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The Faroe Islands Podcast

  1. Home and Away: Remembering Eyðfinn2021/09/01
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  2. Home and Away 13: Heri Simonsen 2021/08/30

    On this episode, Stella talks to Heri Simonsen about his life in the Faroes, growing up in Greenland, and the shocking truth about his place of birth. Also, we pay brief tribute to a legend of radio in the Faroe Islands.
  3. EP 343: Olympic Dreams, Deferred2021/08/20
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  4. Home and Away Meets the Faroe Islands Podcast2021/07/30
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  5. EP 342: Into the Unknown2021/07/10
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  6. Home & Away 11: Gunn Hernes2021/06/30
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  7. Home and Away 10: Catching up with Cinthia2021/06/23
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  8. EP 341: Can I go to the Faroe Islands2021/06/15
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  9. Home and Away 9: Johannes Midskard2021/06/03
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  10. EP 340: Nightlife on Suduroy?2021/05/26

    In part two of our trip to Suduroy, we hit the town in search of nightlife... on a Thursday... on a remote island. What could possibly go wrong? Or right?

    We'll also have an update on the COVID-19 situation in the Faroe Islands.
  11. EP 339: A Passage to Suduroy2021/05/23
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  12. Home and Away with a Twist 8: Levi Cerveneac2021/04/27

    On the final episode of this season of Home and Away with a Twist, Stella talks to Levi Cerveneac about growing up with a Romanian name in the Faroe Islands and whether he feels more Romanian or Faroese.

    We also have an update on the COVID situation in the Faroe Islands. For more timely news on the subject, check out KVF's English-language site .
  13. Home & Away With A Twist 7: Michael Johannesen2021/03/28
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  14. EP 338: Joel Cole, Transplanted: Immigrant Stories2021/03/17
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  15. Home and Away With a Twist: EP 62021/03/08

    This week, Stella talks to Martin Skúvadal about having a Faroese father and an an Australian mother. He grew up in Vestmanna. We'll hear about how Christmas is celebrated in Australia and just how many snakes he's seen.
  16. EP 337: Volleyball, COVID, and Lobster2021/02/28

    On this episode, Oli G. Samuelsen talks to Christian Imhoff about coming from Argentina to the Faroe Islands to coach and play volleyball.

    We'll also visit a fantastic underground lobster party* and get an update on the COVID situation in the Faroe Islands

    *Okay, it wasn't really an "underground" party, but it felt more edgy to phrase it that that way.
  17. Home & Away With a Twist, EP 52021/02/08

    This week, Stella talks to Sigri Gaini, who was born in Norway to an Iranian father and a Faroese Mother. Her family moved to the Faroe Islands when she was four.

    Sigri talks about growing up different in a country where being different can be hard. Also, we'll get to the bottom of just how much spice is required on fish.
  18. EP 336: Happy Birthday to Us, 2021!2021/01/31

    On this show, we'll celebrate our 12th birthday by listening back to come cringe-worthy clips from our first shows. We'll also hear birthday greetings from the whole podcast team, and we'll also take a walk on Fugloy.
  19. Home & Away With a Twist 4: Thomas Warner2021/01/22

    On this episode, Stella talks to Thomas Warner whose father is from England and mother is Faroese. We'll hear how he celebrates Christmas in England and the Faroes, the difficulties in learning multiple languages, and how coming from a mixed culture can have benefits.
  20. Home & Away, With a Twist, EP 32020/12/24

    On this special episode of Home & Away With a Twist, Stella takes on her most challenging interview yet: her own daughter. Sharon Sivertsen talks about growing up in the Faroe Islands with Sri Lankan and Faroese parents, her love of food from her mom's homeland, and that one time she almost got kidnapped.
  21. EP 335: The Year in Football2020/12/11

    This week we talk to Sigi Einarsson about the weird, weird year in Faroese football. We'll talk about the domestic league, Europa League play, and a milestone for the National Team.

    Then we'll get on a boat and listen to some music and yearn for a when we can be together on boats again. (Or not on boats, it's really the "together" part that's important.)
  22. Home and Away with a Twist 22020/12/04

    On this episode Stella talks to Mickey Shemesh about growing up in the Faroe Islands and Israel.
  23. EP 334: Of Monuments and Men2020/11/29
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  24. Home & Away, With A Twist: Episode 12020/11/19

    Home and Away With a Twist talks to the children of immigrants to the Faroe Islands. This week. Stella talks to Joy Johannesen about her Pakistani roots, childhood in England, and teen years in the Faroes.
  25. Halloween 2020! Tunnels and Covid and Babies, Oh My!2020/10/30
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  26. EP 333: Whiskey A Go Go2020/09/30

    On this episode we talk to Runi Nielsen about his extensive collection of whiskey (and whisky) and about the prospects of the Faroe Islands producing a great whiskey in the near future.

