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  1. Greatest Chenier for me.2018/04/28

    Night after tragic death of

    Warren, This Chenier was a great

    example of the kind of singing we

    had. Note it is in KEY and note, at

    3:30 Zinka's "Amaaaaante". We went

    nutty, after such a sad evening we

    had experienced.
  2. OI VEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Morir mi sento.2018/04/26

    Did I ever show you this?

    If not...get ready for some

    great high notes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. My darling Virginia2018/04/26

    Spoke this evening to my darling

    Virginia Zeani,now in a facility. She

    is never lonely since she has

    so many friends. Hit a couple of

    high notes on the phone.

    Since Tebaldi, no one has touched my

    heart like Virginia.
  4. Guido Cantelli 4/27/202018/04/26

    So sad that Toscanini's protégé,

    Guido Cantell, was killed in a

    plane crash. Life can be cruel!!
  5. The Great Piotr2018/04/18

    First of all, please excuse me

    for a lack of posts, as I have been

    ill. I wrote Piotr after the great Luisa

    Miller, which was tremendous last Saturday.

    I missed him this year,and hope to see

    him next season.

    A GREAT GUY and my favorite singer!
  6. Happy Birthday Nelly Miricioiu2018/04/03

    A real sweetheart and one of the last of the

    true verismo sopranos....and Lovable!

    3/31/ 1952. We love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. More Sam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2018/03/28

    A long way from our Barber and

    Hoffmann and Bolena,where we

    were astounded by this young guy.

    Happy Birthday and hope your new

    hip is getting better.

    LOVE Charlie
  8. Happy Birthday,Sam Ramey2018/03/28

    Happy Birthday to my dear friend

    Sam Ramey, One of the great stars

    and good buddy since we sang at

    the start of his illustrious career.

  9. Magda Olivero 3/25/102018/03/25

    No words are adequate to tell

    you of what that night was like.

    She was 65 but we know she

    sang like this at 85. (MY TAPE)

  10. Beloved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2018/03/25

    Her caretaker says she

    sang around the house...even

    at 100.
  11. Mar.19 Happy Birthday,Diana Soviero and my MADRE!!!!!!2018/03/17

    My two favorite divas celebrate birthdays on Mar.19. How lucky I am to have had them in my life!!!!
  12. Michael is ready2018/02/24

    12:30 Met Boheme with the GREAT Mike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Claudia Muzio Born 2/7/18892018/02/08

    /www.youtube.com/embed/K1FuwDjnrd8" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen>

    Died so young...a diva who makes me cry.


    Died so young...a diva who makes me cry.

    That "Veiled voice"....Adore!!!!
  14. TRE ASSI scared the.....out of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2018/02/01

    Words fail me...OK...some flat notes at end of career...but Zinka screamed/

    Stop me from wetting then Pavarotti towels.
  15. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2018/02/01

    Renata returns..............I have already

    used up 5 Pavarotti towels.
  16. Renata on your Feb.1 birthday2018/02/01

    I cannot write much...crying too much....we were close for years.

    Beloved Renata You were my teenage LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. It's great tenor month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2018/01/27

    Jan.25 I love my Marcello Giordani.....Breaks the chandeliers....and sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Joe.....one more day....2018/01/27

    Jan.22..Joseph Calleja missed our Jan.21 birthdays by one day...Sweetest guy once told me I am more famous than he is....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
  19. Stilll a GOD!!!!2018/01/27

    Not happy with Verdi roles these days..but a vocal GOD at 73!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Jan.212018/01/27

    </"https://www.youtube.com/embed/DWrY6Pultnk" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen>

    Placido....I am a TRUE bass-baritone....

    Feliz Cumpleanos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. Two great ones2018/01/27

    Forgot about the two great birthdays

    of Jn.21. Placido (TENOR) and me...true bass-baritone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. Signor Legato2018/01/09

    We all called Giorgio Tozzi "Signor Legato." The man was amazing..one of the great artists we adored.

    Born 1/8/23 Beloved man.
  23. Happy Birthday Grace2018/01/04

    Remember always before you eat to "Say Grace" 1/4/37

    Bumbry had a great voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lives in Salzburg..We sometimes communicate.
  24. I love you all2017/12/31

    Wherever you are...Love and Happy New Year!

    Love Charlie
  25. They loved it!!!!2017/12/28

    They were a bit jealous when I texted Wunderlich and Gedda

    and sent them this video. However, since Piotr's two idols are these guys, they send him love and

    Happy Birthday!!!"

  26. He ain't no "BIS")2017/12/27

    Remember, it's Piotr birthday week,

    so here is the "Bis" in the Liceo


    Reminds me of a soprano who thought

    people were yelling, "BEAST!"

    Love that great guy!!!!!
  27. Who is the third guy?2017/12/26

    My two favorite tenors have lots

    of fun in a rehearsal. How wonderful to have a

    Piotr and a Michael in an opera era where many

    tenors abound. If only we had ONE Tebaldi!
  28. It is Piotr Week2017/12/26

    My favorite singer and "buddy"

    Piotr Beczala celebrates his birthday

    on 12/28/ (1966). He is the sweetest

    and most beautiful person and is

    successor to his favorites,Gedda and

    Wunderlich. Love this guy!!!!!
  29. Brian Landry2017/12/22

    Fine new guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  30. Love to all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2017/12/17

    Whatever holiday you celebrate,

    all my love to you and thanks for

    your support all these years.

    My best Charlie
  31. A simple Xmas House2017/12/17

    We have come far from that manger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  32. Gigli in Forza, 19512017/12/16

    The great Gigli w.Elizabeth

    Barbato in Forza. He was 61. I saw his 1955 farewell. Had he lived to 80, he would still have had it!!!!!
  33. Diana's Met Debut2017/12/16

    Diana Soviero's Met debut

    with Alfredo Kraus in Romeo

    et Juliette.The "Poison aria"

    is superb.(Also on YouTube).

    I know her since 1977.Still feel

    she is as great as any soprano in

    my experience.
  34. Rosanna Carteri Boheme2017/12/16

    Carteri and Taddei in

    act 3 are so moving!!

    Ferruccio Tagliavini is Rodolfo.
  35. Giulietta Simionato2017/12/16

    12/15/1910..Almost made it to 100. One

    of the greatest singers in opera

    history. I hope she finally

    made up with Barbieri!

  36. In case you have been living on another planet2017/12/15

    In the event that anyone here

    never heard the greatest single

    note in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. I love Rosanna Carteri2017/12/15

    One of the most emotional singers,

    Rosanna Carteri Born 12/14/30.

    Never came here and retired rather

    early to be with family. I just

    love her so much!!!
  38. DEar Friends2017/12/11

    Hi all,

    All these many years,I could never allow comments,since advertisers interfere. I would LOVE some people to tell me (Placido21@aol.com ) if my posts are to their liking..as I want to please you.

    If you want..let me know..although the stats do show people seem to like the stuff, from Angola to Zanzibar.

    Love Charlie
  39. Cornell MacNeil2017/12/10

    Close to Ruffo!! I thought Warren had a big voice.MacNeilwas awesome!!!!!!!
  40. Il Bacio di Tosca2017/12/10

    Sarah Scuderi, 12/11/06 in the documentary "Tosca's Kiss." LOVABLE!!!!!!!
  41. Pazzo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2017/12/10

    At 85,Lauri-Volpi was still so calm and shy.
  42. Giacomo Lauri-Volpi2017/12/10

    12/11/1892..VERY SHY TENOR!!!!!!

    One of the greats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  43. When you fall in love with a singer.2017/12/10

    Here is the moment where Piotr Beczala became my adored favorite singer of today. The beauty of the phrasing, the love of the vocal line, the purity...I love this guy.I see him often backstage and he once introduced me to the son of the famous Polish tenor, Jan Kiepura.

    A lovable man and great star!!!!!
  44. The greatest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2017/12/10

    Have I never played any Mari Lyn for you?

    Now, be sure not to eat or drink while you watch this;send animals and small children out of the room.

    Italian is the greatest...especially with the titles!!!!!!!
  45. Medea w.Marisa Galvany2017/12/10

    My buddy,Marisa Galvany (one of many fake names) as Medea.
  46. Lucine at 872017/12/10

    Today,I got Lucine to sing the first line of the "In quelle trine morbide." At 92, I know she still has a lot of voice..a fun lady, over-used at the Met,but she saved so many shows.

    Great xxx-rated jokes!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. I colllect every Ring!! I love this!!!2017/12/10

    Mehta conducts interesting Valencia Ring. Finale of Gotterdamerung!!!!! I love it!!!

  48. Fun with Jose and friends2017/12/10

    FUN!! Jose Carreras,born 12/5/46 and friends..He beat Leukemia,thank God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  49. Hard voice to take but a charmer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 12/9/95 Birthday2017/12/09

    Not easy to take vibrato...but such a charmer..Poor thing died in childbirth.

    (Conchita Supervia)
  50. Joke on Birgit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2017/12/09

  51. How to sing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2017/12/09

    Leo Nucci at 75!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Amazing man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. I cannot stop crying2017/12/01

    God Bless You, Dmitri
  53. Dear Carol Neblett died today2017/11/26

    So sad!! Wonderful Singer passed away today.
  54. The great Marina of Regina Resnik2017/11/26

    Bing gave her one! Idiot!

    Wonderful lady!!!!

  55. Last time we saw him2017/11/24

    Still weeping over his passing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. This is LOVE!!!!!2017/11/23

    Dmitri returned to the Met in 2015.

    The love expressed by the audience

    will go on forever as we remember him.
  57. Rest in Peace,Dmitri2017/11/23

    Totally Devastated.!!! My tears

    are unending. He was so sweet and kind. I always

    got those kisses on the cheek from this

    beautiful man, who will live

    forever in our hearts. God Bless Him!!!

  58. The glorious Victoria de los Angeles2017/11/13

    Hard to find right words for the

    glorious Victoria's voice!!!!! Here is "Dove sono?"
  59. Joe Calleja2017/11/13

    Joseph Calleja wants people to

    call him "Joe." That is the kind

    of guy he is. When he met me, he

    said I was more famous than he is.

  60. Something is rotten in Denmark2017/11/13

    If you are not feeling well, do NOT

    listen to Sirach von Bodengraven!


    I am finding old audio stuff for you.

    Are you thrilled??????
  61. Brian Hymel2017/11/13

    Great fun guy, Brian Hymel, in French arias.

    He is such a wonderful person, and has

    a beautiful family. BUY IT! I get

    no commission on the full CD.
  62. The great Norma Trio2017/11/13

    Callas, Corelli, Nicolai

    from Trieste.Note Corelli attack before Callas D!!!!!!!!! Nothing like this today!!!
  63. Diana Soviero Young2017/11/13

    Here are early recordings of my dear friend

    Diana Soviero.Friends since 1977. I hope you like them.
  64. Go to 5:092017/11/13

    THIS is what Leonie was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    She had her flaws, but at 5:09 you hear something stupendous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Leonie Rysanek 11/14/262017/11/13

    Cry...cry.....for the lady who knew her fate and

    who was a miracle for all of us to behold.

    She had her flaws, but NO ONE gave what she

    accomplished as a sensational artist!!!!!

  66. Dear everybody2017/11/11

    I had so many glitches in my audio files,I have been sending you Videos,which I hope you enjoy. Hope to get back to the audio podcasts soon..Meanwhile, you do have archives.

    Thanks for your support Charlie
  67. MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2017/11/11
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  68. The Loving Couple2017/11/07

    I just called Virginia to tell her I had put up clips of Nicola-Rossi Lemeni,born 11/6/28. They were such a loving couple and she misses him so much!!!!!!!

  69. Happy Birthday ( 11/1/23) TO DE LOS ANGELES2017/11/03

    Beloved forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  70. Tough Jon Vickers2017/10/31

    I always wanted to do what Vickers did..Happy Birthday....10/29/26
  71. Paige Patrick2017/10/23

    I keep finding these superb

    new artists! I know she will

    have a marvelous career!!!!
  72. Gobbi was versatile2017/10/23

    The great Tito Gobbi 10/23/13

    was even more versatile than I thought

    and that Fair Lady is not too bad


  73. Ooops! The other one came out twice!2017/10/21

    Just the word "CARO" tells you what

    Virginia was..the "cry" in the voice

    distinguished her from so many others.

  74. More Virginia!!!!!2017/10/21
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  75. Happy 92nd Birthday to Virginia Zeani2017/10/21
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  76. Am I going overboard?2017/10/06

    Look...anyone who ever worked

    with Diana Soviero SHOWS it in

    so many ways...At least this Angel(a)

    can be heard in the theatre.
  77. Angel Blue2017/10/05

    New Met Mimi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have seen the greats.She is


  78. Kurt Rydl, 10/8/472017/10/03

    I adore BLACK basso voices.

    Rydl is so scary and I

    love this role, but am too

    nice to do it (and do not

    have the voice). I collect

    all the RINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Happy Birthday,Ruggero Raimondi 10/3/412017/10/03

    This is such fun!!!! As a language

    teacher I would have wanted to

    perform this. He is a delight!
  80. Irina Lungu2017/10/03

    Irina Lungu is a real sweetheart.

    Saw her Gilda and Musetta and

    we chat on Facebook. I wish

    she would return to the Met!

  81. I keep finding them..Jessica Pratt2017/09/23

    Another one!!!!!!!! Makes us all


  82. I found a new one! Gorgeous!!!2017/09/23

    Hiromi Omura.......What a gorgeous

    voice!!! May she go far!!!! You know

    I have good taste!!!!

  83. Diana Soviero2017/09/22

    You can talk about divas all you

    want, but for me, Diana is one

    of the all-time greatest.Since I

    fell out of the balcony(Mimi) in

    1977, we have been close friends.

    Even the way she gets onto the bed

    at the end is special! Sadly, many

    great singers do not make 50 CD's!!!!!

  84. Happy Birthday to Anna 9/18/71)2017/09/21

    Happy birthday to the greatest

    and most fun-loving diva in

    the world! She is one of the

    few throwbacks to the Golden Age!!!!

  85. Maria Callas 40 yrs after her passing.2017/09/17

    What more is there to say

    on this sad day (9/16/)?Yes, she had

    her flaws, but the world of music

    lost a veritable genius/.

    Rest in Peace,Maria!

  86. Tiziana Fabbricini2017/09/15

    What is lacking today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The beautiful "morbidezza" in

    the voice. What Zeani,Muzio,


    Favero could accomplish! Today, it is a lost

    art..except HERE!

  87. Michelle Bradley2017/09/14

    Truly gorgeous voice!!!!

    Hope she goes far!!!!!

    Facebook poster presented this

    recital.So rewarding!

  88. Magda Olivero Left us on 9/8/20142017/09/08

    Dear Magda, the miracle of opera,

    passed away at 104 3 yrs.today.

    I called her every birthday and

    she was as sweet as could be. She is

    83 here, a GREAT LADY, who is missed.

  89. Happy Birthday,Angela!2017/09/07

    She left Roberto for me...but when

    I told her her voice did not carry in

    the Met, she belted me in the mouth!!!!

    He is so sweet. He told me last year,

    "I can see in your eyes how you

    love music." That was so lovely.
  90. Shopping can be fun2017/09/07

    Some day I will bring people from the Met to my supermarket and we will do a complete Walkure............
  91. Mihaela Marcu2017/09/06

    Beautiful voice...I just found her.

