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  1. Episode 93 - Live From The Boathouse2016/07/26

    Bill and Judy talk beer, vacations, music, books, and international border crossing hijinks. Warning: Adult language!

    Total Time: 58:38
  2. Episode 92-DZvsZFT and William Reed2016/07/06

    This show talks a little more about the Zappa feud and we have our first recorded discussion with William Reed. A good time to be had.

    Total time 37:34
  3. Episode 91-Their Beef Mailbox2016/05/07

    The Zappa Brothers are feuding, or at least iot seems to be that way. Much love to the entire Zappa family...but why are they pointing fingers at each other? Check it out.

    Total time: 50:15
  4. Episode 90 - The second of 20152015/11/11

    Diversions while listening to music. Other fun things on the internet for those who like music. Podcasts I like, revisited. More DJ stuff. Also, Music Matters Jazz news.

    Total time: 32:20
  5. Show 89 - Adventures in Turntabling2015/01/05

    I went out to a bar and was a DJ for a night. Then I bought a new turntable. Also, check out theWax and Wane Podcast.

    Total time: 36:27

  6. Show 88 - Going Commando2014/10/30

    Recorded a few weeks ago - I forgot to upload it now that I'm getting ready to record another show. Oh well! Enjoy.

    Total time: 29:04
  7. Show 87-New Stuff and Questions2014/09/06

    New stuff! Questions! Answers!

    Total time: 31:31

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  8. Show 86 - Post Kick Lawn2014/07/21

    Post mortem for the kickstarter campaign, we present part two of an interview with me and Todd Lederman, the other main member of Spudlok. Music and larfs akimbo. Check out the Radiolawn site. Plus, recent deaths.

    Total time: 39:05

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  9. Show 85-Radiolawn #2122014/07/02

    To further promote the kickstarter campaign, we present an interview with me and Todd Lederman, the other main member of Spudlok. Music and larfs akimbo.
  10. Episode 84 - Blue and Back to Black2014/06/24

    Recorded June 17, 2014. Enjoy.
  11. Show 83-Crowd Funding2014/06/10

    I play catch up by babbling about how people are funding their creative endeavors, then talking about my own. Please contribute to my Kickstarter campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/billcamarata/release-my-bands-album-on-vinyl
  12. Show 82 - Morphing Vinyl2013/05/16

    Primus, Zappa, They Might Be Giants, Donald Fagen, and Apple's Horrible Podcast App.

    Total time: 28:49
  13. Show 81 - RSD aftermath and Record Show Fun2013/05/01

    The aftermath(and location recordings) of Record Store Day as well as the last record show until this September. Well, for Cleveland, anyway.

    Total time: 37:56
  14. Show 80 - High Tolerance For Music2013/04/20

    A conversation with my friend Kevin, the most we've talked in around 30 years or so. We discover Pet Metheny makes music other than the pretty stuff, nature makes cool mallet instruments, marching bands beyond academic organizations, our favorite boxes, and walls of cellophane.

    Total time: 58:00
  15. Show 79 - RSD 20132013/04/16

    My recap of Record Store Day plus a few new releases.

    Total Time 47:13
  16. Show 78 - 78RPM2013/04/12

    I'm back with some music and I'm sure just about every tune I play is going to be by someone who is not alive…because it's all vintage 78s today. A little bit of fun while I get back into the swing of things.

    Total Time 31:04
  17. Episode 75 - Zappa 2012 Reissues Plus2012/10/03

    My first video and audio simulcast! Find the audio on the podcast feed, and the video on my YouTube dverada channel. DO IT NOW!

    Total time 26:45

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  18. Episode 74-Summer and the VC2012/09/05

    Sorry I was gone so long, here's what I've been up to.
  19. Episode 73 - Record Store Day 5 PreviewNews, and a preview to this year's record store day! HOORAY! Total time 31:19 Click here to subscribe:<a href="http://feeds.feedburner.com/BillsBoxOfSound" title="Subscribe!"><img src="http://www.feedburner.com/fb/i2012/04/17
  20. Episode 72-"Mastered For iTunes", The Audiobook-PLUS!2012/03/31
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  21. Episode 71-Spinning Memorial Things2012/03/16
    Info (Show/Hide)
  22. Episode 70-Sony Hardware Download Gook2012/02/25
    Info (Show/Hide)
  23. Episode 69-Twenty-'leven-twelve GO!2012/01/15

    The year 2011 is wrapped up with my top ten and I make a bunch of inaccurate, poorly timed statements. Then I add commentary to it, read some e-mails, and hopefully entertain you. God, I love a good podcast, don't you?? OK, I'm taking myself way too seriously. Enjoy this show responsibly.

    Total time 50:12
  24. Episode 68-Black Hot Lulu Skulls2011/11/04

    Ear X-Tacy Closes.

    Lou Reed and Metallica's Lulu.

    The Flaming Lips' 24 Hour Long Song.

    Back To Black Friday.

    Red Hot Chili Peppers' new album on vinyl.

    Total Time: 52:05
  25. Episode 67-I Found A Star and A Lot Of Inexpensive Records2011/10/16

    A play-by-play of the six hour Flaming Lips' song "I Found A Star On The Ground", and needle drops of records I purchased very inexpensively at the record show. Also some news.

    Total time 52:51

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  26. Episode 66 - Help The New Faces2011/09/16
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  27. Episode 65-Late Summer News2011/08/22

    New releases, news stories, summer miscallany, and our first giveaway! Listen to the show to find out how you can win a 7" vinyl rarity by Beck.