    We'll also get an update on the pandemic, Faroese football, and we'll remember a lovely evening of song ten years ago.
  27. EP 332: Checking In With The Neighbors, 20202020/08/27
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  28. EP 331: Faroe Pride, Then and Now2020/08/07
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  29. EP 330: G! Festival... 2020! Really!2020/07/27
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  30. EP 329: Island Games, Gibraltar2020/07/09

    On this episode, we talk to Heri Simonsen about how the Faroe Islands did at the 2019 Island Games in Gibraltar, and his hopes for the 2021 games in Guernsey.

    Then we'll visit a hydroelectric dam in Vestmanna.

    Note: in the closing credits, we said it was Episode 328. It's not. It's actually 329. That'll teach us to record the narration track late at night.
  31. EP 328: Kalsoy and the Seal Woman2020/06/26

    This week, we search for overtourism on the island of Kalsoy. We visit the beautiful statue of the seal woman and end up talking about feminism, post-modernism, and have a discussion much deeper than you'd expect from a podcast like this.

    Also, there are ducks.
  32. EP 327: Svinoy!2020/06/10
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  33. EP 326: Tourism in the Time of Corona2020/05/27

    This week, we talk to the head of Visit Faroe Islands about remote tourism, and what it feels like to promote tourism while simultaneously telling tourists to stay away.

    Then we'll watch a new hotel being built and dream of the day when visitors will get to stay there.

    To take a live, remote tour of the Faroe Islands, go to the Remote Tourism site and enjoy the show.
  34. EP 326: Tourism in the Time of Corona2020/05/27

    This week, we talk to the head of Visit Faroe Islands about remote tourism, and what it feels like to promote tourism while simultaneously telling tourists to stay away.

    Then we'll watch a new hotel being built and dream of the day when visitors will get to stay there.

    To take a live, remote tour of the Faroe Islands, go to the Remote Tourism site and enjoy the show.
  35. EP 326: Tourism in the Time of Corona2020/05/27

    This week, we talk to the head of Visit Faroe Islands about remote tourism, and what it feels like to promote tourism while simultaneously telling tourists to stay away.

    Then we'll watch a new hotel being built and dream of the day when visitors will get to stay there.

    To take a live, remote tour of the Faroe Islands, go to the Remote Tourism site and enjoy the show.
  36. EP 325: In the Studio With Sakaris2020/05/21
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  37. EP 324: Pokemon Go To The Faroes2020/05/15

    On this episode, we'll get in a time machine and travel back to 2016 to play the hottest new game, Pokemon Go. We'll take down a few gyms, talk to a nice German woman, and get wet walking through the rain.

    We'll also get an update on COVID-19 in the Faroe Islands, and learn about the mystery of the Torshavn River.
  38. Home and Away 8: Sabina From Poland2020/05/01
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  39. Home and Away 7: Mirela from Serbia2020/04/24
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  40. EP 323: Life Under Lockdown2020/04/15
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  41. Home and Away: The Coronavirus Special2020/03/31
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  42. EP 322: Saint Kodiak Sings2020/03/28
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  43. EP 321: Corona, Music, and Buses2020/03/20

    On this podcast, we'll do a brief update on COVID-19 in the Faroe Islands, talk to Saint Kodiak about his return to music, and take a bus tour of Sandoy.

    For more current information on the coronavirus in the Faroe Islands, visit the official government portal in English , KVF's English site , and Local.fo .
  44. Home and Away 5: Xiaomei from China2020/02/12

    On this episode, Stella talks to Xiaomei from China. Xiaomei runs a (the?) Chinese restaurant in the Faroe Islands. Xiaomei describes the similarities between her small farming village in China and her current home in the Faroe Islands. She also offers some advice for other foreigners who might settle in the Faroes.
  45. EP 320: Andrias Høgenni, Part 22020/02/05

    This week, we continue our conversation with Faroese filmmaker Andrias Høgenni, We talk to Andrias about his experience at the film festival in Cannes, France, and how he learned he had won an award.

