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The Opinionated Tailor

  1. What’s Your Praxis?2018/12/07
    Krista muses on faith with works and creating our praxis, or the practice of our faith.

  2. Church Beauty Basics2018/10/17
    Want to bring more beauty to your church, but don't know where to begin? Listen is as Krista shares some easy tips and ideas for making and keeping your church beautiful.

  3. Beauty in the Church2018/05/22
    Krista West recently wrote an article about Beauty in the Church for a priest whose church was starting a building program and they wanted to raise awareness about beauty in the Church.

  4. Marian’s House2017/12/27
    Have you ever felt incomplete or unfinished? Krista shares what moving to an old home has taught her about bringing life to completion in Christ.

  5. Great Unexpectations2017/06/19
    So what do we do when life hands us something we weren't expecting?

  6. Parenting without a Paradigm2017/03/03
    Kh Krista talks about the gifts and struggles of parenting if you haven't grown up with good role models.

  7. What’s New in the Workshop2017/01/31
    Kh. Krista catches us up on her various current projects and interests.

  8. Why Work?2016/11/07
    In this podcast, Kh. Krista reads Dorothy Sayers's essay "Why Work?" which was written over 70 years ago and yet is highly relevant today.

  9. Watchful Work: Part Two2016/06/12
    Kh. Krista shares specific skills and techniques for making your work more watchful.

  10. Watchful Work: Part One2016/05/31
    Kh. Krista encourages us to learn to work efficiently and deeply and make every moment count.

  11. Raising Skillful Children: Part Three2016/01/30
    Part three focuses on the adolescent years and the launch into early adulthood.

  12. Raising Skillful Children: Part Two2015/11/19
    Part two of this series focuses on practical suggestions for ages 8-13.

  13. Raising Skillful Children: Part One2015/10/07
    In part one of three of her new series, Kh. Krista explains why raising skillful children is important and then focuses on practical suggestions for ages birth through 7.

  14. It’s All In Your Head: Part Two2015/04/01
    Kh. Krista continues her musings on social media and its limitations.

  15. It’s All In Your Head: Part One2015/03/09
    Kh. Krista muses on social media and its limitations.

  16. 40 Days of Black2014/12/04
    Kh. Krista discusses her complicated relationship with her late father, which became less so as she helped him negotiate the end of his life.

  17. Slow Vestments2014/04/28
    Kh. Krista turns her thoughts to the fast fashion industry and what its implications are for our vestment tradition.

  18. Ten Things I Love About Teenagers2013/10/08
    Kh. Krista muses on the things she loves about teenagers.

  19. What’s Wrong with Venice?2013/03/27
    On a recent research trip overseas, Kh. Krista visited San Marcos in Venice, Italy, a church adorned with looted Byzantine art and iconography. In doing so, she was really hit by the magnitude of the loss of Constantinople, which prompted a reflection on beauty and the sublime.

  20. Real Stuff2012/07/30
    In a world of the unreal, Kh. Krista meditates on the "real" stuff of the Church.

  21. Today is Not the Day2012/01/28
    Work got you down? Take a few minutes to hear how work can refresh you.

  22. The Happy Prince2011/12/20
    As a Christmas gift to her listeners, Kh. Krista reads The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde.

  23. Where Is Your Peace?2011/10/21
    Ever thought of your spiritual peace as a weapon? Kh. Krista has!

  24. Beauty is More Than Skin Deep2011/07/19
    In the Orthodox Church, beauty is more than skin deep. Kh. Krista explains why.

  25. The Community of Joy2011/05/27
    Kh. Krista reads her article, "The Community of Joy."

  26. Vestment Book 52011/05/07
    Kh. Krista completes the first chapter of her book on the origins and traditions of Orthodox Vestments.

  27. Some Serious Religion2011/04/12
    Kh. Krista gives some advice on getting ready for Holy Week.

  28. Preparing for Lent2011/03/05
    Are you prepared for Lent? Kh. Krista gives some tips.

  29. Vestment Book 42011/01/10
    With this podcast, Kh. Krista continues reading from her book on Orthodox vestments, discussing the ancient garments of Greece and Rome and their transformation into Orthodox Christian liturgical dress.

  30. Vestment Book 32010/11/11
    With this podcast, Kh. Krista continues reading from her book on Orthodox vestments, discussing the ancient garments of Greece and Rome and their transformation into Orthodox Christian liturgical dress.

  31. Mary and Martha and Mamool2010/10/11
    Kh. Krista contemplates the differences between Mary and Martha, in light of making Arabic pastries.

  32. Vestment Book 22010/09/19
    With this podcast, Kh. Krista continues reading from her book on Orthodox vestments, discussing the ancient garments of Greece and Rome and their transformation into Orthodox Christian liturgical dress.

  33. Vestment Book I2010/09/01
    Kh. Krista begins reading from her book-in-progress on the origins and traditions of Orthodox vestments.

  34. Perspectives2010/06/10
    Kh. Krista explains how our lives can change when we change our vision.

  35. Put Down and Look2010/02/22
    Kh. Krista encourages us to put down the service books and enter more fully into this year's Lenten services.

  36. Prepare Ye the Way2010/01/27
    Getting ready for both a new baby and a new book on vestments has Kh. Krista thinking about preparation in general.