    Total time: 36:48
  28. Episode 64-Emails and News2011/07/10

    Let's play catch up with Bill! I catch up with your emails and talk about a few new releases for your summer listening.

    Total Time: 51:40
  29. Episode 63 - Whither Pink Floyd?2011/05/15

    News, mostly about the Pink Floyd reissue campaign.

    Total Time 29:13
  30. Episode 62-Bill talks about records forever.2011/04/22

    My tour of record stores in Athens, Ohio, Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Also Record Store Day in Columbus Ohio and another haul of record show vinyl. I simply will not shut up.

    Total time : 1:16:19
  31. Episode 61 - Release the Mail Drop2011/03/20

    New releases for the week of March 20, 2011.

    Bill answers e-mails and talks more about keeping your records clean.

    Needle drops!

    Total time: 52:10

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  32. Episode 60 - Uncle Bernie's Audio Farm2011/02/23

    News: Flaming Lips, Record Store Day, Nickel Creek, Sonic Youth, Radiohead, Lou Reed, King Crimson Reissues, Steely Dan, Buffalo Springfield, Return To Forever IV, Mike Watt.

    Featured Interview: Bernie from Play It Again Sam, a vintage audio store located in Lakewood Ohio.

    Total time: 39:38

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  33. Episode 59 - Barry Moore Dead, White Stones Letter2011/02/09

    More News and e-mails. White Stripes, Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead, and we say goodbye to Gary Moore and John Barry; PLUS: your e-mails!

    Total time: 31:17

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  34. Episode 58 - Janfeb News And Mails2011/02/04

    News and E-mails! Let's talk about: Cake, Conan O'Brien, Mike Watt, Captain Beefheart, Jandek, MCA and the Beasties, 78RPM turntables, cleaning fluids, Rod Stewart, The Stones' Exile Box, Discwasher friction, Foo Fighters, Nas, Culture Club, Kiss, Wilco, The Decemberists, Don Kirshner R.I.P.

    Total time 35:00

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  35. Episode 57 - Drifting Hot Noise and Tribute2011/01/09

    Frank Zappa's Hot Rats, Dobie Gray's Drift Away, Dead Kennedys, XTC, Inception, Machete, Beefheart Tribute on Mike watt's Show, and Rest In Peace Craig Balzer.

    Total Time 27:26.

  36. Episode 56 - Holiday Oh Holiday2011/01/02

    Holiday Commercials, Peculiar Christmas feedback, Vinyl purchases, R.I.P. Captain Beefheart, Happy Birthday Frank Zappa, music forums.

    Total time 20:45

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  37. Episode 55 - Peculiar Christmas Music2010/12/19

    The last eposide of the year - sorry it took so long! This Xmas music isn't bad, it might not be good, but it is...peculiar. Thanks for your support this year and see you in 2011!

    Total time: 20:15

  38. Episode 54 - Pre-Thanksgiving News Round-up2010/11/20

    News and News. Enjoy.

    Total time: 24:49

  39. Episode 53 - Beasts in the Fun House2010/10/26
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  40. Episode 52 - Rolling Ping Needle Drops2010/10/15

    Cake, More XTC info, John Lennon remix, iTunes 10 update, Ping exploration, Rolling Stones Boxes, and Needle Drops!

    e-mail me: bill [at] boxofsound.com


    The YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/dverada

    Total Time: 48:10

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  41. Episode 51 - The Best Debut Albums Part 22010/09/28
    Info (Show/Hide)
  42. Episode 50- The Best Debut Albums Part One2010/09/18

    Show 50? Holy Crap! Rich and I talk about the best debut albums of all time in the rock idiom, by artists that actually had a career afterwards.

    e-mail me: bill [at] boxofsound.com


    The YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/dverada

    Total Time: 48:45

  43. Box Of Sound 49 - Devo, Prince, Ben Folds, J. Geils, and Mail!2010/08/27

    The summer has gone too fast and I got a lot of stuff to talk about. Plus, you e-mails answered at last!

    e-mail me: bill [at] boxofsound.com


    The YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/dverada

    Total Time: 34:12

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  44. Box Of Sound 48 - Three Part Time Travel2010/06/14
    Info (Show/Hide)
  45. Box Of Sound 47-The Rock Alphabet?2010/04/20

    Bill and Rich go over another one of those annoying lists and try to figure out which artists in their alphabet deserve mentioning.

    Also, Prog rock clones and anticipation of record store day, which will be re-capped on the next episode.

  46. Box Of Sound 46-Record Store Day This Weekend2010/04/14



    George Hrab's Geologic Podcast:



  47. Box of Sound 45 - Spin Clean Update and Magic Stylus Cleaner2010/03/03

    Spin Clean Update!

    Stylus cleaner for a price you won't believe.

    check out the YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/dverada
  48. Box of Sound 44 - Record Show Afterglow2010/03/01

    Record Roundup show.


    Still waiting for the spin clean.

    Total Time 10:26
  49. Box of Sound #43-Avatar No, Spin Clean Yes!2010/02/14
    Info (Show/Hide)
  50. Box of Sound 42 - Questions, Questions, Questions2010/01/04
    Happy New Year!
    Next record convention coming 2/28/10
    It Might Get Loud
    New Ringo Album this month
    My YouTube Channel 6200 views of Beatle Box set!
    Question, questions, questions.
    Total time 20:09
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