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Directors Notes

  1. DN358: Luca Dipierro Animates the Death of a Band in ‘Rising. A Requiem For Father Murphy’2018/04/06
    Luca Dipierro & Father Murphy join us on the podcast to look back at their fruitful collaboration and reveal details of their new stop motion feature film.
  2. DN357: James Erskine Documents the Awe-Inspiring Artistic, Athletic & Societal Struggle of ‘The Ice King’2018/02/23
    James Erskine shares how he crafted a documentary about the artistic, athletic and societal struggle of John Curry, the world's greatest ice skater.
  3. DN356: Dustin Guy Defa Weaves a Whimsical Tapestry of New York Stories in Ensemble Feature ‘Person to Person’2017/12/21
    Dustin Guy Defa shares why we had to wait 6 years for his second feature and how short films paved the way for his ensemble New York story.
  4. DN355: A Prima Ballerina Fights for Relevance & Perfection in Birgitte Stærmose’s Psycho Thriller ‘Darling’2017/11/09
    Denmark's Birgitte Stærmose discusses 'Darling', her intense story of pain and perfection which unfolds in the demanding world of professional ballet.
  5. DN354: An English Boxer Fights to Survive a Brutal Thai Prison in Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire’s ‘A Prayer Before Dawn’2017/10/26
    How director Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire brought the brutal reality of an English boxer's life in one Thailand's most notorious prisons to screen.
  6. DN353: Rob Curry & Tim Plester Herald the Rebirth of a Folk Legend in ‘The Ballad of Shirley Collins’2017/10/19
    Rob Curry & Tim Plester craft a lyrical response to the life, work & tragic loss of the High Queene of English Folk music, Shirley Collins.
  7. DN352: In Conversation with Legendary Filmmaker Chris Shepherd2017/10/04
    DN caught up with Chris Shepherd to reflect on his celebrated career and return to the hybrid world of animated/live action violence in 'Johnno’s Dead'.
  8. DN351: Future Shock! Paul Goodwin & Sean Hogan Unearth the Untold Story of Anarchic Comic 2000AD2017/08/04
    Director Paul Goodwin & Producer Sean Hogan delve into the creation of their passion fuelled documentary history of the Galaxy's Greatest Comic, 2000AD.
  9. DN350: Nico Edwards Documents a Treacherous 8,000 Mile Pacific Voyage Through Ice & Wind in ‘Sea Gypsies’2017/05/04
    Nico Edwards' debut documentary follows 16 crew members aboard a 120ft sailing Ketch as they journey through some of the most treacherous seas on earth.
  10. DN349: Matt Hopkins & Ben Lankester Document a Band Stuck in the Middle in ‘A Divorce Before Marriage’2017/04/13
    Matt Hopkins & Ben Lankester's feature doc follows five-piece rock band I Like Trains as they struggle to breakthrough after losing their record deal.
  11. DN348: Nickolas Duarte Discovers the Painful Past of the Man Who Paints Souls in ‘Jay’2017/03/16
    Nickolas Duarte's doc provides a glimpse into the extraordinary and complex life of Jay Kyle Peterson, an abstract artist with an even more abstract past.
  12. DN347: Chameleon – Jorge Riquelme Serrano2016/12/15
    Jorge Riquelme Serrano shares how structured improvisation enabled him to shoot his uninvited guest psychological thriller feature debut in a mere 4 days.
  13. DN346: Chasing Asylum – Eva Orner2016/12/08
    Eva Orner’s documentary exposes the repugnant, inhumane ways the Australian government treats asylum seekers and its attempts to hide these atrocities.
  14. DN345: The Eyes of My Mother – Nicolas Pesce2016/11/30
    A young lonely woman is consumed by her deepest & darkest desires after tragedy strikes her quiet country life in Nicolas Pesce's horrifying debut feature.
