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KCRW's Second Opinion

  1. Limits of Confidentiality2018/12/09

    How is a doctor to judge whether there is sufficient danger to others to break the rules around confidentiality?
  2. The decrease in life expectancy is far more complicated than just an opioid epidemic2018/12/02

    Until we address the antecedents of drug use, the problem is unlikely to go away.
  3. Why do people leave the hospital against the advice of their doctor?2018/11/25

    There are several common reasons but the most common is their don’t agree with their doctor.
  4. It is time to expand and defend our lane for the public’s good.2018/11/18

    Its been way too long that we have lacked research and data to help end gun violence. The medical profession feels strongly that it’s time to move this to the center stage.
  5. With a new divided federal government is there any chance that Americans can expect effective health care legislation?2018/11/11

    While obtain access to affordable health care remains a top priority for a majority of Americans there seems no agreement that basic health care should be a human right and not a privilege.
  6. The Semmelweis Effect2018/11/04

    Why do humans, and Doctors in particular, reject new knowledge simply because it contradicts what we have always believed to be true?
  7. Acute Flaccid Myelitis – what appears to be a new disease that is still surrounded by a great deal of uncertainty.2018/10/28

    Unfortunately, it has become increasingly common that we need to confront brand new diseases that pose new challenges and can lead to confusion and even fear.
  8. Trauma Related Care2018/10/21

    Kavanaugh confirmation has resulted in new and difficult conversations in the Doctor’s office.
  9. Conversations around pain2018/10/14

    A delicate dance -- with no leading partner.
  10. The Mother of All Epidemics2018/10/07

    Oct 2018 marks the 100th anniversary of the Spanish Flu Epidemic. There is still lots we don’t know about how to prevent a similar occurrence today.
  11. Male circumcision isn’t as barbaric as it seems and for some it has important health benefits.2018/09/30

    Circumcision rates in Africa are closely tied to declining HIV rates.
  12. Measuring Patient Satisfaction2018/09/23

    Using patient satisfaction as a measure of quality can sometimes lead to bad outcomes.
  13. Population based research that benefits ALL OF US2018/09/16

    A new federal research program is recruiting people willing to share their health data to develop new knowledge on genetics
  14. Hospital Rankings aren't all they're cracked up to be2018/09/09

    Why not use real evidence that matters to us, and would drive toward higher quality?
  15. Stigmatized Language2018/09/02

    Sticks and Stone can break our bones and words can really hurt us!
  16. Disease mongering and hypertension2018/08/26

    How a disease is defined can have important public health implications, but it can also lead to benefits for drug companies and medical specialists.
  17. What’s wrong with free medical school?2018/08/19

    In exchange for free medical school students should be required to offer some public service.
  18. Preparing for the inevitable oil spill2018/08/12

    Developing nations are often placed in a difficult position balancing protecting health and the environment with looking for products to sell for large profits.
  19. Mosquitos remain the most common inspect spreading serious disease around the globe2018/08/05

    Researchers in Tanzania are working with researchers in California on ways to reduce their breeding and biting.
  20. The world's garbage is one health problem2018/07/29

    In Tanzania the garbage from all over collects and is a huge health problem.
  21. A resurgence of world hunger2018/07/22

    Climate change is increasing the stress on farmers who increasingly overwhelmed.
  22. Confusion around mental illness2018/07/15

    Diagnosis can often be a challenge.
  23. A common sense solution to the opioid crisis2018/07/08

    What’s needed is effective treatment, access to care, and prevention!
  24. A neglected tropical disease2018/07/01

    The shortage of snakebite venom.
  25. The science of the nudge2018/06/24

    Is the nudge an example of libertarian paternalism or subliminal mind-bending?
Second Opinion
An examination of medical ethics and the practioners who define them.

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