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Geekspeak Report Podcast

  1. Geekspeak Report – Episode 72008/07/07
    Here we go with more Geekspeak Report! Part 4 of the Co-host Challenge brings Lorrie Thomas, alias thomalo, of the Comic Book Road Show onto the program to take her swing at the co-hosting duties. Topics discussed on this episode include: TV Review: Torchwood Season 2 and Doctor Who Season Four Movie Review: Juno Movie […]
  2. Geekspeak Report – Episode 62008/04/17
    Episode is released, Troy Mata is co-host, shownotes to follow! Topics discussed on this episode include: Wonder-Con and Anime Boston 2008 Wrap Ups Anime and Manga Suggestions, including Fate/Stay Night, Samurai Champloo, Hellsing Ultimate, Bleach, and Cromartie High School Video Game Review: Super Smash Bros: Brawl for Nintendo Wii Geek News: The Fall Schedule for […]
  3. Geekspeak Report – Episode 52008/02/23
    Episode 5 of The Geekspeak Report is here! I am joined by contestant two in the Geekspeak Co-Host Challenge, Michael Yanni, known as The Yanni on The Comic Forums. Here is a complete list of what we discuss on the show: Anime Movie Review: Paprika Movie Review: Cloverfield (SPOILERS ABOUND!) Dragonball Z Movie Rumors Ian […]
  4. Geekspeak Report – Episode 42008/01/23
    The first Geekspeak Co-Host Challenge episode is here! “The Geek Pastor” Wayne Cordova, host of RadioWayne, joins me this episode as contestant number one. Is he the one? You decide! Shownotes to follow tomorrow. You can e-mail us at speakgeekspeak@gmail.com, and make sure to check out the forums so you can support your favorite co-host. […]
  5. Geekspeak Report – Episode 32007/12/30
    Episode 3 of the Geekspeak Report is here! Brent Kossina, my regular co-host of Comic Timing, stops by to assist in the selection process for the upcoming Geekspeak Co-Host Challenge! After the names are randomly picked out of his hat, we talk plenty of geek news and reviews, including: Movie Review (SPOILERS): The Golden Compass […]
  6. It is coming…2007/12/17
    For those who are not listening to Comic Timing, here is the news. Listen to the file enclosed, and you shall know…there is a return coming. The Geekspeak Report. January 2008. New shows, new segments…new co-host! The Geekspeak Co-Host Challenge is coming. Within the next week, I will be holding a special episode, where a […]
  7. Geekspeak Report – Episode 22007/01/18
    Episode 2 of The Geekspeak Report has arrived! This episode was recorded on Wednesday, January 17, 2007. Here is a comprehensive list of what is discussed: Geek Commentary: My thoughts on the DirecTV HR15 and HR20 DVR, and a review of Children of Men. For a wonderful focusing on many different DVR systems, head on […]
  8. Geekspeak Report – Episode 12006/12/11
    Geekspeak has returned, in its brand new form! This is my first episode of The Geekspeak Report, in a truncated 30 minute version. Show notes will be placed on the web site tomorrow, as it is now early in the morning on Monday and I need to go to bed. But nevertheless, enjoy the episode, […]
  9. Geekspeak Special Edition2006/08/30
    Hey folks, hope everybody has been enjoying their month as much as I have. Time off is a fun thing indeed. Anywho, I happened upon this little gem a few days back, and figured it would be absolutely perfect to release as the first ever Geekspeak Video Special Edition. This is a recording of the […]
  10. Episode 422006/08/07
    Finally, it’s Episode 42 of Geekspeak. This one was recorded in my old stomping grounds, the Brooklyn College Radio Studio on Sunday, August 6th after the Brooklyn Cyclones game. Hooray for nobody else at the radio station when you feel like recording! Topics discussed include: Is E3 a goner? The hillarious struggle betwen Netscape and […]
Geekspeak Report Podcast

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