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The Biblio File Hosted by Nigel Beale

  1. Darrel J. McLeod on his memoir Mamaskatch, residential schools and unconditional love2019/03/17
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  2. Marvin Post, Used/Antiquarian bookseller, on the reasons for his success2019/03/11
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  3. Novelist Sarah Henstra on university life, sex, #metoo, feminism and Greek myths2019/03/01
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  4. Novelist Heather O'Neill on Fathers, #metoo, Class, Beauty and Roses2019/02/25
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  5. Prof. Katharine Streip on The Odyssey, Quentin Tarantino, and the Wine Blue Sea2019/02/18
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  6. Sophie Schneideman on Fine and Private Press Books2019/02/11
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  7. Henry Hitchings on the world in Bookshops2019/02/04
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  8. Canada Council on changes to its literary book publishing grant program2019/02/01
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  9. Nigel Roby on The Bookseller and hot publishing and book-selling topics2019/01/28
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  10. James Daunt on the Turnaround at Waterstones2019/01/14
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  11. Stephen Page, CEO at Faber in dialogue with founder Geoffrey 2019/01/07
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  12. Will Atkinson on book publishing, the role of Sales and Marketing, and Fluff2019/01/02
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  13. Hannah Knowles on the role of the commissioning editor 2018/12/24
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  14. Richard Charkin on the challenges facing publishing, Mother Elephants and Codfish 2018/12/17
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  15. Anne Fadiman on her father Clifton and The Lifetime Reading Plan2018/12/10
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  16. David Frum on Trumpocracy and Trump: The Novel2018/12/03
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  17. Stephen Greenblatt on his book Tyrant: Shakespeare on Politics2018/12/01
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  18. Beowulf Sheehan on photographing authors2018/11/26
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  19. Librarian John Shoesmith on Canadian Fine Presses2018/11/19
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  20. Michael Torosian on his Lumiere Press2018/11/12
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  21. Michael Lista on Canadian Poetry, the Saudi Arms Deal, MacBeth and Men Crying2018/11/05
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  22. Elaine Dewar on how Canada's best publisher, and its backlist fell into foreign hands2018/10/29
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  23. Peggy Fox, former president and publisher of New Directions2018/10/22
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  24. Richard Minsky on his Book Art and Scholarship2018/10/16
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  25. Michel Tremblay on his play Hosanna, Quebec and Separation2018/10/08
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  26. Patrick deWitt on his novel The Sisters Brothers2018/10/05
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  27. Anna Porter on her Career in Canadian Publishing2018/10/01
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  28. Ian S. MacNiven on James Laughlin, Founder and Publisher of New Directions2018/09/24
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  29. Adrian King Edwards on selling Second-Hand & Antiquarian Books in Montreal2018/09/17
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  30. Terence Byrnes on Photography and the Author Photograph2018/09/10
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  31. Bill Samuel on the history of Foyles Bookstore2018/09/07
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  32. Priscila Uppal on Canadian Elegies, and Mourning2018/09/05
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  33. Robert Lecker on literary agents in Canada, past and present2018/09/03
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  34. Hugh McGuire on an alternative future for book publishing2018/08/27
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  35. John Crombie on his Kickshaws Press2018/08/20
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  36. Maylis Besserie on the art of the Author Interview2018/08/13
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  37. Krista Halverson on Shakespeare and Company Paris2018/08/07
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  38. Jerry Rothenberg on Poetry Anthologies 2018/08/03
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  39. Professor Daniel Medin on Books in Translation2018/07/30
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  40. Stephen Weiner on the rise of the Graphic Novel2018/07/30
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  41. John Ralston Saul on Extraordinary Canadians and Lafontaine and Baldwin2018/07/27
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  42. Jean Guy Boin on the French Book Publishing Experience2018/07/23
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  43. Heloise d'Ormesson on Book Publishing in France2018/07/16
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  44. Pierre Astier and Laure Pecher on Literary Agents in France2018/07/09
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  45. Ashley Obscura on Metatron, Publishing and the Millennial Mind2018/07/02
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  46. Elaine Kalman Naves on Robert Weaver, Godfather of Canadian Literature2018/06/25
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  47. Glenn Horowitz on the sale and placement of author archives2018/06/18