  15. DN344: United States of Love – Tomasz Wasilewski2016/11/18
    Tomasz Wasilewski returns to the DN podcast with a tale of lust, isolation and loneliness in which four woman decide it's time to change their lives.
  16. DN343: Indivisible – Edoardo De Angelis2016/11/10
    Edoardo De Angelis explores themes of individualism and sororal symbiosis in his tale of singing siamese twins who discover the possibility of life apart.
  17. DN342: After Love – Joachim Lafosse2016/11/04
    Joachim Lafosse discusses how he depicted a couple's acrimonious separation and divorce through the use of long fluid sequence shots of domestic hostility.
  18. DN341: The Day Will Come – Jesper W Nielsen2016/10/26
    Jesper W Nielsen delivers a painfully honest depiction of a Danish orphanage where two brothers try to escape the wrath of their headmaster’s tyranny.
  19. DN340: On Call – Alice Diop2016/10/19
    Alice Diop's latest documentary seeks to put names and faces to the asylum seekers suffering a life of loneliness and fear as they live in exile in Paris.
  20. DN339: TOWER – Keith Maitland2016/10/14
    Keith Maitland shares how he combined archival footage & rotoscoped animation to place audiences in the crosshairs of his Texas Tower shooting documentary.
  21. DN338: Sheep & Sibling Strife – Grimur Hakonarson on his Cannes Winning Feature ‘Rams’2016/06/08
    A film filled with deep humour and an even deeper humanity, DN sits down with Icelandic Director Grimur Hakonarson to discuss his Un Certain Regard winning feature ‘Rams’ .
  22. DN337: Jaco Van Dormael Preaches the Gospel According to God’s Daughter in ‘The Brand New Testament’2016/04/15
    Award winning Director Jaco Van Dormael joins DN to discuss why his irreverent forth feature ’The Brand New Testament‘ isn't about religion.
  23. DN336: Asaf Korman Delves into the Heart of Unhealthy Symbiotic Relationships in Sibling Drama ‘Next to Her’2016/03/10
    Israeli director Asaf Korman joins us on the podcast with feature debut ‘Next to Her’, an intimate and very personal look at the themes of co-dependence and unhealthy symbiotic relationships.
  24. DN335: Hanna Polak Unearths the Treacherous Journey of Life on a Moscow Rubbish Dump in ’Something Better to Come‘2016/02/23
    Oscar-nominated Director Hanna Polak reveals why she dedicated 14 years of her life to tell the story of Yula, a young girl who grew up on Europe's largest garbage dump, in the heart wrenching vérité documentary ‘Something Better to Come’.
  25. DN334: Enduring the Violence of Strangers in Stephen Fingleton’s Dystopian Feature ‘The Survivalist’2016/02/12
    Stephen Fingleton joins DN to discuss the harsh realities of a career in filmmaking and how he created the contained post-apocalyptic world of his debut feature ‘The Survivalist’.
  26. DN333: Passion & Insanity Make for Destructive Bedfellows in Jakob M. Erwa’s Tense Psychodrama ‘Homesick’2015/12/16
    "Don’t sit & wait for the chance, do it!" Dir. Jakob M. Erwa shares the rallying cry that powered the production of his psychothriller feature ‘Homesick’.
  27. DN332: Maya Newell Explores Society’s Reactions to Same-Sex Parenting in ‘Gayby Baby’2015/12/11
    Australian Director Maya Newell discusses her exploration of same-sex parenting in her debut documentary ‘Gayby Baby’.
  28. DN331: Matt Sobel Takes an Inverted Look at the Coming of Age Story in ‘Take Me To The River’2015/11/30
    DN talks to Matt Sobel about his inverted coming of age feature 'Take Me To The River' and discovers how he harnessed the celebrity power of Taylor Swift to craft an impressive performance from his young co-star.
