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  1. Episode 69 - Jon Hilton to Canada and Back in a Microlight2013/11/21
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  2. Episode 68 - Cary Robins - Weight and Balance Calculations2013/10/21
    Cary Robins is the owner of American Aeronautics and his company markets weight and balance calculators. I wanted to find out why weight and balance is so important, about his company's products and about his flying career too.
  3. Episode 67 - London to Sydney The Slow Way2013/09/24
    A flight from London to Sydney, Australia in a PA28 by Andy Hardy and Sam Kidd. We discuss the planning that the guys have had to do prior to this epic flight adventure.
  4. Episode 66 - LAA Rally 20132013/09/04
    A trip to the Light Aircraft Association Rally to see what's new on the GA scene here in the UK.
    I talk to various aircraft manufacturers and importers including Grass Strip Aviation, Red-Air, Sprite Aviation, Dragon Aviation, The Light Aircraft Company and Swift Aviation.
  5. Episode 65 - Fly2Pole update2013/08/06
    An update on the Flying for Freedom project. As you'll remember from episode 63 the Fly2Pole expedition is endeavouring to get several disabled military personnel to the South Pole in microlight aircraft. So, when the Flying for Freedom team held a sponsor's open day a few weeks ago I popped down to Kemble for a bit of a catch-up.
  6. Episode 64 - Popham Microlight Trade Fair 20132013/05/14
    A chat with many of the exhibitors at Popham. We talk to everyone from the SSDR manufacturers to the importers of some of the hottest hot-ships in the world of microlighting.
  7. Episode 63 - John Laity - British Antarctic Microlight Expedition2013/02/17
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  8. Episode 62 - Martin Jones - de Havilland DH88 Comet Racer2013/02/01
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  9. Episode 61 - David Bremner - British Microlight Aircraft Assoc.2013/01/15
    An interview with BMAA Chairman, David Bremner. David explains what the organisation does and how it works to promote and regulate microlighting in the UK.
  10. Episode 60 - The Flying Show 20122012/12/10
    A visit to The Flying Show at the NEC with interviews with Breezer UK, The Light Aircraft Company, Dave Sykes, GASCo and lastly, The Airspace and Safety Initiative.
  11. Episode 59 - Andrew Lysser - Cumbria Gyroplanes2012/11/02
    Today we're up in the English Lake District talking gyrocopters with Andrew Lysser of Cumbria Gyroplanes. It's been a while since we discussed the world of gyrocopters so I took this opportunity to get an update from Andrew.
  12. Episode 58 - Jon Hilton 2012/09/04
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  13. Episode 57 - Chris Walsh - ATCO at Manchester International Airport2012/06/21
    We're talking to Chris Walsh today, ATCO at Manchester International Airport. We had lots of questions for Chris, sent in by podcast listeners. So if you'd like to know about what it's like to be an air traffic controller, how to become one, how they cope with the A380 and what their attitude is towards us GA pilots, then have a listen.
  14. Episode 56 - AeroExpo 20122012/06/02
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  15. Episode 55 - Owen Zupp - Flying a Jabiru Around Australia2012/05/17
    On today's Flying Podcast we've got a pilot from 'down under'. That's Owen Zupp.
    A couple of years ago, Owen flew a single engine light aircraft around Australia. I remember hearing about Owen's exploits on the great Australian aviation podcast Plane Crazy Down Under so when Owen contacted me offering to come on to the podcast I jumped at the opportunity.
  16. Episode 54 - Andre Tempest - Victor XL2312012/05/01
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  17. Episode 53 - Brian Hope - Light Aircraft Association2012/04/17
    To get a broader appreciation of what the Light Aircraft Association does I was pointed in the direction of Brian Hope, editor of the LAA's magazine 'Light Aviation'. We discuss everything about the LAA from its history, through the development of aeroplane kits right up to the forthcoming LAA rally at Sywell.
  18. Episode 52 - Goodyear Blimp Chief Pilot - Mark Finney2012/03/30
    I'm joined by Mark Finney on the podcast. Mark is the Chief Pilot for the Goodyear Blimp, 'Spirit of Safety' here in the UK.