    Then we stand on top of a quiet mountain.
  46. EP 319: Andrias Høgenni, Part 12020/01/22

    This week, we talk to Faroese filmmaker Andrias Høgenni about his love of storytelling and the lives of Faroese people in Denmark.

    Then we stand near a giant hole in the ground and contemplate what it might mean.
  47. Home and Away 4: Marlene from Ivory Coast2020/01/09

    On this episode of Home and Away, Stella talks to Marlene Christiansen from Ivory Coast. Marlene will talk about learning Faroese, the foods she misses from Africa, and her dreams for the future in the Faroe Islands.
  48. Christmas 2019: Memories with Stanley Samuelsen2019/12/24

    On this episode, we revisit our 2011 interview with Stanley Samuelsen. He'll tell us about his childhood memories of Christmas in the Faroe Islands, and play one of his favorite Christmas songs.

    And on behalf of everyone at the podcast, we hope you're having a happy holiday season surrounded by people you love.

    Merry Christmas.
  49. Home and Away 3: Cinthia from Chile2019/12/23

    On this episode of Home and Away, Stella talks to Cinthia Gonzalez Parada from Chile.

    Cinthia talks about her life in the Faroes, adjusting to the cold, and even sings a little opera.

    This show appears in the Faroe Islands Podcast feed courtesy of FM1.
  50. Bonus Podcast: Water on Pebbles in Dalur2019/12/22
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  51. EP 318: Like Water Through the Basalt Pebbles...2019/12/20

    On this show, we talk to a Serbian athlete about the years she spent playing volleyball in the Faroe Islands.

    Then we sit on a beach and listen as the water drains out through the pebbles. It's quite soothing.

    Also, we say happy birthday to Sirkus Foroyar. That's the Torshavn pub that has drastically altered the cultural landscape in the Faroes. It turned 10 this month.
  52. Home and Away, EP 2: Gina Thomsen of Peru2019/12/05
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  53. EP 317: Let's Play Gekkur2019/11/30
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  54. Introducing; Home and Away2019/11/19
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  55. EP 316: Volleyball, Baffling Trees, and Volunteer Signups2019/11/12
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  56. EP 315: Dan Olsen2019/10/31
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  57. EP 314: Darius Lewis in the Faroe Islands2019/09/18
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  58. EP 313: Live! At the G! Festival 2019!2019/08/07
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  59. Bonus Pod: HB in the Europa League2019/07/31
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  60. Introducing: Bruck2019/07/05
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  61. EP 312: Groundhopping, German Style2019/06/21

    On this episode, we announce our live show at the G! Festival, get an update on our fundraising campaign, and talk to a quartet of German groundhoppers.

    Then we'll sit on some big stairs in Torshavn.

    If you'd like to donate to our gofundme campaign, you can find the link here .
  62. Bonus Podcast: Saint Kodiak2019/06/09
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  63. EP 311: G! Festival 2018, Part 22019/06/03
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  64. EP 310: Closed For Maintenance 2019/05/03

    This week, we talk to Levi Hanssen of Visit Faroe Islands about why many of the most popular tourist destinations in the country were closed this last weekend. Then we visit a village that is certainly not one of the Faroes' most popular tourist destinations.

    If you're interested in signing up for next year's Closed For Maintenance weekend, follow the instructions here .
  65. EP 309: G! Festival, Part 12019/04/24

    On this episode, we sample what was new at the 2018 G! Festival. We'll attend an art opening at a sleek new building, hear some new music from an up-and-coming Faroese band, and soak up the sun. (Really!)
  66. EP 308: International Day2019/03/20

    This week, we attend the International Day festivities in Klaksvik and talk to a woman who grew up in Pakistan but now calls the Faroe Islands home. Then we take in a Champion's League match in Toftir.
  67. EP 307: Happy Birthday, Elin2019/02/21
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  68. EP 306: Overtourism? 2019/01/30
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  69. Bonus Podcast: Accidental Faroese Secret to Happiness? 2019/01/18
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  70. EP 305: From USA Soccer to Faroese Football2019/01/11
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  71. EP 304: In The Jailhouse Now2018/12/20
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  72. EP 303: Filming the Faroes2018/11/19
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  73. EP 302: Faroe Islands Olympic Dreams2018/11/02
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  74. EP 301: Longing For A Home That Isn't Yours2018/09/26

    This week, we talk to Siri Rannvá Hjelm Jacobsen about her novel set in the Faroe Islands. Much of the book is drawn from her own experience of growing up in Denmark but being half-Faroese. Then we'll check out the newest traffic light in the Faroes and contemplate a day when you won't be able to count all the traffic lights in the Faroes on a single hand.
  75. Podcast 300!2018/07/10