  29. DN330: Nightmares Become Unreality in AKIZ’s Dark Monster Tale ‘Der Nachtmahr’2015/11/23
    Artist & Director AKIZ shares how he brought realism to his fantastical feature 'Der Nachtmahr' whilst augmenting the film’s abrasive techno soundtrack through the use of sonic experiments.
  30. DN329: Politics & Film Noir Combine in Alexis Alexiou’s Thriller ‘Wednesday 04:45’2015/11/18
    Greek Director Alexis Alexiou joins us to discuss how he went about creating a lyrical, surreal quality for his crime thriller 'Wednesday 04:45' and why in his opinion good film noir is actually political in nature.
  31. DN328: The Child Assassin Comes of Age in Ariel Kleiman’s Debut Feature ‘Partisan’2015/11/13
    DN tracked down 'Partisan' Director Ariel Kleiman to talk submarines, scoring Vincent Cassel for his debut feature & why kids can’t point guns in Australian films.
  32. DN327: Johanna Schwartz Documents the Defiant Spirit of Malian Musicians in Sonic Feature ‘They Will Have to Kill Us First’2015/11/09
    Director Johanna Schwartz joins DN with her feature-length documentary 'They Will Have to Kill Us First' - a film which charts the defiant spirit of Malian musicians willing to risk their lives for the love of their art.
  33. DN326: Joseph Sims-Dennett Embraces the Voyeuristic Darkness in Horror Mystery Feature ‘Observance’2015/11/03
    Dir. Joseph Sims-Dennett talks to DN about the anxieties of building a directing career and how he took things back to the self-initiated basics for his second feature, the dark horror mystery 'Observance'.
  34. DN325: Josh Mond Battles Emotional Demons Within & Without in ‘James White’2015/10/26
    DN sat down with Josh Mond to discuss the inner workings of the Borderline Films’ partnership and how he went about constructing a visual language that would trap an audience inside the claustrophobic internal turmoil of the titular character in his debut feature 'James White'.
  35. DN324: Felix Thompson Captures a Snapshot of Adolescence in Debut Feature ‘King Jack’2015/10/21
    The halcyon days of an endless summer free from adult supervision play host to Felix Thompson’s debut feature King Jack. DN grabbed Thompson for an interview at the London Film Festival to talk the Sundance Creative Producing Labs, the power of pitching and why he wanted Jack to experience a ‘moral’ rather than ‘pure’ victory.
  36. DN323: Crime & Morality Clash in Rene Pannevis’ Short Film ‘Jacked’2015/10/19
    The DN podcast makes a glorious return with a series of interviews recorded at the 59th BFI London Film Festival - First in the hot seat is Director Rene Pannevis discussing his squabbling car thief short 'Jacked'.
  37. DN GSFF2015: Exploring the Role & Form of Short Film Criticism2015/04/08
    Sitting on the opening panel of the Glasgow Short Film Festival’s day long Symposium with Suzanne van der Lingen, Professor Richard Raskin & Jorge Rivero, MarBelle took part in a discussion exploring the role and form of short film criticism.
  38. DN322: Appropriate Behaviour – Desiree Akhavan2015/03/06
    We talk to Desiree Akhavan about her theatre roots, embracing her true comedic voice as a director and how post-production persistence eventually won out in her emotionally biographical and very personal debut feature 'Appropriate Behaviour'.
  39. DN321: Mr Somebody? – Michelle Heighway2014/11/12
    Michelle Heighway’s feature documentary Mr Somebody? unearths the life and times of Britain’s most famous eccentric, Jake Mangle-Wurzel. Michelle joins us to discuss how her 6 year passion project grew into the unlikeliest of friendships.
  40. DN LFF2014: Table Tennis & Hip Hop Come Together at Last in Michael Tully’s 80s Movie ‘Ping Pong Summer’2014/11/11
    DN caught up with director Michael Tully to get the full funky fresh lowdown on the blending of table tennis and Hip Hop in his modern day 80s movie, 'Ping Pong Summer'.
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