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Shamanic Freedom Radio

  1. SFR 155 - Rantcast - #FreeCountDankula2018/03/21
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  2. SFR 154 - Soviet Britain2018/03/15
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  3. SFR 153 - Niall kills a dalek2018/03/09
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  4. SFR 152 - Wrong side of the zeitgeist, right side of history2018/01/25

    In this episode, Niall goes off into a ranty, sweary albeit highly nuanced tirade about the problems of cultural Marxism and its corrosive effects on Western culture, and the fact that we have to risk becoming hate criminals now in order for there to be a future worth having then.

    Music - West Coast Prost - Beer Barrel Polka
  5. SFR 151 - Thomas Sheridan at AwakeCon 20172017/11/29

    In this episode, Niall plays a recording of Thomas Sheridan at the AwakeCon conference, recorded on November 12 2017. This talk covers many topics including psychopaths, fairies, demons, ‘visitor’ entities, and the cultural anthropomorphising and co-option of mysterious phenomena.

    Music - Niall Murphy featuring Gaz Gacid - Dawn Of The Dij
  6. SFR 150 - Ben-Emlyn Jones at AwakeCon 20172017/11/17

    In this Episode, Niall plays a talk by Ben-Emlyn Jones at the AwakeCon Conference on the subject of ETs and UFO's. The main topics of the talk are whether SETI (the Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) is a credible organisation, the Drake Equation and the scepticism of scientists like Carl Sagan.

    Music - Here And Now- Secrets II
  7. SFR 149 - Re-evaluation2017/11/01

    In this episode Niall re-evaluates everything, having taken his mind away from the alternative media ‘narrative pollution’ sphere for a prolonged amount of time, viewing the world through a lens free of the usual smorgasbord of so called alternative subjects and narratives.

    Music: Massive Attack - Protection
  8. SFR 148 - Interview with Anna Veith2017/09/04

    In this episode, Niall interviews blogger, writer and artist Anna Veith. Topics include the struggles with ‘alternative’ culture in the aftermath of stepping outside the mainstream, social engineering and the psychopathy of the elites and finishes off with Anna discussing her approach to art and creativity. Listen out for the comedy sketch at the beginning!!

    Music - Hawkwind - Magnu
  9. SFR 147 Roamcast from a Cornish Hill2017/08/29
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  10. SFR 146 - Beating off the left/right psy-op2017/08/15
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  11. SFR 145 - Thomas Sheridan at Glastonbury Symposium2017/07/30

    In this episode, Niall plays a recording of Thomas Sheridan talking at the Glastonbury Symposium on Saturday July 29, 2017. This talk is about psychopaths, which will be familiar for those who know Thomas, but will be a great introduction for those who have just discovered him.

    Music: Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak
  12. SFR 144 - Recovering from the pseudo spiritual2017/07/18
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  13. SFR 143 - Niall gets the Turdis out again!2017/07/05
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  14. SFR 142 - Conservato-Terrorism and Chronic Ideological Disorder2017/06/28
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  15. SFR 141: Political victory for anarchists?2017/06/10
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  16. SFR 140 - Stop your bickering and let's unite.2017/06/06
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  17. SFR 139 - Kramer's not gone flat after all2017/04/01
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  18. SFR 138 - Kramer's gone flat2017/03/29
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  19. SFR 137: Say what you like and like what you bloody well say2017/02/10
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  20. SFR 136 - End of year podcast2016/12/25

    In this episode, Niall rants about cultural Christmas, how overwhelming 2016 was, fake news, the rise of Bitcoin, the balkanisation of alternative media 'stars' etc.

    Horslips - Scalloway Ripoff
  21. SFR 135 - Don’t be Trumped by Hillary2016/10/28

    In this episode Niall gets into a rant about the oncoming US general election and the dangerous implications of Hillary becoming the leader of the post-free world. Other topics include the third runway at Heathrow Airport, becoming “post-psychedelic”, the magic of autumn, etc..

    Gong - Model Village
    Madness - The Communicator
  22. SFR 134 - Fears and taboos on a rudderless ship2016/09/10
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  23. SFR 133 - The Second English Civil War2016/06/28
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  24. SFR 132 - Leaving the EUSSR2016/06/25

    In this episode, Niall does not shy away from risking losing 50% of his audience by taking a pro leave stance on the recent Brexit EU referendum. In his own unique way he looks at immigration, economics, centralised power structures, misguided wet lefties, social polarisation, and much more in as controversial ‘rant-cast’.

    Music: Sex Pistols - Anarchy in the UK
  25. Episode 131 - Roamcast - Escaping a cult you don't know you're in2016/05/11
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  26. SFR 130 - Escaping MatriXmas2015/12/27
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  27. SFR 129 - The aftermath of the UK voting to bomb Syria2015/12/06
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  28. Teaser trailer for forthcoming episode 1292015/12/05
    Full episode coming soon!
  29. SFR 128 - World War 3 and Obsessive Ideological Disorder2015/11/20
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  30. SFR 127 - The end of freedom in the UK?2015/05/23
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Shamanic Freedom Radio

Shamanic Freedom Radio is presented by Opaquelens, an anomalous oddball, who is anarchic in his podcast presentation style(s), whilst being proactive and spontaneous when it comes to ideas for each episode. The only thing consistent about this podcast is that it’s aimed towards those who have experienced a primal shamanic calling of their own, as oppose to those who study shamanism academically or anthropologically.

Previous guests include Rupert Sheldrake, Neil Kramer, Graham Hancock, Bruce Damer and David Icke.

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Early episodes on archive.org

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