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Musing on Mission

  1. Final Words2010/10/01
    Fr. Gabriel completes his podcast Musing on Mission. He offers some concluding thoughts on beginning a mission parish. Fr. Gabriel would like to offer a special thanks to all those who listened to this series.

  2. Report2010/08/20
    Fr. Gabriel reflects on his summer as well as future goals for his mission parish.

  3. Conversion:  Part Two2010/06/27
    Fr. Gabriel continues his conversion discussion, focusing on the meaning of truth .

  4. Conversion2010/06/07
    Fr. Gabriel offers the first part of a discussion on the significance of the word "conversion" to the Orthodox Christian.

  5. Eight Tactics for Mission Development2010/04/29
    Fr. Gabriel discusses the eight components he's found essential to building a mission.

  6. When Irrational Conflicts Enter the Church2010/03/19
    Fr. Gabriel meditates on the trials and tribulations he has experienced over the last forty years of ministry.

  7. Community2010/03/07
    Fr. Gabriel asks, "What does it mean to have koinonia—to have a 'unity of the spirit'?"

  8. Taking Stock2010/02/02
    Fr. Gabriel takes a moment to reflect on the growth of his mission parish and what it will take to keep it growing.

  9. The Things We Carry2010/01/26
    Fr. Gabriel addresses the "evanescence" of the Church.

    Please note that Fr. Gabriel experienced technical difficulties while recording this episode. We apologize in advance for the poor audio quality.

  10. St. George Orthodox Military Association2010/01/12
    Pani-matka Susan interviews Vladimir Laven, a fellow parishioner who just recently began a network called the St. George Orthodox Military Association.

  11. Normalcy2009/12/18
    What happens when a congregation reaches the point of homeostasis? Fr. Gabriel answers this question and more on a new Musing on Mission.

  12. Secular vs. Christian Mindsets: Part 42009/11/25
    Fr. Gabriel explains that the notion of religion is something we do in order to enter into God's presence.

  13. Secular vs. Christian Mindsets: Part 32009/11/06
    Fr. Gabriel enumerates the various ways in which secular individuals replace the one true Messiah who is lacking in their lives.

  14. Secular vs. Christian Mindsets: Part 22009/10/26
    Fr. Gabriel engages in a sustained meditation upon the centrality of the Resurrection for Christians.

  15. Secular vs. Christian Mindsets2009/10/02
    Fr. Gabriel explains that missions is not just about getting people into church; rather, it's likewise about enabling people to think like Christians.

  16. How People Get Into Orthodoxy2009/09/16
    Fr. Gabriel shares the results of an evening forum he hosted on Orthodox conversions.

  17. Faith and Culture2009/09/02
    What role does culture play in bearing faith to people? What role should culture play in bearing faith to people? How are we ever going to develop an American Orthodox Church? Fr. Gabriel answers these questions and more on a new Musing on Mission.

  18. Orthodox Teens2009/08/21
    What do Orthodox teens love about the Church? The community, the stability, the history, and the worship. Fr. Gabriel shares the results of a conversation he recently had with a Ukrainian Orthodox Teen Missions team.

  19. False Issues2009/07/22
    How do you deflect the false issues with which potential seekers confront you? Fr. Gabriel suggests that you maintain your focus on the central message of Christianity.

  20. Joy2009/07/09
    Fr. Gabriel explains the distinction between joy and happiness.

  21. Pruning2009/06/25
    There comes a time when pruning is necessary to increase the health of your flock. But this is no easy task, says Fr. Gabriel.

  22. Chrismation2009/06/10
    Fr. Gabriel muses on the power of the service by which we bring people into the church, as well as the genius of allowing seekers to convert at their own pace.

  23. The Loss of Boundaries2009/04/11
    Fr. Gabriel explains why he just recently quit his job as an artisan baker and why he views this as a positive step in his life.

  24. Pride2009/03/07
    What do a local mysticism study group, the film Religulous, and the poem Invictus have in common? They all emanate from human ego and pride. Fr. Gabriel Rochelle tackles the heretical conviction that "whatever you can make up to believe religiously is probably okay and may be true."

  25. The Celtic Way of Evangelism2009/02/11
    What can we learn from Catholics in Ireland? Fr. Gabriel explains the Celtic way of evangelism, which he believes is directly applicable to the Orthodox Church.

  26. Reliant on Prayer2009/01/09
    A mission is not just built, it is literally prayed into existence!

  27. Soul and Body2008/12/17
    As we near the end of the fast, Fr. Gabriel comments on the tendency in modern Christianity toward a dichotomy of the physical and spiritual as well as belief and actions.

  28. Baking and Ministry2008/11/25
    As an artisan baker, Fr. Gabriel has some insight on the relationship between baking and ministry.

  29. Talk Is Not Cheap2008/11/17
    Questions from inquirers can be a regular occurrence at a new mission. What we say and how we say it makes a huge difference in the growth of the mission.

  30. Concept and Craving for Community2008/11/01
    Should anyone notice or really care if just one person is missing from Church on any given Sunday?

  31. Thresholds2008/10/25
    Today Fr. Gabriel reflects on those moments in life where new territory is explored and we enter a strange land. He also celebrates the naming of the new Mission!

  32. Tent Maker2008/10/11
    Fr. Gabriel muses on the necessity and value of being bi-vocational as a mission priest.

  33. Organization or Organism?2008/10/02
    How do you maneuver in the waters of secularism when you are about a true alternative?

  34. Loneliness and the Individual Christian2008/09/23
    Bringing Orthodoxy to a new community involves a demonstration of the communal nature of salvation.

  35. The Priestly Mindset2008/09/17
    Returning from a brief vacation, Fr. Gabriel reflects on the old right brain, left brain model and explores the mindset of a priest.

  36. Building Social Capital2008/09/09
    Your relationships in the community matter a great deal not only on their own merit but in your efforts to establish a mission.

  37. Despondency and Despair2008/08/13
    Its inevitable when you are starting a mission. There will be times of discouragement. But how should we react?

  38. Money Matters2008/08/02
    How should we look at the obvious need for finances when starting a new mission?

  39. Mission in a Post Modern World2008/07/29
    Fr. Gabriel even wonders if this is a post-post modern world or back to a modern world! Whatever age we are in, there are unique challenges facing us in planting a mission parish.

  40. How Do You Begin?2008/07/12
    How do you unravel the Truths of our faith in a place where there is no history, experience or concept of Orthodoxy?

  41. The Shape Of The Mission2008/07/07
    Fr. Gabriel explores the Location, Limitations, Liabilities and Labors of Love that go into establishing a new mission.

  42. A Place For Maintenance And A Place For Mission2008/06/28
    In his 2nd installment, Fr. Gabriel reflects on the value of both the maintenance of established parishes and the planting of new ones.

  43. Planting the Seed2008/06/21
    In this first episode, Fr. Gabriel gives some background on what led them to Las Cruces New Mexico.

Musing on Mission
Life in an Orthodox Christian mission church in New Mexico

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