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Cusine from Spain

  1. CfS19 - Albondigas2007/01/28
    Marina prepares delicious albondigas - Spanish meatballs. See notesfromspain.com for full details.
  2. Cuisine from Spain 18 - Pollo en Pepitoria2006/12/08
    Castillian chicken in a Catalan kitchen. See notesfromspain.com for more details and a full recipe.
  3. Cuisine from Spain 17 - Marmitako2006/11/18
    A warming fish stew from the Basque country. See notesfromspain.com for full details and the recipe.
  4. Cuisine from Spain 16 - Setas2006/10/27
    Wild mushrooms stewed in garlic and white wine - another great tapa from Cuisine from Spain - see notesfromspain.com for details.
  5. Cuisine from Spain 15 - Cordero Asado and Patatas a lo pobre2006/10/10
    Roast lamb and patatas a lo pobre ..... wow! See notesfromspain.com for full details.
  6. Cuisine from Spain 14 - Pincho Moruno kebabs2006/09/22
    Marina takes on the local butcher as she tries to out-do his Pincho Moruno kebabs! See notesfromspain.com for the full recipe .
  7. Cuisine from Spain 13 - Natillas2006/09/08

    Marina prepares one of the most classic
    deserts on the Spanish menu - Natillas -
    a delicious cinnamon custard.

    See notesfromspain.com for full recipe details.
  8. Cuisine from Spain 12 - Almejas a la Marinera and Pimientos del Padron2006/08/22
    Marina prepares clams with a delicious sauce and fiery Galician peppers. See Notes from Spain.com for full details and to comment.
  9. Cuisine from Spain 11 - Pollo al ajillo2006/08/07
    Marina cooks a delicious garlic chicken dish. See www.notesfromspain.com for full details.
  10. Cuisine from Spain 10 - The Barbeque!2006/07/20
    Info (Show/Hide)
  11. Cuisine from Spain 9 - Ensalada Campera2006/06/20
    Marina brings us another summer classic, Ensalada Campera! See www.notesfromspain.com
  12. Cuisine from Spain 8 - Gazpacho2006/05/29
    As the temperatures rise in Madrid, Marina decides it's time for that summer classic, Gazpacho! See www.notesfromspain.com for details and to comment.
  13. Cuisine from Spain 7 - Leche Merengada2006/05/11
    Marina brings you a delicacy from the Mediterranean, Leche Merengada, a delicious cinamon and lemon drink or desert. See notesfromspain.com for full details.
  14. Cuisine from Spain 6 - Mojo Picon2006/05/04
    Marina takes us off to Tenerife to sample the spicy local speciality, Mojo Picon.
  15. Cuisine from Spain 5 - Salmorejo2006/04/20
    Marina prepares the Cordoban speciality Salmorejo.
  16. Cuisine from Spain 4 - Gambas al ajillo2006/04/09
    Marina takes us to a local 'tasca' to try Razor shells and prawns, then rustles up Gambas al ajillo at home.
  17. Cuisine from Spain 3 - Soup and Sea Bass2006/04/04
    Marina prepares Pure de Verduras (vegetable soup) and Lubina al Horno (Sea Bass).
  18. Cuisine from Spain 2 - Roasted red peppers2006/03/27
    Marina takes us on a tapas tour of Madrid before preparing Pimientos Asados, red peppers, at home.
  19. Cuisine from Spain 1 - Olive oil and Pantumaca2006/03/18
    We taste some of Spain's fine extra-virgen olive oils and explain how to make one of the simplest, healthiest and most delicious tapas in Spain - Pantumaca.
Cusine from Spain
Real recipes, tapas, and food culture from Spain!

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