator Cabernet Sauvignon Style vs. Substance
    Tune 2: Let Dem Hoes Fight by Fishbone
    On Film: In Bruges

  88. BV Podcast #01312008/04/21
    Listen Up!

    Seriously, you've been warned. Treading upon show 131 will result in:

    Introwdukshun, and scofflaw trees
    Tune 1: Criminal by BIFT Debate! Bowling (ed. note: There WILL be a BV bowling tourney) Ten Pin Fashion Cuisine
    Tune 2: L'alchimiste by Pierre Bensusan On Film: Orphanage

  89. BV Podcast #01302008/04/14
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    Caution.  Show 130 contains the following:

    Intro - Rich's Psychic Friends Network
    Tune 1: Fortune by The Portraits Vin: 2005 Evil Cabernet Sauvignon Homework - Our Marketing Plan How should we market ourselves? Can you sum us up in a few words?
    Tune 2: K Lounge by The Four Bags On Film: Caramel

  90. BV Podcast #01292008/04/07
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    Show 129 is all about:

    Dental noises John Adams - The Mini-Series John Adams - The Book Tune: Trash Stash by Panacea (now Plant)
    On Film: Great World of Sound B'bye

  91. BV Podcast #01282008/03/31
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    Show 128 may contain one or more of the following:

    Miscellaneous ramblings, MSG, Red Dye #3 Vin: 2005 Vina
    Chocalan Carmanere Tune 1: Time by Todd Madson
    Institutionalized hypocrisy
    Tune 2: Apples and Oranges by Kwyjibo On Film: The Savages
    L8r G8r

  92. BV Podcast #01272008/03/17
    Listen Up!

    1..2..3..4..5..6..7, we're on show number 127 ...

    Rich has cat scratch fever Tune 1: Powder Horn by Simon Fox Vin: 2004 Angove's Red Belly Black Shiraz
    Pet Peeves Tune 2: Chicken Feet by Bift On Film: Live Action Short Film Showcase Tanghi Argentini Om Natten
    Il Supplente The Tonto Woman Le Mozart des Pickpockets

  93. BV Podcast #01262008/03/03
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    Yay! Show 126 ! We're big boys now! Good Job!

    We're back! Tune 1: Adelita by Francisco Tarrega, performed by Dustin Jones Buyer's Remorse Tune 2: Shop Vac by Jonathan Coulton On Film: Grace is Gone

  94. BV Podcast #01252008/02/25
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    Doing 125 shows makes me want to drive a scooter named after wine:

    Looks like bio-fuels are a red herring Listener thoughts on Closure Vin: 2004 Jacob's Creek Shiraz Tune 1: Steve's Stunt Double by Hectic Watermelon Meme: Top 5 (or so...) TV Characters Tune 2: 21 by Echolyn On Film: Starting Out in the Evening Ciao!

  95. BV Podcast #01242008/02/18
    Listen Up!

    With the last show and show 124 , we've officially done more shows than NASA has done shuttle launches:

    What's new? Tune 1: System Overload by Jammin*INC Closure What is it? Does it exist? Is it worth pursuing? Share your thoughts: feedback@bloodyveg.com
    Tune 2: March Out by Fort Pastor On Film: King Corn CU nxt wk

  96. BV Podcast #01232008/02/11
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    ABC...easy as 123 :

    Did you get your taxes done? Vin Beer: Green's Endeavour Dubbel Dark
    Tune 1: Gluten-Free Blues by Kyle Dine Homework is Due: No Country for Old Men Tune 2:Tokyo Dream by Allan Holdsworth On Film: I'm Not There

  97. BV Podcast #01222008/02/04
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    Here's what we do in show 122 :

    Hello again Tune 1: Pretty Good Year by The Loved Ones
    Politics - again, can a woman or black man be elected? Reminder: NEVER HIT PAUSE :)
    Tune 2: Thank You Reggae by Jaya the Cat On Film: Before the Devil Knows You're Dead

  98. BV Podcast #01212008/01/28
    Listen Up!

    What to expect from show 121 :

    Death and Taxes Vin: 2001 Citra Montepulciano D' Abruzzo
    Train Show - pt. 1 Tune 1: Darlin' Do Not Fear by Brett Dennen Train Show - pt. 2
    Hasta la vista, Bobby Smash Lab Tune 2: So Be It by Jeremy Shaw
    Train Show - pt.3 On Film: Into the Wild

  99. BV Podcast #01202008/01/14
    Listen Up!

    Can you believe we've done 120 of these things?

