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Ancient Faith Presents…

  1. Frederica Mathewes-Green2019/02/13
    Bobby Maddex talks with Frederica Mathewes-Green, the keynote speaker at the upcoming Ancient Faith Writing and Podcasting Conference..

  2. More on the Ancient Faith Writing and Podcasting Conference2019/02/12
    Bobby Maddex interviews Katherine Hyde, the Acquisitions Editor of Ancient Faith Publishing, about the Ancient Faith Writing and Podcasting Conference.

  3. OCMC Missionary to Albania2019/02/10
    Bobby Maddex interviews Teresa Duro, an OCMC missionary to Albania who needs your support

  4. Ancient Faith Writing and Podcasting Conference2019/02/09
    Melinda Johnson, the Marketing Director of Ancient Faith Ministries, talks about the Ancient Faith Writing and Podcasting Conference, which will take place June 13-15 at Antiochian Village in Bolivar, Pennsylvania. Click here to register!

  5. Job Opening at St. Vlad’s2019/02/08
    John Maddex talks with St. Vladimir's Orthodox Seminary President Fr. Chad Hatfield about a strategic job opening at the seminary. They are looking for a Managing Director of Marketing and Operations for SVS Press. Do you know someone who should apply?

  6. Four Surprising Reasons to Support AFR2018/12/17
    From a Behind the Scenes blog, Marketing Director Melinda Johnson reflects on why someone should consider supporting AFR here in December.

  7. Fast Questions and Fast Answers About the Geography of Orthodoxy in America2018/12/14
    Bobby Maddex interviews Alexei Krindatch, the Research Coordinator of the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America, about a new report titled "Fast Questions and Fast Answers About the Geography of Orthodoxy in America."

  8. Treasures of Romania 2.02018/12/05
    Bobby Maddex interviews Fr. Robert Miclean, the Rector of Holy Archangels Orthodox Mission in Annapolis, Maryland, about the pilgrimage he will be leading to Romania in 2019.

  9. St. Emmelia Orthodox Homeschool Conferences2018/12/01
    Bobby Maddex interviews Fr. Noah Bushelli, the Director of the Department of Homeschooling for the Antiochian Archdiocese, about the St. Emmelia Orthodox Homeschool Conferences.

  10. Oh Marvelous Wonder2018/11/22
    Bobby Maddex interviews Luke Arrington, the director of the men’s choir at Holy Apostles Orthodox Church in Bixby, Oklahoma, and one of the individuals behind the new CD O Marvelous Wonder.

  11. OCAMPR Conference 20182018/10/29
    Bobby Maddex interviews Dr. Gayle Woloschak, the former president of the Orthodox Christian Association of Medicine, Psychology, and Religion, otherwise known as OCAMPR, about the organization's upcoming conference.

  12. Hiking the Holy Mountain2018/10/27
    Bobby Maddex interviews John McKinney, the author of Hiking the Holy Mountain: Tales of Monks and Miracles on the Trails of Mount Athos, Greece.

  13. FaithTree: The Relationship Project2018/10/25
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  14. Fast Questions and Fast Answers About American Orthodox Bishops2018/10/23
    Alexei Krindatch, the Research Coordinator for the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America, discusses his new report on the various backgrounds of our Orthodox Bishops.

  15. The Collective Wisdom Project2018/10/22
    Bobby Maddex interviews Herman Middleton, the founder of the Collective Wisdom Project, a collection of video interviews of people who have discovered the Orthodox Faith.

  16. Panorthodoxy2018/09/24
    Bobby Maddex interviews George Matsoukas, the Executive Director of Orthodox Christian Laity (OCL), and Andy Kartalis, a Vice President of the board of OCL, about their upcoming conference on Panorthodoxy.

  17. Heaven and Earth: A Song of Creation2018/09/21
    Bobby Maddex interviews Richard Barrett, the Artistic Director of the St. John of Damascus Society, about his Psalm 103 project.

  18. Doxacon 20182018/09/14
    Bobby Maddex interviews Daniel Silver and Fr. David Subu, two of the individuals behind the annual Doxacon conference, which will take place this year from November 2-3.

  19. All-Night Vigil2018/09/10
    Bobby Maddex interviews Dr. David Chalmers, the musicologist-in-residence at Paraclete Recordings, about the All-Night Vigil, composed by Sergei Rachmaninoff.

  20. Saint Veronica: An Eastern Orthodox Historical Overview and Liturgical Service2018/09/10
    Bobby Maddex interviews Veronica Hughes about her new book Saint Veronica: An Eastern Orthodox Historical Overview and Liturgical Service.

  21. New MA Programs at IOCS!2018/09/06
    Bobby Maddex interviews Dr. Christoph Schneider, the Academic Director of the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies, about the institute's two new MA programs.

  22. The Orthodox Christian Attorney Network2018/09/01
    Ken Liu joins us to talk about the Orthodox Christian Attorney Network and the upcoming conference in conjunction with the Christian Legal Society.

  23. Exploring Orthodoxy2018/08/06
    Bobby Maddex interviews Fr. Geoff Harvey, priest at the Good Shepherd Orthodox Church in Melbourne, Australia, about their parish's upcoming event "Exploring Orthodoxy" on Sunday, August 26.

  24. Orthodox Christian Attorney Network2018/06/26
    Monica Yousef is an attorney with Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton and the Co-Chair of the Orthodox Christian Attorney Network. In conjunction with the Christian Legal Society, the OCAN is planning their second annual conference and would love to see all Orthodox lawyers attend. Find out more HERE.

  25. Meet Fr. John Parker2018/06/12
    Get to know Fr. John Parker,Chair of the Department of Evangelization of the Orthodox Church in America. Hear about his conversion to Orthodoxy as well as his views on evangelism.

  26. Fr. Nicola Yanney - Immigrant Missionary Evangelist2018/06/04
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  27. St. Tikhon’s 114th Annual Memorial Day Pilgrimage2018/05/02
    Bobby Maddex interviews Archimandrite Sergius of St. Tikhon’s Monastery and Maria Sheehan, the community coordinator for the monastery, about St. Tikhon’s 114th Annual Memorial Day Pilgrimage.

  28. Bruno Capolongo and the Art of Kintsugi2018/04/22
    Bobby Maddex interviews Bruno Capolongo, a full-time artist and convert to Orthodox Christianity who attends All Saints of North America Church in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and specializes in the art of kintsugi. Please see the attachment for an example of kintsugi.