    My friend sees her Violetta tonight

    at La Fenice..Those Romanians

    sure can sing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. Butterfly w.Stella,Barioni.2017/09/04

    29:39..To this MOMENT I shall never

    forget his "Legaaaami," which was a

    tone of glory in my life!!!!!!!

  93. Daniele Barioni 9/6/302017/09/04

    I adored him.Middle voice was

    pure GOLD. Gee, why don't

    you hold the last note longer???

  94. Michael Chioldi2017/09/03

    Those of us members of Facebook

    discover wonderful talent! Here is

    marvelous young baritone Michael Chioldi.

    We wish him all our best!!!!!!

  95. Eduardo Villa and Mark Rucker2017/09/02

    Two great guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Facebook friends.

    Eduardo is so funny..and great tenor..Mark is wonderful!!!!!

  96. I FIND THE GOOD ONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2017/08/30

    Fine Russian Tenor, Khachatur Badalyan.

    I am so glad to "spread the word"

    as to the new talents.Superb!!!!

  97. Maria Callas as Isolde2017/08/29

    She did it ALL!!!! Not a long career, but

    1949-1955 in my view was awesome!
  98. Eugenia Burzio2017/08/29

    Saffo aria sung by one of my

    favorite singers, Eugenia Burzio.

    OLD STYLE!!!!!!

  99. Joseph Calleja2017/08/29
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  100. Thanks to you!2017/08/28


    My stats for August show you are really enjoying things;however, the videos do not show up in the stats, so I must deduce that the stats are higher.

    I still need to work on a glitch or two in order to do new audio podcasts.

    Love Charlie
  101. Chacun a Bing's Gout.2017/08/28

    At the 1972 Rudolf Bing farewell,Regina

    came out as Orlovsky and totally

    cracked us up with her rendition of

    :Chacun a Bing's gout." Knowing how

    he treated her, I know she was not

    kidding. Trust me!!

    Funniest line is "..and ask Corelli twwwwwice." The way she held the "W" is a classic!!!
  102. Happy Birthday,Regina Resnik 8/30/222017/08/27

    We were friends for 50 years. Regina

    was one of the greats!!!!! Here is one

    of her signature roles(even in English.)
  103. The great Thomas Stewart2017/08/27

    8/29/1926. One of the very

    great singers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. Happy birthday to Paul Plishka2017/08/26

    Paul, my buddy, 8/28/1941. We

    sang so much from 1961 at the

    Paterson, New Jersey Company.

    He became one of the greats, and a

    sweetheart, despite many family

  105. Tucker and my "sister"2017/08/26

    So he didn't have a "C"...OH YEAH!!!!

    His favorite role and Virginia is so

  106. Richard Tucker, born 8/28/19132017/08/26

    For me, greatest tenor I ever heard live.

    The voice rang out as GOLD!!!!!!!!!

  107. I was not too bad.2017/08/26

    Being a language teacher, and not wanting to starve, I sang as a hobby. Aug.28 is the birthday of dear Paul Plishka. We sang a lot together, and I also sang w.Sam Ramey.

    Well, two of them made it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. Another clip of Mr.Kithan2017/08/23

    Another clip of this fine singer...What are all those ladies doing there?????????????????
  109. Mharhomo Kithan2017/08/23

    I keep finding them!!!!!!! Here is a superb

    young tenor from Nagaland,India.May

    he go on to great success!!!!!

    They are all out there..just go to YouTube!!!!!

  110. Happy Birthday to my buddy,Ta'u (Aug.25)2017/08/22

    Imagine rehearsing Rigoletto years ago and out comes this fabulous voice. "Who are you?"