    This special live edition of the podcast includes a retelling of the origin story of the show with Matthew Workman, Elin Brimheim Heinesen, and Tollak Hansen. Also, a special musical performance by Guðrið Hansdóttir.
  76. Bonus Podcast: Matthew on FM 12018/07/07

    We're busy in the Faroe Islands recording more material and putting together the 300th Podcast event. While you're waiting for that, please enjoy this interview Matthew Workman did on FM 1 yesterday.
  77. EP 299: Whale Like Me2018/06/25
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  78. EP 298a: The Rise and Fall of Maurice Ross2018/06/04
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  79. EP 298: TYR in America, 20182018/05/23
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  80. EP 297: Finsen, Fundraising and the Future2018/05/16
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  81. EP 296: Woodworking in the Jailhouse2018/04/26

    This week, we talk to Joel Cole. He's an American artist and woodworker who lives in the Faroe Islands. He also runs a woodworking shop at the jail in the Faroes.

    Why would a person bring a wood lathe into a prison? Is it safe to let inmates handle sharp tools? These are the sorts of questions a stupid American would ask. So naturally, we ask them.
  82. EP 295: Maurice Ross and Vikingur2018/04/04
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  83. EP 294: Mikkeller Comes to Torshavn2018/03/16
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  84. EP 293: Icelandic Manager, Faroese Team2018/02/27

    This week, we talk to Heimir Guðjónsson about moving from Iceland and taking over the reigns of HB Torshavn, perhaps the most storied football (soccer) club in the Faroe Islands. After that, we'll hang out where teenagers do (but not while the teenagers are there).
  85. EP 292: Faroese Footballer of the Year2018/02/16

    This week, we talk to two of the best footballers in the Faroe Islands*. Heidi Sevdal and Adeshina Lawal won lots of trophies at the most recent Faroese Footballer of the Year ceremony. We'll talk to them about playing the game in the Faroes and the joys and struggles that come with it.

    *Note to Americans: we're talking about soccer.
  86. EP 291: HOYMA, Part 22018/01/24

    On this episode, we return to the HOYMA festival and talk to Benjamin about his music and forming Son of Fortune. We also hear music from TOS, Elinborg and, of course Son of Fortune.

    Then we dance late into the night.

    If you want to see a great gallery of images taken during the festival, you can find that right here .
  87. EP 290: HOYMA, Part 12018/01/03
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  88. EP 289: Christmas, Elinborg, and the Nordic Obsession Tour2017/12/22
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  89. UPDATED EP 288: Faroese Bodybuilding2017/11/17
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  90. EP 287: Halloween Past and Present2017/10/30
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  91. Faroese Travel, Before and After2017/10/27
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  92. EP 286: Faroese Handball2017/10/05
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  93. Faroe Islands Podcast: Telethon Edition2017/09/20
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  94. EP 285: Mikael Blak, Of Every Faroese Band2017/09/11

    This week, we speak with Mikael Blak, probably the most sought-after bass player in the Faroe Islands. He plays with so many bands he actually has trouble listing them all. We talk about his music, growing up in a house with one of the most important figures in Faroese music (his dad) and how playing punk influences how he plays jazz.

    Then we'll dry off in a library.
  95. EP 284: American Eclipse, Faroese Style2017/08/29

    This week, we talk to Faroese people in the USA for the Great American Eclipse including Elin Brimheim Heinesen. We'll also talk to a couple who met at the Faroese eclipse in 2015, and then traveled to the US for this one. We'll also hear some audio from the eclipse.
  96. EP 283: Olavsoka Special 2017, Part 22017/08/10

    On day 2 of Olavsoka, we hear some poems, get lost, sing, dance, and eat some Spanish ham. Lots and lots of Spanish ham. Have we mentioned the ham? It was really good.
  97. EP 282: Olavsoka Special, 20172017/07/25

    It's Olavsoka time again. The two day celebration kicks off on July 28th, and in honor of that, we're listening to recordings we made on Olavsoka a couple of years ago but have never shared until now.

    On day one of Olavsoka, we watch some football, hear some music, and observe a lot of horse poop.
  98. EP 281: Olsen Siblings' World Record2017/07/23

    When we last checked in with the 12 Olsen siblings in 2012, they were celebrating their combined 1,000th birthday. You may have thought, "Is that a world record?" Turns out, it is.