  29. Update on Most Holy Theotokos: Rescuer of the Perishing2018/04/13
    Bobby Maddex interviews Peter Schweitzer, a member of the board of directors of Most Holy Theotokos: Rescuer of the Perishing, an Orthodox assisted-living facility for Orthodox Christians nearing the end of life, located in Clearwater, Florida. Peter is here today to update us on the progress of the facility and to tell you about an opportunity to help support this important ministry.

  30. Meet OCMC Executive Director Fr. Martin Ritsi2018/03/20
    Ancient Faith Radio welcomes the Executive Director of the Orthodox Christian Missions Center, Fr. Martin Ritsi, to our studio. The phone number for OCMC was misstated in the interview. The actual number is 1-800-GOFORTH.

  31. New Zealand Missionary Fr. Paul Patitsas2018/03/01
    OCMC missionary Fr. Paul Patitsas joins us to talk about his work in New Zealand and Oceana.

  32. The Greeks who Changed the World2018/02/27
    What happened when newly evangelized Greek merchants shared their newfound faith in their new homeland? It's grassroots evangelism at its best, and it helped spread Christianity far and wide. Fr. Patrick Reardon tells their story.

  33. 6 Things Orthodox Christians Can Learn From Billy Graham2018/02/24
    On Feb 21, 2018 at 7:46 AM Eastern Time, the Rev. Billy Graham reposed at the age of 99 in Montreat, North Carolina. Dn. Michael Hyatt and John Maddex talk about six things we can learn from the life of Billy Graham as Orthodox Christians.

  34. Orthodox Christian Churches in 21st Century America2018/02/16
    Bobby Maddex interviews Alexei D. Krindatch, the Research Coordinator of the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America, about a new study titled "Orthodox Christian Churches in 21st Century America: A Parish Life Study."

  35. Woven: An Interactive Book for the Modern Teenage Girl on Orthodox Christianity2018/02/06
    Bobby Maddex interviews Paula Marchman with the GOA Family Life Ministry in Atlanta and Edna King, one of the individuals behind Woven: An Interactive Book for the Modern Teenage Girl on Orthodox Christianity.

  36. St. Emmelia Homeschool Conference East2018/02/02
    Angela Weaver is the Chairwoman of the St. Emmelia Home School East Conference. Learn about the conference which will be held at Antiochian Village in April. Homeschool workshops are planned as well as a program for children. The main speaker is Fr. Josiah Trenham.

  37. Spiritual Treasures of Romania2018/01/10
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  38. Young Adults in US Orthodox Parishes2017/12/13
    Bobby Maddex interviews Alexei Krindatch, the Research Coordinator for the Assembly of Bishops of the USA, and he is here to talk about a brand new study by the Assembly on “Young Adults in US Orthodox Parishes.”

  39. New Western Rite Christmas CD2017/12/09
    Fr. Patrick Cardine joins us to talk about the beautiful new CD produced by his parish choir. St. Patrick Antiochian Orthodox Church is a parish in the Western Rite tradition and the recording is available as a CD or as downloads. Go the the parish website to learn more.

  40. Seventeenth Annual Orthodox Youth Worker and Camping Conference2017/12/06
    Bobby Maddex interviews Fr. Stephen Loposky about the 17th Annual Youth Worker and Camping Conference.

  41. New Byzantine Nativity CD Set2017/12/06
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  42. From Bluegrass to the Beatitudes2017/11/08
    We interview Graham Sparkman, a fifth-generation bluegrass-Mountain musician who now finds himself on the path into the Orthodox Church. Graham is here to talk about his new, unique, and frankly gorgeous CD titled Lestovka—available now at iTunes and cdbaby.

  43. St. Emmelia Homeschool Conferences2017/11/08
    Fr. Noah Bushelli and Christi Ghiz join us to talk about 3 homeschooling conferences scheduled as well as the Department of Homeschooling at the Antiochian Archdiocese. They also invite you to order T-Shirts and Totes!

  44. The Orthodox Church Capital Improvement Fund2017/11/07
    Bobby Maddex interviews John Della Monica, the President of the Orthodox Church Capital Improvement Fund (OCCIF).

  45. Orthodoxy in Nigeria2017/10/25
    Fr. Chrysostomos Onyekakeyah (priest-monk) of the Orthodox Diocese of Nigeria (Greek Patriarchate of Alexandria and All Africa) joins us from his dorm at St. Vladimir's Seminary to talk about the Orthodox Church in Nigeria as well as the orphanage he has established. You can support his work by contacting him at his email address - awomission@yahoo.com.

  46. Meet Chick-Fil-A President Tim Tassopoulos2017/10/20
    Did you know that the President and COO of the Chick-Fil-A restaurant chain is an Orthodox Christian? Meet Tim Tassopoulos who in 2016 was tapped by the Cathy family to head the day-to-day operations.

  47. How Should Orthodox Parents Talk to Their Kids About Homosexuality?: Part Two2017/10/16
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  48. Memories of His Mercy2017/10/15
    Ancient Faith Ministries Marketing Director Melinda Johnson reflects on the release of Fr. Peter Gillquist's last book. Memories of His Mercy was dictated by Fr. Peter in his last months on earth as he looked back on how God blessed and provided in his life. This book will be released and available very soon at store.ancientfaith.com.

  49. Orthodox Christian Laity - 30th2017/10/06
    OCL Executive Director George Matsoukas and President George Karcazes talk about the 30th Anniversary program.

  50. Catholic School?2017/09/18
    What if there is not an Orthodox school in your region, and public school is simply not an option? Is Catholic school a viable alternative? Bobby Maddex interviews Zach Cunningham, the principal of St. Mary Magdalen School in Everett, Washington, to find out.

  51. Fear of Death2017/09/13
    Bobby Maddex interviews Peter Schweitzer, a board member of Most Holy Theotokos: Rescuer of the Perishing, which is an Orthodox assisted living facility. Today he is here to talk about a different but related topic—namely, the proper Orthodox response to the prospect of one’s own death.

  52. 13 Reasons Why We Must Engage with Our Teens2017/09/01
    Bobby Maddex interviews Dr. Philip Mamalakis about his new eBook 13 Reasons Why We Must Engage with our Teens, which is a fascinating examination of the recent Netflix series 13 Reasons Why.

  53. Update from Houston2017/08/30
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  54. A Gathering of Orthodox Attorneys2017/08/24
    Ken Liu is an attorney with Gammon and Grange as well as the Christian Legal Society. He tells us about an upcoming gathering of Orthodox Attorneys and issues an invitation to come to the gathering in conjunction with the 2017 Christian Legal Society Conference.