  37. Discipline - Part 62009/11/08
    Kh. Krista discusses the importance and joy of hard work.

  38. Discipline - Part 52009/09/25
    As part of a disciplined life, Kh. Krista discusses the place occupied by balance, eikonimia, and rest.

  39. Discipline - Part 42009/08/22
    Is almsgiving just about money? Kh. Krista explores how almsgiving teaches us to let go.

  40. Discipline - Part 32009/08/08
    Kh. Krista presents fasting as a gift and a skill.

  41. Discipline - Part 22009/07/11
    In part two of her series on leading a more disciplined life, Kh. Krista looks at the traditional discipline of prayer.

  42. Discipline - Part 12009/07/03
    How do we lead a disciplined life? Part one of a series on discipline.

  43. Abase and Abound2009/05/23
    How good are you at going with the flow? Can you "abase and abound," as St. Paul mentions in Philippians? Kh. Krista uses her experience making cassocks to consider this topic.

  44. The Joy of Handcraft2009/05/04
    Is knitting a dying art?

  45. Learning to Ski the Slopes of Lent2009/04/17
    Khouria Krista compares the Lenten journey to learning to ski.

  46. Preparing for Lent2009/03/14
    How to take your schedule down a notch in preparation for Great Lent.

  47. Longing for Paradise2009/03/05
    Christ charms us into His kingdom, says Khouria Krista West, and this is nowhere more evident than in the physical manifestation of beauty within the Church.

  48. Bishops’ Vestments2009/02/16
    Khouria Krista West explains the origins of Bishops' vestments.

  49. Sin No. 52009/01/28
    On the list of 7 deadly sins in the Bible, the 5th one is Gluttony. In a society where we are often denied nothing, how do we as Orthodox Christians face this issue head on? Kh. Krista has a very personal experience to share with us today.

  50. Eye Of The Storm2008/12/16
    Kh. Krista muses on Christmas, preparation, twinkly lights and priorities as we draw closer to Christmas day.

  51. From Concept to Completion - The Tailor’s Workshop2008/11/19
    Today, Kh. Krista lets us in on her planning and final completion of her new workshop where ecclesiastical vestments are made.

  52. The Honorable Workman2008/10/15
    "Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might." (Ecclesiastes 9:10)

    Today Kh. Krista celebrates the laborer who works with his or her hands in a day of automation and machinery.

  53. In the Workshop Today2008/09/20
    Kh. Krista takes us into her workshop where she is working on some unique and unusual cutting projects.

  54. Kontoglou on Byzantine Iconography2008/09/03
    Today Kh. Krista reads a fascinating and instructive article from the Institute for Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies about Byzantine iconography compared to western art.

  55. The Work of Contentment2008/08/05
    Kh. Krista reflects on the relationship between work and true contentment.

  56. Painting and Praying2008/07/19
    The Bible says we are to pray without ceasing. But does that include when we have a paint brush in our hand?

  57. Driving To Heaven2008/07/02
    Kh. Krista imagines an Orthodox world where our priorities favor the beauty of our Temples rather than the beauty of our cars.

  58. Clutter, Confusion and Contentment2008/06/16
    Some thoughts on the clutter in our lives and how it affects our spiritual state.

  59. Ode To A Home2008/05/30
    Kh. Krista gives a farewell to her house and muses on what homes and beauty mean.

  60. Wear Your Best For Jesus2008/05/16
    Kh. Krista shares her thoughts on wearing your Sunday best.

  61. Meditations on a Funeral2008/04/24
    Since today is Holy Friday, Kh. Krista takes a departure from her usual topics of vestments and beauty in the Church and gives a meditation on motherhood and death.

  62. Why Everything You Thought You Knew about Color is Wrong2008/04/13
    Kh. Krista discusses the use of color in vestments.

  63. A Tailor’s reflections on the prayer of St. Ephraim2008/04/01
    Kh. Krista gives some reflections on the prayer of St. Ephraim from a tailor's point of view.

  64. Beauty In The Church2008/03/17
    Kh. Krista explores the various reasons that beauty is important in the Church.

  65. How Vestments Are Made2008/03/01
    In this podcast, Kh. Krista explains step-by-step how vestments are made, from the very first phone call to the finished garments.

  66. The Education of an Ecclesiastical Tailor2008/02/17
    Kh. Krista walks us through her journey and experiences that brought her to the world of ecclesiastical tailoring.

  67. A Walking Tour of the Orthodox Church - Part 22008/02/05
    Kh. Krista continues her informative tour paying particular close attention to what the deacon and priest are wearing. Don't miss her perspective on the importance of the beauty of the fabric close to the end!

  68. A Walking Tour of the Orthodox Church - Part 12008/01/23
    Today we walk through the temple and learn about the fabrics, vestments and colors that we encounter. This is part 1 of our tour.

  69. The Power of the Cassock2008/01/09
    In this episode Kh. Krista gives us some history on the use of the cassock and shares her opinion on how it should be used today.

  70. The Big Black Dress2007/12/26
    Kh. Krista gives a helpful perspective on current cassock usage in the US and the modern history of clerical dress in America since the 1950s.

The Opinionated Tailor
The Opinionated Tailor is a glimpse into the colorful world of Krista West, ecclesiastical tailor, priest's wife, and mother. In her podcasts, she discusses any and all matters pertaining to Orthodox church vesture, parish life, motherhood, and faith.

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