    On this week's podcast, we hear the story of how the siblings came to be recognized as the oldest (in combined years) by the Guinness Book of World Records.
  99. G! Festival mini-pod #22017/07/15

    It's the second night of the G! Festival and we've got two interviews recorded by Jóna Nicolajsen for Ras 2. First, we'll hear from a Finnish woman who is volunteering at the festival, then we'll hear three members of Daughters of Reykjavik, an all-woman hip-hop collective.

    Special thanks for Heri Simonsen for helping us get these interviews.
  100. G! Festival mini-pod #12017/07/13

    The first in a series of short podcasts from the 2017 G! Festival. Ras 2 journalist Jóna Nicolajsen talks to an American and Italian who are attending the festival for the first time. Check this space for more interviews as the festival continues.
  101. EP 280: Football and Marius 2017/06/23
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  102. EP 279: Maggie's on Nolsoy2017/06/15

    This week, we travel to Nolsoy to visit a cafe that has turned the tiny island into a live music destination. Maggie's is located in the basement of Terji Rasmussen's house, but this small venue is attracting some big names in Faroese music. We'll talk to Terji about the cafe, and listen to a little music.
  103. EP: 278: The Gay Whale Podcast2017/05/25
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  104. EP 277: Road to the World Cup (Sort Of)2017/05/10

    This week, we attend a World Cup Qualification match in Torshavn The Faroese take on Hungary in a surprisingly exciting match.

    Then we go out into the parking lot and swap scarves.
  105. EP 276: Soccer and Ice Cream2017/04/20

    This week, we hitch a ride to the World Cup qualifying match between Hungary and the Faroe Islands. And we get some surprising results from various Faroe Islands football (soccer) matches.
  106. EP 275: Mary Zahorsky: Return to Faroe Islands2017/03/21
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  107. EP 274: Ove Logmansbo, Revealed!2017/02/23
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  108. EP 273: Nordic Lights and Faroese Film2017/02/20