  55. Homeschooling2017/08/12
    Fr. Noah Bushelli is the Chairman of the Department of Home Schooling at the Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of North America and the priest at St. Philip Orthodox Church in Souderton, PA. Learn about home schooling in the Orthodox Church as well as the three regional conferences on homeschooling coming later this year and next.

  56. Most Holy Theotokos Rescuer of the Perishing2017/07/25
    Bobby Maddex interviews Peter Schweitzer, a board member of the new Most Holy Theotokos Rescuer of the Perishing Orthodox assisted-living facility, located in Clearwater, Florida.

  57. For Rachel’s Children2017/07/17
    Bobby Maddex interviews Marcia Brim, the host of the AFR podcast The Bible's Grand Narrative and the founder of For Rachel's Children.

    Click here to read Jessica's story, and click here to listen to the Brian Brock interview. Marcia can be reached at ForRachelsChildren@gmail.com. Please likewise view the attachment to this audio.

  58. Doxacon Convention 20172017/07/07
    Bobby Maddex interviews Daniel Silver, Co-Chair of Doxacon, the Orthodox conference on science fiction and fantasy.

  59. Be the Bee - It Is Finished!2017/06/20
    Bobby Maddex interviews Steven Christoforou, the director of the GOA’s Department of Youth and Young Adult Ministries, the co-host of the AFR podcast Pop Culture Coffee Hour, and the erstwhile host of the popular Orthodox video podcast Be the Bee.

  60. The Human Icon2017/06/06
    Bobby Maddex interviews Christine Mangala Frost, a guest lecturer and research associate at the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies in Cambridge, about her new book The Human Icon: A Comparative Study of Hindu and Orthodox Christian Beliefs.

  61. Rita Madden Nutrition Workshops2017/05/31
    Bobby Maddex interviews Rita Madden, the author of Food, Faith, and Fasting: A Sacred Journey to Better Health, and the host of the AFR podcast of the same name. The two of them talk about a series of workshops that Rita has been hosting all over the country on Orthodoxy and nutrition.

  62. Unfading Rose Byzantine Youth Choir2017/05/30
    Bobby Maddex interviews Kyranna Mamalakis, Alexandra Mamalakis, and Regina Vasilopoulos of the Unfading Rose Byzantine Youth Choir. He also speaks with Sotiris and Georgia Vasilopoulos, who are the directors of the choir. The six discuss the new Unfading Rose CD Hymns to the Mother of God.

  63. Understanding Salvation in the Modern World2017/05/30
    On this special episode of Ancient Faith Presents, Fr. Dn. Stephen Muse speaks at St. Tikhon’s Monastery on “Understanding Salvation in the Modern World.” The talk took place on February 7, 2017. Fr. Dn. Stephen, PhD, is a pastoral counselor and marriage and family therapist who serves as Director of Education and Training at the Pastoral Institute in Columbus, Georgia.

  64. Martyrdom in Egypt2017/05/30
    We talk with Coptic monk Fr. Anastasi Saint Antony about the Christians in Egypt who are being martyred for their faith in Christ. Find out more about the Coptic Church by visiting the Diocese of Los Angeles web site. The charity Fr. Anastasi mentioned is the Santa Verena Charity.

  65. Beauty and the Destruction of the Individual2017/05/23
    Dr. John Mark Reynolds speaks at the Acton Institute on "Beauty and the Destruction of the Individual." Dr. Reynolds is the President of The Saint Constantine School, a K-college classical Orthodox school in Houston. He is also a Senior Fellow of Humanities at The King’s College in New York City, and a Fellow of the Center For Science and Culture at The Discovery Institute.

  66. IOCS2017/05/18
    Bobby Maddex interviews Fr. Dragos Herescu, the Principal of the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies, located in Cambridge, England, about a few new developments at the school.

  67. Martha and Mary Maternity House2017/05/11
    Bobby Maddex interviews Laura Paulus, the Executive Director and Housemother at the Martha and Mary Maternity House in Niles, Illinois.

  68. The Life-Giving Cross: Marriage, Parenting, and Caregiving2017/05/08
    Elissa Bjeletich, author of Blueprints for the Little Church and the host of the AFR podcast "Raising Saints," speaks at The Holy Taxiarchai and St. Haralambos Greek Orthodox Church in Niles, Illinois.

  69. The Lausanne-Orthodox Initiative2017/05/08
    John Maddex visits with board members of the Lausanne-Orthodox Initiative who are planning their next conference in September to be held in Cambridge. LOI is a movement of Orthodox and Evangelical Christians who wish to respect each other’s beliefs, learn from each other, and support one another in obeying the call to share in God’s mission.

  70. First Things Foundation2017/05/02
    Bobby Maddex interviews John Heers, Andrew Schwark, and Riley Dooris of the First Things Foundation.

  71. A Few Insights Into How American Orthodox Churches Make “Disciples”2017/04/28
    Bobby Maddex interviews Alexei D. Krindatch, the Research Coordinator for the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America, about a new study titled “Go and Make Disciples: Evangelization and Outreach in US Orthodox Parishes."

  72. All Saints Camp2017/04/20
    Bobby Maddex interviews Natalie Kapeluck Nixon, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry; Fr. John Haluszczak, the priest at St. Vladimir’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and the Chaplain of St. Thomas Chapel at All Saints Camp in Emlenton, Pennsylvania; and Larry Kopp, the Manager of All Saints Camp.

  73. Hagia Sophia Classical Academy2017/04/11
    Bobby Maddex interviews Fr. David Wey and Dean Theodore Nottingham of the Hagia Sophia Classical Academy, located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

  74. 2017 Ancient Faith Writing and Podcasting Conference2017/03/18
    Bobby Maddex interviews Melinda Johnson, the Marketing Director of Ancient Faith Ministries, about the 2017 Ancient Faith Writing and Podcasting Conference, which will take place at Antiochian Village this coming June 15-17.

  75. Why Young People Are Leaving the Church and What to Do About It2017/03/17
    Seraphim Danckaert of St. Tikhon's Orthodox Theological Seminary in South Canaan, Pennsylvania, speaks at the Second Annual Lenten Lecture and Fundraising Reception hosted by the Center for Orthodox Thought and Culture at Eastern University on March 12, 2017.

