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Mr.L's Tavern-Conservative Common Sense Talk

  1. Mr.L's Tavern Christmas Show 20172017/12/07

    Playing my favorite songs of the season and sharing some stories. Merry Christmas!
  2. Mr.L: Crooked Media Covers For Sick Crooked Hillary2016/09/15

    A brief history of liberal media bias.
  3. Mr.L: Fake Republicans For Hillary2016/08/11

    Never Hillary.
Mr.L's Tavern-Conservative Common Sense Talk
Mr.L's Tavern! Mr.L's Tavern is a conservative internet radio talk show. A native New Yorker, Mr.L talks politics, news, film, social issues, life and many, many other topics ALL with a no holds barred conservative view point. All from the Mr.L's Tavern has the ambiance and intimacy of a New York Tavern. Mr.L speaks to you as if you are the only one in the place just around the time of "last call".

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