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  1. #400 When Rachelle loses all Electricity and Moves to the Ozarks2019/02/18

    Wow! Our 400th episode. Most of them lost to time and space. Any way, have a listen. Be sure to like what you like and share what you can.

    Wichita Rutherford Paprika Recipe Mgr The Unseen Realm The Divine Council The Masked Singer Star Trek:Discovery God Friended Me 1000's of roots Our Tribe of Many Donna's Journey
  2. Open Arms2019/01/25

  3. The Jen and DAVe Show go to Smart and Final2019/01/21
  4. #399 I'm Gonna Milk Myself2018/12/26

    Fancy cookies Piercing Abby Troubles for Jen's Friend, Amy Jen's Christmas Crafting Party 8 out of 10 Cats Presents Countdown Martha Stewart My mom  Friendship is hard Jen wants to pierce her nose Music Lyric Game
  5. #398 I Ate the Kool-Aid2018/12/03

    Pokemon Jen Community Day in Visalia Homeless tree story It's the season for eating Jen is making tamales Guests are coming, we need to clean The Official Website EDWARD HERNANDEZ Drinking at The Barrelhouse What happened to old episodes? Music Lyric Game
  6. #397 Thanksgiving Elote2018/11/19

    Jen is easily distracted Check out the Men Are Dumb Podcast Our trip to Disneyland Bob the Bridge . Bohemian Rhapsody Movie Zoroastrianism Chicago Gourmet Hamburger Hop Event Free Kittens! Music Lyric Game Thanksgiving Plans No one wants the hat. A man needs a Meat Cleaver The accessorize test
  7. #396 The One Armed Guitarist2018/10/23

    Visalia Band Review Copyright issues Jen's cycle Pokemon Go Content winner announced. Contact us with your address and we will send you your prize. A $25 dollar value. 911 The Great Escape Transylvania Hotel 3 Last Man on Earth E.R. Designated Survivor Elton John Concerts Don't traffic drugs in Singapore The Third World is everywhere 
  8. #395 Don't Stay and Walk Away!2018/10/08

    The return of Nurse Carol. The return of Jennifer from Chicago A small list of gifts Jen is a Union Buster Be my Pokemon Go Friend and win a Illinois State hat signed by Jen and DAVe! 9857 0680 2783

    Stories from Chicago Gourmet Grandma fell and couldn't get up.
  9. #394 Whether or not here we come2018/09/17

    Jen gets a new phone Instagram Ads Adulting children Vintage Metal Co Jennifer should invest in Tide to go pens I watched Abby bump into a pole Roma Downey is not married to Robert Downey Jr. Marc Burnett Pure Flix Some people age faster than others Weight loss and botox

  10. #393 People Have it Worst but They Ain't Me2018/03/29

    Disneyland and DisneyBoozers Vacation
  11. #392 Sardines and Little People2018/01/22

    Sardines Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey Looking back on Christmas Sugar Cookies
  12. #391 Resolution Revolution2018/01/08

    New tech for the new year Jen has a new job The Digital Ink Spot Ebay DAVe's sad 21st Birthday Disney Boozers Our Panera meals We are Meals on Wheels
  13. #390 Out with The Boys2017/06/12

    Hat Tip to Flower Tim and Scott Roche Our review of Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Autism Our Panera Meal Low Carb High Fat Lifestyle How do you Pronounce IKEA? General Avila Topical Rabbit Trails
  14. #389 The Reverent Grand Master Creel2017/04/16

    What will our grandkids call Jen?

    My phone got smashed, so let's talk about cell phones.

    Remember the cloud is for everyone.

    Do you sometimes tell the gardener I Love You?

    Jennifer's Birthday happened.

    Jen is still hooked on LuLaRoe.

    I almost died, again.
  15. #388 Dressing for Divorce2017/03/26

    Communication is key to salad dressing and Divorce

    All you want to know about LuLaRoe

    For cheap computers, shop Discount Computer Depot. Buyer Beware!
  16. #387 Jennifer is Woman, Hear her Stab!2017/03/22
    Info (Show/Hide)
  17. #386 Rockabilly Star Wars2016/10/03

    Favorite Movie
    1 year old birthday party
    Did we talk about Ice Cream?
  18. #365 - Pumpkin Spice and Chill2016/09/19

    Let's talk about vacations  Reselling clothes to friends  lunch  Health and stuff
  19. The Jaded Wino reviews Tisdale Shiraz2016/09/12

    I come to you to bring wine reviews for the non discriminating wine connoisseur. I make all my wine purchases under 2 conditions; one: $2.99 or less and two : 10% alcohol or greater. Does it taste good? Hell, if I know. After a couple of glasses it all tastes the same to me.
  20. #384 - The Fred Armisen 2016/09/06

    That one time when Fred Armisen came to Walmart

    Jen's Idea for a double ended tea stirrer

    Birthdays for the boys

    The usual good times
  21. #383 The Dentist and The Moth2016/08/08

    What's it like to be married to DAVe Jokes Movies Food Fun
  22. #382 The Purple One, No Not Prince2016/07/18

    Summer vacations The tattoo story Pokemon Go Morning Song
  23. #381 When 2 R in Love2016/06/20

    It's Father's Day
    What do Jen and DAVe have in common
    Jen's Tattoo experience
  24. #380 Huevos Cochina2016/06/05

    Panera Food Vlogging Chatterbox

  25. #379 A Delectable Morsel of Pauses2016/05/23

    The Music Lyric Game
    Food, Food and more Food
    DAVe pulled a calf muscle, again
    Scotland vs Singapore
    Mark Wiens
    Take the train to Santa Monica
    Vacation ideas
    Visalia Downtown Car Show
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