    "I never sang an opera before..Is the Duke hard????" I guess I can pick them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  111. Lorengar and Domingo2017/08/21
  112. Dorothy Kirsten sings POP!2017/08/20
  113. Young Franco Lombardi aria2017/08/20
  114. Mari Lynn2017/08/18
  115. Militza Korjus,born 8/18/072017/08/18
  116. Jan Kiepura2017/08/18
  117. Caballe in Aroldo2017/08/18
  118. Tribute to Cornell MacNeil (Earlier podcast)2017/08/18
  119. Beverly's only Aida!!!!2017/08/18
  120. Janet Baker2017/08/18
  121. Barcelona2017/08/18
  122. Lotte Lehmann, a miracle!!2017/08/14
  123. Tagliavini at 672017/08/12
  124. Ferruccio Tagliavini2017/08/12
  125. Carlos Alvarez Birthday2017/08/12
  126. IL TRUMPO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2017/08/11
  127. The Great FOUR!!!!!!2017/08/09
  128. Happy Birthday, Bryan Hymel2017/08/08
  129. Having fun!!!!2017/08/08
  130. La Gioconda 19532017/08/07
  131. A message from Charlie2017/08/07
  132. When he sang the right role.2017/08/07
  133. Tebaldi sang for US!2017/08/07
  134. A superb baritone2017/08/07
  135. Tebaldi Pace2017/08/07
  136. Jenufa Finale2017/08/05
  137. Dear Rolando2017/08/05
  138. Aida..sort of.2017/08/05
  139. The Aida E flat2017/08/05
  140. My dear Sondra2017/08/05
  141. You mean you have to rehearse?2017/08/05
  142. Margarete Klose2017/08/05
  143. Santiago Ballerini2017/07/28
  144. Loris! Ove sei??????????????????2017/07/24
  145. Norman Treigle as Boris2017/07/23
  146. Francesca da Rimini Finale2017/07/22
  147. Who is the third guy???2017/07/22
  148. Trovatore 1961 Debuts of Price & Corelli2017/07/22
  149. Dmitri Hvorostovsky returns to the Met2017/07/22
  150. Giovanni Martinelli as Canio2017/07/22
  151. Replacing Peretyatko2017/07/21
  152. Piotr Loved Gedda2017/07/21
  153. SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2017/07/21
  154. A Nice Party2017/07/21
  155. Camilla Williams in Porgy and Bess2017/07/21
  156. Zinka Milanov as Norma2017/07/21
  157. Caterina Mancini in Battaglia di Legnano2017/07/21
  158. We miss him2017/07/21
  159. Try it yourself!2017/07/21
  160. Eleanor Steber's Birthday2017/07/21
  161. He has no fear!!!2017/07/21
  162. Julia Varady2017/07/21
  163. Lohengrin w.Piotr2017/07/21
  164. Elena Nikolaidi2017/07/21
  165. The Marvelous Rosanna Carteri2017/07/21
  166. Happy Birthday Susan Graham2017/07/20
  167. Licia Albanese2017/07/20
  168. Robert McPherson2017/07/20
  169. Arthur Espiritu2017/06/27
  170. Paige Patrick2017/06/26
  171. Time again2017/06/25
  172. Tim Sarris..fine new voice...2017/06/25
  173. Comments2017/06/25
  174. Piotr BIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2017/06/25
  175. If you flop..do it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2017/06/25
  176. Dmitri at Met Gala 20172017/06/25
  177. He doesn't miss a note2017/06/25
  178. My favorite baritone June 26,1875 birthday2017/06/25
  179. Kelebogile Besong2017/06/25
  180. Hughes Cuenod2017/06/25
  181. zeani2017/06/24
  182. Important Message2017/06/15
  183. Marcello Giordani2017/05/26
  184. Sam!!!!!2017/05/26
  185. My Joe!!!!2017/05/26
  186. Piotr Beczala Igor2017/05/26
  187. Stats2017/05/18
  188. So sorry!2017/05/16
  189. New Format2017/04/17
  190. Napuko2017/04/17
  191. Virginia Met debut2017/03/28
  192. Hans Hotter2017/03/28
  193. Delay2017/03/26
  195. SIGNOR LEGATO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2017/01/08
  196. Our Miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2016/12/31
  197. Happy New Year (If you are drunk)2016/12/31
  198. Orrrrrore2016/12/26
  199. The Two Pirates2016/12/26
  200. Addio, mio amico2016/12/26
  201. Greatest ever in this scene2016/12/11
  202. Thill Bio2016/12/10
  203. Adored George Thill12/14/18972016/12/10
  204. Somehow I cannot believe she is gone2016/12/05
  205. Eizabeth...with angels.2016/12/04
  206. My Darling Elizabeth2016/12/04
  207. Nilsson Returns2016/11/29
  208. Birgit's Last Elektra and last perf.2016/11/29
  209. Piotr Beczala in Werther2016/11/27
  210. Operatic "Turkeys"2016/11/25
  211. The Marx Brothers and Met Standees2016/11/25
  212. Maria will never learn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2016/11/25
  213. My old buddy2016/11/25
  214. Leech/Lorengar2016/11/25
  215. Gigli at 61!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2016/11/25
  216. Fiorenza Cossotto2016/11/25
  217. Knee Pads needed!!!!!2016/11/23
  218. CRY!!!!! CRY!!!!!2016/11/23
  219. Michael Fabiano,Corelli 22016/11/23
  220. My favorite part of Siegfried2016/11/23
  221. I saw 5 1956..GREATEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!2016/11/23
  222. Tucker Gala..Anna boring2016/11/20
  223. Met Tosca rehearsal(cheap labor)2016/11/18
  224. What did they put in her Borscht?????2016/11/18
  225. Amazing Leonie2016/11/15
  226. Not a dry eye in the Met2016/11/12
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  721. Bless you, Beverly Sills.2014/05/25
  722. Holland Festival Material, Part Two2014/05/24
  723. Holland Festival Part One2014/05/24
  724. Simone with Tibbett2014/05/23
  725. Number 15 Miscellany2014/05/19
  726. Wagner on Francais (cedilla under the"C")2014/05/18
  727. Verdi Revival In the Weimar Republic2014/05/14
  728. Tribute to Fedora Barbieri2014/05/13
  730. Javier Camarena2014/05/12
  731. You ready for No.14???2014/05/12
  732. Der Rosenkavalier from Vienna, 19492014/05/11
  733. Elizabeth Carron in Street Scene2014/05/11
  734. MOMMY!!!!2014/05/11
  735. HILARIOUS!!!!!!2014/05/11
  736. Michael Volle-A Portrait-Selections2014/05/01
  737. This is what caused the Met to TREMBLE!!!!!2014/04/28
  738. Tristan Und Isolde from Orange2014/04/27
  739. Glitter on B flat above C2014/04/27
  740. The great Lenski!!2014/04/27
  741. The Magnificent Dmitry Korchak2014/04/27
  742. New York's New Sensation2014/04/27
  743. Galvany does Shakespeare2014/04/23
  744. Michael Volle sings Schubert2014/04/22
  745. Fonotipia 1904 Recordings2014/04/21
  746. Compilation 132014/04/20
  747. Leonard Warren,Apr.21, 19112014/04/20
  748. Ta'u Pupu'a as Pollione2014/04/20
  749. Lauritz Melchior in Non-Wagner2014/04/19
  750. Martha Eggerth2014/04/17
  751. Happy Birthday,Siegfried Jerusalem2014/04/17
  752. Michael Corvino2014/04/14
  753. Gotthelf Pistor and Rome Narrative2014/04/13
  754. Happy Birthday,Aprile!!!!2014/04/13
  755. Edith Mason2014/04/13
  756. Rita Hunter2014/04/09
  757. The Miracle!!!!!2014/04/09
  758. Michael Volle2014/04/08
  759. Compilation No.122014/04/08
  760. Framco Corelli, April 8, 19212014/04/08
  761. William Tell with Nicolai Gedda2014/04/07
  762. Opolais makes Met HISTORY!!!2014/04/07
  763. Get Crazy!!(Again??)2014/04/06
  764. Kristine Opolais as Mme.Butterfly2014/04/05
  765. Kristine Opolais last Night!2014/04/05
  766. Manon Lescaut from Buenos Aires, 19662014/04/03
  767. Still my favorite Suor Finale2014/04/01
  768. Catherine Malfitano2014/04/01
  769. Our new discovery2014/04/01
  770. Renata Scotto in the Finale2014/04/01
  771. The Final Scene of Suor Angelica2014/04/01
  772. Chiara Taigi2014/04/01
  773. Happy Birthday to Nelly Miricioiu2014/03/30
  774. La Boheme Two Debuts2014/03/30
  775. Frida Leider, Vol.22014/03/29
  776. Compilation 112014/03/29
  777. Sergei Lemeshev 1902-19772014/03/28
  778. Germaine Lubin 1890-19792014/03/28
  779. Sam Ramey as Attila2014/03/27
  780. Sam2014/03/27
  781. Happy Birthday to Sam Ramey2014/03/27
  782. The Greatest Chenier I ever saw!!!!2014/03/25
  783. Magda is 104!2014/03/25
  784. Salvatore Licitra, In Memoriam2014/03/25
  785. The Miracle of Magda2014/03/25
  786. Happy 104th, Magda Olivero2014/03/25
  787. The "P" tenors2014/03/24
  788. Why I am so jaded!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2014/03/24
  789. Happy Birthday to Dolora Zajick2014/03/24
  790. Compilation No.102014/03/24
  791. Mme.Butterfly with Victoria de los Angeles2014/03/22
  792. Magda will be 104 on Mar.252014/03/21
  793. Corinne Winters!!!!2014/03/20
  794. Beniamino Gigli, Mar.20, 18902014/03/19
  795. Lauritz Melchior, March 20, 18902014/03/19
  796. La Forza Del Destino w.Bergonzi2014/03/19
  797. Happy Birthday to Dear Diana Soviero2014/03/17
  798. Part of the LONG Met Centennial Gala2014/03/16
  799. YOU DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2014/03/16
  800. Compilation No.92014/03/15
  801. Tosca With Virginia Zeani2014/03/15
  802. CRYBABY STELLA!!!!!2014/03/14
  803. Who wins???????????????2014/03/14
  805. Leyla Gencer in Nabucco.2014/03/13
  806. More chest!2014/03/09
  807. Adriana Lecouvreur from Tokyo2014/03/09
  808. NORMAN TREIGLE2014/03/08
  809. GLORIA2014/03/06
  810. Alessio de Paolis2014/03/05
  812. Walkure...I think!!!!2014/03/02
  813. Mario del Monaco as Siegmund2014/03/02
  814. Happy Birthday,Lucine Amara2014/02/27
  815. Maria Callas in Normas2014/02/27
  816. Parsifal from Buenos Aires, 19692014/02/27
  817. Why don't they do this opera anymore?????2014/02/26
  818. Lotte Lehmann's Birthday2014/02/26
  819. Grace Moore in Louise2014/02/25
  820. Two Birthday greats!!!!!2014/02/24
  821. Bonisolli Has fun!!!2014/02/24
  822. Miscellaneous stuff no.82014/02/24
  823. Two Andrea Cheniers2014/02/21
  824. La Fanciulla del West w.Renata Tebaldi2014/02/21
  825. Georg Hann2014/02/19
  826. What nostalgia!!!2014/02/19
  827. Bulent Bezduz2014/02/18
  828. Bulent Bezduz, a magnificent tenor2014/02/18
  829. Die Meistersinger, act Three2014/02/18
  830. Comments on I-Tunes2014/02/18
  831. Lohengrin 1937 Part 22014/02/17
  832. Lohengrin 1937, part One2014/02/17
  833. Galvany holds the note!!!!!!2014/02/17
  834. Marian Anderson's Birthday2014/02/16
  835. Compilation No.72014/02/15
  836. Marisa Galvany as Turandot2014/02/14
  837. Happy Valentine's Day2014/02/13
  838. Happy Birthday to Johanna Meier2014/02/13
  839. Gianna Pederzini2014/02/12
  840. Happy No.91,Elizabeth Carron, my dear friend!2014/02/12
  841. Arturo Toscanini in Falstaff Rehearsals2014/02/11
  842. Adelina Patti2014/02/11
  843. Happy Birthday,Cesare Siepi2014/02/10
  844. Maria Callas as Kundry2014/02/10
  845. Christa Ludwig Rarities2014/02/10
  846. Licia Albanese in Mme.Butterfly2014/02/09
  847. Brava Aprile!!!!!2014/02/08
  848. Les Contes D'Hoffmann w.Simoneau2014/02/06
  849. Claudia Muzio would be so happy!2014/02/05
  850. L'Amore de Tre Re2014/02/03
  851. Virginia Zeani in Mme.Butterfly2014/02/03
  852. Giuseppe Taddei2014/02/02
  853. Black History Month begins2014/02/02
  854. So,you want to know what a Tebaldi evening was like?2014/01/31
  855. Bless you,Renata Tebaldi on your birthday!2014/01/31
  856. Happy Birthday to Renata Tebaldi2014/01/31
  857. Nicolai Gedda in Faust2014/01/28
  858. L'Amico Fritz2014/01/27
  859. Tosca with Pilar Lorengar2014/01/26
  860. Cesare Bardelli2014/01/25
  861. Marcello Giordani--Happy Birthday!@!!!!2014/01/25
  862. Anna Loves the Snow!!!!2014/01/24
  863. Pot-Pourri number 62014/01/24
  864. Turandot from San Francisco, 19772014/01/24
  865. Rosa, the divine!2014/01/22
  866. Happy Birthday to Joseph Calleja.2014/01/22
  867. Placido in Pique Dame2014/01/21
  868. FELIZ CUMPLEANOS, PLACIDO!!!!!2014/01/21
  869. La Guerra2014/01/20
  870. Compilation No.52014/01/19
  871. Martha, Martha!2014/01/19
  872. Great Stars at Covent Garden2014/01/16
  873. Opera in the Bronx2014/01/16
  874. Les Huguenots from New Orleans2014/01/16
  875. Sopranos on The Classical Evolution Label2014/01/14
  876. ANGELA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2014/01/14
  877. OOOOPS! Here is the clip!!!2014/01/06
  878. Who needs Mado Robin?????2014/01/06
  879. The Amazing Giovanni Martinelli2014/01/06
  880. Mafalda Favero2014/01/05
  881. Leyla Gencer in Attila2014/01/03
  882. Happy Birthday to Grace Bumbry2014/01/03
  883. Marisa sings TRaviata!2013/12/31
  884. The Muse Surmounted2013/12/30
  885. The Record Collector, Vols.47-482013/12/29
  886. Compilation No.42013/12/29
  887. THE NOTE!!!!!!!2013/12/29
  888. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!2013/12/28
  889. A Superb Arabella2013/12/28
  890. Andrea Chenier from Naples, 19582013/12/28
  891. Lauritz Melchior Tribute2013/12/28
  892. Mado Robin2013/12/28
  893. Rest in Peace, Martha Eggerth!2013/12/27
  894. HAPPY BIRTHDAY,PIOTR!!!!2013/12/27
  895. Leonie Rysanek sings three roles in Elektra2013/12/24
  896. Dame Baker Test2013/12/23
  897. Baltsa Test2013/12/23
  898. What a shock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2013/12/22
  899. Richard Tauber for Xmas2013/12/21
  900. Caruso for Christmas2013/12/21
  901. To all of you great people2013/12/20
  902. I forgot to put the clip up!2013/12/19
  903. DIVINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2013/12/19
  904. When I am 92...2013/12/18
  905. We were NUTS!!!!!2013/12/16
  906. Sorry folks..This does not happen these days!!!2013/12/14
  907. Raina in Franceca da Rimini2013/12/14
  908. We love Raina!!!2013/12/14
  909. Giulietta Simionato's Birthday2013/12/14
  910. My Tosca Review2013/12/12
  911. Sondra Radvanovsky as Tosca2013/12/12
  912. GO CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2013/12/10
  913. HOLY MOISES!!!!2013/12/10
  914. La Scala STINKS!!!!2013/12/08
  915. Conchita Supervia2013/12/08
  916. Compilation No.32013/12/08
  917. Piccolo Marat2013/12/07
  918. Franco Corelli Early Records, Part Two2013/12/07
  919. Franco Corelli Early Recordings, Part One2013/12/07
  920. Set Svanholm Live2013/12/07
  921. My beloved Piotr2013/12/06
  922. Happy Birthday, Jose Carreras2013/12/05
  923. I'm always finding these great people!!!!2013/12/05
  924. THIS IS FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2013/12/05
