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  1. The New Jerusalem - Part 32010/01/14
    Fr. John concludes his address, examining what the New Jerusalem will be and how we will be renewed along with it.

  2. The New Jerusalem - Part 22010/01/07
    Fr. John continues his lecture, showing how Christ becomes the bridegroom with Jerusalem His bride.

  3. The New Jerusalem - Part 12009/12/31
    Fr. John presents a lecture he gave in New Jersey recently on The New Jerusalem in Revelation 21. In Part 1 of this 3-part series, he discusses what the Book of Revelation is, where it should be read and how it should be interpreted.

  4. Four Arguments For The Building Of An Ark - Part 12009/08/22
    Fr. John begins a new six-part series:
    Part 1 - Introduction: Answering the call

  5. The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ - Part 32009/07/18
    Fr. John concludes his series by examining the accounts of the resurrection in each of the four Gospels and gives five thought-provoking facts about it.

  6. The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ - Part 22009/07/05
    Fr. John continues his series, examining what people before Christ believed about the Resurrection.

  7. The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ - Part 12009/05/13
    In the first part of his series, Fr. John explores arguments for and against Christ's Resurrection.

  8. The Parables of Jesus - Part 2 - The Kingdom of God2009/03/28
    The parables proclaim, in one way or another, the coming of the kingdom of God - but what kingdom, when and how.

  9. The Parables Of Jesus - Part 1: The Play Is The Thing2009/03/13
    Fr. John explains parables, Jesus' use of parables and their dizzying complexity and ingenuity.

  10. This Is Not A Safe Book2009/03/05
    Like the hero of the book, The Neverending Story, Orthodox Christians enter into the Holy Week scriptures, participating in them here and now.

  11. Knowledge Maketh a Bloody Entrance2009/02/14
    Fr. John shows how we must learn to love the entire image of God in creation and in man.

  12. On Being A Liturgical Poet - Part 22009/01/19
    Fr. John concludes his list of requisites for "theorators" and finishes with a recitation by the great Dylan Thomas.

  13. On Being A Liturgical Poet - Part 12009/01/12
    Fr. John gives the first ten of twenty attributes he believes are necessary for "theorators"-- those who will give the Church badly-needed poetical English liturgical services.

  14. Redemption Songs - Melito Of Sardis - Part 22008/12/21
    Fr. John continues his discussion of Bishop Melito and examines his Paschal passover service.

  15. Redemption Songs - Melito Of Sardis - Part 12008/12/05
    Fr. John introduces us to the second century Bishop and Saint from Asia Minor.

  16. Zombies - Part 12008/10/25
    Come for the zombies. Stay for the insights and "Apophatic Anthropology"

  17. Redemption Songs - George Herbert - Part 22008/10/18
    In this segment, Fr. John again plays the role of George Herbert and reads some of the poet's greatest works.

  18. Redemption Songs - George Herbert - Part 12008/10/11
    In the first of two parts, Fr. John takes on the role of the 17th century priest/poet, examining his poetry, life and thoughts.

  19. Redemption Songs - John Donne2008/10/04
    Fr. John introduces us to the 17th century Anglican priest and poet.

  20. What if Sid and Nancy came to your church? Reflections on Orthodox Evangelism2008/09/27
    Fr. John makes four points about what Orthodox evangelism is - and isn't.

  21. Bright Wings - Classical Christian Ecology - Part 52008/09/04
    Fr. John concludes with some practical (as well as some radical) ways for us to govern the Earth in relationship with God.

  22. Bright Wings - Classical Christian Ecology - Part 42008/08/28
    Fr. John shows how changes in our lifestyles have affected our spiritual lives.

  23. Bright Wings - Classical Christian Ecology - Part 32008/08/21
    In this segment, Fr. John documents the struggles of some who attempted to live in harmony with God's Earth.

  24. Bright Wings: Classical Christian Ecology - Part 22008/08/14
    In this segment, Fr. John discusses the "final crown" of God's creation—man.

  25. Bright Wings: Classical Christian Ecology - Part 12008/08/07
    Fr. John outlines his vision for an Orthodox plan of ecology.

  26. O Lord, Crown Them with Glory and Honour2008/06/19
    This time of year brings us—weddings. And Fr. John looks at St. Paul's much misunderstood epistle on husbands and wives.

  27. Redemption Songs - God’s Grandeur2008/05/18
    Fr. John recites and explains the meaning of the famous sonnet from Gerard Manley Hopkins.

  28. Philemon2008/05/07
    Fr. John shows how St. Paul's letter to Philemon might be the most important, prophetic Word of God for our Church in these times.

  29. Orthodox Charity - Part 52008/04/17
    Fr.John concludes his series with ten things you can do to practice Orthodox charity.

  30. Orthodox Charity - Part 42008/04/14
    Fr. John continues his series, looking at the three main types of tithing in the Bible, with examples from Abraham and Melchizadek, Tobit, Malachi and the Acts of the Apostles.

  31. Orthodox Charity - Part 32008/04/12
    Fr. John continues his discussion, examining the spirituality of money.

  32. Orthodox Charity - Part 22008/03/26
    Fr. John continues his discussion on Orthodox charity, this time examining the relevant words and works of St. Paul.

  33. Orthodox Charity - Part 12008/03/23
    Fr. John begins a series on the subject of charity in the Orthodox tradition. In this first episode he gives a staggering overview of where we are in our society today in terms of the stewardship of our resources and the high expectations we have to be comfortable.

  34. The Last Judgment2008/02/29
    In his first episode, Fr. John offers reflections on the Last Judgment with an interesting analogy from Homer.

Studies in the Living Tradition - Studies in Orthodox Tradition based on Bible studies, catechumen lessons, lectures, and retreats by Fr. John Hainsworth.

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