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KCRW's Second Opinion

  1. Confusion around mental illness2018/07/15

    Diagnosis can often be a challenge.
  2. A common sense solution to the opioid crisis2018/07/08

    What’s needed is effective treatment, access to care, and prevention!
  3. A neglected tropical disease2018/07/01

    The shortage of snakebite venom.
  4. The science of the nudge2018/06/24

    Is the nudge an example of libertarian paternalism or subliminal mind-bending?
  5. The link between weight and guilt2018/06/17

    The feelings of guilt are complex and seemingly tied to our perceptions of weight.
  6. Too much news of suicide2018/06/10

    Why are numbers increasing and what does it tell us about our society?
  7. Impaired physicians are dangerous at work2018/06/03

    We need to rethink what “exposure” to drugs means and whether health care professionals should be held to a different standard than other citizens.
  8. Is basic life sustaining healthcare a right or a privilege?2018/05/27

    What happens when a undocumented immigrant needs kidney dialysis?
  9. Ebola returns and it deserves our attention2018/05/20

    In our interconnected world their problems today could be our problems tomorrow.
  10. The oversized problem of arthritis2018/05/13

    This is the poster child for how we can use evidence-based practice to improve outcomes.
  11. Striking in health care2018/05/06

    Deciding to strike is always difficult, but there is an added twist in health care.
  12. A tale of two extremes2018/04/29

    Trying to meet patient expectations is an art and we sometimes miss the mark.
  13. When journalists get it wrong2018/04/22

    Reporting failure often results from neglecting to look under the rocks and ask the tough questions.
  14. It's time to start to change some of the silly rules in health care2018/04/15

    Everyone’s opinions count, but leaders need to be motivated to change the status quo
  15. Sex trafficking2018/04/08

    A group of people being missed by health professionals.
  16. Out of hospital cardiac arrest2018/04/01

    We could be doing much better – but it takes a village
  17. Early teenage drinking2018/03/25

    An early start to any type of substance abuse can often be a warning sign.
  18. White coats against gun violence2018/03/18

    Millennials are our reason for hope.
  19. The health of the world's adolescents2018/03/11

    Intervening to improve the health of this vulnerable population will have big payoffs as they transition to becoming tomorrow’s adults.
  20. Limitations of antidepressant medications2018/03/04

    An important illness with several options for treatment.
  21. How do we get the doctors we need?2018/02/25

    Requiring a year or two of community service.
  22. Working when sick2018/02/18

    Perhaps it is time for a change in the culture of medicine – if not for doctors then for the sake of patients.
  23. Paying doctors to keep costs low2018/02/11

    Paying doctors to change their behavior works, but it often has unintended consequences.
  24. Just because we do the surgery doesn't mean it works2018/02/04

    Despite being used thousands of times a year for decades, an innovative study shows shoulder surgery is not effective.
  25. Karla's trip home2018/01/28

    A medical student goes home to care for a sick family member.
Second Opinion
An examination of medical ethics and the practioners who define them.

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