  925. Luisa Miller with Antonietta Stella2013/12/05
  926. Otello en Francais2013/12/04
  927. A Virginia Zeani Festival2013/12/04
  928. I Lombardi2013/12/04
  929. DEVASTATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2013/12/04
  930. I always wanted to learn this!!!2013/12/04
  931. How to sing Verdi!!2013/12/04
  932. A Tosca for the Ages!!2013/12/04
  933. More of this wonderful tenor2013/12/02
  934. Bulent Bezduz2013/12/02
  935. Stefan Kocan and Rene Pape2013/12/02
  936. La Fille du Reggiment with Beverly Sills2013/12/02
  937. Callas in Armida.2013/12/02
  938. Rest in Peace, Maria Callas.2013/12/02
  939. Compilation No.22013/11/30
  940. NOVUN knows vat I know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2013/11/30
  941. Zinka and Carlo2013/11/30
  942. NELLY NORMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2013/11/30
  943. You are not TIRED????2013/11/30
  944. Do you understand.....2013/11/29
  945. The Solti Ring2013/11/28
  946. Katja Levin2013/11/28
  947. Bulent Bezduz2013/11/28
  948. La Juive with Richard Tucker2013/11/28
  949. Compilation No.12013/11/28
  950. Paris Fonotipia Records 1904-52013/11/27
  951. Pique Dame from Munich, 19842013/11/27
  952. Montserrat Caballe Recital from 19782013/11/27
  953. Die Frau Ohne Schatten from Munich2013/11/27
  954. The Great Emmy Destinn2013/11/26
  955. CASA SANZOGNO2013/11/25
  956. Another new girl!!!!!2013/11/24
  957. I have a lot to be thankful for2013/11/24
  958. Dear Elizabeth Carron2013/11/22
  959. Sick of being unpaid!!!!2013/11/19
  960. More of the great Irina2013/11/19
  961. Irina in Aroldo2013/11/19
  962. Irina Lungu2013/11/19
  963. I NEVER KNEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2013/11/18
  964. Andrey Memzer2013/11/18
  965. IL GLITCHO!!!2013/11/16
  966. Diana Soviero in Opera News2013/11/15
  967. I have nothing more to add......2013/11/13
  968. Leonie Rysanek's Birthday 2013/11/13
  969. Latonia Moore-Chavonne2013/11/11
  970. Marisa Galvany,,,,again????2013/11/11
  971. Joyce will never walk alone!2013/11/10
  972. Piero Cappuccilli2013/11/09
  973. Aureliano Pertile2013/11/09
  974. The Magnificent Jerome Hines2013/11/08
  975. IL GLITCHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2013/11/06
  976. Maria as Tosca2013/10/30
  977. You tell them,Jon.2013/10/30
  978. What I saw last night2013/10/30
  979. Jamie Barton2013/10/29
  980. I know I am boring!!!!!2013/10/26
  981. The Glorious Joyce2013/10/26
  982. Shirley Verrett, vocal marvel!!!2013/10/24
  983. No wonder Hvorostovsky loves him2013/10/24
  984. Tito Gobbi2013/10/23
  985. Galvany!!! If you use chest,you will lose the top!!!!2013/10/22
  986. Walkure act one 19532013/10/21
  987. Happy Birthday to darling Virginia Zeani.2013/10/20
  988. Happy Screaming Birthday,Henry Price2013/10/20
  989. AMORE!!!2013/10/17
  990. Enrico di Giuseppe2013/10/13
  991. Pavarotti's great voice!2013/10/13
  992. Luciano Pavarotti Tribute2013/10/13
  993. Galliano Masini part 22013/10/13
  994. Galliano Masini Part One2013/10/13
  995. Would Verdi Approve?2013/10/10
  996. FOR VERDI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2013/10/10
  997. Stephanie Blythe's New Pop Album2013/10/10
  998. Happy Birthday to Leyla Gencer2013/10/10
  999. Leyla and Verdi2013/10/09
  1000. He just sang this last week!!!2013/10/09
  1001. The Late Chereau Walkure Finale2013/10/08
  1002. Nabucco with Maria Callas2013/10/07
  1003. Va,pensiero."2013/10/07
  1004. Verdi Discoveries2013/10/06
  1005. It is "Goofy time."2013/10/06
  1006. Maria Stuarda with Leyla Gencer2013/10/05
  1007. Poliuto from La Scala, 19602013/10/05
  1008. Iris with Magda Olivero2013/10/05
  1009. Luciano Pavarotti 1973 Recital2013/10/04
  1010. Glad they used real bullets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2013/10/01
  1011. Tribute to Martha Moedl (1910-2001)2013/09/30
  1012. Happy to Be Back!2013/09/29
  1013. The Met always misses out!!!!!2013/09/29
  1014. Mefistofele Scenes with Zeani and Olivero2013/09/27
  1015. Jonas Kaufmann Sings Verdi2013/09/27
  1016. diana2013/09/26
  1017. Mira,Mira, o Norma......2013/09/26
  1018. Cornell Macneil, a fabulous baritone.2013/09/23
  1019. Ettore Bastianini2013/09/23
  1020. Happy Birthday in Memory of Alfredo Kraus2013/09/23
  1021. Elizabeth Rethberg2013/09/21
  1022. Here is Rise in"The Chocolate Soldier."2013/09/19
  1023. Rise Stevens Tribute this evening, Sept.182013/09/19
  1024. Rest in Peace, dear Maria.2013/09/17
  1025. Still ANOTHER wonderful young tenor???2013/09/16
  1026. I will never let you forget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2013/09/16
  1027. Comments, anyone?????2013/09/16
  1028. Poor girl!!!!2013/09/16
  1029. From a Forgotten Era (not to me!)2013/09/16
  1030. The Callas Genius in Vespri Siciliani2013/09/16
  1031. Salome-a bit "unusual."2013/09/15
  1032. Did you know about Complete Operas?2013/09/14
  1033. OH MARI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2013/09/14
  1034. Rosennini e Handelmaniac2013/09/14
  1035. PERLE NERE Part One2013/09/14
  1036. Yolantha Duet2013/09/14
  1037. Enrico Caruso's Last Recording Session2013/09/14
  1038. Still have to wait...2013/09/12
  1039. Yma gets mad!!!!2013/09/09
  1040. When does a diva accompany a diva????2013/09/09
  1041. Be Patient with Charlie!!!2013/09/08
  1042. Roberto Devereux with Leyla Gencer2013/09/03
  1043. Iris Scene2013/09/03
  1044. Rosetta Pampanini2013/09/02
  1045. Adriana Lecouvreur w.Olivero and Domingo2013/09/01
  1046. Ramon Vinay as Otello2013/08/30
  1047. Falstaff for Regina Resnik's Birthday2013/08/29
  1048. Who said Tucker did not sing high C????????????2013/08/28
  1049. A Collector's Herodiade2013/08/28
  1050. Richard Tucker's 100th Anniversary2013/08/27
  1051. Richard Tucker at 100 years2013/08/24
  1052. Anna in Verdi2013/08/22
  1053. Che Gelida Manina vol.42013/08/16
  1054. Four Famous Bassos2013/08/15
  1055. Attila-Nabucco w.Caterina Mancini2013/08/15
  1056. HOW TO BREATHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2013/08/14
  1057. MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2013/08/14
  1058. Kirsten Flagstad-1914-1939 Recordings2013/08/13
  1059. Addio, la mia Regina!!2013/08/13
  1060. Leonce Escalais,born Aug.8, 18592013/08/11
  1061. SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2013/08/11
  1062. Regina sings "O don fatale."2013/08/11
  1063. Regina on Broadway2013/08/11
  1065. Regina Resnik, my friend,rest in peace.2013/08/09
  1066. Great Singers in Puccini Scenes2013/08/07
  1067. Five Famous Singers from 1905-19182013/08/07
  1068. Famous Artists on Radio in the 1940's2013/08/05
  1069. Vassilka Petrova2013/08/04
  1070. Restriction????2013/08/02
  1071. Zinka Milanov 1965-19662013/08/01
  1072. Macbeth from Berlin, Part 22013/07/30
  1073. Macbeth with Olivia Stapp-Part One.2013/07/30
  1074. Pique Dame from 19722013/07/30
  1075. Dorothy Kirsten's 25th Anniversary Tosca at SFO2013/07/29
  1076. La Boheme with Licia Albanese2013/07/27
  1077. Mario del Monaco, Born July 27, 19152013/07/25
  1078. An "I Puritani" for the Ages!!!2013/07/25
  1079. William Tell with Paolo Silveri2013/07/23
  1080. Don Carlo With Some Fine artists2013/07/23
  1081. Boris Godunov With Mark Reizen2013/07/22
  1082. Happy Birthday to Licia Albanese2013/07/21
  1083. Zelmira2013/07/21
  1084. Elizabeth Blancke-Biggs New Album2013/07/17
  1085. The James Levine 25th Anniversary Gala2013/07/16
  1086. Giuseppe Taddei in Il Trittico2013/07/14
  1087. Tosca with Birgit Nilsson2013/07/12
  1088. Fernando Portari2013/07/08
  1089. An Andrea Chenier for the Ages2013/07/07
  1090. Beniamino Gigli in Manon Lescaut2013/07/06
  1091. MANON LESCAUT with Diana Soviero2013/07/06
  1092. Ailyn Perez Album2013/07/03
  1093. LA WALLY2013/07/03
  1094. Netrebko-Kaufmann-Schrott2013/07/03
  1095. Olga Peretyatko's New Album2013/07/02
  1096. Fedora with Virginia Zeani2013/07/01
  1097. A Golden Age Richard Strauss Compilation2013/06/28
  1098. La Traviata with Beverly Sills2013/06/23
  1099. Fabulous Forza!!!2013/06/23
  1100. More Divas of the era from 1906-19352013/06/22
  1101. Les Contes D'Hoffmann, 19552013/06/21
  1102. Two Pearl Fishers2013/06/21
  1103. Eugenia Burzio2013/06/20
  1104. Susannah by Carlisle Floyd2013/06/19
  1105. Tristan und Isolde from 19552013/06/19
  1106. Happy Birthday,Odabella2013/06/18
  1107. Orfeo with Fedora Barbieri2013/06/17
  1108. Miauia Catlas2013/06/16
  1109. HAPPY FATHERS'DAY!!!!2013/06/15
  1110. Well, not every father is happy2013/06/15
  1111. How to sing Rossini....I think!2013/06/14
  1112. LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2013/06/13
  1113. Rise Stevens' Birthday2013/06/11
  1114. Hello, WORLD!!!!!2013/06/11
  1115. Der Rosenkavalier Act 3 from SF2013/06/10
  1116. Rise and Strauss2013/06/10
  1117. Mefistofele, 1967 From Carnegie Hall2013/06/08
  1118. Elisir D'Amore from Florence, 19672013/06/07
  1119. La Forza del Destino from 19432013/06/06
  1120. Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2013/06/06
  1121. EINE NACHT IN VENEDIG2013/06/06
  1122. Should I laugh or cry???2013/06/04
  1123. Fedora Part Two2013/06/02
  1124. Fedora part One2013/05/31
  1125. Shirley Verrett, May 31, 19312013/05/31
  1126. Heart's Delight samples2013/05/31
  1127. "Heart's Delight"2013/05/30
  1128. George London as Mandryka2013/05/30
  1129. The Magnificent George London2013/05/30
  1130. There is hope for all of us.2013/05/29
  1131. She lived foir art(????)2013/05/28
  1132. Happy Birthday to dear Olivia Stapp2013/05/28
  1133. IO RESTO A TE!!!!!!!2013/05/28
  1134. Have you ever seen this??i love it!!!!!!!2013/05/27
  1135. Don't try this in the shower2013/05/26
  1136. Odabella's Aria from Attila2013/05/26
  1137. Beverly as the Queen2013/05/24
  1138. ...and she grew up!!!!!2013/05/24
  1139. Beverly Sills' Birthday!2013/05/24
  1140. Mario Del Monaco's First Otello2013/05/23
  1141. Tosca With Maria Callas from Mexico2013/05/22
  1142. Wagner would love it!2013/05/22
  1143. Alexander Kipnis, a superb basso2013/05/22
  1144. Richard Wagner's 200th Birthday Tribute2013/05/21
  1145. The Old Met Closes, Part 32013/05/19
  1146. The Old Met Closes, Part Two.2013/05/19
  1147. A Sad Farewell to the Old Met, April 16,1966. Part 12013/05/19
  1148. I Vespri Siciliani from Palermo, 19672013/05/18
  1149. Birgit Nilsson's Birthday,20132013/05/17
  1150. I LOMBARDI from 19692013/05/17
  1151. Too exciting for the Met???2013/05/16
  1152. Birgit Nilsson,for May 17 birthday2013/05/15
  1153. For Zinka's Birthday,May 172013/05/15
  1154. How long will you hold the D???2013/05/13
  1155. HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY2013/05/11
  1156. Bidu Sayao's Birthday2013/05/10
  1157. Die Meistersinger under Arturo Toscanini2013/05/10
  1158. MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2013/05/10
  1159. HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY!!!!2013/05/10
  1160. GREAT FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2013/05/10
  1161. Ekaterina Scherbachenko2013/05/08
  1162. Thank you,George!!!!!2013/05/08
  1163. PAVEL CERNOCH2013/05/08
  1164. Golden Age Artists Sing Puccini2013/05/08
  1165. Erich Wolfgang Korngold Compilation2013/05/08
  1166. OLIVE STRIKES AGAIN!!!!2013/05/07
  1167. La Boheme with Diana Soviero2013/05/05
  1168. Beverly Sills as Louise2013/05/04
  1169. Frida Leider in Wagner2013/05/04
  1170. What's next..Salome??Turandot???2013/05/03
  1171. Happy no.83 to Roberta Peters!!!!2013/05/03
  1172. L'ASSEDIO DI CORINTO2013/05/03
  1173. Lisette Oropesa2013/05/02
  1174. Why do I collect EVERY Ring???/2013/05/01
  1175. Suor Angelica with Kristine Opolais2013/05/01
  1176. Il Flauto Magico2013/05/01
  1177. HOW'S YOUR PIRA???????2013/04/27
  1178. Renata Scotto Sings :La Voix Humaine."2013/04/26
  1179. Piotr Beczala Sings Verdi2013/04/26
  1180. Another ME??Lord forbid!!!2013/04/25
  1181. I thought I knew them all!!!2013/04/23
  1182. Piotr as the Duke2013/04/23
  1183. Der Rosenkavalier from 19492013/04/22
  1184. When I was young and somewhat normal.2013/04/22
  1185. A Scene from Jenufa to make your heart swell!2013/04/22
  1186. La Forza Del Destino from 19572013/04/22
  1187. RAI Italian Artists2013/04/21
  1188. The Pearl Fishers with Nicolai Gedda2013/04/20
  1189. In Memory of Leonard Warren2013/04/20
  1190. Parsifal From Rome, 19562013/04/18
  1191. Ballo in Maschera from 19632013/04/18
  1192. Met Closing, 19662013/04/17
  1193. Anna has So much fun..and we do too.2013/04/17
  1194. Maria Muller Sings2013/04/16
  1195. Il Trovatore from Naples, 19512013/04/16
  1196. Licia's Met Farewell2013/04/16
  1197. OH LEONIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2013/04/16
  1198. It was not an impossible dream!2013/04/14
  1199. Michael Fabiano in Il Corsaro aria2013/04/14
  1200. Bryan Hymel2013/04/14
  1201. THE E FLAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2013/04/13
  1202. THE NOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2013/04/13
  1203. Zinka's Met Farewell.2013/04/13
  1204. Happy Birthday to Aprile Millo2013/04/13
  1205. My Time Machine Pick2013/04/12
  1206. Don Giovanni From TV 19602013/04/12
  1207. HAPPY NO.80,Montserrat Caballe!!!!!2013/04/12
  1208. Why we went CRAZY last Monday!!!!2013/04/10
  1209. Das Rheingold from 19522013/04/10
  1210. Michael Fabiano Lombardi aria2013/04/09
  1211. The Fabulous Fab!!!2013/04/09
  1212. Franco Corelli's Birthday2013/04/08
  1213. DIMINUENDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2013/04/08
  1214. Renata Tebaldi as Mme.Butterfly2013/04/06
  1215. Franco as Calaf!!!2013/04/06
  1216. Franco Corelli,Born Apr.8, 19212013/04/06
  1217. Tannhauser 19362013/04/05