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  48. Jonathan Galassi on FSG and Book Publishing 2018/06/11
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  49. Jonas Hassen Khemiri on writing, memory, death, speed and language2018/06/05
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  50. Daniel Mendelsohn on The Odyssey, Identity, Literary Criticism and Memoir2018/05/30
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  51. Adam Gopnik on art criticism, love, money and New York2018/05/25
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  52. Matthew Zapruder on his book Why Poetry2018/05/18
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  53. Anita Engles on the American Bookbinders Museum2018/05/14
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  54. Founder Andrew Hoyem on the Arion Press2018/05/07
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  55. Bookseller Kris Arnett on Kona Bay Books in Hawaii2018/05/04
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  56. Dave Bull on Japanese Woodblock Carving and Printing2018/04/30
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  57. Sjon on Poetry and Iceland2018/04/25
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  58. Alice Notley on Poetry2018/04/17
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  59. Prof. Eli MacLaren on the Ryerson Press Chap-Books2018/04/09
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  60. Jason Guriel on Poems, Poetry, Criticism and Critics2018/04/02
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  61. Poet Gillian Clarke on Welsh poetry, truth, and the importance of creativity in education2018/03/26
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  62. Prof. Nick Mount addresses critics of Arrival The Story of CanLit2018/03/19
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  63. Zach Wells on his book of essays Career Limiting Moves2018/03/12
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  64. Ivan Klima on his memoir My Crazy Century2018/03/06
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  65. Guy Baxter on the University of Reading's Archive of British Publishing and Printing, and Ladybird and Beckett2018/03/01
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  66. John Cole on the history of the Library of Congress2018/02/16
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  67. Stephan Delbos on Prague and Poetry2018/02/16
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  68. Jean Louis Maitre on Printing and Typographie in Tours, France2018/02/12
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  69. Lauren Elkin on her book Flaneuse2018/02/03
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  70. Jo Furber on Dylan Thomas and why you should visit Wales2018/02/02
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  71. David Esslemont on Thomas Bewick, Wood Engraver2018/02/01
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  72. Gaylord Schanilec on his press Midnight Paper Sales2018/01/20
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  73. David Esslemont on the history of the Gregynog and Solmentes Presses2018/01/16
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  74. Margaret Atwood on The Handmaid's Tale, Alias Grace, Harvard and Kingston2018/01/15
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  75. Satire in the Age of Trump2017/12/04
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  76. Scott Griffin on his memoir My Heart Is Africa2017/11/16
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  77. Publisher Simon Dardick on Vehicule Press2015/04/28

    I met with publisher Simon Dardick at his home office in Montreal to talk about the history and collecting of his long-running literary publishing house Vehicule Press .
  78. Glenn Dixon on Musical Tourism2014/10/21
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  79. Marcello Di Cintio on his Literary Pilgrimage to Iran2014/09/17
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  80. Rae Armantrout on Poetry, Place, William Carlos Williams and San Diego2014/09/17
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  81. Michael & Winifred Bixler on Letterpress Printing and Monotype2014/07/15
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  82. David Mason on his memoir The Pope's Bookbinder2014/07/11
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  83. Matthew Tree on the Best Literary Things to do in Barcelona2014/07/09
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  84. George Tremlett on Dylan and Caitlin Thomas2014/07/08
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  85. Annie Haden on Dylan Thomas, Richard Burton, Swansea and Wales2014/07/07
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  86. Andre Alexis accuses David Gilmour of Racism2014/06/06
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  87. Alberto Manguel on his favourite libraries and bookstores2013/12/06
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  88. Betsy Sherman on Arrowhead and Herman Melville2013/11/04
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  89. Kelsey Mullen on Edith Wharton and The Mount2013/10/25
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  90. Cameron Anstee on the visual canon of Canadian Book Design2013/10/23
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  91. Bill Reese on book selling and book collecting, 2013/10/14
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  92. Walter Bachinski on his Shanty Bay Press2013/10/10
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  93. Thomas King on myth and storytelling, Lethbridge and the Alberta Landscape2013/10/05

    I attended the Kingston WritersFest and interviewed some great authors about 'place' and its relationship to their work. Here I talk with Thomas King about native myth, possibility in storytelling, his love of the Alberta Landscape - especially that which surrounds Lethbridge - and those novels of his which best capture the essence of this spectacular place.

