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  1. Sam Johnson from Geek Girl2017/02/10
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  2. Richard Crouse Festival Curator Cineplex Flashback Film Festival2017/02/01
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  3. Brad LaDouceur Cineplex Flashback Film Festival VP2017/01/25
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  4. Immortal Wings Antarctic Press2015/03/07
    "Doc" aka Carlo San Juan, MD and Eisner nominated Rod Espinosa stopped by on Two Geeks Talking to discuss their newest graphic novel "Immortal Wings", this was their first interview promoting Antarctic Press' book due later this year. We also discussed how they meet, their passions and interests and my patented four questions at the end of every interview.
Two Geeks Talking
Two Geeks Talking is a podcast created for you, the Listener, the Creator, the Professional, the Amateur. If you are looking for inspiration, motivation, and advice during your daily commute, drawing, or just "yourself" time, Kurt Sasso delivers a show that caters to you. Each episode brings you an Influencer in their creative field. This person who shares their successes, failures, Eureka! moments and so much more. Each episodes leaves you with a powerful message that you have to listen at the end to find out what it is.

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