  1218. Piotr Beczala in Faust2013/04/04
  1219. Verdi Ballet Music2013/04/03
  1220. The Magnificent Hans Hotter2013/04/01
  1221. Martha Moedl as Klytaemnestra2013/04/01
  1222. Siegfried Final Scene, 19722013/04/01
  1223. The Art of Piero Cappuccilli2013/04/01
  1224. BUONA PASQUA!!!!!2013/03/30
  1225. ...and you thought Bonisolli had ego????2013/03/29
  1226. Born too late??????2013/03/27
  1227. Sam in Susannah2013/03/27
  1228. Happy Birthday, dear Sam Ramey,Mar.282013/03/27
  1229. INCREDIBLE NEW SOPRANO!!!!!!!!2013/03/27
  1230. Grafin Maritza/The Land of Smiles2013/03/27
  1231. SUBLIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2013/03/26
  1232. Jaded? MOI?????2013/03/26
  1233. Makes me so sad!!!!!2013/03/26
  1234. Magda in Fedora2013/03/26
  1235. The Miracle of Magda!!!2013/03/25
  1236. For EASTER!!!!!2013/03/25
  1237. Happy 103rd,Magda2013/03/24
  1238. FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2013/03/24
  1239. La Morte di Bel Canto2013/03/24
  1240. THE AUDITION2013/03/24
  1241. Happy no.61 to Dolora!!!!! (Mar.25)2013/03/24
  1242. Rise Stevens Sings Popular Music2013/03/23
  1243. Martha Moedl, Born March 22, 19122013/03/23
  1244. La Favorita2013/03/22
  1245. Rest in Peace, Dear Rise Stevens2013/03/21
  1246. My beloved Rise, rest in peace!2013/03/21
  1247. Lili Lehmann ( 1848-1929)2013/03/21
  1248. Do you understand why I go crazy????2013/03/19
  1249. Sylvia Sawyer, a model of proper Italian diction.2013/03/18
  1250. Cavalleria Rusticana with Leonie Rysanek2013/03/18
  1251. Diana Soviero, for her birthday2013/03/18
  1252. An Early Happy Birthday wish for Diana Soviero. (Suor)2013/03/18
  1253. Renata Scotto and Carlo Bergonzi2013/03/17
  1254. I Puritani from Catania2013/03/16
  1255. UNA STELLA!!!!2013/03/15
  1256. Christa Ludwig, March 16, 19282013/03/15
  1257. Nicolai Gedda in Tosca2013/03/15
  1258. Hoffmanns Erzahlungen (Umlaut over the a)2013/03/13
  1259. Bellini's Ernani2013/03/09
  1260. Laugh along with Novikova!!!!2013/03/09
  1261. Zinka was a much better kicker!!!!2013/03/08
  1262. IIIIIIIIIO REEEEEEESTO A TE!!!!!!!!2013/03/07
  1263. Die Gotterdamerung Exc.from CG2013/03/07
  1264. Nicolai Gedda at The Met Museum2013/03/07
  1265. I Capuletti e i Montecchi2013/03/06
  1266. Thia is what opera WAS!!!!!2013/03/05
  1267. A Lehar Gala2013/03/05
  1268. TWO CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2013/03/04
  1269. ELISA E CLAUDIO2013/03/03
  1270. Antonietta is a "STAR"2013/03/02
  1271. Antonietta Stella in Verdi and Puccini2013/03/02
  1272. Ruby Helder, FEMALE TENOR!!!2013/03/02
  1273. German Composers of the 20th Century.2013/03/01
  1274. Happy 88th Birthday to Lucine Amara.2013/03/01
  1275. Der Engel2013/02/28
  1276. Cetra Tosca2013/02/28
  1277. In Memorium Van Cliburn2013/02/28
  1278. Lotte Lehmann's Birthday2013/02/27
  1279. Renata Scotto as Mimi2013/02/24
  1280. Happy Birthday to Renata Scotto2013/02/24
  1281. Get your stopwatch out!!!!2013/02/22
  1282. Parma audience demands encore from Franco!!!2013/02/22
  1283. Regine Crespin's Birthday2013/02/21
  1284. BUY IT!!!!!!2013/02/18
  1285. Leonie in 19562013/02/18
  1286. Kristine Opolais in the Oprichnik Aria!!!2013/02/17
  1287. GRANE!!!! MEIN ROSS!!!!!2013/02/17
  1288. Marian Anderson2013/02/17
  1289. The Birthday of Marian Anderson.,Feb.172013/02/17
  1290. What you will never hear at the Met!!!!2013/02/17
  1291. You wanna get HIGH???????????????2013/02/15
  1292. Placido...es Verdad?????2013/02/15
  1293. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!2013/02/15
  1294. Eileen Farrell's Birthday2013/02/13
  1295. Happy Birthday to the Marvelous Johanna Meier2013/02/13
  1296. Happy Birthday to Gilda Cruz-Romo2013/02/13
  1297. The Great Beverly!!!!!2013/02/11
  1298. Who said Richard Tucker did not have a high C???2013/02/11
  1299. Altro Glitcho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2013/02/11
  1300. Stefan Kocan2013/02/09
  1301. Two of the GREATS!!!!2013/02/09
  1302. Can I make the podcasts longer?2013/02/08
  1303. Kristine as Violetta2013/02/07
  1304. DOROTHY BISHOP!!!!!!2013/02/07
  1305. PATTI LUPONE BLASTS A GUY!!!!2013/02/07
  1306. Turandot Rome 19852013/02/06
  1307. NOTHING LIKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2013/02/06
  1308. Give us a break,Dolora!!!!2013/02/03
  1309. Why we are so thrilled!!!2013/02/03
  1310. OUR NEW STAR!!!!!!2013/02/03
  1311. Casablanca as an Opera???2013/02/03
  1312. PACENZA!!!!!2013/02/03
  1313. A Masked Ball (I think..sort of...)2013/02/01
  1314. Fun with Renata2013/02/01
  1315. For Renata Tebaldi on her Birthday2013/02/01
  1316. Renata as Gioconda2013/02/01
  1317. Cornell MacNeil!! What a TOP!!!2013/01/31
  1318. Renata Tebaldi Birthday Preview.2013/01/31
  1319. Italiani!!! Mamma MIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2013/01/27
  1320. Great Idea for the Met!!!!!!!!2013/01/24
  1321. More Virginia!!!2013/01/24
  1322. Buon Compleanno,Marcello Giordani2013/01/24
  1323. Mme.Opolais in the Edgar aria.2013/01/23
  1324. Mme.Opolais in Mme.Butterfly2013/01/23
  1325. Kristine Opolais2013/01/23
  1326. Joseph Calleja sings "Nessun Dorma."2013/01/22
  1327. Happy Birthday to Joseph Calleja2013/01/22
  1328. Feliz Cumpleanos (otra vez) a Placido.2013/01/21
  1329. Feliz Cumpleanos, Placido2013/01/19
  1330. A bit ahead of time.2013/01/17
  1331. Marco Berti2013/01/17
  1333. Michael Fabiano,the "Corsaire."2013/01/14
  1334. Der Rosenkavalier from Naples, 19712013/01/13
  1335. I own every DVD Ring!!!!2013/01/12
  1336. Loretta,Rest in Peace2013/01/12
  1337. Tosca with Olive Middleton2013/01/12
  1338. An All-star Verdi Requiem2013/01/12
  1339. Dear Sam Ramey Met Farewell2013/01/12
  1340. I had HAIR!!!!!!!2013/01/11
  1341. Matthew Polenzani2013/01/09
  1342. Maria Stuarda at the Met2013/01/09
  1343. Bryan Hymel2013/01/08
  1344. La Figlia Del Reggimento2013/01/06
  1345. Mafalda Favero2013/01/06
  1346. Coppia, l'Iniqua.2013/01/05
  1347. Semiramide, the Joy of Bel Canto2013/01/05
  1348. Happy Birthday to Grace Bumbry2013/01/05
  1349. Confrontation!!!!!2013/01/03
  1350. VIL BASTARDAS!!!!!2013/01/02
  1351. Edita Gruberova Last Week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2013/01/02
  1352. Alzira Duet-Zeani/MacNeil2012/12/31
  1353. FLOWER SONGS2012/12/31
  1354. What Ever Happened to Baby Maria???2012/12/30
  1355. NEEDING OXYGEN!!!!!2012/12/30
  1356. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!2012/12/30
  1357. Simone Boccanegra from Naples, 19862012/12/30
  1358. Carlo Bergonzi Recital,London 19922012/12/30
  1359. Renata Tebaldi in Boheme at Parma2012/12/29
  1360. Stride La Vampa-12012/12/29
  1361. Happy Birthday (Dec.28) to our beloved Piotr Beczala2012/12/28
  1362. Rigoletto Part Two2012/12/27
  1363. A Great Rigoletto,Part One2012/12/26
  1364. Happy Birthday to Giacomo Puccini2012/12/24
  1365. HAPPY HOLIDAYS, 20122012/12/23
  1366. LOVE this lady2012/12/21
  1367. Renata Tebaldi, In Memorium2012/12/20
  1368. Happy Birthday, Milka Ternina2012/12/18
  1369. Birgit Nilsson in Recitals2012/12/16
  1370. in Memory of the Fallen2012/12/15
  1371. Raina Kabaiwanska's birthday2012/12/15
  1372. Giulietta's Birthday2012/12/15
  1373. Only a little kid!!!!!!2012/12/14
  1374. Charlie Found Another One!!!!!!2012/12/13
  1375. Rest in Peace,Gallina Vishnevskaya!!!2012/12/12
  1376. Rest in Eternal Peace, Lisa Della Casa2012/12/12
  1377. Not bad at 80!!!!!!2012/12/11
  1378. Il Bacio di Tosca2012/12/10
  1379. Sondra Radvanovsky2012/12/08
  1380. Carmen with Shirley Verrett2012/12/08
  1381. Tosca With Zeani,Domingo2012/12/08
  1382. Arturo Chacon-Cruz2012/12/08
  1383. LOUDER!! I can't hear you!2012/12/06
  1384. For Pietro Mascagni,Born Dec.7, 18632012/12/06
  1385. Verdi's "Napuko"...(well,sort of.)2012/12/06
  1386. Kirsten Flagstad Sings Wagner and Strauss2012/12/06
  1388. Othalie Graham2012/12/04
  1389. Luisa and Enrico again!2012/12/04
  1390. ULRICA!!2012/12/03
  1391. Why Callas was a sensation!!!2012/12/03
  1392. In Memory of Maria Callas!2012/12/03
  1393. Ruth Welting Mad Scene Finale.2012/12/02
  1394. Maria's Last recital, 19742012/12/01
  1395. Juan Diego Flores Recital2012/11/30
  1396. Preparing for the Callas Dec.2, birthday ( 1923)2012/11/30
  1397. The AGELESS GEDDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2012/11/29
  1398. Mme.Butterfly with Renata Scotto2012/11/28
  1399. Die Fledermaus from 19382012/11/27
  1400. "Baby" Magda Olivero at 65.2012/11/25
  1401. Don Carlo 1961, Part Two.2012/11/25
  1402. Don Carlo Vienna 1961 Part One2012/11/25
  1403. The Greatest!!!!!2012/11/25
  1404. Enrico Caruso sings Tosti's "L'Alba separa dalla luce l'ombra2012/11/25
  1405. The Debut of Bidu Sayao in Manon2012/11/25
  1406. What was I thinking?????2012/11/24
  1407. I used to love Tosca!!2012/11/23
  1408. Send in the Clowns2012/11/22
  1409. Parsifal from Bayreuth 19512012/11/21
  1410. Songs Of Paolo Tosti2012/11/21
  1411. Los Twinkies no van a morir!!!!!2012/11/20
  1412. Adriana Lecouvreur with Leyla Gencer2012/11/20
  1413. Renata Scotto Sings Songs of Verdi2012/11/19
  1414. It's a GIRL!!!!!!2012/11/19
  1415. The Kind of singing I go nuts over!!!!!!2012/11/17
  1416. La Boheme on DVD Comingo soon.2012/11/17
  1417. In Memory of George Kornbluth2012/11/15
  1418. Un Ballo in Maschera 19402012/11/15
  1419. Leonie GESCHREI!!!!!2012/11/14
  1420. Leonie Rysanek, Nov.14, 19262012/11/14
  1421. The Sensational Mexico 1951 Aida2012/11/14
  1422. GREAT STUFF!!!!!!2012/11/12
  1423. Happy Birthday in Memory of "La Stupenda."2012/11/08
  1424. Christa Ludwig in German Opera2012/11/08
  1425. Jerry Hines..Not bad at 80!!!!2012/11/08
  1426. 12 BORGIAS!!!!!2012/11/06
  1427. Elizabeth sings Suor Angelica.2012/11/06
  1428. More of Mme.Blancke-Biggs2012/11/05
  1429. A NEW DIVA TO ADORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2012/11/05
  1430. Les Choeurs d'Operas Francais2012/11/04
  1431. Piero Cappuccilli Tribute2012/11/03
  1433. Still Exciting at 66!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2012/11/01
  1434. Don Giovanni from Naples, 19552012/11/01
  1435. Have courage!!!!!!2012/10/31
  1436. L'Arlesiana2012/10/31
  1437. Jon Vickers' Birthday2012/10/30
  1438. The Tempest and New York2012/10/29
  1439. Get your stopwatch!!!!!!2012/10/26
  1440. What we lack today!!!2012/10/25
  1441. Pavel Lisitsian2012/10/25
  1442. OH RATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2012/10/23
  1443. Turn off the sound and tell me what opera this is!!!2012/10/22
  1444. Giovanna D'Arco2012/10/21
  1445. POOR RENATA!!!!2012/10/21
  1447. Virginia Zeani2012/10/18
  1448. SHE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2012/10/15
  1449. ANITA CERQUETTI2012/10/15
  1450. Fidelio from Vienna, 19532012/10/14
  1451. For Marisa Galvany Fans2012/10/14
  1452. La Boheme...I THINK!!!!2012/10/14
  1453. FINALMENTE!!!!2012/10/14
  1454. Die Tote Stadt2012/10/13
  1455. Have you seen Grane,her ROSS????2012/10/12
  1456. How many singers are so much FUN????2012/10/11
  1457. UN GRIDO FATALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2012/10/11
  1458. Luciano Pavarotti on his birthday2012/10/11
  1459. Glorious Elisir.2012/10/11
  1460. Morris Robinson2012/10/10
  1461. Leyla Gencer's Birthday2012/10/10
  1462. Franco Vassallo2012/10/09
  1463. Carmen Gianattassio2012/10/09
  1464. Eva Turner2012/10/06
  1465. MIRACULOUS MAGDA!!!!!2012/10/06
  1466. Diana Soviero and her Master Class2012/10/02
  1467. This happened to me!!2012/09/30
  1468. Ebe Stignani 2012/09/30
  1469. Borgia Preview from 20112012/09/29
  1470. Michael Fabiano2012/09/29
  1471. Lucrezia Borgia2012/09/29
  1472. I love this Ring!!!!!!2012/09/29
  1473. More Berti!!!2012/09/28
  1474. Bravo Berti!!!!2012/09/28
  1475. I Love This!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2012/09/27
  1476. Mature New York Businessmen2012/09/26
  1477. Fritz Wunderlich2012/09/25
  1478. Got a stopwatch?????????????????2012/09/25
  1479. I WAS THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2012/09/25
  1480. In honor of Anna2012/09/24
  1481. Diana Damrau is "gay."2012/09/24
  1482. Parsifal, I think!2012/09/23
  1483. Mr.Gelb, you can do better than this!!!2012/09/23
  1484. La Rondine Finale2012/09/23
  1485. They did not even let him finish the note!!!2012/09/23
  1486. We lost him too soon!!2012/09/23
  1487. Alfredo Kraus, a vocal GOD!!2012/09/23
  1488. Well, I tried!!!!!!2012/09/22
  1489. Renata Scotto as Mimi2012/09/22
  1490. FRANCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2012/09/22
  1491. I am InSPYRED!!!!!!2012/09/21
  1492. MIO DIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2012/09/21
  1493. My lovable great tenor.2012/09/20
  1494. A Curator?????2012/09/20
  1495. DER RING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2012/09/20
  1496. Did you think I forgot this?2012/09/20
  1497. Go lose your head, kid!!!!2012/09/20
  1498. One of my greatest loves2012/09/20
  1499. Lauren Flanigan2012/09/19
  1500. Rita Hunter2012/09/19
  1501. Blanche Thebom as Delilah2012/09/19
  1502. Blanche Thebom's Birthday2012/09/19
  1503. Catherine Malfitano in Stiffelio.2012/09/19
  1504. OI VEY!!!!!!2012/09/18
  1505. JOE IS BACK!!!!!!2012/09/18
  1507. We lost her too soon.2012/09/09
  1508. Traviata (as Verdi First Wrote)2012/09/08
  1509. Yma Sumac Birthday Tribute and Walkoff!!!!!!2012/09/08
  1510. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LINDA!!!!2012/09/08
  1511. META SEINEMEYER2012/09/08
  1512. Rene Pape Sings Wotan2012/09/08
  1513. Remember me?????2012/09/08
  1514. Larry Brownlee...AMAZING!!!2012/08/30
  1515. Regina's 90th!!!!2012/08/29