  94. Rod Anstee: Anatomy of a Kerouac Collector2013/09/09
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  95. Alexander Monker on Collecting Canadian Poetry Books2013/09/03
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  96. Abigail Rorer on The Lone Oak Press2013/08/28
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  97. Literary Tourist visits Shakespeare & Company in the Berkshires2013/08/23
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  98. Rebecca Romney on Las Vegas, Aldus, Aldine, William Pickering and Collecting Fine Press Books2013/08/12

    When I met with Rebecca Romney she was the Rare Book Expert on Pawn Stars and Manager at the Las Vegas Gallery of Bauman Rare Books.

    We talked about what she does, why Bauman's is in town, her blog, Aldine, Aldus the printer, William Pickering's Aldine poet's series, and collecting fine press books.

  99. Peter Michel on Books about Gambling2013/08/05
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  100. Richard Minsky on The Art of American Book Covers 1875-19302013/07/23
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  101. Barbara Slate on Comics, Graphic Novels, Betty, Veronica and Archie2013/07/15
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  102. Stephen Motika on New York's Poet's House2013/06/26
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  103. Eric Chase on the Greenwich Village Literary Pub Crawl2013/06/24
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  104. Richard Minsky on Artists Books and Traditional Book Arts 2013/06/21
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  105. Edward Rutherfurd on his novel Paris and Literary Tourism2013/06/13
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  106. Karl Laderoute on Why Nietzsche Matters2013/06/13
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  107. Prof. Nicholas Margaritis on Literary Critic George Saintsbury2013/05/26

    George Saintsbury (23 October 1845 – 28 January 1933), though a prolific and influential British literary critic in the late 1800s, is today perhaps best known as the author of a book on wine called Notes on a Cellar-Book (1920). According to Prof. Nicholas Margaritis, Saintsbury deserves a larger modern audience. Why? Listen to his explanation.

  108. Prof. David Southward on Lionel Trilling 2013/05/20
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  109. Prof. Edwin Conner on Longinus and the Sublime2013/05/01
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  110. Karla Boos on Dream of Autumn a play by Jon Fosse 2013/04/11
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  111. Emilio Gil on the History of Modern Spanish Book Design 2013/04/04
  112. Curator Lucy Mulroney on the Grove Press2013/03/21
  113. Interview with Australian Poet Mark Tredinnick2013/03/16
  114. Maurice Podbrey on producing Waiting for the Barbarians2013/03/03
  115. Michael Lista on Ethics and Honesty in Poetry Reviews2013/01/27
  116. Robert Fowler on al-Qaeda, Mali, Newtown and Terrorism2013/01/15
  117. Corey Redekop on his novel Husk, and zombies2013/01/05
  118. Laurie Lewis on Book Design and the University of Toronto Press2012/12/20
  119. Ross King on Leonardo and the Last Supper2012/12/09
  120. Poet Julie Bruck on Monkey Ranch 2012/12/03
  121. Linda Spalding on her novel The Purchase 2012/11/30
  122. Charlie Foran on Wingham, Ontario and Alice Munro2012/11/11
  123. Stephanie Hlywak on Poetry magazine and the Poetry Foundation2012/11/05
  124. Crime Novelist Jason Webster on Valencia and Chief Inspector Max Camara2012/10/27
  125. Eric Timmreck on the Shared Inquiry method of discussing great books2012/10/16
  126. A Literary Tourist meets Terry Fallis on Parliament Hill2012/10/14
  127. Top 10 Literary things for you to do in Houston 2012/10/14
  128. Randall Speller on Canadian Book Design and collecting2012/10/12