  19. Episode 51 - Andy Draper - Light Aircraft Association2012/03/21
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  20. Episode 50 - Duncan Armstrong - Our flying experiences2012/02/09
    A chat with Duncan Armstrong, fellow aviator from Barton Aerodrome. We always enjoy chatting about our learning experiences so I thought it would make an interesting podcast discussing what we learned during our flight training and in the years afterwards. We talk about what we found difficult, what made us worry, things that amused us and even things that scared us.
  21. Episode 49 - Alex Turnbull - Wakatipu Aero Club2011/12/06
    I was contacted by some folks from Wakatipu Aero Club, down there in New Zealand, saying that they’d like to appear on the Podcast. One of their instructors is a chap called Alex Turnbull. He is originally from Morpeth in the North East of the UK and has travelled all the way to the other side of the world to pursue his dream of flying GA in a really interesting and challenging environment.
  22. Episode 48 - Mark Knowles - FISO at Barton Airport2011/11/02
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  23. Episode 47 - Typhoon Display Team - Part 22011/10/10
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  24. Episode 46 - Scott Beaver - Flying Around the World2011/10/03
    An interview with Scott Beaver who plans to fly around the world. We talk about his flying experiences to date and what's involved in planning for his global adventure.
  25. Episode 45 - Battle of Britain Memorial Flight - Part 22011/08/09
    As promised, here’s the interview with Syd Marshall. Syd is a volunteer guide at the Battle of Britain memorial Flight museum, and what a great interview it turned out to be. I wasn’t expecting to meet a WW2 Lancaster crew member so it was not only a pleasant surprise, for me, but Syd had some great stories to tell about his time as a flight engineer on Lancaster bombers.
  26. Episode 44 - Typhoon Display Team - Part 12011/07/16
    At the invitation of RAF Coningsby, today I’m visiting the Typhoon Display Team to find out what it’s like to fly the Typhoon and to get a taste of what it takes to put together the superb Typhoon display.
    The 2 members of the team that I’m talking to are: Flying Officer Gregor Ogston who is the display team manager and Sergeant Liam Whelan the Typhoon display engineer manager.
  27. Episode 43 - Battle of Britain Memorial Flight - Part 12011/07/04
    An interview with several of the staff at the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight based at RAF Coningsby. I spoke with Yvonne Masters, the PR Officer and a couple of the engineers lucky enough to work on the Spitfires, Hurricanes, Lancaster, Dakota and Chipmunks.
  28. Episode 42 - Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre2011/05/20
    Continuing with the Lincolnshire theme, today I'm at Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre. The centre is home to several WWII aircraft, most notably a Lancaster bomber and a Dakota; both of which are available for taxi rides. I started my podcast interview with Andrew Panton who runs the museum and concluded with a chat with Paddy Green, owner of the resident Dakota.
  29. Episode 41 - Malcolm Howland - Thruster Air Services and Fly365 2011/05/13
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  30. Episode 40 - Brian Cattle, from PPL to FI via CPL2011/04/05
    Today I'm visiting Sherburn Airfield in Yorkshire to meet a fellow pilot, Brian Cattle. Brian is a very keen aviator and has been flying privately for quite a few years now. Dedicated and passionate flyers are always welcome on the podcast so I'm glad to say Brian's agreed to come on the podcast to share the experiences of his flight training from PPL to CPL and on to Flying Instructor.
  31. Episode 39 - North West Air Ambulance Service2011/04/03
    An interview with Captain Marc Rowley, a pilot with the North West Air Ambulance service.
    Marc tells me about how the charity air ambulance works and what it's like to fly helicopters for such an important emergency service.
  32. Episode 38 - Sky Demon Flight Planning Software and GPS2011/02/10
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  33. Episode 37 - Aware Aviation Airspace Warning GPS2011/02/01
    An interview with William Moore of Airbox Aerospace. William describes his Aware and Aware Plus GPS units. The Aware GPS device was developed in association with NATS to help reduce the number of controlled airspace infringements in the UK.