  76. Icons: The Essential Collection2017/03/16
    Bobby Maddex interviews Sr. Faith Riccio, the author of a new book from Paraclete Press titled Icons: The Essential Collection.

  77. Sing to the Lord a New Song2017/03/14
    Bobby Maddex interviews Valerie Yova, the Music Director at St. Athanasius Orthodox Church in Santa Barbara, California, about a new CD by the St. Athanasius Orthodox Church Choir.

  78. Time and Despondency2017/03/02
    Dr. Nicole Roccas shares some thoughts on time and despondency that are particularly relevant to this Lenten season.

  79. My Beautiful Lent2017/02/23
    Bobby Maddex interviews Cynthia Damaskos, CHC, one of the individuals behind the website My Beautiful Lent.

  80. Tips for Great Lent from Angela Doll Carlson2017/02/21
    Angela Doll Carlson is the author of the books Garden in the East and Nearly Orthodox, and the host of the podcast The Wilderness Journal.

  81. Motherhood2017/02/07
    Mat. Juliana Schmemann speaks at the Orthodox Monastery of the Transfiguration in Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, in January of 1999 at the Mother Alexandra Memorial Lecture. Thanks for the audio to Mother Christophora and the other nuns at the Monastery of the Transfiguration.

  82. Royal Ruckus2017/01/23
    Bobby Maddex interviews Jamey Bennett, an editor and occasional contributor to Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick’s Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy blog. He is likewise a member of Royal Ruckus, a two-man rap group that has a brand new album titled The Summer of the Cicadas.

  83. About American Orthodox Geography and American Orthodox Bishops2017/01/16
    We interview Alexei Krindatch, the Research Coordinator of the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America, about a new map posted to the Assembly website titled "Orthodox Bishops and Parishes in the United States."

  84. Family Synaxis2017/01/13
    Bobby Maddex interviews Christine Drechsler and Fr. John Rallis, both of whom are with an organization called Chicago Metropolis Family Synaxis.

  85. Nazo Zakkak2017/01/12
    Bobby Maddex interviews Nazo Zakkak, the Composer in Residence for the Antiochian Archdiocese in North America, about a new CD of American Orthodox music.

  86. College Conference2017/01/06
    Bobby Maddex interviews Mark Sultani, a college student at the University of Michigan, about Orthodox Christian Fellowship and its annual College Conference.

  87. Announcing Healthy Minds Healthy Souls!2017/01/02
    We are excited to announce a new call-in show starting January 24, 2017, with Fr. Nicholas and Dr. (Presbytera) Roxanne Louh. Meet this vibrant couple from Jacksonville, FL, where they serve at St. John the Divine Greek Orthodox Church. Healthy Minds Healthy Souls will broadcast on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month at 7:00 PM Central, 8:00 PM Eastern on the Talk Station of AFR.

  88. The University of St. Katherine2016/12/18
    Dr. Frank Papatheofanis joins us to give an update on what is happening at The University of St. Katherine (newly identified as a university). This liberal arts university is founded and rooted in the life of the Orthodox Christian Tradition.

  89. The Field: Cultivating Salvation2016/11/29
    Bobby Maddex interviews Nicholas Chapman, the Director of Holy Trinity Publications, about a newly translated book by St. Ignatius Brianchaninov titled The Field: Cultivating Salvation.

  90. The Little Church During Advent Season2016/11/17
    Bobby Maddex interviews Caleb Shoemaker and Elissa Bjeletich, the authors of the Ancient Faith Publishing book Blueprints for the Little Church, about how to effectively lead your family through the Advent fast and the Feast of the Nativity.

  91. Make Ready, O Bethlehem2016/10/31
    Bobby Maddex interviews Dn. Gregory Ealy, the music director at St. Mary’s Orthodox Cathedral in Minneapolis, Minnesota, about a new CD by the cathedral choir titled Make Ready, O Bethlehem: Orthodox Hymns for Christmas. Dn. Gregory also talks about an upcoming benefit concert for St. Vladimir's Seminary.

  92. Matthew 25:36 Fellowship2016/10/14
    Bobby Maddex interviews Fr. Stephen Powley, the Executive Director of Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry, about OCPM's new Matthew 25:36 Fellowship.

  93. Learn About OCAMPR 20162016/10/02
    November 3-5 are the dates for the 2016 OCAMPR (Orthodox Christian Association of Medicine, Psychology, and Religion) Conference at Holy Cross/Helenic College in Brookline, MA. We speak with two of the three plenary speakers: Dr. Al Rossi (Psychologist) and Dr. Donald Jenkins (Physician).

  94. Education Program For Children - Followers2016/10/01
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  95. An American Orthodox in Japan2016/09/20
    Justin (Nicolai) Bingham joins us from Japan to describe the Orthodox experience from the perspective of an American convert. Included in the interview are a couple of recordings from the services in Japan.

  96. Reflections on the Priesthood2016/09/19
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  97. Healing Earth2016/09/12
    Bobby Maddex interviews Fr. Andrew Applegate, the rector of St. Aidan of Lindisfarne Orthodox Mission parish in Cranbrook, British Columbia, about an upcoming conference titled "Healing Earth: Orthodox Christian Perspectives on Ecology and Climate Change."

  98. When My Baba Died2016/09/08
    Bobby Maddex interviews Marjorie Kunch, the owner and operator of Pascha Press, a former funeral director, and the author of the Orthodox children’s book When My Baba Died.

  99. The Ancient Church2016/09/07
    Bobby Maddex interviews Michael and Jodi Hailey, the founders and managers of The Ancient Church, an Orthodox Christian Art, Music, and Reading Room located in Forest Grove, Oregon.

  100. Nativity of the Theotokos2016/09/07
    In conjunction with the publishing of Heaven Meets Earth, Ancient Faith Ministries, in partnership with Dr. Bradley Nassif, has produced a series of short audio talks on the 12 Great Feasts of the Church. As we begin the Church year, here are Dr. Nassif's thoughts on the Nativity of the Theotokos.

  101. Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies2016/08/09
    Bobby Maddex interviews Fr. Dragos Herescu, the acting principal of the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies—located in Cambridge, England—about some new developments at the school.

  102. Orthodoxy for Everyone: Breaking Down Barriers2016/08/02
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  103. First Things Foundation2016/06/23
    Bobby Maddex interviews John Heers, the co-founder and director of the First Things Foundation, the goal of which is to help the poorest of the poor with sustainable and enduring aid without crippling the local economy or demeaning the recipients.