  129. Houston's Museum of Printing History Curator Amanda Stevenson2012/10/11
  130. Owner Nancy Bass Wyden on the Strand Bookstore 2012/10/05
  131. Founder Miranda Hill on Project Bookmark Canada2012/10/03
  132. Professor Adam Barrows on The Hogarth Press2012/08/29
  133. Terry Cook on the Importance of History, and Library and Archives Canada2012/07/26
  134. Brian Busby on Montreal Noir and its Pulp Fiction2012/07/16
  135. David Theis on his book Literary Houston2012/07/11
  136. Michele Rackham on Betty Sutherland and Canadian Book Design2012/07/05
  137. Charles Foran on the courage of Mordecai Richler2012/06/21
  138. Peter Dorn on his Heinrich Heine Press2012/06/13
  139. Brian Busby on Literary Montreal2012/05/28
  140. William Toye on Canadian Book Design2012/05/25
  141. Ron Silliman on Experimental Language Poetry2012/05/04
  142. Richard Stursberg on his book The Tower of Babble and the CBC2012/04/29
  143. Robert Fulford on Book Designer Allan Fleming2012/04/24
  144. Prof. Brian Trehearne on Irving Layton2012/04/06
  145. Tim Bowling on Book Collecting and In the Suicide's Library2012/04/02
  146. Bruce Taylor on his No End in Strangeness New and Selected Poems2012/03/23
  147. Peter Cocking on book design at Douglas & McIntyre2012/03/21
  148. Interview with Canadian Printer and Book Designer Robert Reid2012/03/09
  149. Jan and Crispin Elsted on The Barbarian Press2012/03/01
  150. Eric Swanick on graphic designer, letterpress printer Jim Rimmer2012/02/21
  151. Leah Gordon on the Alcuin Society Book Design Awards 2012/02/19
  152. Interview with poet bill bissett2012/02/16
  153. Will Rueter on his Aliquando Press2012/02/04
  154. Charlotte Gray on Nellie McClung2012/01/20
  155. Steven Galbraith & Amelia Hugill Fontanel on the Cary Collection2012/01/16
  156. Stan Bevington on the Coach House Press, Part ll2012/01/14
  157. David Gilmour on his novel The Perfect Order of Things2012/01/09
  158. Phil Hall on his poetry collection Killdeer2011/12/19
  159. Professor Jonathan Rose on J.M. Dent & Sons2011/12/12
  160. Mark Kingwell on Glenn Gould2011/12/07
  161. Douglas Gibson on Stories, Storytelling and Storytellers2011/12/01
  162. Andrew Cohen on Lester B. Pearson2011/11/06
  163. Dan Boice on the Mitchell Kennerley Imprint2011/11/02
  164. Founder Emilie Buchwald on Milkweed Editions 2011/10/30
  165. Randy Bachman on collecting guitars, vinyl, and books2011/10/20
  166. Allan Kornblum on the Coffee House Press2011/10/11
  167. Founder Stan Bevington on the Coach House Press 2011/09/28
  168. George Walker on his Presses, and Wood Engravings2011/09/18
  169. Joanna Skibsrud on controversy surrounding The Sentimentalists 2011/09/12
  170. Etgar Keret on his film Jellyfish2011/09/08
  171. Cheryl Torsney on the urge to collect2011/07/29
  172. James Keeline on collecting Tom Swift books2011/07/27
  173. Kathy Doyle Thomas on the success of Half Price Books2011/07/18
  174. Cathy Henderson and Richard Oram on the Alfred A. Knopf Archive2011/07/11
  175. Top Ten Literary Destinations in Texas2011/06/26
  176. Book Scholar George Parker on The Ryerson Press2011/06/20
  177. Andrew Steeves on the Gaspereau Press2011/06/10
  178. Charlie Foran on Maurice 'Rocket' Richard2011/06/09
  179. Alex Ross on Modern, Classical and Popular Music and a Need for the New2011/05/28
  180. Michael Gnarowski on Contact Press2011/05/19
  181. Author Vincent Lam on Tommy Douglas2011/05/09
  182. Margaret Lock on Lock's Press2011/04/26
  183. Olivier Barrot on Les Editions Gallimard2011/03/22
  184. Tom Boss on Copeland & Day and Stone & Kimball 2011/03/15
  185. Publisher Jack David on ECW Press2011/03/06
  186. Joseph Boyden on Gabriel Dumont and Louis Riel2011/02/11
  187. Adrian Harrington, past president of ILAB on challenges facing booksellers2011/02/01
  188. Richard Charkin on Book Publishing and Publishers2011/01/24