  34. Episode 36 - Sky Watch Civil Air Patrol2011/01/07
    An interview with Tony Cowan MBE, Chairman of Sky Watch Civil Air Patrol. Sky Watch is an all volunteer charity consisting of pilots, observers and groundcrew. They work alongside the country's police and search and rescue organisations acting as aerial observers in emergency situations.
  35. Episode 35 - Flight Training in the USA - Angel City Flyers2010/12/14
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  36. Episode 34 - Air Atlantique's Classic Flight2010/12/02
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  37. Episode 33 - Flight Training in the USA - UK Flight Training2010/11/23
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  38. Episode 32 - Peter Davies, a Career in Aviation2010/11/11
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  39. Episode 31 - Becoming a Flying Instructor with Martin Hatton2010/10/15
    I was interested to find out what it takes to become a flying instructor and what is involved in getting a flying instructor rating. For episode 31 of Flying Podcast I’m talking Martin Hatton. Martin spends much of his time training flying instructors for Ravenair, based at Liverpool Airport and City Airport, Manchester.
  40. Episode 30 - Craig Richardson - Choosing Providers for ATPL Theory and Flight Training2010/09/06
    Craig is at the point in his flying career where he’s about to launch into training for the ATPL and he’s trying to decide where to do his ATPL groundschool studies and the CPL/IR flight training. He thought that the decision making process that he’s going through would make for an interesting podcast.
  41. Episode 29 - Flt Lt Stu Walker - DHFS Part 32010/08/23
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  42. Episode 28 - Thomas Cook Airlines Chief Pilot - Paul Hutchings2010/08/05
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  43. Episode 27 - Defence Helicopter Flying School - RAF Shawbury - Part 22010/07/20
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  44. Episode 26 - Defence Helicopter Flying School - RAF Shawbury - Part 12010/07/15
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  45. Episode 25 - Gliding at London Gliding Club with Adrian Hobbs2010/06/10
    Today I’m visiting London Gliding Club near Dunstable talking to Adrian Hobbs, a Basic Instructor at LGC all about gliding.
    In this episode Adrian tells us pretty much everything we might need to know about learning to fly a glider. He explains how London Gliding Club operates and what you can expect when you come to LGC to fly a glider, either on a trial flight or a longer gliding course.
  46. Episode 24 - Ted Moore from European Balloons2010/05/25
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  47. Episode 23 - Claire Hatton, Commercial and Instrument Rating Instructor with Ravenair2010/04/02
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  48. Episode 22 - Arthur Williams flies with the BDFA2010/03/15
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  49. Episode 21 - Museum Of Science & Industry - Avro Collection2010/03/01
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  50. Episode 20 - The British Disabled Flying Association2010/02/24
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  51. Episode 19 - Flying Hang Gliders and Paragliders2009/12/16
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  52. Episode 18 - Ian Donnan, Aviation Medical Examiner2009/11/10
    An interview with my aviation medical examiner, Dr. Ian Donnan.
    Following on from my own class 2 medical I asked Ian to give me a run through of what takes place during an aviation medical, what you need to bring along to the examination, what the doctor looks for, the frequencies of examination and the differences between a class 2 and a class 1 medical.
  53. Episode 17 - Gary Cooper of Helicopters Northwest on Helicopter Training2009/10/28
    Gary Cooper of Helicopters Northwest explains about helicopter training giving a brief outline of the syllabus, post PPL(H) training options and the sort of problems you can encounter whilst learning to fly.
  54. Episode 16 - Paul Lomatschinsky Flies a DA42 Across The Atlantic2009/10/17
    Paul Lomatschinsky takes part in a comemorative flight across the Atlantic in a Diamond DA42 Twin Star. The flight, which took place in Feb 2009, was to comemorate the 90th anniversary of Alcock and Brown's first non-stop flight from Newfoundland to Ireland in 1919.