  1516. Would Puccini have a sense of humor??2012/08/28
  1517. Regina OWNED thie role!!!!!!2012/08/28
  1518. Watch this "Quickly."2012/08/27
  1519. Happy Birthday, Paul.2012/08/26
  1520. A Little Regina Music2012/08/25
  1521. Virginia as Violetta2012/08/25
  1522. Richard Tucker's Birthday2012/08/25
  1523. For Lennie!!!!!2012/08/23
  1524. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the great Jose Van Dam2012/08/23
  1525. HONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2012/08/23
  1526. MY FAVORITE!!!!!2012/08/23
  1527. Happy Birthday to my buddy Ta'u2012/08/22
  1528. Happy Birthday to Janet Baker.2012/08/22
  1529. What am I doing there????2012/08/22
  1530. Piotr on Opera News!!!!!!2012/08/20
  1531. Chacun a Resnik's Gout!!!!!2012/08/17
  1532. Miliza Korjus on her birthday!!2012/08/17
  1533. GRANE!!! MEIN ROSS!!!!!2012/08/17
  1534. Happy Birthday to Gianna Rolandi!!2012/08/17
  1535. Why I am so Jaded!!!!!2012/08/14
  1536. And now, the pupil2012/08/14
  1537. Renata's teacher.2012/08/14
  1538. PORGY AND BESS2012/08/12
  1539. The "Tackle Tenor."2012/08/10
  1540. Leontyne Price's Opera Debut as Tosca2012/08/07
  1541. Il Tabarro2012/08/06
  1542. A Thrilling Rigoletto2012/08/06
  1543. Manon on TV2012/08/05
  1544. ELEKTRA Hamburg/Rome2012/08/04
  1545. Remember VHS???2012/08/04
  1546. COMMENTS, ANYONE?????2012/08/02
  1547. Enrico Caruso Passed away on Aug.2, 19212012/08/02
  1548. Il Trovatore from Paris, 20032012/08/01
  1549. Giuseppe Taddei in Simon Boccanegra2012/08/01
  1550. Diana Soviero in Suor Angelica2012/08/01
  1551. VERY promising!!!2012/07/27
  1552. Mario del Monaco's birthday2012/07/26
  1553. La Traviyenta2012/07/25
  1554. Turandot from La Scala, 19642012/07/25
  1555. La Rondine with Virginia Zeani2012/07/25
  1556. Olivia Stapp in Cavalleria Rusticana2012/07/25
  1557. LATONIA!!!!!2012/07/23
  1558. Giuseppe Di Stefano's Birthday2012/07/23
  1559. LIVE VIRGINIA!!!!!2012/07/22
  1560. Do you understand why we adore him???2012/07/22
  1561. Happy Birthday to Susan Graham2012/07/21
  1562. Do you understand why I love Diana?????2012/07/20
  1563. Luisa Miller from Turino2012/07/20
  1564. Il Trittico with Beverly Sills2012/07/20
  1565. HAPPY BIRTHDAY,LICIA!!!!2012/07/20
  1566. Zinka Speaks!!!2012/07/19
  1567. Zinka Milanov in Song2012/07/19
  1568. OH RATS!!! IT'S LOHENGRIN!!!2012/07/17
  1569. Don Carlo with Eleanor Steber2012/07/17
  1570. SCROLLING!!!2012/07/17
  1571. Happy Birthday to the great Eleanor Steber2012/07/17
  1572. Not too bad!!!2012/07/16
  1573. Pippo and Montserrat in Tosca, 19752012/07/15
  1574. Pippo sings Puccini2012/07/15
  1575. Verdi..What do you think?2012/07/15
  1576. COME T'AMO!!!!!!2012/07/15
  1577. SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2012/07/15
  1578. NEW FEATURES2012/07/15
  1579. Nicolai Gedda Live 19892012/07/14
  1580. Charles Anthony Master Class2012/07/14
  1581. Carlo Bergonzi2012/07/14
  1582. Falstaff Rehearsals under Toscanini2012/07/14
  1583. Magda Olivero sing Poulenc, etc.2012/07/13
  1584. For Carlo Bergonzi at 88!! ERNANI2012/07/13
  1585. Cavalleria Rusticana w.Elizabeth Rethberg2012/07/12
  1586. I Puritani With Virginia Zeani2012/07/11
  1587. Kirsten Flagstad in Die Walkure on her birthday, 2012.2012/07/11
  1588. Ebe Stignani, Born July 11, 1903..The GREATEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2012/07/10
  1589. HAPPY 87th BIRTHDAY TO NICOLAI GEDDA2012/07/09
  1590. Aida From Mexico, 19502012/07/08
  1591. Simone Boccanegra, 19602012/07/08
  1592. Dorothy Kirsten's Birthday,20122012/07/05
  1593. THANK YOU ALL (AGAIN!!!)2012/07/05
  1594. Macbeth, 1847 Version2012/07/05
  1595. Caballe sings Donizetti2012/07/03
  1596. La Fille du Reggiment, 19732012/07/03
  1597. Fedora from Montreal2012/07/01
  1598. All-star Huguenots2012/06/30
  1599. Mefistofele from La Scala2012/06/29
  1600. WHAT A NABUCCO!!!!2012/06/23
  1601. Carmen with Regina Resnik2012/06/23
  1602. An Exciting La Gioconda2012/06/22
  1603. A Fine Faust2012/06/19
  1606. ERRRRRORE!!! ORRRRORE!!!!2012/06/16
  1607. Four of the Greats!!2012/06/16
  1608. MARIA STUARDA From La Scala2012/06/14
  1609. Fidelio from Cologne2012/06/11
  1610. Norma From La Scala 19552012/06/09
  1611. More Rise Stevens and a "friend."2012/06/09
  1612. HAPPY NO.99 TO DEAR RISE STEVENS 2012/06/09
  1613. The Pearl Fishers2012/06/08
  1614. MEINE ARABELLA!!2012/06/07
  1615. Thais from Trieste2012/06/07
  1616. For the Great CONNOISSEUR2012/06/05
  1617. Piccolo Marat2012/06/04
  1618. Birgit Nilsson and Hans Hotter Sing Wagner2012/06/01
  1619. Otello by Rossini2012/05/31
  1620. In Loving Memory of Shirley Verrett2012/05/31
  1621. In memory of George London on his birthday.2012/05/30
  1623. I TROIANI2012/05/29
  1624. Forza del Destino, 19532012/05/27
  1625. An All-star Simone Boccanegra2012/05/26
  1626. Happy Birthday, Teresa Stratas2012/05/26
  1627. Remembering "Bubbles."2012/05/25
  1628. Francesca da Rimini w.Olivero,Del Monaco2012/05/25
  1629. An All-star Falstaff2012/05/22
  1630. Alzira2012/05/21
  1631. Medea with Leonie Rysanek2012/05/19
  1632. Waltraute in Gotterdamerung2012/05/19
  1633. Very Loud tenors2012/05/18
  1634. Birgit Nilsson's Birthday2012/05/15
  1635. God bless my Zinka!!!2012/05/15
  1636. Elisir D'amore with Freni/Gedda2012/05/14
  1637. L'Amico Fritz2012/05/14
  1638. Tannhauser from 19552012/05/14
  1639. More of the superb soprano, Marisa Galvany2012/05/12
  1640. The Superb Soprano, Rosanna Carteri2012/05/12
  1641. Don Carlo 1980, Part two2012/05/11
  1642. Don Carlo 1980, Part One2012/05/11
  1643. Il Pirata w.Caballe2012/05/09
  1644. ...and you thought there were no more Toscas.....2012/05/06
  1645. Boris Godunov with Hans Hotter2012/05/05
  1646. A Superb Lohengrin2012/05/02
  1647. Reminder of Mr.Friend of Opera Videos2012/05/01
  1648. Maria Callas in I Puritani2012/04/28
  1649. A Superb Mefistofele from 19652012/04/27
  1650. Celebrating Astrid Varnay on her birthday2012/04/26
  1651. Some of the best!!2012/04/24
  1652. Die Meistersinger from Vienna, 19552012/04/24
  1653. Walkure from Buenos Aires 1940, act Three2012/04/24
  1654. Die Walkure from Buenos Aires, Part One.2012/04/24
  1655. Giulietta in Favorita2012/04/22
  1656. In Memory of Leonard Warren2012/04/21
  1657. The Opera Debut of the Great Astrid Varnay2012/04/20
  1658. Die Piraten!!!!2012/04/15
  1660. Un Ballo in Maschera w.Ljuba Welitsch2012/04/14
  1661. Farewelll,my Zinka2012/04/14
  1662. Barbro Ericson2012/04/13
  1663. Rest in Peace, Lili Chookasian2012/04/12
  1664. Manon from 1969, La Scala2012/04/08
  1666. Cavalleria Rusticana en Francais2012/04/07
  1667. VIVA VERDI!!!!!!!2012/04/07
  1668. Medea in Corinto2012/04/07
  1669. Parsifal Act 3 for Good Friday2012/04/05
  1670. Lauritz Melchior in Wagner2012/04/05
  1671. YOU DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2012/04/03
  1672. A SUPERB RIGOLETTO2012/03/31
  1673. The Great Ljuba Welitsch as Salome2012/03/29
  1674. Walkure Exc.from Buenos Aires, 19602012/03/28
  1675. Rosa Ponselle in Popular Music, 1925-19502012/03/28
  1676. Happy No. 70 to my dear Sam Ramey2012/03/27
  1677. Georges Thill- Volume 22012/03/27
  1678. Happy Number 60,my beloved Dolora Zajick2012/03/25
  1680. MARTHA MODEL AT 100 !!!!!2012/03/22
  1681. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY "MIMI"2012/03/20
  1682. A Brilliant 1970 Scala Vespri2012/03/12
  1683. The Great Norman Treigle, Born 3/6/232012/03/10
  1684. Saving $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ at the Met2012/03/05
  1685. VIVA LATONIA!!!!!2012/03/04
  1686. Latonia Moore to make Met debut as Aida2012/03/02
  1687. Rigoletto with Alfredo Kraus2012/03/01
  1688. The Art of Geraldine Farrar2012/03/01
  1689. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LUCINE!!!2012/02/29
  1690. Enrico Caruso Birthday2012/02/25
  1691. Medea with Magda Olivero2012/02/23
  1692. Walkure Act Three under Wilhelm Furtwaengler2012/02/22
  1693. Cesare Siepi as Gurnemanz2012/02/22
  1694. Tales of Hoffmann with Zeani, Part Two2012/02/20
  1695. Tales of Hoffmann from Geneva,Part One2012/02/20
  1696. OTELLO, Covent Garden 19622012/02/18
  1697. Rest in Peace, dear Charles Anthony2012/02/15
  1698. "My song goes round the world."2012/02/11
  1699. The Great Cesare Siepi, Born 2/10/. 19232012/02/10
  1700. Elektra with Astrid Varnay2012/02/04
  1701. Rest in Peace, dear Camilla Williams2012/02/02
  1702. My Memories of Renata Tebaldi2012/02/02
  1703. Renata Tebaldi's 90th Birthday Tribute2012/02/02
  1704. TRIBUTE TO FOLLOW2012/02/01
  1705. Fedora Highlights with Beniamino Gigli2012/01/29
  1706. Gotterdamerung from 19362012/01/27
  1707. A little more about Paul...2012/01/26
  1708. Bless you,Paul Plishka, as you bid farewell to the Met2012/01/26
  1709. NEW STYLE FOR "Mr.Friend of Opera."2012/01/25
  1711. Rest in Peace, Rita Gorr2012/01/23
  1712. ROMEO ET JULIETTE 19352012/01/22
  1713. Coming up on Renata Tebaldi's 90th birthday.2012/01/22
  1715. HAPPY BIRTHDAY (Jan.22) to dear Joseph Calleja2012/01/22
  1716. Bless Rosa Ponselle!!2012/01/21
  1717. I did have hair and freckles once!!!!!!2012/01/21
  1719. Joseph Calleja and Tatiana Lisnic Concert2012/01/16
  1720. Reminder for you!2012/01/15
  1721. The WORLD of Opera2012/01/15
  1722. Don Carlo La Scala 1977, Part Two2012/01/15
  1723. Don Carlo from 1977 La Scala Part One2012/01/15
  1724. An Exciting Samson et Delilah2012/01/14
  1725. VIL BASTARDA!!!2012/01/12
  1726. Early Studio Recordings of Franco Corelli2012/01/11
  1727. Un Ballo in Maschera from Scala, 19562012/01/10
  1728. The Magnificent Ailyn Perez2012/01/08
  1729. La Sonnambula with Virginia Zeani2012/01/04
  1731. The Ballad of Baby Doe2011/12/31
  1732. They cannot fire him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2011/12/29
  1733. Di Stefano's Scala Debut2011/12/29
  1735. Tristan und Isolde from 19502011/12/26
  1736. Werther from Radio France2011/12/25
  1737. Love and Buon Natale from Magda2011/12/24
  1738. La Boheme from Vienna 19632011/12/24
  1739. Die Frau Ohne Schatten from Vienna2011/12/19
  1740. This was really awful!!!!2011/12/18
  1741. Liping Zhang2011/12/17
  1742. The Great Giulietta Simionato2011/12/17
  1743. THE NEW LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2011/12/17
  1744. Season's Greetings to You All!!2011/12/16
  1745. An Exciting Tosca2011/12/16
  1746. The Magnificent Tenor, Georges Thill2011/12/14
  1747. Rosanna Carteri as Mimi2011/12/14
  1748. Dear Tony Amato Passes Away2011/12/14
  1749. Birgit Nilsson in Denmark2011/12/09
  1750. Die Fledermaus with Joan Sutherland2011/12/09
  1751. AIDA from 19292011/12/09
  1752. Dear Regina Resnik's Superb new DVD2011/12/09
  1753. Shakeh Vartenissian,my friend2011/12/07
  1754. Dorothy Kirsten sings popular music2011/12/07
  1755. Attila from Rome, 19702011/12/03
  1756. Giovanni Martinelli as Canio2011/12/03
  1757. Maria Callas, Born on Dec.2, 19232011/12/03
  1758. La Gioconda, Florence 19562011/11/26
  1759. Stignani Stella del Marinar2011/11/26
  1760. Rest in Peace, Sena Jurinac,wonderful soprano2011/11/24
  1761. Eugen Onegin Letter Scene2011/11/23
  1762. HAPPY THANKSGIVING !!!2011/11/23
  1763. ROBERT WEEDE2011/11/23
  1764. Opera Lovers in China2011/11/21
  1765. EUGEN ONEGIN 19532011/11/20
  1766. FORZA 1961, PART TWO2011/11/20
  1767. LA FORZA DEL DESTINO PART ONE 19612011/11/20
  1768. A HOT Cavalleria Rusticana2011/11/19
  1769. Beverly Sills Only Aida2011/11/19
  1770. Mignon from Mexico, 19492011/11/14
  1771. MEFISTOFELE 19312011/11/13
  1772. Nabucco from La Scala, 19662011/11/06
  1773. Ta'u and Samantha2011/11/05
  1774. Don Carlo with Nicola Rossi-Lemeni2011/11/04
  1775. REGINA RESNIK AS MARINA2011/11/01
  1776. Boris as Boris2011/11/01
  1777. Happy Birthday in Honor of Victoria de los Angeles2011/11/01
  1778. Happy Birthday to Jon Vickers2011/10/29
  1779. Birgit Nilsson in Elektras2011/10/26
  1780. The Wonderful Alain Vanzo2011/10/25
  1781. Katharine is GOLD!2011/10/23
  1782. Angela Meade2011/10/23
  1783. Carlo Bergonzi's Return to New York in 19992011/10/20
  1785. Camilla Williams2011/10/20
  1786. Diana Soviero In Traviata2011/10/18
  1787. Ernani from Florence, 19572011/10/18
  1788. Mefistofele with Norman Treigle2011/10/16
  1789. How can I thank you enough???2011/10/15
  1790. Marisa Galvany as Salome2011/10/13
  1791. In Memory of Luciano2011/10/11
  1792. La Dama Di Picche2011/10/09
  1793. Birthday Tribute to Leyla Gencer, 20112011/10/08
  1794. A Sample of Rene Pape's New Wagner CD2011/10/08
  1795. Lucia from La Scala 19542011/10/06
  1796. Aida on Cetra2011/10/06
  1797. Don Pasquale 19402011/10/02
  1798. Eugene Onegin with Dmitri!!2011/10/01
  1799. RECONDITA ARMONIA2011/09/25
  1800. Should we re-name this opera "Mario"?2011/09/23
  1801. Songs by Edvard Grieg2011/09/23
  1802. GREAT SOPRANOS, VOLUME TWO2011/09/17
  1805. La Gioconda with Tebaldi,Tucker,MacNeil2011/09/12
  1806. La Favorita w.Luciano2011/09/11
  1807. Virginia Zeani's Met Debut2011/09/10
  1808. HERODIADE2011/09/08
  1809. MARIN FALIERO2011/09/08
  1810. Plot of Marin Faliero2011/09/08
  1811. In Loving Memory of the Late Salvatore Licitra2011/09/05
  1812. Birthday tribute to Daniele Barioni, Sept.62011/09/05
  1813. A Julia Varady Birthday Tribute2011/09/05
  1815. Elektra with Daniza Mastilovic2011/08/28
  1816. Domingo and Lorengar in Zarzuelas2011/08/27
  1819. Anna, Jonas, and Erwin2011/08/15
  1820. A WONDERFUL NEW VOICE!!!!!!2011/08/10
  1821. MACBETH FROM VIENNA 19702011/08/09
  1823. Mefistofele with Sam Ramey2011/08/07
  1824. La Fanciulla del West w.Kirsten and Corelli2011/08/06
  1825. STILL MORE NUTTINESS2011/08/05
  1826. MORE FUN!!!! (I HOPE)2011/08/04
