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Jean-Michel Cousteau: Ocean Adventures | PBS

  1. Nudibranchs2008/12/01
    They might be tiny, but nudibranchs can pack a poisonous punch. Learn more about these extraordinary creatures.
  2. Shipwreck2008/10/27
    Coral reefs often make for spectacular diving, and shipwrecks can become vibrant habitats. Explore the area around an underwater volcano with the Ocean Adventures team.
  3. A Warmer World for Arctic Animals2008/09/22
    Climate change is already affecting polar bears, walruses, belugas and arctic foxes. Find out how.
  4. Trash on the Spin Cycle2008/09/19
    Jean-Michel Cousteau and his team sail into the "Great Pacific Garbage Patch" while shooting "Voyage to Kure."
  5. Seal Charisma2008/08/27
    Whiskers. Flippers. Big soulful eyes. Underwater acrobatics. Check out how "common seals" of Monterey Bay are anything but "common," at least when it comes to cuteness!
  6. It's a Shark-Eat-Shark WorldThurs, 17 July 2008 5:00:00 PST
    In the wild, mating is anything but tender. Watch how one shark couple's attempt at mating leads to another shark's dinner.
  7. The Two-Stomached WonderThurs, 19 June 2008 10:00:00 PST
    If you're a sea star, a second stomach comes in handy if you're after a meal larger than your mouth. Don't miss one sea star ejecting its stomach outside its body in order to chow down.
  8. Squid SpawningThurs, 5 June 2008 15:00:00 PST
    Watch scenes from a night of love and death among opalescent squid in the Channel Islands. Warning: stunning underwater footage is just a click away...
  9. Secrets of the Kelp Forest2008/05/07
    Sea otters, urchins and kelp, oh my! Explore the delicate balance of life in an emerald forest.
  10. Lanai the Albatross2008/04/10
    It's hard to be a bird when your wings don't work right! Find out how the Ocean Adventures team comes to the rescue of Lanai, a fledgling albatross hatched on Kure, a remote Hawaiian island.
  11. Pink Dolphins of the Amazon2008/03/26
    In the pink! Find out why pink dolphins of the Amazon are pink, how their sonar has evolved for conditions in the Amazon, and what they do with their ferocious teeth.
  12. Return to the Amazon2008/03/26
    The Amazon is the most powerful of the world's rivers, and its rapid transformation will alter the global climate. Emptying into the great Atlantic Ocean, it flows through the world's largest tropical rainforest where evolution has gone wild, creating the greatest biodiversity of any area on the planet.
  13. Gray Whale Obstacle Course2006/07/17
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  14. Sharks at Risk2006/07/06
    Jean-Michel Cousteau uncovers the shocking story of the worldwide extermination of sharks and learns that sharks have more to fear from humans than we do from them. The precipitous decline of sharks, long maligned as man-eaters, could affect many other species in the food chain, as Cousteau's investigation reveals.
  15. Interview with Jean-Michel Cousteau2006/04/10
    Jean-Michel Cousteau discusses the making of his exciting PBS series, Jean-Michel Cousteau: Ocean Adventures.
  16. Voyage to Kure2006/04/10
    In this pionneering exploration, the Ocean Adventures team sets sail to the Northwestern Hawaiian Island archipelago, the most remote island group in the world. There, they discover diverse wildlife populations above and below the sea and investigate these species' fight against extinction and the devastating effects of pollution, mining, fishing and development.
Jean-Michel Cousteau: Ocean Adventures | PBS
Jean-Michel Cousteau and his expedition team set sail to explore dangerous and
spectacular locales across the globe to reveal the oceans' mysteries in "Jean-Michel Cousteau: Ocean Adventures." Find out
more about this PBS series at: pbs.org/oceanadventures.

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