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  1. Alexa, Start Sero!2017/05/01
    As we teased in our last entry, Sero was coming to another popular platform. Well, guess what? It’s here! “Alexa is Amazon’s voice service and the brain behind millions of devices including Amazon Echo. Alexa provides capabilities, or skills, that … Continue reading →
  2. A Tax Break You Can’t Beat!2017/04/18
    There are two certainties we tend to agree with, death and taxes. Actually, there is a third certainty we can add to the list, and that is competitive prices for your hard-earned money. That’s really no shocker though, right? Look … Continue reading →
  3. Love is Blind2017/02/25
    We here at Serotek enjoyed this year’s Valentine’s Day just as much as anyone else, but, like some of you, there’s a part of us that dreads the fact we have to set aside one day to celebrate love. So, … Continue reading →
  4. A DocuScan Plus Endorsement2017/02/16
    We regularly receive positive feedback from satisfied customers. Every now and then we pick out some of these unsolicited testimonials to share with you since their words will mean a lot more than our own biased opinions. In that spirit, … Continue reading →
  5. Liked It? Disliked It? Review It! On Sero2017/01/12
    Sero has always been about connecting you to your favorite content and your community. Now, we’re bringing these two aspects of Sero together. When you listen to a piece of content, now you can tell the Sero community what you … Continue reading →
  6. Double Your Spending Power on Black Friday2016/11/24
    How many times have you come across those gift certificate opportunities where you have to spend a good chunk of money to earn just a little money? You know the ones we’re talking about. Spend twenty-five to get thirty or … Continue reading →
  7. Why You Should Upgrade from Windows 7: Sometimes the Little Things Make All the Difference2016/10/24
    It happens from time to time to all of us who rely on a screen reader. You go to a website, and with no prompting on your part, the website starts playing some music, a video, or something else that … Continue reading →
  8. The Beta Program is Winding Down but the Savings are Ramping Up!2016/08/27
    To show our appreciation for everyone’s participation in the Sero beta program, from now through Labor Day, we’re offering a one-year subscription to our network service, plus a free month, for just $99. We haven’t made this service available for … Continue reading →
  9. From the Staff Files: Cinderella and her Grant Adventure2016/08/10
    The following comes from our newest member in the Serotek family, Rhonda Partain. By all accounts she is exactly the primary company voice we needed on the other end of the main telephone line. We have heard great things, and … Continue reading →
  10. Serotek’s Position on Microsoft Edge2016/08/05
    Summer months are typically a great time for relaxing and unwinding. We here at Serotek recognize the value of rest and recreation, but as you know, the technology landscape is in a constant shift, requiring us to work overtime in … Continue reading →
  11. A Pulse Check on the Sero Beta2016/06/01
    Since we launched the beta of Sero, a> our “mother of all updates” on Mother’s Day, we’ve been busy making further improvements to the product based on your extremely helpful feedback. At Serotek we’ve always been all about community, and … Continue reading →
  12. Sero: The Mother of All Updates2016/05/07
    What the heck has the Serotek team been up to? Working hard in the basement for you of course! And what has all that resulted in? Well, one of our most comprehensive updates. In fact, you might call it the … Continue reading →
  13. Happy Holidays From Your Friends at Serotek!2015/12/24
    We want to take a moment to wish you and yours a very safe and relaxing holiday season. Wherever you may find yourself reading this note, we hope nothing but the best for you in these days of festivity and … Continue reading →
  14. 24 Days of Christmas coming early2015/12/10
    Blindfold Games and Serotek are celebrating this season by giving away a game a day to some lucky winners. Blindfold Games creates iPhone, iPad and iPod audio games for the visually impaired community. They’ve built over 20 games, including Blindfold … Continue reading →
  15. RWF 39: Learn about USABA2015/12/07
    Listen to RWF 39: Learn about USABA This is a very special RWF. First of all it’s the final show for 2015. I want to take some time off to just enjoy the holidays and recharge. Second its very special … Continue reading →
  16. RWF 38:Lou Schuler A career in Fitness2015/11/27
    Listen to RWF 38:Lou SchulerA career in FitnessContact Bill! To submit questions to Bill Kociaba, drop him a note at kociabafitness@gmail.com. You can also visit his site at kociaba-fitness.com. Or, feel free to leave your comment below. You may also … Continue reading →
  17. What’s New at Serotek?2015/11/18
    You guys may’ve heard the Tek Talk broadcast the other night where Mike Calvo and Matt Campbell covered some changes at Serotek. Didn’t catch it? Click here and listen at your leisure. Or, if you’d rather read about some of … Continue reading →
  18. RWF 37:Effective Goal Setting With  Georgia Dow2015/11/18
    Listen to RWF 37:Effective Goal Setting With Georgia Dow This week I am very pleased to bring back one of my personal favorite guests,Georgia Dow. Georgia has over 20 years of experience in teaching and counseling. With degrees in Psychology … Continue reading →
  19. RWF 36: Kelly Starrett2015/11/09
    Listen to RWF 36: Kelly Starrett Coach Kelly Starrett founded San Francisco CrossFit with his wife Juliet. Since opening its doors in 2005 as one of the first 50 CrossFit Affiliates, this athletic training center has become the prime coaching … Continue reading →
  20. Serotek on TekTalk and New Announcements!2015/11/07
    Tis that season for tech announcements big and small. Here at Serotek Matt and Mike have been in the basement putting touches on some of our popular products, and we think you’re going to like what we have in store. … Continue reading →
  21. RWf35: Mentel Muscle with Logan Christopher2015/11/03