  1827. Delilah will get you!!!!2011/08/03
  1828. SIEGFRIED FROM BAYREUTH 19552011/07/28
  1829. Luciano Pavarotti in Concert2011/07/28
  1830. A DATE WITH THE DEVIL2011/07/28
  1832. LA GIOCONDA 19532011/07/21
  1833. Topi Lehtipuu sings Vivaldi2011/07/20
  1834. What an Otello this was!!!!2011/07/19
  1835. Ariadne Highlights2011/07/17
  1836. Too much???????2011/07/17
  1837. Tribute to Cornell MacNeil2011/07/17
  1838. Helen Traubel Sings Wagner2011/07/15
  1839. How Opera Destroyed New York!!!2011/07/15
  1840. The Young Jose Carreras2011/07/14
  1841. A Brilliant Parsifal2011/07/10
  1842. The Young Diana Soviero2011/07/10
  1843. Tannhauser with Renata Tebaldi2011/07/10
  1844. ALCINA2011/07/09
  1845. An Exciting Stiffelio2011/07/05
  1846. Maria Gets Crazy2011/07/02
  1847. Beniamino Gigli in La Forza del Destino2011/07/02
  1848. Duke Bluebeard's Castle2011/07/01
  1849. MANY THANKS!!!!!!2011/06/28
  1850. Tristan und Isolde Act Two2011/06/28
  1851. Cavalleria Rusticana With Dolora Zajick2011/06/28
  1853. A Traviata for Marisa Galvany's Birthday2011/06/17
  1854. Medea With Marisa Galvany 2011/06/13
  1855. Diana Soviero Award2011/06/10
  1856. HAPPY 98th to Dear Rise Stevens2011/06/10
  1857. Happy Birthday to Fedora Barbieri2011/06/04
  1858. FALSTAFF 19492011/06/03
  1859. God Bless Dear Renata2011/06/01
  1861. AN EXCITING ATTILA2011/05/29
  1862. VESTI LA GIUBBA QUIZ!!!!!2011/05/28
  1863. La Forza del Destino 19532011/05/27
  1864. JUST YOU WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2011/05/27
  1865. A Fabulous Walkure2011/05/26
  1866. La Rondine With Diana Soviero2011/05/26
  1867. Fernando Portari in La Rondine2011/05/26
  1868. I suggest you buy DEPENDS before you see this...2011/05/26
  1869. The Great Giulietta Simionato2011/05/24
  1870. An amazing Young Man2011/05/20
  1872. Michael Bohnen2011/05/02
  1873. LEGENDARY BARITONES2011/04/17
  1874. A GLORIOUS FORZA!!!2011/04/16
  1876. 45 YEARS AGO Apr.162011/04/15
  1877. DER FLIEGENDE HOLLANDER 19422011/04/11
  1878. Franco Corelli, Born April 8, 19212011/04/08
  1881. Happy Birthday to Sam Ramey2011/03/28
  1882. TOSCA 1956 ACT THREE2011/03/26
  1883. TOSCA 1956 ACT TWO2011/03/26
  1884. TOSCA 1956 ACT ONE2011/03/26
  1888. The Superb Joseph Calleja2011/03/19
  1889. Happy Birthdays to Diana Soviero and my mommy2011/03/18
  1890. The Met debuts of Price and Corelli2011/03/10
  1893. Virginia Zeani in "Il Console"2011/02/24
  1894. I AIM TO PLEASE!!!!!2011/02/23
  1895. I tried!!!!2011/02/21
  1896. ACH! VAS IST DAS????? WALKURE?????2011/02/20
  1897. I WAS THERE!!!!!!2011/02/20
  1898. The Great Norman Treigle as Boris2011/02/20
  1899. Battaglia Di Legnano Exc. from La Scala2011/02/17
  1900. La Rondine with Licia Albanese2011/02/14
  1901. The Final Scene From Salome in Comparison2011/02/13
  1903. Roberto Devereux Exc.With Nelly Miricioiu2011/02/05
  1904. JOSE LUCCIONI IN OPERA2011/02/03
  1905. Renata Tebaldi, born Feb.1, 19222011/02/01
  1906. Rest in Peace,Margaret Price2011/01/31
  1907. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Marcello Giordani2011/01/24
  1908. Happy Birthday to Dear Joseph Calleja2011/01/20
  1909. NO PUEDE SER!! Placido is 70 and the voice is still superb!!!2011/01/20
  1910. Manon 1951 2011/01/15
  1911. Walkure Highlights from 19512011/01/09
  1912. The Evening Star2011/01/08
  1913. I Puritani w.Sills, Pavarotti2010/12/29
  1915. "Ti voglio tanto bene."2010/12/23
  1916. Pagliacci From La Scala 19872010/12/21
  1917. A wonderful new tenor2010/12/18
  1918. Tenors of Today2010/12/14
  1919. Romeo et Juliette Act 2 Finale2010/12/13
  1920. Verdi on Cetra-Soria2010/12/12
  1921. Die Tote Stadt2010/12/11
  1922. I know you will have some kind of fun...2010/12/10
  1923. Early Puccini Recordings of Giuseppe di Stefano2010/12/08
  1924. Le Coq D'Or2010/12/05
  1925. YOU JUST GOTTTTTTA SEE THIS!!!!!2010/12/04
  1926. Don Carlo From Vienna, 19612010/12/02
  1927. Werther Exc. W.Corelli/Kraus2010/11/30
  1928. Diana Soviero's Met Debut2010/11/29
  1929. Samson et Delilah, a Tribute to Shirley Verrett2010/11/28
  1930. My Google Videos2010/11/23
  1931. Piotr Beczala Sings Slavic Arias2010/11/21
  1932. Grigolo sings Luisa Miller2010/11/19
  1933. Rest in Peace, dear Shirley Verrett2010/11/08
  1934. Happy 85th Birthday to the Beloved Virginia Zeani2010/10/21
  1935. The superb voice of Mirella Freni2010/08/02
  1936. A fascinating Analysis of the Ring2010/08/02
  1937. Who made this all possible???2010/07/29
  1938. Simon Boccanegra 19502010/07/28
  1939. Renata Tebaldi 1949-19592010/07/26
  1940. Operatic Oddities 22010/07/09
  1941. BUBBBBBBBBLES!!!!!2010/07/08
  1942. Rest in Peace, beloved Cesare Siepi.2010/07/06
  1943. Met Jamboree 3/24/512010/07/04
  1944. Renata Tebaldi's Farewell at La SCala, 19762010/07/01
  1945. Nadine Weissmann, a gorgeous voice.2010/06/27
  1946. Verdi in Deutsch2010/06/20
  1947. Attila from Venice, 19872010/06/18
  1948. Happy Birthday to Rise Stevens2010/06/08
  1949. Cavalleria w.Galvany and Domingo2010/06/02
  1950. Francesca da Rimini from 19732010/06/01
  1951. Carlo Colombara Songs2010/05/31
  1952. Macbeth excerpts with Stapp and Bruson2010/05/30
  1953. Diana Damrau Recital2010/05/05
  1954. In Memory of Giulietta Simionato2010/05/05
  1955. Anna Bolena Act 1 finale2010/05/04
  1956. Montserrat Caballe sings Donizetti operas2010/05/04
  1957. Radio Hour vol.12010/04/23
  1958. Elizabeth Schwarzkopf's 1977 Farewell2010/04/13
  1959. A tribute to Jerome Hines2010/04/11
  1960. Jussi Bjoerling's Cav Return to the Me2010/04/08
  1961. Eide Norena (1884-1968)2010/04/03
  1962. Blanche Thebom Tribute2010/03/28
  1963. Magda Olivero is 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2010/03/25
  1964. Ballo 1944 Met2010/03/22
  1965. Tito Schipa2010/03/21
  1966. Gigli/Melchior Birthdays 3/20/18902010/03/20
  1967. Adriana Olivero 19592010/03/20
  1968. Happy Birthday to Diana Soviero2010/03/19
  1969. Soviero Debut Juliette2010/03/15
  1970. Irina Rindzuner2010/03/15
  1971. Cortigiani Compilation2010/03/15
  1972. Rest in Peace, Philip Langridge2010/03/14
  1973. Caballe/Bergonzi Tosca from Vienna2010/03/11
  1974. Salome Met 19552010/02/28
  1975. Mattia Battistini2010/02/25
  1976. Tribute to Herman Uhde2010/02/23
  1977. Irina Arkhipova,Rest in Peace2010/02/22
  1978. Callas Dallas Medea 19582010/02/21
  1979. Lucrezia Borgia 1973 Dallas2010/02/19
  1980. Charles Kullman2010/02/18
  1981. The Land of Smiles2010/02/17
  1982. Aida Naples1955 pt22010/02/16
  1983. Aida from Naples 1955 pt.12010/02/14
  1984. A Fabulous Andrea Chenier2010/02/13
  1985. Berlioz Historical2010/02/12
  1986. Aroldo/Stiffelio2010/02/12
  1987. The Verdi Requiem2010/02/11
  1988. Oh!! Those tenors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2010/01/30
  1989. A Marvelous Carmen from 19572010/01/27
  1990. Pot-pourri-12010/01/24
  1991. Macbeth with the great Martha Moedl2010/01/24
  1992. Happy Birthday to Joseph Calleja2010/01/23
  1993. Mascagni's Much-Neglected "Iris."2010/01/21
  1994. Mary Stuart with Janet Baker2010/01/16
  1995. Tosti in the Golden Age2010/01/15
  1996. Two Fine Figaros2010/01/13
  1997. The Definitive La Boheme Recording2010/01/12
  1998. La Fanciulla del West 1956 Scala2010/01/12
  1999. Reminder of My Video Site!!2010/01/11
  2000. Mme.Butterfly with Diana Soviero 2010/01/08
  2001. Ballo 1957 Scala2010/01/08
  2002. Happy Birthday to the Magnificent Piotr!!!!!2009/12/30
  2003. Magda Olivero in Amsterdam 19622009/12/27
  2004. The Beverly Sills Premiere Roberto Devereux2009/12/26
  2005. Renata Tebaldi as Tosca, 1955, 19582009/12/23
  2006. A Truly Glorious Adriana Lecouvreur2009/12/20
  2007. An exciting Trovatore!!!2009/12/19
  2008. The GLORIOUS 1961 Turandot2009/12/19
  2009. A Truly Beautiful La Boheme2009/12/15
  2010. Opera Oddities Vol.32009/12/14
  2011. Tosca From Covent Garden 19572009/12/09
  2012. Cristina Deutekom as Norma2009/12/09
  2013. Maria Callas Concerts 1958-92009/11/27
  2014. Strauss Divas in Vienna2009/11/26
  2015. RARE VIRGINIA ZEANI CLIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2009/11/26
  2016. Magda at 83!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2009/11/15
  2017. L'Amico Fritz, a much-neglected opera.2009/11/13
  2018. The Great Kirsten Flagstad (FIXED!!)2009/11/12
  2019. What you will NOT hear at the Met this season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2009/11/12
  2020. Great Singers in Verdi2009/11/07
  2021. Manon Lescaut with Zeani and Labo2009/10/31
  2022. Reminder of my Video Site2009/10/24
  2023. Rosanna Carteri2009/10/23
  2024. Zinka Milanov Sings Verdi2009/10/19
  2025. Soprano cabalettas2009/10/10
  2026. Exciting divas vol.22009/10/06
  2027. Exciting divas Vol.12009/10/05
  2028. Pace,Pace Vol.22009/09/25
  2029. Pace,Pace Vol.12009/09/25
  2030. Tenors who loved to belt it out!!2009/09/21
  2031. A BLAZING Rigoletto with Maria Callas2009/09/18
  2032. ...and even more Virginia Zeani2009/09/18
  2033. Louise (FIXED!)2009/09/18
  2034. A lyric soprano compilation for Beverly2009/09/16
  2035. Russian Bassos of Renown2009/09/12
  2036. The Exciting Soprano, Adriana Guerrini2009/09/11
  2037. Summary of Charlie's Sites2009/09/07
  2038. A birthday tribute to dear Regina Resnik2009/09/01
  2039. The Glorious Virginia Zeani 1960 Traviata2009/08/23
  2040. Joseph Calleja2009/08/16
  2041. Piotr,Maria, and Charlie2009/08/16
  2042. Rolando Villazon y Carlitos2009/08/15
  2043. Charlie and Two Turandots2009/08/15
  2044. The Most Beloved Bidu Sayao2009/08/15
  2045. 15 Wonderful Tenors of the Present Era.2009/08/13
  2046. The Remarkable Eva Turner (1892-1990)2009/08/11
  2047. Six Zerbinettas2009/08/10
  2048. You might get a big "high" from 45 high C's.2009/08/09
  2049. A Treasury of Mezzos2009/08/06
  2050. La Battaglia di Legnano2009/08/05
  2051. Che Gelida Manina Volume 32009/08/03
  2052. Toasting Thirteen Terrific Tenors!2009/07/31
  2053. Otello w.Mario del Monaco for his Birthday2009/07/25
  2054. The Wagner Operas from Bayreuth2009/07/24
  2055. BRAVA TO BRAVO!!!!2009/07/23
  2056. Happy 96th Birthday to Dear Licia Albanese.2009/07/23
  2057. BLAZING HOT Trovatore from Naples, 19572009/07/15
  2058. Gedda and Sutherland in Bellini2009/07/14
  2059. Happy 85th Birthday to the Remarkable Carlo Bergonzi2009/07/13
  2060. The Magnificent Stephen Costello as Romeo2009/07/10
  2062. What a TROUPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2009/07/07
  2063. Olga Borodina2009/07/05
  2064. The English National Opera Ring2009/06/29
  2065. Multi Lingual Lohengrin (Fixed)2009/06/28
  2066. German School of Singing2009/06/28
  2067. Jan Kiepura and Martha Eggerth2009/06/26
  2068. JUST RELEASED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2009/06/25
  2069. L'Amore Dei Tre Re-19412009/06/24
  2070. Die Fliegende Hollander, Bayreuth 19592009/06/23
  2071. Dominic Cossa, a superb baritone2009/06/16
  2072. La Traviata Finale of Act Three2009/06/15
  2073. Alexander Kipnis and Ezio Pinza in Boris Godunov2009/06/15
  2074. Lohengrin From Bayreuth 19542009/06/15
  2075. Diana Soviero as Tosca2009/06/14
  2076. Bel Canto Supreme:Semiramide 19802009/06/14
  2077. Happy 96th birthday to Rise Stevens, a great Octavian.2009/06/13
  2078. Magda Olivero Sings at 99!!!!2009/06/06
  2079. Golden Age Artists Sing Donizetti2009/06/05
  2080. The Art (??) of mezzo Sylvia Sawyer2009/06/02
  2081. The Legendary Callas Covent Garden Norma debut2009/06/02
  2082. Tristan und Isolde,19572009/06/01
  2083. The remarkable Leonie Rysanek sings Strauss2009/05/31
  2084. Exciting baritone high notes!2009/05/30
  2085. The 1959 Return of Jussi Bjoerling in Cavalleria Rusticana2009/05/27
  2086. Vassilka Petrova Sings (???) Tosca2009/05/27
  2087. The 1960 Salzburg Don Carlo2009/05/25
  2088. Siegfried Finale Vol.22009/05/25
  2089. Siegfried Finale Vol.12009/05/24
  2090. Marisa Galvany, volume 3.2009/05/23
  2091. The Wonderful Marisa Galvany, Volume 22009/05/23
  2092. Aureliano Pertile and Irene Minghini-Cattaneo2009/05/22
  2093. The Carmen Final Duet2009/05/21
  2094. A Tribute to the Wonderful Lucine Amara2009/05/21
  2095. Marilyn Horne-FIXED!!!2009/05/20
  2096. Aida, January 24, 19532009/05/12
  2097. Tristan und Isolde, Bayreuth 19522009/05/12
  2098. Four Famous Operetta Tenors2009/05/12
  2099. The two Mezzos named Elena!2009/05/07
  2100. Simon Boccanegra, Jan.21, 19392009/05/07
  2101. Rosa Ponselle as Carmen2009/05/03
  2102. In memory of divas who left us too early2009/05/03
  2103. Zinka Milanov as Santuzza2009/04/25
  2104. Tribute to Dear Sam Ramey2009/04/24
  2105. Casta Diva (repeated in error)2009/04/23
  2106. Una Furtiva Lagrima2009/04/23
  2107. The Great Caruso, Part Three.2009/04/19
  2108. "Pourquoi me reveiller?" (21 tenors)2009/04/18
  2109. The Arabella Duets2009/04/05
  2110. NEMICO DELLA PATRIA2009/03/28
  2111. Clara Butt, a great contralto.2009/03/26
  2112. Tosca Act Two Scene, Volume Three2009/03/23
  2113. Tosca Act Two Scene, Volume 22009/03/22
  2114. Tosca Act Two Scene,Volume One2009/03/22
  2115. Manon Lescaut Act Two Duet-Part Two2009/03/21
  2116. Manon Lescaut Act Two Duet-part one2009/03/21
  2117. Recordings from the St.Petersburg State Museum2009/03/13
  2118. Casta Diva, Volume Two2009/03/10
  2119. Exciting Verdi Ensembles2009/03/08
  2120. The Beloved Alfredo Kraus2009/03/07
  2121. The Magic of Carlo Bergonzi2009/03/07
  2122. I Lombardi/Jerusalem2009/03/02
  2123. The Liebestod2009/03/02
  2124. Olive Middleton as Adriana Lecouvreur2009/02/24
  2125. Adriana Lecouvreur-Two Scenes2009/02/24
  2126. Mimi and Marcello2009/02/21
  2127. The Great Artists of Spanish/Hispanic Origin2009/02/15
