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  1. The Summit, National Politics, Cyber Security 2018/07/16
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  2. An Argument for Better Relations with Russia 2018/07/16
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  3. Trump-Putin Summit and Other News 2018/07/16

    As the Trump-Putin meetings wrap up in Helsinki, Eliana Johnson , White House reporter at POLITICO , talks about what to expect, and reviews all the news Brian missed while on vacation last week.

  4. Brian Lehrer Weekend: The Man Behind the MTA, NY's Abortion Laws, Border Crisis History 2018/07/13

    In case you missed them, some of our favorite segments from this week.

    The Man Behind the MTA (First) | New York State's Abortion Laws (starts at 25:25) | Border Crisis History (starts at 49:50)

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  5. The Eights | Alienation in 1978, What Unites + Divides Us in 2018, The Working Class as a Force for Progressive Change 2018/07/13
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  6. The History Behind the Border Crisis 2018/07/12
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  7. Helping with Homecoming 2018/07/12

    Julie Collazo , writer and founder Immigrant Families Together , and Meghan Finn , core organizer with Immigrant Families Together, discuss their work to reunite families separated at the border and how listeners can help.

  8. Family Reunification Updates; Representing Separated Children; Helping with Homecoming; The History Behind the Border Crisis 2018/07/12
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  9. Legal Hurdles for Families Separated at the Border 2018/07/12
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  10. Family Reunification Updates 2018/07/12

    Beth Fertig , WNYC senior reporter covering courts and legal affairs, provides an update on efforts to reunify families.

  11. Abortion Rights in New York 2018/07/11

    Liz Krueger , New York State Senator (D-Manhattan, 28th district), sponsor of the Reproductive Health Act, and Alexis Grenell , co-founder of Pythia Public, a political and public affairs firm, and a frequent contributor to the Daily News, talk about the renewed interest in codifying Roe v Wade into New York State law.

  12. From El Salvador to Oakland 2018/07/11

    Lauren Markham , journalist and the author of The Far Away Brothers: Two Young Migrants and the Making of an American Life (Broadway Books, 2017), tells the story of identical twins Ernesto and Raul Flores who fled El Salvador for Oakland, California, and talks about what motivates migration and what happens next.

  13. Wednesday Morning Politics, Abortion Rights in New York, International Politics, From El Salvador to Oakland 2018/07/11
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  14. International Politics Roundup: Tariffs, NATO Summit and Trump-Putin Meeting 2018/07/11

    Ian Bremmer , president of Eurasia Group and Gzero Media, host of the new public television weekly show “Gzero World,” and the author of Us vs. Them: The Failure of Globalism (Portfolio, 2018), talks about the latest international news, including tariffs, the NATO summit and the upcoming Trump-Putin meeting.

  15. Where Kavanaugh Stands on Key Issues 2018/07/11

    Emily Bazelon , staff writer for The New York Times Magazine , co-host of Slate's "Political Gabfest" podcast, and the Truman Capote fellow for creative writing and law at Yale Law School, follows up on President Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court, plus other legal and national news.

  16. Challenges Ahead for the Man in Charge of the MTA 2018/07/10

    William Finnegan , New Yorker staff writer and the author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning memoir Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life (Penguin Press, 2015), talks about the myriad challenges facing the new New York City Transit Authority president Andy Byford and how his plans to address them.

  17. The Morning After the Nomination, The Man in Charge of NYC's Subways, Eating Around the World, Right Here In the US, Empowered Majority 2018/07/10
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  18. Empowering the Majority 2018/07/10

    Onnesha Roychoudhuri , writer, editor, educator and author of The Marginalized Majority: Claiming Our Power in a Post-Truth America (Melville House, 2018), argues progressives are in the majority and shouldn't stay quiet.

    → EVENT: Reading at Books are Magic (225 Smith Street, Brooklyn, corner of Smith and Butler) with Jessica Valenti on Weds. July 11 at 7:30pm.

  19. Eating Around the World, Right Here In the US 2018/07/10

    Marcus Samuelsson , chef and owner of Red Rooster and Streetbird, talks about his new PBS show, "No Passport Required," where he travels around and celebrates immigrants and their food and listeners share their recommendations.

  20. The Morning After Trump's SCOTUS Nomination 2018/07/10
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  21. McNally Jackson's Summer Reading List 2018/07/09
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  22. #NewJerseyPolitics: Millionaires Tax and Marijuana 2018/07/09

    Matt Friedman , reporter for Politico New Jersey and author of New Jersey Playbook talks about the showdown between the NJ Governor Murphy and State Assembly, legislation of marijuana and the millionaires tax.

  23. Monday Morning Politics, New Jersey Politics, Trump's Pick for SCOTUS, Our Summer Reading List 2018/07/09
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  24. Supreme Court Politics, Enthusiasm for Midterm Elections & Tariffs 2018/07/09

    Molly Ball , national political correspondent, TIME, discusses the latest national political news.