    Listen to RWF 35: Mentel Muscle with Logan Christopher My guest this week is Logan Christopher. http://legendarystrength.com http://supermanherbs.com Logan Christopher is a physical culture Renaissance man. If it has to do with working out and using the body he’s at … Continue reading →
  22. Rwf34, an Interview With Sue Falson2015/10/26
    Listen to RWF 34:Am in depth interview with Sue Falsone My very special guest this week is Sue Falsone http://suefalsone.com
  23. The Silent Killer: Is It Attacking The Heart of Your Business?2015/10/14
    Let’s set the scene with a quick little metaphor. Some years back, a man we’ll call Tom, half-noticed he was tired all the time. Tom lacked energy, had trouble getting going at times, and little stamina. Tom was a busy … Continue reading →
  24. RWf33: Krista Scott Dixon -From Academia To Nutrition Coach2015/10/13
    Listen to RWF 33: Krista Scott Dixon -From Academia To Nutrition Coach Krista Scott-Dixon finished her PhD in 2002. She taught at York University and did a brief stint in public health, publishing three books along the way. She escaped … Continue reading →
  25. RWf 32: Georgia Dow –Mentel and Physical Health2015/10/05
    Listen to RWF 32: Georgia Dow –Mentel and Physical Health My very special guest this week is Georgia Dow. Georgia has over 20 years of experience in teaching and counseling. With degrees in Psychology and Education, a Master’s degree with … Continue reading →
  26. RWF 31: Juliet Starret –entrepreneur, humanitarian and athlete pt. 22015/09/25
    Listen to RWF 31: Juliet Starret –entrepreneur, humanitarian and athlete pt. 2 Juliet Starrett founded San Francisco CrossFit in 2005 with her husband Kelly. A lifelong athlete, Juliet launched her competitive sports career in high school when her rowing team … Continue reading →
  27. RWF 30: Juliet Starret –entrepreneur, humanitarian and athlete2015/09/21
    Listen to RWF 30: Juliet Starret –entrepreneur, humanitarian and athlete Juliet Starrett founded San Francisco CrossFit in 2005 with her husband Kelly. A lifelong athlete, Juliet launched her competitive sports career in high school when her rowing team won the … Continue reading →
  28. Do Social Media Platforms Have Your Business In Danger?2015/09/17
    Metaphorically speaking, our businesses are our babies. They need nurturing too. Whether you have kids or not, I think you’d agree there is a common struggle to balance time between family and business. After all, if we don’t spend time … Continue reading →
  29. Serotalk Extra: CrowdViz2015/09/14
    Download or stream this SerotalkExtra or use the audio player below the show notes. Have you ever been searching for something, and that something is in a container just like all the other containers, but you think you’ve found it, … Continue reading →
  30. RWF29: Nutrition Talk with Brian St. Pierre pt. 22015/09/21
    Listen to RWF 29: Nutrition talk with Brian St. Pierre pt. 2 In this second part of my conversation with nutrition expert, Brian St. Pierre we cover some unusual and controversial topics including: Brian’s thoughts on topical supplements Your skin can … Continue reading →
  31. RWf28: Nutrition talk with Brian St. Pierre Part 12015/09/09
    Listen to RWF 28: Nutrition talk with Brian St. Pierre pt. 1 My guest this week is nutrition expert,
  32. Rwf27: A Conversation with Mike Brown2015/09/06
    Listen to RWF 27: A conversation with Mike Brown This week my guest is strength and conditioning coach Mike Brown. Mike has spent the past decade splitting time between coaching in the weight room and on the field. After graduating … Continue reading →
  33. Grammarian’s Cringe… But Oh… Will You Get Read2015/08/23
    Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact, I am who I am, and that is just the way it is. What you get here is the same version you’ll get over the phone, over coffee, or in a … Continue reading →
  34. Rwf 26 A Conversation with Kevin Larrabee2015/08/24
    Listen to RWF26 My guest this week is Kevin Larrabee Kevin Larrabee graduated from Keene State College with a BS in Health Science in 2008. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. … Continue reading →
  35. SeroTalk: Behind-the-Scenes Edition2015/08/17
    Download SeroTalk: Behind-the-Scenes Edition or use the audio player below to tune in. Have you ever been curious about the magic that goes into creating a podcast? We thought some of you might be, so before SPN completes its revamp … Continue reading →
  36. These Two Social Proofing Mistakes Will Kill Your Sales2015/08/14
    To understand the mistakes, we first have to know what social proofing is. If you don’t already know, social proofing is nothing more than a tool used by the marketing industry to gain customer’s trust of their product, service, or … Continue reading →
  37. Listen to Rwf25: When Pushing to your Limit Can be Counter-productive2015/08/14
    This weeks show is very different from previous ones. Lisa will be with us to discuss some of the health bennifets of cocanut oil. We do not have an in depth interview with a fitness or nutrition expert nor do … Continue reading →
  38. Listen to Real World Fitness 24: Marana Weber –a rising star2015/08/06
    Listen to RWF 24: Marana Weber –a rising star In this weeks show I chat with a young woman on a mission. Marana Weber is one of the most focused and determined people I have ever had the pleasure of … Continue reading →
  39. Meet and Greet with Bill Kociaba2015/08/05
    Have you ever had questions about general fitness, but you didn’t know who you could ask or where would be an appropriate place? Do you think that you pretty much know what there is to know, but you might have … Continue reading →
  40. Phil Brooks and the irt-1 Infared Talking Thermometer2015/08/03
    [Listen to this Serotalk Extra with Phil Brooks.](http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/media.serotalk.com/podcasts/SeroTalk/Phil Brooks Interview.mp3) In this seroTalk Extra with Phil brooks, of Brookes Technology, he Describes and demonstrates the IRT-1 infrared Talking thermometer. We learn How infrared energy works, how an infrared thermometer Differs … Continue reading →
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