  104. The Cerulean Locket2016/06/15
    Bobby Maddex interviews Justina Uram, an Orthodox public interest attorney with degrees from Penn State Dickinson School of Law and Syracuse University’s Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs. She is also the author of a brand new novel titled The Cerulean Locket, which is published by Tilden Terrence Press.

  105. Finding Love, Family, and God2016/06/03
    Bobby Maddex interviews Lea Povozhaev, the author of the memoir titled Finding Love, Family, and God: Living the Orthodox Christian Tradition, now in its second edition. Click here to find the book on Goodreads, and please feel free to contact Lea at dpovo@sbcglobal.net.

  106. St. Katherine College Receives “A” Rating!2016/05/27
    Bobby Maddex interviews Dr. Frank Papatheofanis, the founder and president of St. Katherine Orthodox College, about the A rating that the school received from the American Council of Trustees and Alumni. The two also discuss the new National Orthodox Christian Education Association.

  107. Tradition, Secularization, Fundamentalism: Orthodox/Catholic Encounters2016/05/20
    Bobby Maddex interviews Dr. George Demacopoulos and Dr. Aristotle Papanikolaou of Fordham University. Dr. Demacopoulos is the Fr. John Meyendorff & Patterson Family Chair of Orthodox Christian Studies at Fordham and Dr. Papanikolaou is the Archbishop Demetrios Chair of Orthodox Theology and Culture. Together they co-founded and co-direct Fordham's Orthodox Christian Studies Center.

  108. Life of Prayer2016/04/27
    Igumen Gerasim (Power), Abbot of St. Elias Orthodox Hermitage in North Central Alberta, Canada, speaks at a Lenten retreat at St. Herman of Alaska Sobor in Edmonton, Alberta, on March 26, 2016. The theme of the retreat was "One Hour from the Heart of a Priest."

  109. Ancient Faith Writing and Podcasting Conference2016/04/25
    Bobby Maddex, Operations Manager of Ancient Faith Radio, interviews Melinda Johnson, the Director of Marketing and Development with Ancient Faith Ministries, about our upcoming Ancient Faith Writing and Podcasting Conference.

  110. How to Start a Successful OCF Chapter2016/04/20
    Bobby Maddex interviews Nathan Jekel, the President of the Penn State Harrisburg chapter of OCF, about how to create a successful and invested chapter of Orthodox Christian Fellowship.