  55. Episode 15 - Charter Airline Captain Guy Cowper2009/05/15
    An interview with Guy Cowper a captain with the UK's largest charter airline. We hear how he got into flying commercially, what a typical flying day involves, what it's like to work for a major airline and hear a couple of funny stories too.
  56. Episode 14 - Helicopters with Joel Tobias2009/05/01
    I spent a few hours with Joel Tobias, owner of a Bell 206 BIII Jet Ranger. In this podcast interview he gives us some background to his flying career, his aircraft and how he uses it for business and pleasure.
  57. Episode 13 - The Gyrocopter Experience with Phil Harwood2009/04/27
    Ever wondered about gyrocopters? Well wonder no more. Phil Harwood of gyrocopterexperience.com gives us some background information about gyrocopters, their safety, how to get into flying gyrocopters and what's involved in getting a licence.
  58. Episode 12 - Diamond Executive Aviation2009/04/20
    An interview with Peter Bondar who, together with his colleagues, has launched a new air taxi service called Diamond Executive Aviation. Using Diamond DA42 Twin Star aircraft they hope to offer a cost effective and efficient air taxi service from your local airfield.
  59. Flying Podcast Episode 12008/02/15

  60. Episode 2 - A Flight to Israel2008/02/15
    Dr David Cohen flew a diesel powered PA-28 to Israel from the UK. In an interview with David he recounts some of his experiences on the journey to and from Israel.
    An interesting insight into some of the possible problems that can be encountered on a long flight plus some amusing anecdotes thrown in.

  61. Episode 3 - Learning to fly2008/10/20
    Advice on learning to fly from Robert Knight.
    This interview covers such areas as how to find a flying school, which school to pick, the sort of airfield, type of license available and much more. Bob is a flying instructor, CAA examiner and university lecturer in aviation.

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  62. Episode 4 - Microlight flying with Mainair Flying School2008/10/20
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  63. Episode 5 - A visit to Yorkshire Air Museum, Elvington2008/10/20
    An interview with Ian Reed, Director of Yorkshire Air Museum at Elvington Airfield. Ian tells us about what the museum has to offer including information about the airfield's history, museum exhibits and the aircraft on display.

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  64. Episode 6 - Aerial photographer2008/12/10
    In today's episode we talk to John Seville. John has had an interesting aviation career including air taxi pilot, aerial photography and even 'Eye in the Sky' for Piccadilly Radio in Manchester.

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  65. Episode 7 - Barton Visitor Centre2008/10/20
    I'm talking to Dr Eric Isaac, curator of Barton Visitor Centre, a museum on the airfield at Barton Aerodrome, now known as City Airport, Manchester. We also discuss the history of Barton & Lancs Aero Club and Eric also gives us an insight into his qualifying cross-country flight where he stays into controlled airspace.

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  66. Episode 8 - Sheila Dyson2008/12/01
    Sheila Dyson flies her Cessna 182 to Sydney, Australia from Netherthorpe near Sheffield. An aviation trip of a lifetime and a real adventure. A truly great accomplishment by any standards. Listen as Sheila shares her experiences of the trip to Oz.
  67. Episode 9 - SPLASH Exhibition2008/12/04
    A visit to the annual SPLASH Exhibition at Birmingham's NEC.
    I spoke to several of the exhibitors including Clive Coote from Yuneec who are developing an all electric aircraft, Mike Barnard from the LAA and Dave Unwin, Editor of Today's Pilot Magazine. I was interested to learn about any new developments in light aviation, both from a technical point of view and legal.
  68. Episode 10 - Wanafly Aviation, France2008/12/12
    Wanafly Aviation are Dave and Amanda Lord. They operate a microlight flying school in France. Today we chat about their background in aviation and how they came to set up their school in France.
  69. Episode 11 - Greater Manchester Police, Air Support Unit2009/04/07
    A chat with Sgt. Mick Dunn from Greater Manchester Police's Air Support Unit.
    The Air Support Unit operates the Police helicopter from City Airport, Manchester.
    The interview covers such areas as the aircraft used, the technologies they carry onboard, their operational usage and the career path towards getting into the pilot's or the air observer's seat.
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