    Intro, or As We Were Saying... Tune 1: Heaven Sends Her Regards by the Alrights On Film: I Am Legend (2007) Tune 2: Mmm... by Ila Cantor More Film: Lars and the Real Girl (2007) See you next week!

  100. BV Podcast #01192008/01/07
    Listen Up!

    We now resume our regularly scheduled programming with show 119 :

    What we did (or didn't do) on our Christmas Vacation Vin: 2005 Cycles Gladiator Cabernet
    Tune 1: Troubles in Heaven by Modest Midget On Film: The Darjeeling Limited (2007) Tune 2: Motel by Luftwaffe More Film: Lust, Caution (2007) See you next week!

  101. BV Podcast #01182007/12/24
    Listen Up!

    Enjoy show 118 on the eve of Christmas 2007:

    Are we still on?  Wow, this bottle is taking a long time to finish... Tune 1: Secret Sidewalks by Minus Vince The Christmas or Holiday spirit and how it is being defiled Tune 2: Antifreeze by Asylum Street Spankers On Film: Eastern Promises
    Have a Happy New Year!

  102. BV Podcast #01172007/12/10
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  103. BV Podcast #01162007/11/26
    Listen Up!

    The contents of Show 116 is filled with space and...

    Retail Hell Pt.2 Tune 1: Harry Edwards by The Portraits On Film: Rocket Science Tune 2: Quitters Never Win by Digger More Film: In the Shadow of the Moon

  104. BV Podcast #01152007/11/19
    Listen Up!

    Show 115 is full of pep and...

    Retail Hell Pt.1 Tune 1: The One They Call Jones by Amanda Monaco as performed by The Lascivious Biddies
    Vin: 2006 Punto Final Malbec Clasico
    Needles and Pins Tune 2: Happy Birthday Universe by The Alrights The Dems and their kinks

  105. BV Podcast #01142007/11/12
    Listen Up!

    Bloodyveg returns to flight with show 114 :

    Patty Limerick's Pedestrian Diet Tune 1: Evolution by Modest Midget
    On Film: Chalk Tune 2: Plume by Lev Zhurbin
    More Film: Alice Neel , and Alice on the IMDB
    Even More Film: Game Over: Kasparov and the Machine

  106. BV Podcast #01132007/11/05
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  107. BV Podcast #01122007/10/29
    Listen Up!

    Groove to the sounds of show 112 :
    Government waste and non-binding resolutions Tune 1: Grant Wants to be a Pirate by The Clintons Meme: (Gentlemen) Name the top 5 Chick Flicks you're embarrassed to enjoy Tune 2: Devil Take the Hindmost by Allan Holdsworth On Film: Becoming Jane

  108. BV Podcast #01112007/10/22
    Listen Up!

    Show 111 is a test of the emergency broadcast system:
    Check out Bruce Sterling's book The Hacker Crackdown: Law and Disorder on the Electronic Frontier In Print On Cory Doctorow's blog/podcast Vin: 2005 Catena Malbec Mendoza
    Tune 1: One 11 by B.D.Lenz On Film: Sicko Tune 2: Bangkok by The Portraits More Film: Pan's Labyrinth

  109. BV Podcast #01102007/10/15
    Listen Up!

    In decimal, Show 0110 = 6:

    Run for the border
    Tune 1: She's Not Tangible by Serenading the Dead
    New music publishing

    Radiohead says F*** the RIAA
    RIAA rapes Minnesota woman over 24 songs
    From the horse's mouth - you are a criminal

    Tune 2: Deja Correr by Mutandina
    On Film: Rescue Dawn

  110. BV Podcast #01092007/10/08
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  111. BV Podcast #01082007/10/01
  112. BV Podcast #01072007/09/10
  113. BV Show #01062007/09/03
  114. BV Show #01052007/08/27
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  122. BV Show #00972007/06/18
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  124. BV Show #00952007/06/04
  125. BV Show #00942007/05/28
  126. BV Show #00932007/05/21
  127. BV Show #00922007/05/14
  128. BV Show #00912007/05/07
  129. BV Show #00902007/04/30
  130. BV Show #00892007/04/23
  131. More Good News/Bad News2007/04/16
  132. BV Show #00882007/04/09
  133. BV Show #00872007/04/02
  134. BV Show #00862007/03/19
  135. BV Show #00852007/03/12
  136. BV Show #00842007/03/05
  137. BV Show #00832007/02/26
  138. BV Show #00822007/02/19
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  140. BV Show #00802007/01/29
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  145. BV Show #00752006/12/25
  146. BV Show #00742006/12/18
  147. BV Show #00732006/12/11
  148. BV Show #00722006/12/04
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