  111. Orthodox Christian Ebooks2016/04/15
  112. Our Thoughts and Mental Health: An Orthodox Perspective2016/04/12
  113. Fasting as a Family2016/04/08
  114. How Should Orthodox Parents Talk to Their Kids About Homosexuality?2016/04/07
  115. Living Orthodox2016/04/01
  116. St. Katherine College Accreditation!2016/03/30
  117. World Congress of Families2016/03/30
  118. Humanism, the Liberal Arts, and the Orthodox Faith2016/03/28
  119. Summer Program for Young Orthodox Scholars2016/03/17
  120. My Beautiful Lent2016/02/19
  121. Atlas of American Orthodox Christian Monasteries2016/02/17
  122. Greek Orthodox Archdiocesan Council at the UN2016/02/10
  123. An Inner Step Toward God2016/02/04
  124. Ownership by All, Control by None2016/02/02
  125. Come to Beautiful Taybeh!2016/01/19
  126. Journey to Fullness2016/01/08
  127. God with Us2015/12/28
  128. Children and Iconography2015/12/17
  129. IOCC in Syria2015/12/11
  130. Catherine’s Pascha2015/12/07
  131. Masters in Theology, Ministry, and Mission2015/11/07
  132. Orthodox Web Solutions and Orthodox 3602015/11/04
  133. Crucify Thyself2015/10/29
  134. Help Publish Orthodox Books in Nigeria2015/10/09
  135. The Mother of God and the Saints - Exhibition2015/10/09
  136. Doctor of Ministry2015/10/08
  137. Doxacon Prime 20152015/09/30
  138. A Hard Promise to Keep2015/09/26
  139. St. Elias the Prophet Orthodox Church2015/09/25
  140. Orthodox Generosity2015/09/23
  141. Speaking to Secular America2015/09/16
  142. Orthodox Christian Fellowship2015/09/14
  143. The Wonderful Mountain2015/09/02
  144. Announcing the Journey to Fullness Video Series!2015/08/22
  145. Another New Year for St. Katherine College!2015/08/21
  146. In the Shadow of the Forty-Foot Wall2015/08/01
  147. Classical Learning Resource Center 2015-20162015/07/30
  148. Antiochian House of Studies Celebrates 35 Years!2015/07/25
  149. Being Bread2015/07/15
  150. 300 plus Hours of Fr. Thomas Hopko!2015/07/13
  151. Two Wolves2015/07/09
  152. New MA Program At IOCS2015/06/29
  153. Becoming Truly Human2015/06/24
  154. The Least of These2015/06/22
  155. Doxacon Seattle 20152015/06/14
  156. Devout2015/06/08
  157. The Orthodox Stitcher2015/05/22
  158. Awakening Wonder2015/05/17
  159. Syria: Conflict and Relief2015/05/14
  160. One Priest, One State2015/04/30
  161. Welcome to the Orthodox Church2015/04/17
  162. The March For Marriage2015/04/03
  163. One on One With Metropolitan Joseph2015/03/27
  164. Homily at the Funeral of Fr. Thomas Hopko2015/03/25
  165. Crucible of the Assyrians2015/03/24
  166. Orthodox Christian Translation Society2015/03/06
  167. The Sacred Spirit of Russia2015/03/03
  168. God’s Call and Our Response2015/02/26
  169. 2015 OCMC Mission Benefit2015/02/21
  170. Holy Egyptian Martyrs Pray For Us2015/02/18
  171. Fr. Stephen Powley on OCPM2015/02/18
  172. Thoughts: A Monastic Perspective2015/02/17
  173. Schmemann Lecture to be About St. Raphael Of Brooklyn!2015/01/28
  174. The Fellowship of the Inexhaustible Cup2015/01/25
  175. Changing of the Guard2015/01/16
  176. West Coast Walk For Life2015/01/12
  177. From Darkness to Light: The Life of St Moses the Black2014/11/21
  178. Orthodoxy and Nationalism: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly2014/11/20
  179. Pastoral Challenges in Marriage Conference2014/11/14
  180. Enthronement Plans For Metropolitan Joseph2014/11/14
  181. Glimpses of Orthodoxy in Great Britain and America2014/11/10
  182. IOCS Update2014/10/29
  183. The Old Testament in the Eastern Orthodox Tradition2014/10/28
  184. American Psalm, World Psalm2014/10/23
  185. Wisdom for Today from the Early Church2014/10/22
  186. Ancient Faith Blogs!2014/10/21
  187. Annual OCL Program Meeting on Church Unity2014/10/20
  188. OCAMPR Nov 6-82014/10/01
  189. Pittsburgh’s St. Nicholas Orthodox Church Celebrates 100 Years2014/09/26
  190. Ancient Faith Children’s Books2014/09/25
  191. International Byzantine Arts Symposium2014/09/24
  192. Full of Grace2014/09/16
  193. Save Christians Now2014/09/16
  194. Transfiguration2014/09/09
  195. The St. Nektarios Education Fund2014/09/05
  196. St Raphael Orthodox Online Homeschool2014/09/05
  197. Idiot Psalms2014/09/03
  198. Meet Our New Call-In Host!2014/09/02
  199. A Crown of Life2014/08/27
  200. Orthodox Christian Mission Center2014/08/15
  201. Classical Learning Resource Center2014/08/08
  202. Time To Register For St. Stephen’s Course!2014/08/05
  203. Voyage to the Rock2014/08/04
  204. The Forgotten Faith2014/08/01
  205. St. Katherine University!2014/07/28
  206. Crisis In The Holy Land2014/07/24
  207. Western Rite Conference2014/07/17
  208. Doxacon Seattle 20142014/07/17
  209. The Institute for Orthodox Thought and Culture2014/07/15
  210. Meet Be the Bee’s Steven Christoforou!2014/07/09
  211. Metropolitan Joseph’s Inaugural Address2014/07/07
  212. Baseline - A New Evangelism Tool for the Spread of Orthodoxy2014/06/28
  213. Let Us Embrace Each Other2014/06/13
  214. Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies2014/06/10
  215. 3 Names Sent To Antioch2014/06/05
  216. Christians in the Middle East2014/05/30
  217. Tragedy in Isla Vista, California2014/05/29
  218. St. Katherine College Commencement2014/05/23
  219. Orthodox Christian Mission Center2014/05/22
  220. Orthodox Resources for Youth and Young Adult Ministry2014/04/30
  221. The McGunnegal Chronicles2014/04/11
  222. St. Raphael Orthodox Online Homeschool2014/04/02
  223. Bishop Basil’s Comments at Fr. Alexander Atty’s Funeral2014/03/30
  224. Blessings Beyond Bars2014/03/27
  225. Memory Eternal Metropolitan Philip2014/03/20
  226. Orthodoxy on the Isles2014/03/14
  227. The Digital Reconciliation Project2014/03/12
  228. Arvo Pärt Concert at Carnegie Hall2014/03/11
  229. Maaloula Nuns Freed!2014/03/09
  230. Ukraine - Another Perspective2014/02/26
  231. Protests in Ukraine2014/02/22
  232. Drogo’s View2014/02/12
  233. Christianity in the Middle East2014/02/12
  234. Meet Bishop-Elect Archimandrite David!2014/02/04
  235. Documentary Film on Frederica Mathewes-Green2014/01/29
  236. The Pascha Passport Resource For Families2014/01/29
  237. A Christian on the West Bank2014/01/14
  238. Report From Syria2013/12/08
  239. Orthodox Filmmakers and Artists2013/12/06
  240. A Miracle at the Hyatt - The Story of Abbess Aemiliane2013/12/02
  241. Orthodoxy in Africa2013/11/27
  242. Coming to Orthodoxy2013/11/27
  243. Ministry of Presence: Presented by Fr. John Kowalczyk and Fr. Stephen Powley2013/11/26