  189. John Randle on The Whittington Press2011/01/20
  190. Gordon Graham on his publishing career2011/01/06
  191. Roderick Cave on The Golden Cockerel Press2010/12/13
  192. Richard Greene on his GG Award winning book of poetry Boxing the Compass2010/12/09
  193. Dianne Warren on her novel Cool Water2010/11/26
  194. Iain Stevenson on the history, and collecting, of 20th Century British Publishing Houses 2010/11/20
  195. Alexander MacLeod on his book of short stories Light Lifting2010/11/04
  196. Toby Faber on the history of Faber & Faber2010/10/31
  197. Frank Newfeld on Canadian Book Design 2010/10/21
  198. Robert Baldock: On the Yale University Press, London2010/10/15
  199. Book Historian Michael Winship on Ticknor and Fields; Houghton Mifflin2010/10/07
  200. Carl Spadoni on McClelland and Stewart2010/10/03
  201. Ruth Panofsky on the history and collecting of MacMillan Canada2010/10/03
  202. Librarian Richard Virr on Book Collecting2010/10/03
  203. Mac Johnson on Collecting Rare Prints2010/09/07
  204. Giller Prize Founder Jack Rabinovitch on How to Pick the Best Novels2010/09/07
  205. Leslie Morris on Collecting the New Directions imprint2010/07/26
  206. David R. Godine on the history and collecting, of his publishing House2010/07/26
  207. Tim Inkster on the Porcupine's Quill2010/07/21
  208. Mark Samuels Lasner on Collecting The Bodley Head2010/07/12
  209. Prof. David Staines on Northrop Frye and Evaluative Criticism2010/06/28
  210. Bob Fleck on Oak Knoll Books and Press2010/06/21
  211. Richard Holloway on the Monster and the Saint2010/06/21
  212. Adam Thorpe on the Real Robin Hood2010/06/21
  213. Carmine Starnino on his poetry collection This Way Out2010/06/21
  214. Allen and Pat Ahearn on Book Collecting2010/06/21
  215. Jane Urquhart reading a poem called The Literary Club2010/04/07
  216. Nicholson Baker on the Future of the Book2010/03/28
  217. A.L. Kennedy on how to be Funny2010/02/19
  218. Marie Korey on the History of the Book2010/02/18
  219. Robert Fulford on Book Reviewing2010/02/07
  220. Prof Kevin Gilmartin on Critic William Hazlitt2010/01/15
  221. Richard Coxford on Fine Press Books: History and Collecting2010/01/12
  222. Richard Landon: On Collecting Rare Books2010/01/11
  223. Copyright Expert Bill Patry on Orphans and Pirates2009/12/15
  224. Jane Urquhart on Lucy Maud Montgomery2009/12/10
  225. Cory Doctorow on the Future of the Book2009/12/07
  226. Kate Pullinger on The Mistress of Nothing2009/11/26
  227. Yann Martel on What Stephen Harper is Reading2009/11/26
  228. Larry Thompson on the Process of Letterpress Printing2009/11/21
  229. Don Lindgren on Collecting Cooking Books2009/11/13
  230. Publisher Tom Doherty on Tor Books 2009/11/11
  231. Science Fiction Editors David Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer2009/11/09
  232. Rocky Stinehour on The Stinehour Press2009/11/06
  233. Book Artist Claire Van Vliet on the Janus Press2009/11/02
  234. Galway Kinnell on Poetry2009/10/15
  235. Curator Jerry Fielder on the books of Yousuf Karsh2009/10/07
  236. Brad MacKay on Doug Wright, Comics and Graphic Novels2009/10/05
  237. David Mitchell on experimenting with the novelistic form2009/10/03
  238. Booksellers Joshua and Phyllis Heller on Artist Books2009/09/29
  239. John Bidwell on the Morgan Library's Collection2009/09/23
  240. Prof. Joseph Khoury on Succession in King Lear and Hamlet2009/09/16
  241. Denise Mina on the Crime & Mystery Genre2009/09/03
  242. Terry Griggs on her novel Thought you were Dead2009/08/22
  243. Karl Siegler on Talon and Literary Book Publishing2009/08/22
  244. Ha Jin on the Writer as Migrant2009/08/17
  245. Donald Antrim on Fiction and Memoir2009/08/13
  246. Professor Rohan Maitzen on George Eliot’s Middlemarch2009/07/29
  247. Robert Bringhurst on Book Design2009/07/28