  25. Trump's SCOTUS Pick 2018/07/09

    Jami Floyd , host of WNYC's All Things Considered and legal analyst, talks about President Trump's nomination to replace Justice Kennedy

  26. Brian Lehrer Weekend: Fear and Politics, Does the American Flag Intimidate You, Taste of Home 2018/07/06

    In case you missed them, some of our favorite segments from this week:

    Fear and Politics (First) | Does the American Flag Intimidate You? (starts at 20:54) | Taste of Home (starts at 44:38)

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  27. The Eights | Civil Rights, Alienation, Rise of Liberal Media + More 2018/07/06
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  28. Taste of Home 2018/07/05

    Immigrants (from other countries or other parts of the U.S.), where would you send someone to find your "taste of home?" What restaurant, even what dish at a local restaurant, sends you back?

  29. 'Washed' and Happy 2018/07/05

    GQ staff writer Alex Baron wrote a recent column about how as he’s aged he’s enjoying being “washed” (approaching, but not quite washed up) and argues some of the things he used to look down on, like playing golf, aren’t so bad. As you've aged, what simple pleasure that you used to consider uncool, have you started indulging in?

  30. Listener Special: All Call-In Show 2018/07/05
  31. Misunderstood in Work & Politics 2018/07/05

    "What‘s something that seems obvious within your profession, but the general public seems to misunderstand?” That’s a recent tweet from Louie who tweets as @Mantia that got a lot of replies. So let’s hear your responses on the air.

  32. 30 Issues in 30 Days Nominations 2018/07/05

    As we gear up for our election-year series, “30 Issues In 30 Days,” we’re opening the phones for nominations. What issue deserves more attention as voters prepare to go to the polls in November. Nominate an issue, about anything but the Russia investigations, and tell us why it matters.

  33. Millennials and Socialism 2018/07/05

    With the primary victory of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Brian Lehrer Show/Harris Poll finding that millennials place less importance on owning private property as a source of American strength, if you're under 40, where do you put yourself on a scale of 1 to 10, capitalist to socialist?

  34. World Cup Without US 2018/07/03

    Roger Bennett , host of the podcasts Men in Blazers and WNYC Studios' "American Fiasco" and the co-author of Men in Blazers Present Encyclopedia Blazertannica: A Suboptimal Guide to Soccer, America's "Sport of the Future" Since 1972 , talks about the latest from World Cup play and the American Fiasco podcast detailing the U.S. team's failure to qualify.

  35. This Autistic American Life 2018/07/03
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  36. What It Takes To Reunify Immigrant Families 2018/07/03
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  37. Reuniting Immigrant Kids; American Flag Symbolism; Life with Adult Autism & U.S. World Cup Fiasco 2018/07/03
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  38. Does the American Flag Intimidate You? 2018/07/03

    Arun Venugopal , WNYC reporter, discusses his reporting and takes calls from listeners on whether the American flag is a symbol of beauty or intimidation.

  39. Mexico Elects Leftist President 2018/07/02

    Andrés Manuel López Obrador won the Mexico's presidential election Maria Hinojosa , anchor and executive producer of Latino USA, and Enrique Acevedo , co-anchor for Noticiero Univision, talk about the results of the Mexican elections, recent protests and repercussions for the U.S. and the Latino community.

  40. Fear in Politics 2018/07/02

    Martha Nussbaum , professor of law and ethics at the University of Chicago and the author of The Monarchy of Fear: A Philosopher Looks at Our Political Crisis , argues powerlessness and fear underlie political polarization.

  41. Monday Morning Politics; Mexico's Elections; Naturalizing New Yorkers, Fear & Political Polarizaton 2018/07/02
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  42. Naturalizing New Yorkers 2018/07/02

    New York State Secretary of State Rossana Rosado , former publisher and C.E.O. of El Diario La Prensa, talks about a New York State program called Naturalize NY, which pays for the cost of applying for US citizenship. Immigrants face a number of obstacles as go about seeking citizenship but Rosado says that don't have to go about it alone, there's help.

  43. Roe v Wade After Kennedy; Can Dems Stop Kennedy’s Replacement?; Russia Probe Politics; Harley-Davidson Trade Wars 2018/07/02

    NPR national political correspondent Mara Liasson reports on the future of the Roe vs Wade and abortion rights after Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy's retirement, how Democrats will fight Trump's pick to replace Justice Kennedy, the latest political fight over the Russia investigation and Trump's handling of the trade war.

  44. Brian Lehrer Weekend: Mexico Votes, Salman Rushdie, On Whiteness 2018/06/29

    Three of our favorite segments from the week, in case you missed them.

    Mexico Votes (First) | Rushdie Returns to Realism (Starts at 24:57) | On 'On Whiteness' (Starts at 49:40)

    If you don't subscribe to the Brian Lehrer Show on iTunes, you can do that here .

  45. Uncomfortable Conversations 2018/06/29
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  46. Ask the Mayor; Union Chief on Janus Decision; The Origins of "Abolish ICE"; Uncomfortable Conversations 2018/06/29
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  47. The Meaning of 'Abolish ICE' 2018/06/29
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  48. Union Chief on Janus Decision 2018/06/29
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  49. Ask the Mayor: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Abolish ICE, Bronx Stabbing 2018/06/29
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  50. After Justice Kennedy; Russia and U.S. Democracy; Mexico Votes; Weathering Climate Change 2018/06/28
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