    This week, we travel to Seattle to attend the Nordic Lights Film Festival. For the first time ever, the festival is playing a selection of Faroese shorts. We'll talk to festival organizers and to Heidrik, who had two selections playing.
  109. EP 272: The State of Tourism 2016-20172017/01/30
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  110. EP 271: Storm of the Century... So Far2016/12/31
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  111. EP 270: Christmas 20162016/12/24
  112. EP 269: Music and conversation with Jogvan2016/12/20
  113. EP 268: No Place like HOYMA2016/12/06
  114. A Note To The Faroes From The USA2016/11/29
  115. EP 267: The Curious Case of Ove Logmansbo2016/11/19
  116. EP 266: Heri Joensen: Music, Morality, and Whaling2016/10/13
  117. Podcast Extra: Mattthew and Heri Talk Football (Soccer)2016/09/09
  118. EP 265: The Winds of Migration2016/09/06
  119. Jogvan Walking, Revisited2016/09/02
  120. EP 264: Mike Day and Heri Simonsen2016/08/11
  121. EP 263: Stora Dimun, Part 22016/07/30
  122. So what's up with the podcast?2016/06/20
  123. EP 262: LGBT Rights 2016: Love Wins2016/05/05
  124. Faroe Pride 2012 Revisited2016/04/29
  125. Stora Dimun, Part 12016/04/25
  126. EP 260: Immigrant Experience, Kinga2016/03/31
  127. EP 259: G! Festival 2015, Saturday2016/03/14
  128. EP 258: Chris Ould and The Blood Strand2016/02/22
  129. EP 257: G! Festival, 2015, Day 22016/01/27
  130. EP 256: G! Festival 2015, Day 12016/01/12
  131. EP 255: Janus Rasmussen of Kiasmos and Byrta2015/12/28
  132. Christmas With Stanley Samuelsen, Revisited2015/12/22
  133. EP 254: Faroese Ham2015/12/02
  134. EP 253: Brandur Patursson: Glass Art2015/10/27
  135. EP 252: July 23rd2015/10/07
  136. EP 251: The Immigrant Experience, Part 12015/09/21
  137. EP 250: Driving from Vagar to Torshavn2015/07/11
  138. Fugloy Preview2015/06/25
  139. EP 249: Mykines, Part 22015/06/02
  140. EP 248: Mykines, Part 12015/05/22
  141. EP 247: Immigration, Kickstarter, and Hov2015/05/16
  142. Olavsoka Preview2015/05/08
  143. EP 246: Eclipse Recap, Part 22015/04/24
  144. EP 145: The Island and the Whales2015/04/10
  145. EP 244: Eclipse Recap, Part 12015/03/26
  146. EP 243: Faroese Music Awards, 20152015/03/19
  147. EP 242: Eclipse Preview2015/03/10
  148. EP 241: Ghetto Foroyar2015/03/03
  149. EP 240: Solar Eclipse... 19542015/02/20
  150. EP 239: Skuvoy Part Two, Angry Birds2015/02/13
  151. EP 238: Skuvoy, Part 12015/01/26
  152. EP 237: Faroe Pride 20142015/01/16
  153. EP 236: Faroe House, Copenhagen2015/01/09
  154. Christmas Revisited2014/12/24
  155. EP 235: Football and Lonely Roads2014/12/19
  156. EP 234: Americans In Cars2014/12/12
  157. EP 233: Diary of a Middle Aged Hitchhiker2014/12/04
  158. EP 232: Faroe Islands Beats Greece!2014/11/21
  159. EP 231: Requiem for Hygee2014/11/14
  160. EP 230: G! Festival 2014, Day 32014/11/06
  161. EP 229: Manor2014/10/30
  162. EP 228: Jennifer Henke 2014/10/23
  163. EP 227: The Great (Whaling) Debate2014/10/15
  164. EP 226: G! Festival 2014, Day 22014/10/10
  165. EP 225: Q&A With Sea Shepherd2014/10/01
  166. EP 224: G! Festival, 2014 Day 12014/09/25
  167. EP 223: Gospel Country and Hotel Apologies2014/09/12
  168. EP 222: Back to School2014/09/06
  169. EP 221: Finding the Nordic Sound2014/08/22
  170. EP 220: Heri and Matthew on the Radio2014/08/08
  171. EP 219: Pete Bethune, Part 22014/06/26
  172. Pete Bethune and the Faroe Islands2014/06/20
  173. EP 217: Faroe Beer2014/06/13
  174. Uruguay Meets Faroe Islands2014/05/29
  175. EP 215: Airport, 2014!2014/05/22
  176. EP 214: Orkney 20142014/05/15
  177. EP 213: Brynjolfur and Faroese Electronic Music2014/05/08
  178. EP 212: The Kickstarter Singalong!2014/04/30
  179. EP 211: Johan Í Kollafirði and Famara2014/04/23
  180. EP 210: G! Festival 2013, Day 32014/04/10
  181. EP 209: G! Festival 2013, Day 22014/04/03
  182. EP 208: G! Festival 2013, Part 12014/03/20
  183. EP 207: Faroese Media 20142014/03/13
  184. EP 206: Football in the Faroes 20142014/03/07
  185. EP 205: Faroese Atlas2014/02/27
  186. EP 204: Faroese Cooking2014/02/20
  187. EP 203: Windy Walks and Undersea Tunnels2014/02/13
  188. EP 202: Faroese Anti-Whaling, Part 22014/02/07
  189. EP 201: Faroese Anti-Whaling2014/01/30
  190. Podcast 200!2014/01/23
  191. Podcast 146 (replay)2014/01/15
  192. EP 199: Postal Redemption2013/12/24
  193. EP 198: BenHan Studios2013/12/18
  194. EP 197: Arctis Exchange2013/12/06
  195. EP 196: Faroe Islands Whale Watch2013/11/27
  196. EP 195: Sheep Shearing2013/11/21
  197. EP 194: Sjurdur Skaale, Denmark, and the EU2013/11/07
  198. EP 193: Back to the Tunnel2013/10/31
  199. EP 192: The Faoes, Fish, and the EU2013/10/24
  200. EP 191: Faroes v. Austria, 23 Years Later2013/10/15
  201. EP 190: Sjurdur Skaale, Danish Parliament 2013/10/10
  202. EP 189: Island Games Memorial2013/10/03
  203. EP 188: Island Games, Bermuda 20132013/09/24
  204. EP 187: Chasing the Eclipse2013/09/12
  205. EP 186: Faroe Tourism, 20132013/09/06
  206. EP 185: John Carter Cash2013/08/29
  207. EP 184: Sakaris Stora and Faroese Film2013/08/22
  208. EP 183: Faroe Pride, One Year Later2013/08/15
  209. EP 182: Foroyar 5.2 and Jens Thomsen2013/08/08
  210. EP 181: Olavsoka, Part 22013/07/29
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