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  1. Dr. Bob Sears Answers Children’s Health Questions – Segment #22008/12/22
    In this segment Dr. Bob Sears answers parents questions about how to best keep a young child in his/her own bed at night, Sinupret for Kids, and how to best deal with bad behavior in toddlers. This segment is sponsored by Sinupret for Kids www.sinupretforkids.com
  2. Dr. Bob Sears Answers Children Health Questions – Segment #12008/12/22
    In this podcast Dr. Bob Sears discusses and answers questions about how to wean a child off a bottle, the causes of asthma in young children and the effectiveness of Sinupret and other herbal remedies as alternatives to other over the counter children’s medication. This segment is brought to you by Sinupret for Kids, for more information please visit www.sinupretforkids.com
sinupret08's Podcast

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