  248. A.B. Yehoshua on his novel Friendly Fire2009/07/21
  249. M.G. Vassanji on Mordecai Richler2009/07/19
  250. Zoe Heller on her novel The Believers2009/07/19
  251. Nino Ricci on Pierre Trudeau2009/07/15
  252. Margaret MacMillan on History and Stephen Leacock2009/07/10
  253. Israeli Author Meir Shalev on Television Satire2009/06/24
  254. Henrietta Dax on Clarke's Bookshop, Cape Town2009/06/17
  255. Crime novelist Margie Orford on Writing in Prison2009/06/14
  256. M.G Vassanji on his Critics 2009/06/09
  257. Open Letter's Chad Post: on Publishing in Translation2009/06/05
  258. Novelist Damon Galgut on South Africa2009/06/04
  259. Andre Brink on Life & Writing in South Africa2009/05/23
  260. Stephen Johnson on Random House Struik2009/05/21
  261. John Metcalf on Negative Reviewing2009/05/14
  262. Franschhoek Literary Festival Director Jenny Hobbs2009/05/12
  263. Dawn Arnold on Northrop Frye and the Frye Festival 2009/05/10
  264. Pittsburgh Post Gazette Books Editor Bob Hoover2009/05/07
  265. John Metcalf on Book Collecting 2009/05/01
  266. Chris Cleave on his novel Little Bee2009/03/23
  267. Luise von Flotow on Literary Translation 2009/03/15
  268. Jessa Crispin on Bookslut2009/02/19
  269. Keith Fiels on the American Library Association 2009/02/19
  270. Levi Stahl on the role of Book Publicist2009/02/12
  271. Rain Taxi Editor Eric Lorberer2009/02/05
  272. Bookseller Kathy Stransky on the Used Book Trade2009/02/05
  273. Margaret Eaton on what is being done to help those who live with illiteracy2009/02/05
  274. Antiquarian Book Dealer Robert Rulon-Miller2009/02/03
  275. Librarian Rosemary Furtak: On Artist Books2009/02/03
  276. Victoria Glendinning on Biography2009/01/19
  277. Tanja Jacobs on playing Winnie in Samuel Beckett's Happy Days2009/01/19
  278. Christian Mcpherson on his first collection of Poetry2009/01/19
  279. Ross Raisin on his novel Out Backward2009/01/07
  280. A conversation with Author Nadeem Aslam2009/01/06
  281. Anne Enright on the Short Story2008/12/24
  282. Joe Dunthorne on his debut novel Submarine2008/12/17
  283. President of the National Library of France Bruno Racine on the Role of National Libraries 2008/12/16
  284. Amitav Ghosh on his novel Sea of Poppies2008/12/10
  285. Junot Diaz on his novel The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao2008/12/05
  286. Rivka Galchen on her novel Atmospheric Disturbances 2008/11/25
  287. Nam Le on the Short Story2008/11/15
  288. Joseph Boyden on his novel Through Black Spruce2008/11/12
  289. How to run a successful used Book Sale with Beryl Barr2008/11/11
  290. Aleksandar Hemon on his novel The Lazarus Project2008/11/11
  291. David Curruthers on St. Armand Papers 2008/11/05
  292. Michael Lista on his first collection of poetry, Bloom2008/11/04
  293. Rebecca Rosenblum on What Constitutes a Good Short Story2008/11/01
  294. What Makes Vampires so Appealing? with Patricia McCarthy 2008/10/10
  295. Margaret Visser on her book The Gift of Thanks2008/10/01
  296. Miriam Toews on The Flying Troutmans2008/09/18
  297. Craig Poile co-owner of Collected Works on running an independent bookstore2008/07/18
  298. Les Petriw on what small book publishers and authors should look for in a distribution company 2008/07/01
  299. Harlan Coben on the Business of Publishing Books2008/06/29
  300. Japp Blonk on Sound Poetry2008/06/23
  301. Lindsey Davis on Historical Crime Fiction2008/06/18
  302. Rawi Hage on Deniro's Game2008/06/11
  303. Ed Pettit on Edgar Allan Poe 2008/06/08
  304. Derick Dreher on Dr. Rosenbach 2008/06/06
  305. Donald Antrim on his memoir The Afterlife2008/06/05
  306. Frank Wilson on How to Write a Successful Book Blog2008/06/01
  307. Margot Livesey on Shakespeare2008/05/30
  308. Conversation with German Graphic Artist Anke Feuchenberger2008/05/30
  309. Glenn Patterson on Belfast, Cities, Disney, Tolstoy and Public Houses2008/05/27