  244. Relief Efforts in the Philippines2013/11/21
  245. Orthodox Carving2013/11/19
  246. Little Spot Productions2013/11/15
  247. Panagia: Orthodox Hymns to the Mother of God2013/11/13
  248. OCA YouTube Challenge2013/11/11
  249. St. Herman’s House in Cleveland - An Evening with Fr. Thomas Hopko2013/11/01
  250. Zoe for Life!2013/10/18
  251. IOCC Helps Syrian Refugees2013/10/14
  252. We Are Superman2013/10/09
  253. St Vladimir’s Seminary: A Personal History2013/10/03
  254. God’s Creation and Orthodox Music2013/09/27
  255. The Cathedral Choir of Pittsburgh Celebrates 50 Years!2013/09/23
  256. Operation Lace Up2013/09/19
  257. SVOTS Strategic Plan 20202013/09/17
  258. 150,000 Converts in Guatemala!2013/09/13
  259. Assembly of Bishops Convene Sep 17-192013/09/12
  260. Syria, Assad, and the US2013/09/09
  261. The Patriarch Tikhon Choir2013/09/06
  262. International Relief and Development2013/08/29
  263. Orthodox Theological Education in the 21st Century2013/08/28
  264. Frontline Training for IOCC Volunteers2013/08/23
  265. Bishop Louka of Syria2013/08/06
  266. Gigi Shadid2013/07/26
  267. Searching for the Sacred Symposium2013/07/17
  268. Correcting a Canonical Anomaly2013/07/15
  269. St. Raphael Orthodox Online Homeschool2013/06/28
  270. Music Station Back Up and Generator Paid For!2013/06/27
  271. Can You Help Us Continue Broadcasting Our Music Station?2013/06/26
  272. The Father Georges Florovsky Library2013/06/14
  273. Tantur Ecumenical Institute2013/06/07
  274. Prison Ministry Awareness Sunday2013/06/06
  275. OCA Parish Ministries Conference2013/06/05
  276. Apostolos Combitsis2013/05/31
  277. First Commencement at St. Katherine College!2013/05/26
  278. Hogar Orphanage - Moving On Up!2013/05/22
  279. Tornado in Oklahoma2013/05/21
  280. Doxacon2013/05/20
  281. Interpretation of Orthodox Sacred Music2013/05/17
  282. Music on the Mount2013/05/15
  283. Contact Your Representative!2013/05/13
  284. Classical Learning Resource Center2013/05/10
  285. IOCS Summer School 20132013/05/02
  286. Mary As the Early Christians Knew Her2013/04/17
  287. Marriage: An Opportunity for Spiritual Growth and Discovering the Living God2013/04/15
  288. Theodore of Tarsus: The Syrian Archbishop of Canterbury2013/04/10
  289. The Lived Theology School2013/04/05
  290. Zeitgeist: Discerning the Signs of the Times2013/04/01
  291. IOCC in the Holy Lands2013/03/28
  292. My Soul, My Soul—Arise!2013/03/27
  293. Food and the Eucharist2013/02/15
  294. Fr. Constantine Nasr’s YouTube Channel2013/02/06
  295. Sacred Art, Sacred Music2013/01/31
  296. Marriage Preparation Retreat2013/01/29
  297. A Holy Conversation - Marriage and Sexuality2013/01/25
  298. IOCC Update on Syria2013/01/18
  299. Who is the New Patriarch of Antioch?2012/12/19
  300. His Beatitude Patriarch Ignatius IV - Memory Eternal2012/12/05
  301. The Rebirth of the Music Program at St. Vladimir’s Seminary2012/11/14
  302. IOCC Aids Victims of Sandy2012/11/08
  303. Orthodox Christian Translation Society2012/11/05
  304. Ancient Church Arts2012/10/31
  305. Lifted by Angels2012/10/19
  306. IOCC and the Middle East2012/10/11
  307. Orthodox Institute 20122012/10/09
  308. Psaltiki, Inc.2012/10/04
  309. Musica Russica2012/09/28
  310. The IOCS Distance Learning Program2012/09/21
  311. His Broken Body2012/09/11
  312. Orthodox Christian Laity Celebrates 25 Years!2012/08/31
  313. Beirut Choir Tour2012/08/23
  314. IOCC Update on Syria2012/08/15
  315. The St. Innocent Orphanage2012/08/08
  316. Festival Evangelism2012/08/03
  317. Endowed Chair Announced in Honor of Fr. Peter Gillquist2012/07/31
  318. Taste and See II2012/07/12
  319. Intensive Icon Workshop2012/07/09
  320. Final Moments with Fr. Peter2012/07/02
  321. Colorado Springs Fire Threatens Orthodox Church2012/06/27
  322. IOCC Brings Aid to Syria2012/06/23
  323. Race to Respond 20122012/06/22
  324. The Problem of Orthodox Detainees2012/06/07
  325. The Antiochian House of Studies2012/05/31
  326. Bringing Jesus to the Desert2012/05/18
  327. Classical Learning Resource Center2012/05/17
  328. Orient: Sacred Song and Image2012/05/03
  329. Meet Nicholas Chakos—the new Executive Director of FOCUS North America2012/05/01
  330. Finding Silence in a Noisy World2012/05/01
  331. This Is My Beloved Son2012/04/20
  332. Master Class and Choral Workshop with Vladimir Gorbik2012/04/10
  333. Five Facts About the Orthodox Church in the United States2012/04/05
  334. Legacy Icons2012/03/26
  335. IOCC in Syria2012/03/21
  336. Metropolitan Jonah - Orthodox Unity in America2012/03/06
  337. Coming Soon - Ancient Faith Today with Kevin Allen!2012/03/01
  338. Hierarchical Triumph of Orthodoxy Vespers2012/03/01
  339. St. Vladimir’s Seminary Implements Fully Paid Tuition Plan!2012/02/21
  340. Ancient Faith Presents - St. Katherine College2012/02/08
  341. Distance Learning at the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies2012/01/30
  342. The Work of IOCC in Syria2012/01/26
  343. The Execution of Death2012/01/24
  344. The Eighth Day Institute2012/01/09
  345. What Can You Do to Help Those in Prison?2012/01/05
  346. Remembrances of St. John of Shanghai2012/01/02
  347. The Retirement of Fr. Peter Gillquist2011/12/27
  348. God is With Us - The St. Romanos Chorale2011/12/23
  349. Unexpected Joy2011/12/21
  350. Elizabeth Crispina Johnson2011/12/16
  351. Saint Romanos Records and Fullness of the Faith2011/12/09
  352. Matushka Juliana2011/11/22
  353. Alaska Conference at Sea2011/11/21
  354. Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer2011/11/18
  355. Meet the New OCA Chair of Evangelism!2011/11/09
  356. The Edge of Mysterion2011/11/08
  357. Grand Entrance2011/11/04
  358. As Far as the East Is from the West2011/11/03
  359. Tackle Poverty2011/10/20
  360. Rebuilding St. Nicholas at Ground Zero2011/10/19
  361. The Council of Eastern Orthodox Youth Leaders of the Americas2011/09/28
  362. The Society for Orthodox Christian History in the Americas2011/09/09
  363. Met. Jonah on Archbishop Dmitri2011/09/09
  364. Elevator Speech Contest Winner2011/08/30
  365. Archbishop Dmitri - Memory Eternal2011/08/29
  366. The Rest of the Bible2011/08/19
  367. Classical Learning Resource Center2011/07/27
  368. Spread the Word2011/07/21
  369. Orthodoxy in Remote Alaska2011/07/21
  370. AFR Internet Radio2011/06/15
  371. Sheptytsky Institute of Eastern Christian Studies2011/06/09
  372. Mastering the Art of Marriage2011/06/07
