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Ask Dr. Lynn Intuitive Advisor

  1. EPISODE33 - Guest Kelly Woodruff www.TheRconnection.com2009/06/30
    Kelly Woodruff REconnection Healer and Seminar Instructor will share with us this Energy that reconnects us to the Universal Essential Energy for Evolution
  2. EPISODE32 Gabriella Espinosa PureSoulAlchemy.com2009/06/24
    GAbriella talk to us about her amazing modality of puure soul alchemy and aura soma
  3. EPISODE26 - Bonnie Dubrow Master Coach Marketer2009/06/02
    Guest, Bonnie Dubrow, Executive Coach, talks to us about the new emerging relationship paridigm & how to let go of the old pervasive societal one.
  4. EPISODE25 - Paul Samuel Dolman2009/05/26
    Paul SAmuel Dolman creator of What Matters Most will be talking about surrendering in the moment
  5. EPISODE23 -Keith Wahrer of www.DailyJuice.org2009/05/19
  6. EPISODE22 - Lamar Irwin, Silva Method Instructor2009/05/12
  7. EPISODE21 - Kit Holmes, musician, vocalist and award-winning songwriter2009/05/05
  8. EPISODE20 - Featured Guest Michael Mirdad PhD! Christ Consciousness2009/04/28
    World-renowned Spiritual Teacher, Healer, and Author, Michael Mirdad will be sharing how each of us can awaken and develop Christ Consciousness within ourselves, our true and Divine nature.
  9. EPISODE19 - Judy Morris, Feng Shui Master2009/04/21
    Featured Guest Judy Morris Master in Feng Shui & energy transmission. Imagine having lots of flow and energy available to you, in your environment and with the people in your life. Then tune in and learn how to create that same flow in your world and life.
  10. EPISODE18 -Featured Guest Kathlyn Hendricks Conscious Living & Loving2009/04/14
    Join Guest Kathlyn Hendricks of The Hendricks Institute. Learn how conscious living & loving can open up an incredible space for creativity and co-creating together with your partner
    while you both begin to embrace greater levels of possibility in your lives. Kathlyn is facilitating a Conscious Loving and Living: The Foundation Seminar here in Austin April 24-26th
  11. EPISODE17 - Conscious Living & loving w/Dr. Karen Thompson PhD2009/04/07
    Learn what Conscious living &
    loving is all about & how YOU can begin practicing the elegant & friendly principles & practices on a daily basis. Learn what Karen believes are THE essential ingredients to living your life
    in flow. Karen is a psychologist and conscious living coach and is the founder of The Conscious Living Center of Texas
  12. EPISODE16 - Finding your Divine purpose:David Favor from Radical Health2009/03/31
    Join us and our featured guest David Favor, Raw food & sacred commerce expert as we explore his elegantly simple yet powerful process of cultivating presence and finding your purpose now!
  13. EPISODE15 -the Alchemy of Presence W/ Barry Oser & Paul Samuel Dolman2009/03/24
    Learn how to move into right relationship with Self, Creator and Creation through cultivating presence! Featuring guests Barry Oser of SoSoundSolutions.com and Paul Samuel Dolman of wmmost.com
  14. EPISODE14 - What Matters Most? Guest Paul Samuel Dolman2009/03/17
    Our featured guest is Paul Samuel Dolman who is creating and developing a cutting edge television series entitled:
    "What Matters Most" www.wmmost.com . Al Gore has committed to be the first featured guest on the pilot episode of the show!
  15. EPISODE13 - Dream the NEW dream, the emerging evolution of being.2009/03/10
    Featured Guest Eric Dowsett "The time has come to change the world we live in".
  16. EPISODE12 -Rebooting Biological Intelligence.Guest David Favor2009/03/03
    Featured Guest David Favor "Rebooting biological intelligence" through raw foods and super foods. Learn how to accelerate conscious evolution! www.davidfavor.com
  17. EPISODE11 - Yes you can! Living the possible life, embracing the infinite2009/02/24
    Featured Guest Dr. Rose Mulligan DC, "What is the body's innate intelligence", a lively discussion about Network Spinal Analysis and Somato Respiratory Integration.
  18. EPISODE10 - Learning to live a sustainable life, one simple step at a time.2009/02/17
    Are you thriving or just surviving? Learn how to embrace life and living in a new way. Our featured guest is Jessalynn Courtney, certified permaculture design consultant, photographer and member of the "Sacred Acres" community here in Austin TX. www.thesacredacre.com
  19. EPISODE9 - You are the generator and creator. How will you author your now?2009/02/10
  20. EPISODE8 - Finding and cutivating your authentic self2009/02/03
  21. EPISODE7 - Dream alive and awake, making your wishes and dreams reality.2009/01/27
    Dr. Lynn Lawrence and co-host George E. Green take your calls. Special guest to be announced!
  22. EPISODE6 -Inauguration Day. Time to come together, One Nation2009/01/20
    Dr. Lynn Lawrence and co-host George E. Green take your calls. Special guest to be announced!
  23. EPISODE5 - Change. It's what we are! How to sustain Conscious Change2009/01/13
    Dr. Lynn Lawrence and co-host George E. Green take your calls. Special guest to be announced!
  24. EPISODE4 - Faith & action or fear and contraction, which do you choose?2009/01/06
    Dr. Lynn Lawrence and co-host George E. Green take your calls. Special guest to be announced!
  25. EPISODE1 -The New Year 2009, Embracing Conscious Change Now!2008/12/27
    Austin's own Dr. Lynn Lawrence Ph. D. offers Life Readings and ongoing Psychic Coaching sessions. Join us in looking forward to what can unfold for you in the coming New Year.
Ask Dr. Lynn Intuitive Advisor
Lynn Lawrence PhD, a Intuitive Advisor and Life Coach in Austin Texas answers questions from live callers and shares her positive messages each week. "Right now, today, change is in the air and all around us! How each of us relates and responds to uncertainty and change will determine whether our life experience is firmly anchored and based in faith and action or fear and contraction.
Whether you seek a more personal shift or wish to participate in something larger, you are invited to join in an emerging movement of change, renewal and transformation!
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