  310. Alaa Al Aswany on Fiction and Democracy2008/05/27
  311. John Hollander on Good and Bad Poetry2008/05/27
  312. Andre Alexis on the themes in his Novels2008/05/26
  313. Andrew O'Hagan on Determination, Memoir, Israel, Martin Amis, Islam and Coloured Doors2008/05/14
  314. Irene Gammel on Lucy Maud Montgomery & Anne of Green Gables2008/04/22
  315. William Deverell on how to write Crime Mystery Novels2008/04/21
  316. David Solway on What makes a Poem Great? 2008/04/07
  317. Sally Cooper on her second novel, Tell Everything2008/02/28
  318. Interview with Kenneth Gloss, Owner of the Brattle Book Shop2008/02/24
  319. Larry McMurtry on Writing and Bookselling2008/02/24
  320. Ray Hinst on Haslam's Bookstore in Florida2008/02/24
  321. Editor Ian Brookes on Chambers Dictionary 2008/02/23
  322. Kathryn Court, President, Penguin Books2008/02/06
  323. Antiquarian Bookseller Patrick McGahern2008/02/06
  324. Margie Macmillan on Granny Bates Books2008/01/28
  325. John Freeman on newspaper book reviews 2007/12/13
  326. Bernard Margolis on the public library and its history2007/05/24
  327. John Wronoski on the role of the Archives Dealer 2007/05/21
  328. Author Elias Khoury 2007/05/10
  329. Peter Behrens on his novel The Law of Dreams2007/05/03
  330. Lydia Davis on translating Proust2007/05/03
  331. C. S. Richardson on Book Design2007/04/19
  332. Ottawa Librarian Barbara Clubb2007/04/18
  333. John Metcalf on: The Role of the Short Story Editor2007/04/07
  334. Interview with erotica writer Amanda Earl2007/03/25
  335. Churchill Bibliographer Ron Cohen on Bibliography2007/03/23
  336. Curator David Franklin on Exhibition Catalogues2006/09/12
  337. Christopher Pratt Artist Poet 2006/08/24
  338. Author Illustrator Barbara Reid on Illustrating Children's Books2006/08/14
  339. Ramona Dearing on her short story collection So Beautiful 2006/08/14
  340. Lisa Moore on her novel Alligator2006/08/14
  341. Tim Parks on his novel Cleaver2006/08/14
  342. Michael Crummey on the historical novel2006/08/14
  343. Crime Fiction Writer James O. Born 2006/08/14
  344. A Brief conversation with Australian novelist Tim Winton2006/08/14
  345. Andrew Miller on Literary Prizes and his novel The Optimists2006/08/14
  346. Wendy Duff on the difference between Librarians and Archivists2006/08/02
  347. Jim Roberts on the Evolution of Bookselling2006/08/01
  348. Tim Parks on Awards, Coetzee and Rushdie 2006/07/29
  349. Prof. Joseph Khoury on Hamlet, Act 1 & 22006/07/21
  350. Prof. Don Nichol on the History of Book Publishing Copyright 2006/07/20
  351. Fran Durako on her Kelmscott Bookshop2006/07/18
  352. David Gilmour on his novel A perfect Night to go to China2006/07/14
  353. Martin Levin on the role of the books editor2006/06/17
  354. Publisher Jamie Byng on Myth and the Art of Publishing 2006/06/17
  355. Interview with London Bookseller Peter Ellis 2006/05/10
  356. Paul Muldoon on Poetry2006/04/29
  357. Derek Walcott on Poetry2006/04/28
  358. Gill Coleridge on the role of the Literary Agent 2006/04/27
  359. Neil Wilson on Founding the Ottawa International Writers Festival2006/04/16
  360. Faber CEO Stephen Page on the Role of the Publisher2006/04/12
  361. Lexicographer Jonathon Green talks Slang2006/04/12
  362. Chairwoman Maggie Knaus on the Rockcliffe Bookfair 2006/03/22
  363. Entrepreneur Kensel Tracy on Self Publishing2006/03/22
The Biblio File hosted by Nigel Beale
THE BIBLIO FILE is one of the world's leading podcasts about "the book" and an inquiry into the wider world of book culture. Hosted by Nigel Beale it features wide ranging conversations with authors, poets, book publishers, booksellers, book editors, book collectors, book makers, book scholars, book critics, book designers, book publicists, literary agents and other certified bibliophiles.

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