  373. Elevator Speech Contest2011/06/06
  374. Prison Ministry Awareness Sunday2011/06/02
  375. Tsige-Roman Gobezie and Her Gobezie Goshu Home for the Elderly2011/05/26
  376. The Atlas of American Orthodox Christian Churches2011/05/25
  377. The Russian Orphan Opportunity Fund2011/05/16
  378. The Way: A Multimedia Resource for Introducing Orthodox Christianity2011/05/15
  379. Ages of Grace2011/05/12
  380. Orthodoxy and Bioethics: Abortion, Euthanasia, and Stem-Cell Research2011/05/09
  381. Orthodox Clergy Couples Retreat2011/04/29
  382. Orthodox Speakers Bureau2011/04/26
  383. The Spiritual Testament of Priest Confessor Sergius of Kasimov2011/04/11
  384. Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry2011/04/08
  385. Firsthand News from Japan2011/04/08
  386. 4,000 Raindrops2011/04/05
  387. Mission at Home2011/04/04
  388. Metropolitan Nicholas Smisko - Memory Eternal!2011/03/23
  389. Aletheia Writing Magazine2011/03/22
  390. Taste and See Cookbook: The Sequel2011/03/17
  391. The Melody of Faith2011/03/08
  392. An Urgent Plea from the Hogar Rafael Ayau Orthodox Orphanage2011/03/04
  393. Everywhere Present2011/03/02
  394. Hymns of the Hogar2011/02/26
  395. Learn from the Poor at the Lived Theology School2011/02/23
  396. Heaven Help the Single Christian2011/02/14
  397. Met. Kallistos Coming to Chicago!2011/02/01
  398. The Choice-Driven Life2011/01/31
  399. The Gospel of Luke: Good News for the Poor2011/01/28
  400. Met. Hilarion in New York2011/01/17
  401. The Pearl of Great Price2010/12/15
  402. The Spirit of Orthodoxy Choir2010/12/09
  403. The Best of Russia2010/12/07
  404. Orthodox Mission to Haiti2010/11/26
  405. Love One Another2010/11/22
  406. A Podcast on the Psalms!2010/11/19
  407. Orthorocks!2010/11/18
  408. Fr. Gregory Hallam and the Equip Distance Learning Program2010/11/05
  409. A Book of Hours2010/10/13
  410. DVD Evangelism Course Announced!2010/09/24
  411. St. Panteleimon Orthodox Christian Outreach2010/09/16
  412. A New Year for Missions Work2010/08/31
  413. The Orthodox Pastoral School2010/08/12
  414. The Classical Learning Resource Center2010/07/31
  415. Hidden and Triumphant2010/07/24
  416. Ongoing Relief Effort in Haiti2010/07/07
  417. Orthodox Distance Learning from IOCS2010/06/25
  418. Bishop Basil and the Episcopal Assembly2010/06/12
  419. Unraveling the Episcopal Assembly2010/06/10
  420. Equipping the Saints - OCA Conference in Cleveland2010/05/28
  421. Haiti Relief Effort2010/05/21
  422. Paul Karos2010/05/18
  423. Agape Canister Program2010/05/13
  424. IOCS Summer Studies in Cambridge2010/04/29
  425. Holy Land Trust2010/04/20
  426. The Triumph of Orthodox Music Over Oppression2010/04/19
  427. Lucia, Saint of Light2010/03/12
  428. Andy Lekos of OCMC2010/03/04
  429. Dr. Maria Khoury2010/02/25
  430. Go Forth!2010/02/20
  431. 2010 OCMC Mission Benefit2010/02/15
  432. From Baptist to Bosnia to Byzantium2010/02/12
  433. Fr. Jack Sparks - Memory Eternal!2010/02/11
  434. Tackling Poverty With The Polamalu Family2010/02/05
  435. Pan-Orthodox Sanctity of Life Sunday Presentation2010/01/25
  436. IOCC Helps Bring Relief In Haiti2010/01/21
  437. Project Mexico School-Buddies Program2009/12/31
  438. Funeral Vigil For Archbishop Job2009/12/23
  439. Egeria Home and Hospitality Exchange2009/12/21
  440. Archbishop Job - Memory Eternal!2009/12/18
  441. Christianity and Ecology - Part Two2009/12/11
  442. Christianity and Ecology - Part One2009/12/03
  443. The Orthodox House2009/12/03
  444. The Life and Work of Saint Paul - Part Two2009/11/25
  445. The Life and Work of Saint Paul2009/11/20
  446. OCMC Missions Opportunities2009/11/10
  447. Iconography, Iconoclasm, and the Theology of Personhood2009/10/27
  448. The Summer School of Liturgical Music2009/10/19
  449. New Distance Learning Program at the IOCS!2009/09/16
  450. Meet Don West2009/08/23
  451. Dormition of the Theotokos2009/08/16
  452. Get to Know IOCC2009/08/04
  453. 2009 Orthodox Conference on Missions and Evangelism2009/07/29
  454. The Orthodox of Gaza2009/07/17
  455. Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry 2009 Convocation2009/07/09
  456. Beginning Byzantine Chant Workshop2009/06/16
  457. The St. Stephen’s Course in Orthodox Theology2009/06/12
  458. Bishop Basil of the Antiochian Orthodox Diocese of Wichita and Mid-America2009/06/09
  459. Man of the House2009/05/30
  460. Adam: Where Are You?2009/05/27
  461. Byzantine Chant Institute Workshop2009/05/13
  462. IOCC Calling For Volunteers For The Gulf Coast2009/04/27
  463. Orthodox Missions2009/04/23
  464. FOCUS North America2009/04/12
  465. The Love of God and the Passion of Christ2009/03/31
  466. An Orthodox Education2009/03/26
  467. The Academy of Orthodox Church Singing2009/03/19
  468. Naming the Child2009/03/17
  469. An Update On IOCC’s Work In Gaza2009/03/14
  470. A Family’s Conversion to Orthodoxy2009/03/11
  471. The Handmaiden Magazine - Winter 092009/03/10
  472. Eastern Orthodoxy and Evangelical Protestantism: A Dialogue2009/03/03
  473. Saints in Times of Trouble2009/02/24
  474. Marriage Enrichment Retreat2009/02/19
  475. IOCC Releases Emergency Funds For Gaza2009/01/05
  476. Orthodox Prison Ministry2008/12/26
  477. Orthodox Chaplains: Providing Hope in Time of Need2008/12/06
  478. St. Seraphim’s Beatitudes2008/11/24
  479. Homily on the Presentation of the Theotokos2008/11/21
  480. Kontakion on the Nativity of Christ2008/11/18
  481. AFR Mugs and T-Shirts!2008/11/03
  482. Two New Antiochian Women’s Monasteries2008/10/30
  483. The Hermit, The Icon, and the Emperor2008/10/28
  484. IOCC Brings Hope to Jerusalem2008/10/18
  485. The Handmaiden Magazine2008/10/15
  486. One-on-One With the Pilgrim2008/10/15
  487. All American Council Logistics2008/10/09
  488. OCA 15th All American Council Coming Soon2008/10/02
  489. Orthodox Two-Part Music2008/09/23
  490. Royal Monastic - Princess Ileana of Romania2008/09/20
  491. From Orthodoxy to Orthodoxy2008/09/17
  492. Never Forget - 22008/09/12
  493. Never Forget - 12008/09/12
  494. New To Orthodoxy? Listen To This First2008/08/20
  495. Conflict in the Caucasus - IOCC Brings Relief2008/08/16
  496. Hope For Lebanon2008/07/23
  497. Men and Orthodoxy - Frederica Mathewes-Green2008/07/18
  498. Missions and Evangelism Conference 20082008/07/17
  499. New From Cappella Romana - The Divine Liturgy in English!2008/07/15
  500. Creation and the Patriarchal Histories2008/07/09
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