  2128. "Pop" goes the opera star!!!2009/02/08
  2129. The "Verismo" Divas2009/02/06
  2130. Controversial Singers (????)2009/02/04
  2131. Esultate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2009/01/31
  2132. Singers of the Wagner Ring from the 1920's.2009/01/31
  2133. Fanciulla Poker Scene (Redone!)2009/01/21
  2134. Reminder of my videos2009/01/18
  2135. Handelman's Three Great Tenors.2009/01/16
  2136. The Three Tenors-Back- to Back -To Back2009/01/16
  2137. The Wonderful Mezzo, Margarete Klose2009/01/15
  2138. The Lady Macbeth Letter Aria2009/01/15
  2139. O Mio Fernando2008/12/26
  2140. The Live Opera Hit Parade, Part One2008/12/26
  2141. Great Singers of the Past Sing Xmas Music2008/12/21
  2142. Puccini at 150!!!!!2008/12/21
  2143. Rene Pape, My Favorite Singer of Today2008/12/18
  2144. Brunnhilde and Sieglinde2008/12/15
  2145. The Magnificent Regina Resnik (Vol.2)2008/12/15
  2146. Amfortas and Gurnemanz2008/12/09
  2147. The Exciting Faust Church Scene2008/12/08
  2148. My Catalogues!!!2008/11/29
  2149. Lucia Aliberti2008/11/24
  2150. Meta Seinemeyer (redone)2008/11/22
  2151. French Tenors-22008/11/20
  2152. Congratulations to Placido Domingo!2008/11/14
  2153. Piotr Beczala, a magnificent tenor,in highlights from his latest album.2008/11/11
  2154. I Due Foscari2008/11/11
  2155. Twenty "Rarer" Tenors 2008/11/11
  2156. Reminder of my Videos on Google2008/11/09
  2157. Charlie has returned with "Si pel ciel."2008/11/09
  2158. Queens of the Night!2008/09/03
  2159. Opera Choruses2008/08/24
  2160. Callas and Di Stefano-19742008/08/21
  2161. The Florence 1954 Fanciulla del West2008/08/15
  2162. Italian Opera in German2008/08/15
  2163. German Tenors-12008/08/12
  2164. The Amazing Rosa Ponselle2008/08/10
  2165. A Fabulous Forza del Destino2008/08/02
  2166. Otello:Dio ti giocondi.2008/07/26
  2167. The Great Lotte Lehmann2008/07/24
  2168. The Great Danish Tenor,Helge Roswaenge2008/07/09
  2169. Virginia Zeani, a truly great soprano.2008/07/06
  2170. Analysis of the Wagner Ring2008/07/02
  2171. Wagnerian Baritones-12008/06/16
  2172. Jussi Bjoerling Compilation2008/06/08
  2173. Romeo et Juliette with Jussi Bjoerling2008/06/04
  2174. Memories of Milanov2008/06/03
  2175. The Great Leyla Gencer Sings the Three Queens2008/05/19
  2176. The Milanov/Nilsson May 17th Birthdays2008/05/17
  2177. The Amazing Diana Damrau2008/05/09
  2178. A Puccini Tribute2008/05/04
  2179. ELEKTRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2008/04/21
  2180. CWAZY QUIZ!!!2008/04/14
  2181. Die Walkure from La Puma Opera Co.2008/04/08
  2182. You never heard anything like this!!!!!!2008/04/07
  2183. Maria Callas Tribute-Vol.12008/04/04
  2184. A Glorious Luisa Miller2008/03/30
  2185. Golden Age Tenors-22008/03/25
  2186. Beverly and Placido2008/03/24
  2187. First Impressions of Singers2008/03/14
  2188. the Magnificent Aprile Millo2008/03/11
  2189. Giuseppe Di Stefano (1921-2008) -In Memoriam2008/03/09
  2190. Kunst vs.Stimme Divas2008/02/29
  2191. Happy Leap Year Birthday to Rossini2008/02/28
  2192. Verdi's Ernani2008/02/23
  2193. Claudia Muzio2008/02/22
  2194. Caterina Mancini2008/02/18
  2195. Lohengrin for Collectors2008/02/15
  2196. Puccini Interpreters-12008/02/11
  2197. Leopold Stokowski and Friends 1961-32008/02/10
  2198. Suor Angelica2008/02/05
  2199. Cecilia by Licinio Refice2008/02/02
  2200. Those famous "V" Tenors!!2008/01/24
  2201. The Remarkable Nicolai Gedda!!2008/01/19
  2202. RIDI, PAGLIACCIO!!2008/01/16
  2203. Singers of the "Germanic" School-12008/01/07
  2204. Marisa Galvany (Re-done)2007/12/28
  2205. More nuttiness in opera.2007/12/10
  2206. The Beautiful Voice of Pavel Lisitsian2007/12/09
  2207. Opera Craziness,Volume One.2007/12/06
  2208. Finales of Verdi Operas, part two.2007/12/01
  2209. Verdi Opera Finales, Part One2007/12/01
  2210. Yeletsky's beautiful aria2007/11/25
  2211. Birgit Nilsson as Elektra 1965-1982.2007/11/23
  2212. A Great Forza del Destino2007/11/20
  2213. CURSES!! IT'S ORTRUD!!2007/11/18
  2214. Gianni Raimondi2007/11/14
  2215. Turandot Act One Finale2007/11/13
  2216. Addio del Passato2007/10/30
  2217. Caruso in Song2007/10/24
  2218. Operatic Trios2007/10/23
  2219. Bulent Bezduz, a great new voice!2007/10/13
  2220. Renata and Charlie2007/10/13
  2221. Romeo et Juliette2007/10/12
  2222. MARIETTA!!!!!2007/10/11
  2223. The Wonderful Rita Gorr2007/10/03
  2224. Great Duets-Volume Two2007/09/23
  2225. Singers in the roles they created2007/09/16
  2226. In Loving Memory of Luciano Pavarotti2007/09/06
  2227. Happy Birthday to Daniele Barioni2007/09/05
  2228. Another "Golden Age"(no.3)2007/09/05
  2229. Golden Age Stars,volume 22007/08/27
  2230. The Finale of Act One of Die Walkure2007/08/25
  2231. My Videos are Back!!!!!!2007/08/21
  2232. Donizetti Rarities2007/08/16
  2233. I do believe there was a "Golden Age."(Part One)2007/08/13
  2234. The AIDA Triumphal Scene Compilation2007/08/09
  2235. Vissi d'arte QUIZ!!!2007/08/02
  2236. Faust Jewel Song and Trio2007/07/20
  2237. Italian Opera Live in Vienna2007/07/18
  2238. American Opera Tribute2007/07/16
  2239. R.I.P Regine Crespin2007/07/07
  2240. Beverly Sills:In Memoriam2007/07/03
  2241. Walkure from the La Puma Opera Co.2007/06/30
  2242. Pour mon ame2007/06/18
  2243. Can you do this better???????2007/06/15
  2244. AZUCENA!!!2007/06/14
  2245. Chest Voice, Volume 22007/06/03
  2246. "Chest voice" Part One2007/06/03
  2247. More Cabalettas for you!!!!2007/05/27
  2248. Those Cetra-Soria Stars!2007/05/27
  2249. The Filippo/Inquisitor Scene from Don Carlo2007/05/26
  2250. The "Te deum" from Tosca2007/05/19
  2251. Those "mean" mezzos!2007/05/16
  2252. Favorite Commercial Recordings (2)2007/05/08
  2253. Favorite Commercial Opera recordings (1)2007/05/07
  2254. Alfredo,Alfredo...2007/05/06
  2255. Ponto 50!2007/05/06
  2256. "Che gelida manina" Volume Two2007/04/29
  2257. Italian Songs2007/04/26
  2258. ESULTATE!!!!!!!2007/04/22
  2259. Ewa Podles2007/04/13
  2260. Odabella!!!!!2007/04/12
  2261. Aida and Amonasro on the Nile2007/04/08
  2262. Air de la Fleur2007/04/08
  2263. No...Pagliaccio non son!!!!2007/04/07
  2264. Hans Hotter Tribute2007/04/06
  2265. Wagner Singers-Part One2007/03/31
  2266. A "Salut demeure' Compilation2007/03/29
  2267. Ferrier/Baker/Blythe2007/03/27
  2268. Cenerentola Finale Pot-Pourri2007/03/04
  2269. Verismo Vol.22007/03/01
  2270. The Siegfried Wanderer2007/02/25
  2271. The Miraculous Magda Olivero2007/02/24
  2272. Sieglinde in Act Two Walkure2007/02/23
  2273. The Marvelous Leyla Gencer2007/02/16
  2274. Eight Very Exciting Divas of the Past2007/02/13
  2275. La Mamma Morta2007/02/04
  2276. The Manon St.Sulpice Scene2007/01/26
  2277. The Magnificent Antonietta Stella2007/01/23
  2278. I Puritani2007/01/13
  2279. Non-Germans Sing Wagner2006/12/26
  2280. Divas of Today, Part Two2006/12/18
  2281. Divas of Today, Part One2006/12/18
  2282. Si,Vendetta (Re-posted)2006/12/17
  2283. Samson et Delilah2006/12/16
  2284. Great Singers for the Holidays2006/12/10
  2285. 20 Sopranos of the Past2006/12/10
  2286. A Tribute to the Great Richard Tucker2006/12/04
  2287. Callas and Tebaldi Compared2006/11/21
  2288. Famous Artists Who Sang at Salzburg2006/11/12
  2289. The Men in Verdi Operas2006/11/11
  2290. A Special Tribute to Marcello Giordani, a Great Tenor2006/11/09
  2291. Che tua madre2006/11/04
  2292. The Norma Act One Trio2006/10/30
  2293. Attila for Collectors2006/10/13
  2294. The Rosenkavalier Trio2006/10/06
  2295. Boris is Good Enuff!!!!!2006/10/05
  2296. Handelmania : Una Furtiva has been REPAIRED!!!!!!2006/10/04
  2297. "D'Amor sull'ali rosee" Comparison2006/09/17
  2298. 25 More Di Quella Piras2006/09/13
  2299. Die Frau Ohne Schatten, a great opera!2006/09/07
  2300. "Come Scoglio"2006/09/07
  2301. A Birthday tribute to Jose Van Dam (8/25/40)2006/08/23
  2302. Janet Baker Birthday Tribute2006/08/21
  2303. Famous German and Viennese Singers2006/08/21
  2304. "Amor ti Vieta" with 15 tenors.2006/08/15
  2305. Six Tenors' Birthdays2006/08/10
  2306. Operatic Doctors2006/08/06
  2307. Golden Moments in Puccini Operas2006/08/06
  2308. Klose-Reining-Janowitz Birthdays2006/08/03
  2309. Golden Moments,Part One2006/07/30
  2310. July Birthdays-42006/07/28
  2311. Mario Del Monaco tribute on his Birthday 7/27/152006/07/27
  2312. C'est MAGNIFIQUE!!! Regine Crespin.2006/07/27
  2313. FIFTEEN DIVAS2006/07/26
  2314. Less-familiar Puccini Material2006/07/25
  2315. Lucrezia Borgia2006/07/23
  2316. Birthdays for July ( No.3)2006/07/20
  2317. VERISMO!!!2006/07/19
  2318. OVER THE TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2006/07/17
  2319. A Birthday Tribute to the Great Eleanor Steber (Born July 17, 1914)2006/07/16
  2320. "M'ami..m'ami!" The Ballo Duet2006/07/13
  2321. July Birthdays- Part two2006/07/10
  2322. The Aida Judgement Scene, Part One2006/07/08
  2323. Some Marvelous Verdi Trios2006/07/07
  2324. You vant Petrova?? Vell, you got her!!!!2006/07/04
  2325. A Truly Remarkable Performance of Janacek's "Jenufa."2006/07/02
  2326. July Birthdays (Part One)2006/07/01
  2327. The Beloved Olive Middleton in Adriana Lecouvreur2006/06/30
  2328. Dorothy Kirsten Tribute. She was born on July 6, 19102006/06/29
  2329. Twelve Wonderful Baritones2006/06/29
  2330. Some famous Divas2006/06/29
  2331. A Birthday Tribute to Luisa Tetrazzini,born June 29,18712006/06/27
  2332. The Great Diva, Martha Moedl2006/06/26
  2333. I Luvs You,Porgy!!!!!2006/06/24
  2334. Tribute to Lotte Lehmann2006/06/23
  2335. Great French Tenors-part One2006/06/23
  2336. Twenty Marvelous Tenors of the Past2006/06/20
  2337. Tchaikovsky's Less-known,but beautiful "Yolanta"2006/06/20
  2338. Donizetti's "La Favorita."2006/06/19
  2339. A Happy Operatic Fathers' Day Program2006/06/18
  2340. Happy Birthday (June 19) to Marisa Galvany2006/06/17
  2341. Opera Craziness-Part Two2006/06/16
  2342. A Collector's Luisa Miller2006/06/14
  2343. The Very Great Enrico Caruso-Part One2006/06/14
  2344. "Pace,Pace"- Part two2006/06/13
  2345. Happy Birthday to Rise Stevens, born June 11, 19132006/06/13
  2346. Singers Whose Birthdays are in June2006/06/13
  2347. Brush up your Opera (from Shakespeare!)2006/06/12
  2348. Mira!!!!! NORMA!!!!!!!!!!2006/06/07
  2349. LA SCALA ARTISTS AT THE BOLSHOI IN 19642006/06/05
  2350. "Hojotoho" everybody!!!!!2006/06/05
  2351. Famous Dutch Singers2006/06/04
  2352. The Sopot Forest Theatre Wagner Festival, Part One2006/06/03
  2353. The "Pace" Festival, part One.2006/06/03
  2354. IN QUESTA REGGIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2006/06/02
  2355. Viva La Cabaletta-part One.2006/05/26
  2356. The Great Norman Treigle2006/05/26
  2357. For Fans of FEDORA!!!!2006/05/24
  2358. Early Verdi Operas, Part One2006/05/21
  2359. Rolando Villazon LIVE!!!!2006/05/21
  2360. The Joys of British Opera2006/05/20
  2361. Verdi Soprano/Baritone Duets2006/05/19
  2362. Zinka Milanov 100th Anniversary Tribute-Part Two2006/05/18
  2363. Zinka Milanov 100th Anniversary Tribute-Part One.2006/05/17
  2364. Ernani on Cetra2006/05/14
  2365. Saint of Bleeker Street2006/05/13
  2366. The Strauss Four ( 16??) Last Songs.2006/05/13
  2367. Simon Boccanegra For Collectors.2006/05/13
  2368. Opera in the "wrong' language2006/05/12
  2369. Opera Stars go POP!!!!2006/05/04
  2371. The Magnificent Voice of Cesare Siepi2006/05/03
  2372. La Fanciulla Del West, A Beautiful Opera2006/05/03
  2373. A Tribute to the Great Christa Ludwig2006/05/02
  2374. MY THREE TENORS!!2006/05/01
  2375. Handelmania Presents Handel.2006/04/30
  2376. "O Don Fatale."2006/04/30
  2377. Highlights from Wagner's Ring Operas2006/04/30
  2378. Diana Soviero,The Last Verismo Diva2006/04/27
  2379. The Russians are coming!!!!!!!!2006/04/27
  2380. Never Trash Adriana Lecouvreur!!2006/04/26
  2381. Singers Who Express Great Emotion2006/04/23
  2382. "Not -to-neglect the bassos!"2006/04/22
  2383. In Memory of Leonard Warren: Apr.21,1911-Mar.4, 19602006/04/21
  2384. The Beloved Renata Tebaldi2006/04/20
  2385. A Cavalleria Rusticana Pot-pourri2006/04/20
  2386. A Collector's Macbeth2006/04/17
  2387. Squillante tenors-Volume One2006/04/17
  2388. Celeste Aida and the Passaggio2006/04/16
  2389. A Mozart Celebration-Part One.2006/04/15
  2390. Live Highlights from the Ring,Vienna 1933-19412006/04/13
  2391. 40th Anniversary of Zinka Milanov's Retirement2006/04/13
  2392. Meta Seinemeyer (1895-1928)2006/04/13
  2393. Oh! That "Di Quella Pira!!!"2006/04/12
  2394. EMI Artists2006/04/12
  2395. Famous Artists Who Sang at La Scala2006/04/11
  2396. Fifteen Delicious Divas2006/04/10
  2397. Sempre Libera Divas2006/04/10
  2398. A Collector's Flying Dutchman2006/04/09
  2399. "Nessun Dorma" Collection2006/04/09
  2400. The Mad World of Opera2006/04/08
  2401. "Che gelida manina"2006/04/08
  2402. An April 8th Birthday Tribute to Franco Corelli2006/04/07
  2403. Exciting Opera Duets2006/04/07
  2404. Tribute to Afro-American Artists2006/04/07
  2405. Artists I Have Known and Loved2006/04/05
  2406. Famous Mezzos and Contraltos-Volume One2006/04/04
  2407. Tenors Who Appeared at the Teatro Carlo Felice in Genoa2006/04/04
  2408. Not very "Celeste" Aida2006/04/03
  2409. Magda Olivero in Amsterdam.2006/04/02
  2410. Seven Baritones in the "German Fach"2006/04/02
  2411. Daniele Barioni2006/04/02
  2412. A Tribute to Artists Who Have Left us2006/04/01
  2413. The Great Zinka Milanov,my all-time favorite singer2006/03/31
  2414. The Great Regina Resnik as Soprano and Mezzo-soprano2006/03/31
  2415. Elektra Exc.1965 Vienna2006/03/31
  2416. Anna Bolena Scenes featuring Marisa Galvany,Olivia Stapp, and Samuel Ramey2006/03/30
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